The “Omata” Meditation [UPDATE2]

This will need some explanation. It’s simple… and complex. And mind-blowing. Ready?

Before We Begin…

We’re going to need some new terminology for this next step. (Please note that, like the omniverse, none of this is real, but the illusion is useful in the following regards.)

We realize in ourselves that we — CATs, our gentle readers, everyone in existence — are a sub-group of Spirit, and some have discovered their place in the maelstrom. As always, there’s more to it than you think.

You think you’re a single spirit, but you’re actually connected to everything: all of us; The ALL; everyone in existence, everywhere. This is also what we call ONE. ONE is an Extension of SOURCE. You are part of ONE, a teeny bit of SOURCE. Simple. There are also a few other Extensions we know of, so we’re not the only one.

There’s a lot going on in between that single individual teeny soul and ONE. We began as a single gynormous ocean of spirit (ONE), but we split ourselves off for a complex reason which is best addressed by, A Course in Miracles; we’re not going to get into that, now. These splits were initially BIG chunks of spirit, but they got smaller and smaller over the multiple uber-eons. (This universe has only been here for 13.8B years; it’s a near-infinite part of an infinite structure called The Omniverse, which consists of infinite universes — of multiverses — and is MUCH older. You are extremely ancient… but some of us are more ancient than others.) But first, a clarification.

It’s not universes with different dimensions, it’s the other way around. In each DIMENSION, there’s a separate multiverse within, with infinite universes within that. And there are infinite Dimensions. AND infinite timelines. Talk about feeling small. Why is there all this stuff? Because we can never throw anything away.

Over time, we’ve whittled our spirit-selves down to where we are now. (In the Illusion, that is.)

Enter The Omata

You are a single soul, connected to ONE, which is an extension of SOURCE. SOURCE is infinite, and so are you. What you don’t know is that you’re infinitely complex, part of a “specialized” group of spirits for a particular lifetime, or set of lifetimes, with each “bunch” of spirits consisting of all different kinds of spirit: individual souls with various vibrational levels and abilities and histories… very much like a multidimensional bunch of grapes growing on a vine. Or simply, a team. Each team has a special mission.

We call these group-spirit collections omata, which is ancient greek for “group” or “team.” (It’s the same word for both.) Each group may have any number from two to 20, or more.

That’s the easy part.

Infinite Complexity

Some are part of relatively simple groups, from similar levels. Some are a part of groups that run the gamut from 3d to 39d, across multiple Extensions! (One of the M’s is like this.) You sometimes interact, or visit the realms of these other member-parts of your group in your dreams… which is why we sometimes have weird dreams. Some may be in different dimensions, with completely different states of being, but that’s extremely rare. (Note: SOURCE isn’t technically at any level, because there are no levels. This is all Illusion. If SOURCE believed any of this was real, for an instant, it would become real. That said, vibrationally, HOBs and the SuperFriends have told us that, in the Illusion, SOURCE starts at 40d… and goes to infinity. Just to give you some indication of where we are right now.)

Then it gets complicated.

The omata aren’t cast in stone. These spirit-teams change players and evolve as we do. All the time. As you grow, as your spirit-brothers in your omata grow, you expand and evolve… and then combine with other groups as you’re able to — OR split off and join another. This takes place an INFINITE number of times… almost forever. (We will one day WAKE UP fully… and then go do something else, as ONE.) There are INFINITE omata, constantly arranging and rearranging across the infinite Dimensions and multiverses and timelines. It’s an utter tightly organized mess, and only SOURCE and ONE can keep track of it all, keep track of what is in essence an infinite ever-evolving spirit-puzzle/-mechanism that just gave us a headache.

Other Extensions

There is us, as ONE. There are also the angels, who are their own Extension from SOURCE. There are also the SuperFriends, who are their own extension. Brother J, as a pure SOURCE Extension, is technically part of what’s called the “SOURCE Extension” (there have been others, but it’s a small club; it’s also why J can be omniscient across all 7.5B humans). It’s enough to give you another headache.

As we said, this is a fairly simple concept — with infinite, immensely complex extra-cosmic machinations — but it’s one that’s totally natural, and requires nothing from you for it to work. (We’re guessing ONE and SOURCE direct traffic.)


If this is all automatic, and SOURCE and Spirit are handling it, why are we telling you this?

The Omata Meditation

This is very simple, and very powerful. Try it in your next meditation:

  1. G+P+C.
  2. Breathe in SOURCE a few times.
  3. Ask all those in your omata to join with you in meditation for a moment, to meditate with you in SOURCE. Some people have a few, some have many. You’ll have to feel your way through it.
  4. FEEL all of you join in… and then come together. It’s a singular feeling. There’s nothing like it.
  5. Be in SOURCE for a little while… then break.

Add this to your daily meditation. Each time you commune with your omata, your spirit-team, you each return to your various realms as MORE than you were before. It’s… amazing.

Let us now if you have any questions.


Yes, there are some omata that are pruned away. Bad grapes.


FYI, the omata are only for those on the business side of the veil, where we are now (e.g., those in bodies). Many will stick together through various incarnations, and wait on the Spirit side for some to become available, prior to incarnation… like selecting specific players for a balanced musical ensemble. There is a solid (musical) team aspect to the omata.


This from ~AM:

"...the omata serve as more of a reality anchor (the reality of you as infinite Spirit), so they don't change as frequently as you think. They're a unique combination of a team, a family, soul-mates, and bestest friends. They are in fact "training wheels" for your larger return to SOURCE."

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  1. Would suggest looking up the tv series Sense8, by the Wachowski sisters – they call the omata a “cluster” but the show dealt with this concept. It was cancelled after it amassed a huge following and after a large campaign by viewers they filmed and released a final ending.


  2. This is a nice video post from Ross Shugar that tells of some of the great things happening despite all the gloomy 3D news. He is a sweet guy who channels many different beings and collectives. Please don’t be put off by any perceived bluntness or arrogance. He has no grandiosity though he can be perceived that way by some. He has some interesting things to say about the Schuman meters. In a nutshell, he says it is more productive to meditate rather than watch meters (which he says are not showing the good stuff). Enjoy, friends. I typically lurk on this blog enjoying all the stories and wisdom. Thought I would share today. Blessings on each of us. ~ Gary

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      1. lol I get told that I’m way too unicorny for being a daily reader here on this blog for many years. Love you all and Ross too. BTW hope you didn’t view my post as some sort of criticism about the use of meter data. Just adding more to the mix for the highest benefit of all. Blessings ad infinitum 🙏😊🧚‍♀️🧜🏾‍♂️🐉🦄

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            1. Hey, that cat had *no legs* and was wiggling and noodling all over the place in sheer joy of being alive. It was heartbreaking and inspiring, like seeing any special needs kid thrive. Or a politician suddenly WAKE UP. (Ok, that one hasn’t happened yet.)


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  3. Hey, CATs. LOVE your blog. Would you mind if I asked an astronomy question?

    Question: What are quasars? What are they, really? (Basically.)

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  4. ❤️🙏❤️ thank you cat’s for the Omata -Meditation ❤️🙏❤️

    I feel honoured to meditate with this group and I feel all as my soul familly
    I was struggeling a bit last week, I had a horrible experience during night and I protected myself and command the evil to leave…. really strange. But I was well protected and imagine what I saw? ******* THREE CAT’S ******** surrounding me looking in fighting mode, cause I saw their teeths.
    first I believed they were attacking me, but they were protecting me…. wow
    you must know, that the tiger is my power animal. I painted the tiger eight times.

    So here I am, wishing to participating in the omata…. belonging to the Cat’s and the Cat lovers.

    Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. Hello all,    I have no new dream input to share, and feel like writing, so will share a bit of my current experience.  

     I live across a small creek from a vineyard.  Last night, as it cooled from the 108F day, it was harvest night for the last grapes still on the vines (maybe to prevent raisins!)  

    The land tilts up a bit so that I see over the rows of vines.  In the dark, the crew of single-minded harvesters arrived to work through the night. I understand this is to get the grapes to the processing plant as cool as possible (it was still over 80F, but did drop after midnight into the 60s).  The 18 or so harvesters were brought to the section standing in the 3′ high, pallet-sized plastic fruit bins used to transport the gathered grapes.  The tractor that pulled the flatbed trailer was roaring as loud as a plane.  Its headlights are nearly klieg-light bright, and served to illuminate the vines generally. The workers all wore headlamps.  

    From my vantage point it looked like a swarm of human fireflies moving along the rows of grapes.  Normally there is friendly chatter or whistles to one another in the day, but this night work is quite silent.  Perhaps the need to hurry keeps them from talking.  They are paid according to numbers of full buckets, so the exertion level is high. The distant light moved across my walls and ceiling as they proceeded through the several areas.  

    These grapes are heavily clipped to grow narrowly, with a minimum of greenery to support maximum fruit production, and the clusters are trained to hang just below the main horizontal branches for easiest collection.  Wine grapes grow in dense clusters, compared to the looser grace of table grapes I am familiar with.

    The work was complete sometime in the small hours, and this morning I feel an ‘exhale’ over the vines as they recover from the night’s onslaught.  Leafy clippings litter the bare earth paths between the rows.  The now barren vines hold rather wilted  green leaves up to the sun, and the underside of each vine has a row of empty twigs where the grape clusters grew.  

    I haven’t seen this aspect of wine before, and it has been interesting to watch through almost a full year now.  I have great respect for the endurance of the workers out in heat, cold, and currently smoke.  I’m looking forward to the winter peace again while the vineyard rests.

    It is forecast to be 10 degrees cooler today, and nights cooler too.  Northern California will be grateful.

    love, friend

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  6. I do not know about the others, but today I am feeling less being here then ever before, like I am just partially here, not the first time either, but today is somewhat different then usually 🙃✨

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  7. I don’t know if this link works, but it is fascinating to me to look at the west coast visible loop to see where the smoke is going. Fortunately my part of Wash. state doesn’t have many fires, but the strong gusty winds from the east brought smoke over the mountains to choke us today. This literally is the first day we’ve had smoke. I sympathize with you ALL in Cali. for dealing with this toxicity. Anyway the smoke along the entire west coast is going in a straight line from the source of the smoke due west. Snow and 29 degrees tonight for my friend in Denver. Severe gnashing of teeth. :

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  8. Strange experiences. In dream time, the night before last, I had some entities try and attack whilst in dream state. The interesting thing was that I was dreaming I was asleep and woke up within another dream to fight off whatever it was that was trying to come through. I then woke up again out of that dream and was back in my bed where I turned the light on and called in Source, AA Michael for assistance and went back to sleep.

    Last night I dreamed I was purging, physically, really gross! There was this strange old man sitting there in front of me making really horrible sexual comments. I woke up saying the mantra/calling in protection again.

    Yesterday, I spent half the day feeling as if I was not in my body. I got up off the sofa after dinner to do the dishes and could barely walk, it was as if I had to put great effort in to pulling myself back fully into my body/vehicle to get it to move to the sink! Really dizzy/floaty…Feeling disconnect from my body.

    Today was a little better but Elsie has been struggling tonight and last night. Screaming so much at bedtime, does not want to go to bed. I saged the room last night and she settled. Tonight I lay with her whilst she drifted off and then crept out of the room. She woke up a few minutes later realised I had gone and screamed. I looked in the monitor and saw something flying around over her bed. Went in with the sage, cleared the room, demanded whatever it was to leave, asked for assistance from AA’s, Brother J and Guides. She settled to sleep again with my arm around her. As soon as I left, she again screamed. I checked the monitor and again saw something flying around. Its really odd, when Elsie sleeps I don’t see anything in the monitor but as soon as she starts screaming, this thing appears and flies around the room, like a fast moving orb!

    I was exhausted and phoned mum for a bit of moral support. She persuaded me not to go back in but let Elsie settle herself. It’s really tough sometimes and I feel like such a bad mum for not sleeping next to her all night like she wants but I know if I did this I would get little sleep and be ragged in the morning and unable to physically give her what she needs. Trying to find balance between being well enough to look after Elsie and give her all the attention and physical care she needs…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. You gotta let them work out their own sleep. Makes you feel like Hitler, but there’s no way around it.

      Wow. You live on a very negatively charged island. Sorta like that hotel in The Shining, but an entire island like that.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Cat Eds. Yes the UK has it’s dark places but it has some amazingly beautiful and varied countryside that refuses to be dragged down and is full of light. I once went on a waterfall walk in the Yorkshire Dales and took a lot of photos. When I looked at them later there were hundreds of orbs of light. Large, small, different colours and some were moving with what looked like a comet tail behind them. We are blessed to be surrounded by this beauty. I feel so sorry for those living in the cities. Still they gave chosen that and would be scared to death to meet nature! Tonight after work I went picking elderberries in a lovely country lane five minutes away from where I live. Joy indeed.❤️💛💚💖

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        1. Newlynn ❤️ Absolutely, there are some stunning places in the UK that are very light filled. Some of my favourites: Isle of Skye, Llamberis in Snowdonia, Shropshire, Holkham Beach, Brimham Rocks, oh Sourceness there are so many places…

          I guess we have had a very dark history here and those energies stick around a while but Gaia does a fine job at remaining beautiful and light filled despite it all!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      2. Yes, its like the Twilight Zone! Just as long as Elsie does not start riding around the house on a little trike repeating the words red…, we will be fine!

        She is sleeping like a babe tonight. Took her to the local windmill for a little walk around and some fresh air, she loves it there and comes back saying ‘I am a windmill’ over and over again’! It was refreshing to see people with no masks on, happily sitting on picnic benches and talking. I think I only saw one mask in the entire time we were out!

        Much Love & Better days…❤️🌟❤️

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  9. Just remembered to mention, Elsie has also been saying ‘Yes, I see a werewolf’ to herself. I’ve heard her saying it a few times now. Kind of freaked me out a bit as my ex used to say he howled when he was upset! mind is spinning a bit, don’t know where she could have possibly picked that up from her books etc…No werewolves in there and tv only ever has meditation music/night garden(children’s programme)!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🌟❤️

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      1. SB ❤️ It’s possible! I did hera growling next to me once when I was putting Elsie to bed a few months ago. She is really scared of dogs, especially the barking…

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


      1. Pam141 ❤️ Well I guess most things have been twisted in this illusion to cause fear etc…I have a book called ‘Women that run with the wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It got me through some very difficult times and wolves as creatures are beautiful!

        Then of course you have the film industry putting out negative spins such as American Werewolf In London! It funny because some of the symptoms of energy we have all had over time reminded me of the scene where he changes from man to beast!

        All is well, much love ❤️🙏❤️


  10. Just found this video via Amanda Ellis where you can watch the Schuman Live! Looks like another ‘Whomp’ is incoming! ❤️

    Much Love ALL ❤️🌟❤️

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    1. Right, the Schuman Show; like an abstract, live version of Truman 🙂
      I’m so not going to miss the whomps, florps and whatnots.

      Did your house back when we were into full pouring mode btw, and forgot to tell you it just wouldn’t stop, kept going and going and going. Does it feel like you’re in the right place or have you considered moving somewhere more peaceful?

      The Germans almost killed me, the energy in Italy was awesome in comparison and the Swedish west coast where I am now is somewhere in between. My point is that your environment makes a big difference.


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      1. Sifoo ❤️ ‘The Schuman Show’, love that!

        Thank you for mentioning that about the light pours. The energy around our little village is very dense, I have a strong feeling I’m supposed to be here though, maybe to hold light, only Source knows! Feels like I have a job to do here…

        Hope your days are better, hope September is easier for you.

        Much Love ❤️😊❤️

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  11. Wow, so many jumps or something today, my goodness… 😮 Snap crackle pop 💫

    The group connection info I understand a little more now. Realized my group has changed from the one I saw about 10 years ago. New group is all over the map. I didn’t realize that it changes like that while incarnated, but makes more sense now after doing my meditation today. 👍🏼🎢💕. Thanks for this info. 💫☀️

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  12. Dearest CATs and Ms, I buried this question in a previous post so you might not have seen it, but I still find myself wondering…

    CATs, is it OK to ask what the mission is with our Omata? It would change my life if I knew, because then I would ponder it to no end on what am I doing here on Earth. Perhaps if we are all just regular incarnated beings, then none of us even know the mission. That would be a hoot.

    love love to all in the room


  13. There are of course some who follow PTW but others are lovely, many probably don’t know they have wolf DNA. Only some have extra abilities activated.


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