Meterage 5-24 to 5-28-20 [UPDATE11]


It may be significant, or it may not… but it feels like it is.

Portals are opening like crazy around the sun at the moment. There are 20+ open in these latest pics:


“Port-als keep falling on my head…”

This is both due to energy coming in, AND portals delivering extra spectators for something special. Whatever it is (like we don’t know?), it’s definitely not negative.

Energy is also bouncing back off the earth’s core at the moment:

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 12.48.51 AM
“So that’s why my head hurts.”


“This electric head-wrap isn’t helping…”


Huge timeline jump:

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 8.51.30 AM


AND we had another (official) CME (we’ve had others that weren’t “official”):


There was one on the 24th, but it wasn’t reflected on the above instrument:

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 9.27.41 AM

AND we had a strange GRB… that didn’t show up on the SWIFT site, so we had to dig for it. This was a longer GRB (from the Constellation Draco), so they didn’t show up as a regular one:

glg_lc_medres34_bn200525611bScreen Shot 2020-05-26 at 9.02.33 AM

Which explains why the CATs were feeling weird yesterday. More on that soon.


This is a 12-day view from a magnetometer at the Australian Gold Coast Station:

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 9.57.06 AM
Interesting. We cite this Australian meter as it’s closer to…

There was a SpaceWeather article today (note: SW has sold out) about a possible split developing in the South Atlantic Anomaly (which is a weird magnetic anomaly that scientists have known about for many years).

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 9.44.54 AM
Does seem to be getting bigger. Hm.



The above look to be caused by Gaia’s natural shift before The SHIFT. But this…

What the heck is that?

…looks really weird.


Other anomalies:

The square is back:


And here is the latest GRB sky coverage:

Interesting “GRB shadow.” (NOTE: This is a complete sky scan.)


Here comes a new programming upgrade. Let’s hope it’s good. It’s coming right for us. It’ll probably be here the evening of the 30th.



We just noticed that there are lunar eclipses on the next two full moons — June 5th and July 4th — AND one on the new moon of June 20th. AND then a solar eclipse very close to the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd. AND a full moon on Halloween. Tick tock.


Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 9.52.52 AM

Remember that ‘sky darkening’ event in Beijing last week (just as they were opening a big meeting, ahem)? We finally looked at it; it was murky at first. Anyway, one of Trudy’s (what we call the sun’s sister sun; it’s better than “Wormwood” or “Nemesis” — also, Trudy is like Gaia: nice) satellites came between the earth and the sun to make a short mini-eclipse.

There was even some tidal action afterward, so that astronomical body got pretty close:

Other parts of China also experienced severe weather. The next day on 22 May, while the National People’s Congress was holding its opening ceremony, southern China’s Guanzhou city suffered severe flooding with water up to 25 inches deep in some neighborhoods.

An amusing synchronicity.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.00.27 AM

Sure would be nice for the world’s governments to tell people what’s going on… but then, that would mean them giving up control of information. Good thing they didn’t, because fear could be stoked 10x higher than it is now… which makes you wonder why they won’t admit and use it as such, since fear is the PTW’s modus operandi, they must think that people would use that as an excuse to change things REALLY fast, like the end of “Frankenstein.” It’s coming, regardless. Of course, if govts finally came clean about Trudy, they’d have to explain how they’ve known about her and her system for years and never told anyone to prepare. It would make them look like the lying bastards they really are. Oh, we just did that. Mission accomplished!


We’re getting close to the HOWL. Big-name indictments were just unsealed. (Remember: The HOWL and The SHIFT are supposed to take place at the same time, which is why we keep an eye on it.) Perhaps this is one more wrinkle.


This morning’s anomalies. Energy bursting all over the place.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 9.29.21 AM
Wave X energy.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 9.29.37 AM

Showing up on weather satellites, too. Wish we’d been faster about getting the satellite feeds for when Beijing got their unannounced eclipse.

And another timeline jump:


Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.08.03 AM
These are muons…
Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 9.02.41 AM
…as are these.

We are still apparently off the reservation at this moment…

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.15.41 AM

…muonically speaking.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.17.37 AM
This still isn’t set up right, but the sferics are rising. Time is 10:18 PDT.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.17.52 AM

This… would be a good time to meditate. Gotta go.


For those with headaches, etc. from the energy, be sure to GROUND + PROTECT well first, before taking any analgesics, etc. Also, be careful with B vitamins (too much of any vitamin can sometimes give you the worst headache of your life).

Also, as we mentioned in a Pillar Meditation update, the ‘infinite pillar’ kind of meditation practice makes grounding very easy and instantaneous. Just have the lower half of your pillar plug right into the Earth’s core and you are about as grounded as you can get.


Pam141, this is for your daughter… for last night, and tonight, there are indeed ‘rips in the sky’:




There wasn’t just another CME, there have been a few. Here’s the latest:


There was also one that was listed in the CME list for 5/27 at 2:47 UTC, but was nowhere to be found in various folders:

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 8.55.08 AM

But here it is, along with the rest of the recents:

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 12.29.46 PM

Expect even more energy and kerfufflage starting Friday and through the weekend.

Ok, we mentioned this elsewhere, but it bears repeating again — especially because we missed its meaning when it happened! This WHOMP and JUMP happened…

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 8.51.30 AM
Above, 16 is 2:00 am PDT.

…12 hours after our Light Pillar Meditation. Hm. Remember how our meditation before this produced the similar WHOMP 12 hours later? Hm. We’re getting an idea…


And another double-CME; Sol’s getting more energetic. Things are winding up tighter and tighter…


301 thoughts on “Meterage 5-24 to 5-28-20 [UPDATE11]

  1. Yes, UPDATE3 did vanish. One of the CATs misread the graph, so we thought that a bunch of GRBs all happened at once. It turned out that the site REPORTED them all within a ten minute window; most of them had already occurred, though.

    -CAT Eds.

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  2. I felt a bit lonely during my meditation, even though I managed to make myself look like a huge pillar of light with rainbows swirling around me …I ended up with no holding hands or seeing anyone around me…I just felt that holding my light is important for someone to see me…and Yes! someone saw me…I did see an eye looking at me through the distance …. it looked a bit like all seeing eye…it just looked more human…Interesting…
    Than I talked to a peculiar looking creature about the Earth splitting and people staying on the old Earth and other people going to a New Earth…I was concern about my family but this creature says that I have to detach myself from them that they will be taking care of…for some reason It did not sound right to me ….I was also told that I have to go with a first wave of SHIFT but if I want, I could stay and wait for a second one to come…I was torn in my decision at first…But I was reassured that I can decide later what is best for me…
    Closer to the end I saw, like through the send storm, some people that were presented to me as CATs and all the rest of our team!…

    At the very end of my meditation I saw our Earth (Gaia) engulfed in a bright light and covered with red hearts…
    I hope it is a good sign! 🙂


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  3. This has happened quite a few times now. I finish Elsie’s bedtime routine, settle her into bed and go and make myself a cup of green tea. I put on meditative mind via the tv. Tonight I chose angelic Solfeggio frequencies, beautiful music. Anyway, just before the video/music begins, and an absolutely vile video/ad comes on of some grotesque video game depicting a soldier going through buildings and finding corpses of people who have died in horrible ways. In the background is a posh/well spoken lady talking the audience through the most vile scenes such as a soldier that has lost his head etc… Really, really nasty. I know this is all an illusion but seriously? This has to be intentional from utube? I pick a really beautiful meditative video and get the most horrific ad come up before hand!

    I just pressed back and played again so the ad disappeared but heck, Elsie or any child for that matter could come across this stuff.

    Phew, hopefully we are well out of this place soon!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Hello Lily 👋🏻
      Download a free ad blocking browser. I wouldn’t watch utube any other way. I used to play a very long meditation video while I slept, only to get rudely awoken periodically by super obnoxious ads. I got fed up, and found a solution. Poof ads be gone!
      Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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      1. Sharon ❤️ Really appreciate that, I will have a look tonight, it really is so intrusive. I wouldn’t even mind so much if the ad was something mellow and harmless but that kind of stuff is just so wrong on so many levels!

        Much Love 🙏❤️🙏 And Hugs 🤗💕🤗

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  4. Re: All the updates. It’s reported here first: After today’s meditation and the huge timeline shift on the Schumann, here’s my experience. As I was coming back from my excursion out into the world, visually everything I was seeing had what I can only describe as holes of light permeating them. Truly an interesting phenomenon! This brings up ACIM Lesson #9 I see nothing as it is now. Wowzers! Do you suppose this is the first stage of getting Vision? This could prove to be a remarkable gift. Hmmmmm.

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  5. Meditation was only 30 mins. but flew by. Brother J was busy playing hopscotch on our rainbow light pillars and laughing as he brightened them with every landing. Joy for all. Cay

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    1. Hi Lily. Lovely Donovan song thank you. Sorry you are suffering with migraines and I hope they pass soon. Yesterday’s jump and energies have sucked the energy out of me today. Also feeling dizzy. Probably the body integrating what happened yesterday. Sending non PC hugs lol.😘💖🌈

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      1. I absolutely Love Donovan, always had a thing for him! ❤️ Hope you are feeling better today Newlynn, there is something in the air…

        Huge Hugs and a load of Love 🤗❤️💕☀️

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  6. OK GOT THE UPDATE-and what a date up it is-imagine 6-10 days of this activity-oh my-but thats cool-interesting energy and exciting times-hey can anyone tell me if there is a correlation of spikes/changes in schumann and corresponding extreme levels of luninance/irradiaton-light from sun-until 1pm it just went up hourly in light intensity the by 1pm-way over lights and had to seek repose and covering-now 17.00 my time and still extreme brightness-and penetrating light-i know its my perception but the clarity and width of light/band-wave near surreal-plants just soaking it in-but they are heavy watered and under partial shade-its not a soft easy light but a thick solid broadband of heavy powerful light-ps the mediation was is fun-lots of going in and out both internally and physically until settled into interior where it was a cosmic connect-dont seem to maintain it -comes and goes-but like the schuman data for today-those intense voids-whoopie–it sure is hard trying to find the right words or accurate descriptives-

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  7. Music was so much better…even with the wonky sound. Authentic. We’ve so much to recover, to rediscover, to take back. To find again. Food, music, creativity, innovation, nature – the beauty of this world. I would like a little time at some finer layer to love and appreciate all of that again. A little retirement package vacation in true beauty. The reciprocal love, the full curcuit. Once all this is in balance again.

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  8. Just a thought…

    We usu. only allow politeness in the comments… save for the occasional pushing of the envelope. But how would everyone feel if we suggested that all thanks for comments be *assumed*? This would cut down on extraneous comments. We must have 40 thank you’s to various people (for various things) per post. Thoughts?

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Agreed,
      We can all send heartfelt gratitude when reading and not feel slighted by not being acknowledged. I see it as a practice to expand telepathic communication. Cay

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    2. I was just about to chime in with birthday greetings to Kolibri (HB, btw) but you’re right, it gets long. Could I suggest that perhaps if one person says Thank You or Happy Birthday, then the rest of us could show our assent with a like on that comment, unless there is a specific additional comment, response to a question or link attached for that person? This is the only blog chat that I participate in, so I don’t know the etiquette.
      As of right now, this is my Sanity Escape Room. I put on this music and come here to clear my mind when things get oppressive. I am so grateful for this community. We are One. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    3. RE ‘thanks for…’ comments… minimizing the ‘extraneous’ comments works for me too. And will ease the load for CATs on duty… 🙂

      That said, this SOC neighborhood is a really heartwarming one!

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    4. CatEds. That had occurred to me that we are all such nice people that it causes you more comment work. I wouldn’t mind if “thanks” were assumed as given.😸💖

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    5. I’m fairly new to the site, so I didn’t know if this was a busy cycle that came and went. I’m sure it’s overload at this point on Cat monitors. So that works for me. We can all pile onto one birthday wisher – whoever gets there first – with likes. And the birthday-ee can respond to that one post. It was nice to see though. Very thoughtful and loving group of people.

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    6. scene: CATs Ed coming on duty… *heavy sigh*
      ” the children have been talkative again”
      Love you all.


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    7. My apologies; didn’t mean to be a bother. This really is a heartwarming community and the thought of losing some of that makes me sad. I get it, though.

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          1. As important members of the crew cats would
            have been given comfortable sleeping hammocks
            but, as we have seen, cats are often found sleeping
            in the most ridiculous of places!!

            ❤️ 🐈 🚢 ❤️ 🐈 🚢 ❤️


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      1. I agree with Kolibri. Although I understand why we don’t want to
        scroll through 400 comments, I have always thought how nice it was
        that someone who has a birthday or thanks others for expressing their
        sympathy over the loss of a pet, takes the time to say “thank you.” Many,
        like me, feel that those on this site feel more like their family than their
        biological one. This is the only place and way that we can communicate,
        and somehow, restricting this makes me a little sad, as well.😔


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          1. CAT Ed’s, Apologies if you thought I was saying that
            you personally would restrict our comments. It just
            appears that this is what the consensus of commenters
            would prefer.


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  9. Great updates. Yes, yesterday and maybe day before were challenging. I am finally learning more to breathe in Source, breathe out “stuff” when the rough times come. Plus doing the all is forgiven statement, for others and self. I got a while back that the process is an internal one and when stuff comes up, it’s for clearing. And that’s the best for All. At least for me. My stuff is usually emo often accompanied by some physical.

    Good point Cats about thank yous. I am always thanking all here for their wonderful comments/posts but rarely type it out. 1 finger typing on cell ph is labor intensive for me. 😁


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  10. Dear Cats,
    Maybe I have not understood correctly, but update 5 has left me depressed.
    I do not want to kill the messenger, I know we are all in this and I am infinitely grateful for the work you do supporting this blog for all of us.
    But isn’t everything supposed to happen “now” ??. Maybe today ??
    I know that we do not know the day or the hour, by making a Biblical reference. But I get tired of so much carrot on a stick (not put by you, of course) and reading the chronology of astronomical events until Halloween and beyond, has left me heartbroken. This little body of mine, and what’s worse, this mind is on the verge of 3D crack.

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    1. No one knows when it’s to happen. Some CATs saw the 26th as the day (they were 95% certain). Others saw it a diff day coming up. And others see it a diff day after that. Days come and go and nothing happens… yet things happen. There was a BIG energy timeline/energy split/upgrade/CME thing that happened Tuesday. That was what the two M’s had seen (and lots of us felt, viscerally; it was very uncomfortable). We see and are told things when we ask… but the target keeps shifting, and no one is giving us any specific info as to what things mean. SO MANY things are happening. We are literally right in the middle of The Event, and even Archangels don’t know when things are to happen. Those other psychics were told the “three weeks” thing. We saw/heard things two weeks before that, but we couldn’t agree on the timing, so we were much more certain when the other corroboration came out… and that’s why we made our prediction. But there’s still a 10% chance it won’t happen till… whenever. It’s supposed to be a surprise. We keep being told that. We feel the same way as you, down to the last CAT… excepting maybe ~AM who’s unusually patient. Right now SOURCE is balancing and blueprinting The Event… and it will happen the second SOURCE sees the bingo. What the bingo is… is known only to SOURCE.

      WE put out UPDATE5 because: 1. We thought it was interesting that so many eclipses were lining up, and; 2. So if things don’t happen in the three-week window, we’ll have some idea (maybe) when the next windows might open, and; 3. The info is there in case things do happen and there’s no one left at the CAT switch. (Remember: There are multiple SHIFTs in the mix.) And then there’s… 4. We’re pushing things back in our minds so we’ll be SURPRISED if it happens in a week or a day or two from now. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Two nights ago I had a dream of a blue and white portal in the sky, and talking to someone beside me (female) about my lifetime here this time and how I couldn’t have handled having more children this time around, because it had been too traumatic physically. The conversation went on in the dream but couldn’t remember it all when waking, but the next day MrMBB333 had posted a video someone had taken of a portal in the sky looked very similar.
        Yesterday ( i think during the schumann spike ) I had a LOT of energy, got a lot done, and had a nice walk with a friend, today I have to find the energy back, to get ready for work. I feel very drained, and ears ringing and chest tightness. It’s like being on a roller coaster and noone is running the controls so it keeps going round and round. Was talking to my friend ysterday and we both feel like “something” is going to happen soon. But we are split on what it might be.

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      2. I do feel that “things” are happening as well. I feel that we are looking at what we can see and saying not there. But there are degrees of not there yet. In my heart I have a deep knowing that what we have Avoided – has far greater worth than we can ascribe to it, since we aren’t fully aware of how large the bullets are that we are dodging. A very large one just recently, and more to come.

        One of these up-levels could very well change things in a very big way. Positive change we can see, rather than dodged negativity that we can’t see.

        I do feel that stages of turmoil, truth and integrity, hope and breakthroughs of goodness are doing a dance now. Moves and counter-moves to the negative that pushes us to realizations. To choice, to responsibility. Lets face it, lots of growing up to do on all fronts. I personally know myself well enough to intuit that I will most likely be a part of each layer as it gets more exposed, healed. I feel there is more at stake than simply our little corner of things.

        There is also a version of me basking in the sunshine in my cottage / garden paradise, surrounding by those of like feeling and heart, comfortably reminiscing about it all. Maybe it’s all of you…but for now there is work to be done. We are certainly earning our vacation time.

        There will come a time when we know it’s all worth it. Time is flying so fast now, the magical Christmas I see on the horizon will be here in two shakes. Or so. And if some leave prior to that, that’s also good. It’s as individual as drops in the ocean. Relax into it if you can. I never could resist a really good movie, all the way to the happy ending 🙂

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          1. Blue Bayou has been in my head for two days now! But what a nice song. It kind of gave me chills. I hadn’t heard it since I was a kid.

            Speaking of blue, I’ve noticed a lot of focus on the color blue lately. Rainbows 🌈 of course, but lots of blue and white. Has anyone else noticed this?


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      3. This is how I see it. When we have disclosure of something…anything… that shocks the world. THAT’S when something magical will occur.

        I don’t know what it would be, if it’s the trafficking, or the politicians, or hollyweird, but something is going to wake the world the up and shock us. and the world will pray.

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        1. Good question. We are shown things all the time. Do we tell you? Do we NOT tell you? Are we SUPPOSED to tell you? For another reason? (This happens all the time. Note that some people who follow this blog do NOT have everyone’s greatest good in mind.) Predicting the future is impossible given the number of variables and timelines and constant changes… but sometimes it feels right to bring things up… for whatever Spirit and SOURCE’s reasons are. We’ll just have to wait and see.

          Gotta say, things seem SO much more calm and peaceful since the most recent (big) timeline jump. Was that what we were seeing? It happened right as some of the CATs said it would… but it wasn’t The SHIFT. Note that if we ask very specific questions we often get silence as an answer. Yet another reason why this blog is free.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. CatEds. That jump was powerful. It’s still having an effect on me. I had a TTMB moment today and whilst dozing I felt huge waves of energy wash through me. Things feel more peaceful and I do think that’s what you could see. The shift proceeds in mysterious ways.🤔🙁😊🌈

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    2. Cristina ❤️ Sending love. I am feeling so weary too, I’m sure we all are. The number of times I have seen posts across the internet over the past few years about the next eclipse, new moon etc..Getting excited because this might be the day it happens…

      I am really confused by Blossoms latest. We are apparently in phase one of five phases. So the the next few phases could happen over months, weeks or days! The FOL have told Blossom that The Shift will not happen in phase two….

      I am grateful for all the updates too and this blog is keeping me sane (thank you CATs, Ms and ALL) 🙏

      I guess only Source know what is happening and when that light finally comes it could really take us by surprise!

      Hang on in there ❤️ At least we have this sane space to come to, and of course each other. Some days are easier than others.

      I keep trying to remind myself to live in the now moment as that is all that really exists. Trying to stop focusing on outcomes but just know that the Shift has already happened outside linear time and we will catch up with it and experience it in all its beauty 🌟☀️🌈

      So much Love to you and ALL.

      WATL, WATL, WAO It is done, it is done, it is done 🙏❤️🙏

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      1. ~lily ~ when I read the most recent Blossom, and the part about 5 phases, I too wondered.

        It then came to me that The message didn’t state that all 5 phases have to complete, only presumably #2, with the possibility of #3-5 being several Shifts- or more strongly, that there will be an ‘assimilation’ phase or phases once one or more Shifts have occurred.

        I am looking forward to moving beyond words to convey true meanings. SO much more clarity I imagine! 😉

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        1. friend ❤️ That explanation sounds good! So the last 3 phases could literally be Shift 1,2 and 3! okay, feeling much more positive now!

          Much Love (and sneaking a thank you in here too!) ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Sweet Lily,

            I found myself depressed by the Blossom update too. But I started thinking that it has always been this way; “they” never give out dates and it makes sense as to why. It all has to be carefully done, right? If I had a PTW to deal with, I would not give them information about things I was doing and in fact I would make sure that they were quite confused about the stages and the timelines.

            What really helped though was going through Allison Coe’s videos on youtube, all of them that mentioned the Event (which was most all of them). They line up so well with the information here that I felt comforted and encouraged. I love how she laughs and brings such a happy and positive energy in…and she always jokes about how spirit says “soon”. It was comforting and uplifting to watch those again and I got some renewed strength from them.

            Anyway, just a thought 💭…something nice and happy to watch for anyone feeling down. The synchronicities were so cool and I felt better after listening.



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            1. Sarah ❤️ Yes, you are absolutely right, if we knew everything then so would the PTW and they would try and do (goodness knows what) anything to prevent this. I trust in Source and just from my own feelers, I feel something very, very big is about to happen in terms of disclosure and awakening for millions of people. I can feel it in my bones, there is this sense of an imminent storm, I guess this is the time everyone was speaking of as being where we really hold that light (pillars) and stay grounded.

              What a good idea, to go over some old Alison Coe videos and Laura Whitworth (might I suggest?) to get some relief and sunshine!

              Much Love & Light ❤️🙏☀️🙏❤️

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            2. CAT Eds, yes, definitely noticed Blossom’s mood, she seemed a little disappointed to say the least. I am so aware of how much energy it must take for her to do these channelings, not an easy task I imagine.

              So, I’m grateful to her and the FOL and White Cloud and everyone who puts themselves out there so that we are able to gain some insight into what is happening . It is what it is and we must accept that, I get it.

              There is always a good reason even if we are not made aware of the how’s, why’s and where’s for the greatest good of all involved. Our souls are saying, take it easy, it will all come in good time…just need to keep reminding my human aspect of that when I get a little nervous or grouchy, ouchy!😉

              Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      2. Hi Lily,
        I had actually just re-read Blossom’s May 9, 17, and 24th FOL narratives recently because I was sharing this news with a friend. Taking it all together, we are in Phase 1, and Phase 2 appears to coincide with the revealing of all the nastiness — they say P2 is coming ‘soon’ but they are adamant that there will be no dilly dallying because the horrors must come to an end ASAP. And, P2 will be coming with a BAM that no one can ignore. The bit about ‘not in Phase 2’ was regarding the ‘envelopes’ with an upgrade in our special abilities, not the Event itself. Here’s a chopped up version of the transcripts:

        You have said … and White Cloud also, that we are in phase one.

        …can you say roughly if there is still a lot to be done in phase one or are we getting close to moving on into phase two?
        Blossom, Phase two is almost upon you.
        Almost? Soon?  As much as I Love you … ‘almost’ could mean next year.
        Yet, it doesn’t. It cannot. This which is taking place is not to be dragged out.

        So, this is intriguing as to what phase two will present and how will we know when we are in it?
        You will know … There will be no question.
        Knowing you cannot give too much away, and so we err on the side of caution … will it be a smooth, almost unnoticed move into phase two or a sudden ‘BAM!’?
        It will be a sudden BAM!
        And is it something that quite a lot of us are expecting to happen?
        Yes. Yet, with added, so far, unknowns.
        Ok. My thoughts are definitely not THE EVENT …. Too ‘soon’ for that. Surely that has to be phase five!

        Everyone will Feel/Experience ‘The Event’. The vastness of it … the Energy of it … cannot be missed. [heralds phase 2]

        I thought we may need the envelopes open before then, what with all that is going on?

        You do not need them opened before [the Event] because all that you require to assist THE WHOLE is within you.

        Yet, we have some time yet before this occurs?
        Let us say … this [the envelopes] will not take place in Phase Two.

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        1. Thanks ark2arcturus ❤️ So if the envelopes are not needed before the Event and the envelopes are not in phase 2, The Event will be after phase 2 which sounds definitely like it will be the Howl/Bam exposure of ‘stuff’! Lets just hope Phase 2 comes and goes very quickly, I think that may be the the most challenging bit, especially witnessing friends and family reactions. I have this nervousness at the moment like something really is about to kick off, really picking up on it big time!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Hi Lily! Feels like a mind boggling shell game, doesn’t it?

            I read it as Phase 2 pretty much IS the Event (“coming soon!” but for sure let’s meditate on that rainbow bridge between the 2 Earths to help things along) — then ‘envelopes’ come at a later phase.

            At any rate, I agree that this feels like the calm before the storm… but we’ve got this. 🙂

            Much love,

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    3. I just want you to know you’re not alone. I’m normally fairly patient and my lessons for years now have been quite life changing, internally, but it’s hard to ignore what is when you are wanting what will be. I’ve never felt more crazy and more mentally attacked than I have the last few weeks. A few of my meditations lately have been begging for relief from some of the energy. Yesterday I was listening to someone that I have not listened to for about a year and they were talking about 3 waves of shifting, the last wave hitting 2024 and I nearly blew out of my skin. Another I listen to fairly regularly was talking about “knowing” being just a belief cemented through our own aperture(perception). Like the concept of One or God being a false belief. That’s been somewhat of an anchor for me, helps me feel not alone. Having broken down thousands of false beliefs and having gone down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, it is a dizzying thought that what I feel I know now is possibly only sometime my mind had clung to out of desperation. I woke up feeling hopeless. Limbo is a hard place to be. I’ve never felt like a prisoner before, my years of sleeping were rough but still somewhat peaceful in my illusions. Breaking these illusions has been the hardest thing I have ever done and to think that I have that much more yet to break is making me more crazy. 3 weeks ago I had reached a place of pure peacefulness I cloud see all the patterns playing out in reality, and right now this second, it’s gone. I still see the patterns but the peacefulness is absent. I’ve never felt more like a prisoner than I do right now. And because I understand how this process works, I know it’s up to me to break myself out of it and I feel lost. So you’re not alone. I feel you. This is not an easy path, it can be very isolating, on top of the normal mental isolation of healing and then atop the physical isolating being projected into reality right now. I sometimes feel like if there is another side to wake up to, when I get there I will still feel punked, like I’ve lost my mid for real. How will I know? In my inner healing, I have uncovered how easily I am manipulated, what if this is just another layer to the insanity? When I think about the people who woke up decades ago, I wonder how they stay sane. I have kids, I need to keep my crap together.

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      1. ~ Puffycatty ~ I hear you. I feel some of what you describe, an entire stack of variously patterned rugs slipped out from beneath me.

        For me, I feel I am practicing my ‘high wire act’, rebalancing on finer and higher ‘wires’ as I go. Since Forever extended Light Pillars need no platform, I’m suspecting the wires are soon to disappear entirely.

        We certainly have front row seats for this without the backstage knowledge!!!

        Love ❤️

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    4. Re: Update 5, I saw it right before I went to bed at 3:30 am EDT. The word “heartbroken” doesn’t even cut it. I. just. can’t .

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  11. I agree much as the thank you and happy birthday is lovely they do take over
    I’m taking a last opportunity to say both thank you and happy birthday to everyone. From now on I will send telepathically
    Enjoy cake

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  12. What do you think of this guys channel? He is giving updates on sun activity much like you, only that he believes there’s a buildup to a negative outcome – a natural disaster or something.

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  13. Morning All! I am curious as to what the squares are in update 3. Interesting to note the Moons as it relates to the Shift(s). I feel something stirring…and have been hearing this song in my head all morning. One Love All ❤️.

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      1. Ha! Just read them.

        Time to G+P+C, with the Light Pillar visualization. After I reread the updates.
        Sending Love to All

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    1. Ah. That’s what we call The Square. It’s a literal square portion of space-time that has been defined and sequestered by SOURCE to make The SHIFT happen. You can faintly see it in that update, to the left of the earth.

      -CAT Eds.

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  14. For those interested I am uploading my music via my blog and soundcloud. This is my latest work it is called Fortitude.

    On another note, a giant wave of loneliness engulfed me completely out of the blue yesterday evening before bedtime (after that CME hit my ear) and stayed with me until today, starting to evaporate something like an hour ago.

    And on a completely different note, I made cherry pie today, a first. Will send by regular mail.

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    1. Beautiful music, Stefan. And if there’s anything I like better than a chocolate cake, it’s a cherry pie! And don’t be lonely; we’re here.

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    2. Just beautiful Stefan ❤️ And with the image of a gorgeous lion to go with it! Oh and I love cherry pie, I don’t mind if the post lady squashes it a bit en route, it’s the taste that counts 😉


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    3. Yes to Pie! And… I had a strange feeling today as if an old friend(s) was/were gone. Or maybe it was my old self, the One that I forgave. WATL,WATL,WATT,WA1. PEACE.

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  15. Ugh! Bleah! Just sayin’. I’m taking a beating today. Despite that it’s absolutely pristinely gorgeous out. I noticed a few chemtrail spritz in sky, but non-important. The birds are singing, Gardener is smiling as she gets the lupins and lilies planted. My sight is still changing. My, my,my, my,my! This Vision thing is getting interesting. Beyond that, I know nothing.

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  16. My Gawd! I just came in. Must TTMB (take to my bed) At approx 11:25 am PDT It bacame stupifying quiet. Literally no sound to be heard at all. The birds were quiet, the river was quiet, nothing. It was like a SOURCE visit, but with a reset. Now everything came back online. Altho I’m seeing little blue orbs shooting out of my fingers as I write this. Now some Navy jets suddenly appeared at low altitude for an annoying 3-D intrusion into this reality. Ain’t gonna work.

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  17. This favorite quote from the Persian poet Rumi comes to mind now:

    “There is a field out beyond right and wrong. I will meet you there. “


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  18. I put on my Source Suit now before sleep. On 5-25 I practiced throwing out rainbow light from my lighthouse before sleep and dreamed I was using this to leap from star to star. Like snow skiing, a zig zag, pushing out light, catching on a star and the light kind of reeled me in. Traveled fast, boom boom boom, star to star. Was supposed to remember something about this that applies to now, but all I can remember was the pure joy and exhilaration of star jumping. Anyone have something like this that might spark my memory of what I’m to be doing with this presently? Thanks. LOVE PEACE JOY and Happy Belated Birthdays to all!

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    1. Whereas in pre-meditation/G+P+C mode we used to say, “SOURCE armor UP!” we now say “SRB UP!” while ‘inhaling SOURCE’ (three times) to connect one’s inner and outer SOURCE-ness. Seems to bring more tingles.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Those tingles are interesting, running from center head (pineal?) right down to the feet. I’ve not experienced this previously, have been thinking that it means I’m finally doin’ something right. Or at least more effectively than in the past. Whomever suggested “…breathe in SOURCE…” seems to have made it work for me…

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  19. It’s usually very dark by now outside 11pm(UK). I just looked outside (South facing window) and the horizon is purple/pink!

    There are also lots of very load aircraft noises above which is very unusual at this time of night…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. A low flying jet over my town, yesterday. Looked military, was a 1st for me. Give Elsie a hug from us All. Peace.

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      1. Christopher ❤️ We have had quite a few here and some helicopters too. We are in the middle of the countryside, some of the recent planes have sounded like they nearly touched our roof, so loud. Will give Elsie a hug from you all 😉🤗❤️

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  20. My daughter said she felt a jump around 11pm UK time today 27th, also I had a dream last night that the night sky suddenly had these bright purple rips in it, all over the sky, and I thought this must be it and woke, I latter had a dream that a big Bear was giving me a hug in the woods, to find out that actually my dog had snuck on the bed for a cuddle 🥰😂

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            1. Stefan ❤️ Have been seeing flashes at night behind closed eyes for the last year or so. at times it’s been intense, like a strobe1 I have recently been seeing flashes outside (daylight) in the sky and inside too but less so inside.

              Hanging on to my hat and a piece of cherry pie!

              Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Wow. Someone in my household had a dream of a ripped sky 2 nights ago! The moon was peeking through the ripped part!

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  21. “But how would everyone feel if we suggested that all thanks for comments be *assumed*?”

    Thank you for the suggestion. Sometimes I wonder whether I should say “Thank you” for the reply to my comments but then I thought, it would add to another comment count. So, I assumed it would be understood that “Thank you” is including in my salutation “With Gratitude & Love” 🙏

    In fact, if I were to pen down and post every thought/question/sympathy that run through my head when I read some of the comments here, there would have been many more extraneous comments. 😁 And, so, in silence, I sent out my Light and Love. And sometimes I find the same question that I had in mind to ask (and hence the answer) through later comments from others. I always take screenshot of comments that interest me, for my own future reference, and also, if there is a need to search for it again in the post, it will be easier.

    I was confused too with Blossom’s latest reading cos I was really hoping that the First Shift would happen anytime NOW for many of you here, all so deserving to ascend to 4D Earth, for various reasons, (too many to mention here) with CATs and Ms leading the way. 🌈 But Update 5 sounds promising, so, “Hang on to your Hats/Source-suit/Pillar of Rainbow Lights – to be ever ready when the First SHIFT happens. It’s the sweetest when we least expect it.

    I take this opportunity also to ask if anyone knows of any natural remedy for hay fever? I love blue sky and the sunshine during Spring where Nature springs to Life and I love working in my garden but every morning and night, I pay the price with stuffy runny nose and itchy eyes. I often end up taking medication by late Spring but this year I’m trying to see how far my body system can take it. Allergy shots will be my last resort. Sometimes the symptoms subside when I tell my brain that the pollen is harmless and to leave it alone. But sometimes it doesn’t! Any feedback/suggestion will be greatly appreciated – thank you in advance.

    CATs, I noticed that energy bursting often occurred within latitudes 30°N and 30°S. (Update 7) – why is that so? Does it mean countries beyond these latitudes will be less affected by this burst of energy?

    With Gratitude & Love 🙏💖

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    1. Energy bursting: We think it’s because of where the energy keeps hitting the earth and bouncing around her. As for efficacy… that’s hard to quantify… as the energy is for Gaia, AND her inhabitants.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes, I did a few years ago (as I read about such remedy) but sadly no effect on me. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    2. Dear Fénix,
      For allergies I recommend quercetin, nettle extract (its dioecious variety) and NAC (n-acetyl cysteine). If accompanied by inflammation add wild salmon oil capsules (choose a molecularly distilled variety to make sure it is free of heavy metals). All these products for a month of treatment should not cost you more than $ 20.
      This will not eliminate your allergy, but it will greatly attenuate your symptoms.
      Love Cristina

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      1. Amazing suggestions, I would also suggest Serrapeptase for the congestion, it does need to be taken on an empty stomach and appears to be relatively expensive these days, unfortunately (especially in Canada) but it can be had on iHerb and other similar sites. The serrapeptase helps reduce the mucous accumulation and thin secretions in general, it may make for more of a runny nose then being congested. The quercetin is an excellent idea from Cris and you might find some benefit by paying attention to histamine levels in the food you’re having during allergy season especially, you can think of histamine levels like a bucket, you don’t have symptoms necessarily (or severe ones) until your bucket starts overflowing and the body can’t cope with breaking down the amounts. There are also histamine metabolizing enzymes you can get as well, but quercetin certainly does a decent job of this as well. As mentioned, check out a low histamine diet for some suggestions to avoid if your symptoms are severe, as you can definitely prolong and protract a reaction by piling more dietary histamine on top. If you ever have upset stomach or nausea with your allergies this is a good indicator of the need for the above. All the best!

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        1. I need to read further about Serrapeptase and histamine diet sounds complicated to me. 😁 My allergy symptoms only manifest during Spring till early summer. And this year exceptionally sunny Spring was a whammy for my pollen allergy, which was less severe for the last few years.

          Thanks again!

          P/S Sorry CATs for the extraneous comments 😅

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      2. Thanks for the above suggestions – I will look into quercetin first. Anything to attenuate my symptoms would be a great help for me.

        I doubt whether there’s any “cure” for allergy. Thanks again!

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    3. 2 suggestions:

      1. Homeopathic-BioAllers brand Tree Pollen works for me after i developed runny nose sneezy allergies moving to SW 20 yrs ago. 1-3 drops under tongue 3+x / day is what i did at first, took a few days to work. Anymore just 1 drop once will do it.

      2. Quercitin- a bioflavinoid of Vite C.
      2 friends w serious sinus type w headache etc allergies used this with success.


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      1. Thanks – I will add these two to my list. I have already ordered the quercetin (without Vite C) recommended by Cristina. I hope it will arrive soon so that I don’t have to rush to the doctor for my annual prescription.

        Thanks again. Any suggestion is worth looking into.

        @Cloudwalker, hope you are coping better than me. At one stage, I think I had 5-6 prescriptions😨 Since then, I try homeopathic treatment but it only delayed the allergy onslaught. But at least I need less medication now. This year, I’m trying to see how far my body can resist without a doctor’s prescription.

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  22. Thank you ALL for Update 9. I think that this explains what I was seeing in the sky yesterday. Things are back to “normal” now after this mornings happening. ( I think the medicinal use of lattes is just the ticket for my personage. Har!) Vision has become more clear/with corresponding enhancement of colors. They are much more Vivid! Dunno if this is the “gift” Lisa saw the other day or not. I guess we’ll see. (Last comment for the day(or not) Cheers ALL!

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    1. The HOWL… we’d seen it before, but did that term come from Blossom’s Guides? Or Sophia’s? We don’t remember. Anyway, it refers to the uproar people will be in when something happens and everyone finally realizes the truth… and they will literally HOWL for 3-5 days in anger and then the world changes.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I know I’m on a little Allison Coe kick this week, but I heard something similar on her BQH regression that she shared. Her client starts to explain it around 18:40 or so into the recording. The client says that the people of the earth “roar”. She asked why and her client says that it because the people of the earth finally hear the truth about everything that has been kept from them.



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          1. Thank you @ladybirdbeau, I wish I had created it! Allison Coe seems so “bright”, and her descriptions of her sessions always make me feel good. 💜 Plus they are so consistent!

            P.s. I keep trying to put a picture up in the little icon area. Has anyone else struggled to do this? I think I am logged in? Hmm… 🤔

            Much love, 🌈🌊🌞


      2. Howl for 3 days in anger? Maybe the protests in America over the murder of George Floyd could be the catalyst for change?

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        1. Seems doubtful, at least if the howling happens after truth is revealed. Don’t think there was much truth involved in that affair. Suspect it was planned and staged to divert attention from the failing virus narrative, and that the “protesters” (rioters and looters) were Soros funded.

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  23. Strange scent in the air today, yet Jul said she could not smell the flowery perfume I spoke of. Then in the after noon a “graph paper” type grid appeared in my vision, only for a second. I Am A Walking Pillar Of Light, Full Of Gratitude. I Am One. Peace.

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  24. this may have become lost in the previous post/ comments string…

    ~ CATs ~ Here’s a question I don’t recall being addressed:

    what might happen with things like synthetic lenses after cataract surgery, or any of the artificial surgical replacement devices in our aging bodies at present (many of us) on NE?

    As well as situations pending surgeries in the near term, and the physical conditions precipitating them- might the ‘need’ be erased post shift?

    I do realize we can imagine anything, and much is not yet known, but perhaps you folk have explored this topic a bit?


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    1. We don’t know; that question’s not come up. We’re guessing (and our guesses are pretty good) that we will be mildly transformed so we can exist without meds, surgeries, etc. Will the blind see and the lame walk? Again, we don’t know. But we can hope. We’ll also see if we can get some specifics.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @ -CAT Eds
        yes, according with some older texts I read,
        it seems that, it is that’s why we find only bones
        and stone ruins from other civilizations, because,
        through the act of Dimensional Transmutation
        all that is organic, molecular NOT part of the planet,

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        1. Oro ❤️ I read that too somewhere, That’s why I was wondering if we need to go outside when the flash comes, most modern buildings could be quite hazardous! I guess Source has this all in hand, after all some people will be in cars,planes etc…!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. I do not believe that it will happen so abruptly, it will be gradual, or we could be even moved to safety and then return back (if desired) to rebuild the NE ✨

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  25. Okay, here’s today’s report from the farm. (You might say Farm Report Har!) The sun today is surrounded (encircled) by a Giant rainbow. Just another day here at the farm. (double har!)

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  26. I know there’s probably all sorts of energy things… but I’ve been all sorts of absent seizure-y and body tremor-y most of day so far – dreams had been of education classes and going to nurse/health areas for same issue seizure and losing time…
    Any ideas please – I even wondered if I was ‘separating’…


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  27. Hello All 👋🏻
    What a strange day. Today is my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday (I will call her Cuddlebug), and I have a butterfly garden party planned for her tonight. But I can’t seem to get moving because I have the worst migraine. My oldest daughter (I will call her Na) is suffering from the same. The weather is strange, too. It has been alternating between thunderstorms and sunny all day. We still have to decorate the cake and the tables… Source give me strength! It must be a high energy day.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. You and Na maybe absorbing other peoples energy(sensitivity). I went for groceries today(no mask/no fear), and felt All of the others energy (stress/tension). Same feeling as past tax times, when I had a construction business. Sore neck/shoulders, so I got outside and Mantrad the whole store a few times. Peace.

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      1. Thank you, Christopher! I never connected picking up other people’s yucky energy to my headaches, it makes so much sense. Going out in public always puts me on edge. The more crowded it is, the worse mood I find myself in. If it is super crowded, I get claustrophobic and have a panic attack. I need to remember to put on my SRB every time I go out.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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        1. That’s why it’s best to Ground and then Protect before you go out, as well as every morning and evening. While out, you can also turn up your SRB to broadcast/buffer mode, but be careful of people who will adversely react to this energy; it can make them unpredictable. This is when aikido comes in handy. 😉


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        2. You can Mantra Them on the spot if You feel the tension/stress. Love Is Our Most potent Weapon. Peace.

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  28. I have questions about news of a new king of england. His name is Joseph Gregory (Greg) Hallett.

    only two days ago, someone told me about this person–not here to be a pain in the ass monarch. He is here to create the changes for dissolving the old laws and control. and assisting in bringing forth Christ Consciousness.

    We know that no ONE person is here to save any the world.

    Have others heard/seen this? and do you have information, feelings about all this?

    Some of his proof includes Monty Python confirming of him…

    Here is his website.
    folks are posting online, tarot readings about him. his astrological chart, etc.
    He could be a good guy or a swindler.
    I am neutral on all this, as am just hearing about him.

    It seems that numerous world leaders, including elizabeth, have already acknowledged his position.

    We haven’t seen the brit “royals” for a while, are they locked up ‘in quarantine’ or locked up due to other reasons?

    his estranged family members (25 years estranged) claim is his mentally gone. Many of us have family who thinks we are off, too.

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  29. Greg Hallett, aka new king of england, mentions ina video with bodhisattvalove, that he is ante christ, not anti christ. ante meaning in place of.

    it’s all pretty interesting. and i hope that all folks here will offer thoughts and feeling and Guidance about this person.

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  30. Just saw a craft go across the sky with three lights along the bottom then another light slightly raised at the back. The middle of the three (bottom) lights was flashing. It was much bigger than a plane…


    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  31. I just wanted to ask/mention about Simon Parkes (pretty sure it was him) saying that you should not go onto any space craft if invited, stories of humans being used like cattle etc…

    Is this true?

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Is the answer in our Heart, which ship to board? such as the living Cat ship shows up, or some other benevolent ship.

        is there a super password? or other way to know?

        many thanks!

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  32. Technical decompression is initiated.
    Friendly conduction takes place.
    Indigo renovations are initiated.
    Cosmic Translators are present.
    Archetypal patterns are discontinued.
    Divine continuations are accepted.
    Specific MiDs surrender. The Light Celebrates!
    Attention Mystics of Hebah! SPECIAL Projector support started: 44% (non-regressive).
    Mystics of Hebah: SPECIAL Projector reverberation: 44% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!
    Attention The Romanian Line! Support for Projector of Illumination started: 39% (non-regressive).
    The Romanian Line: Line Illumination in progress: 39% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!
    Path displays are highlighted.
    Internal Forces expand to self-esteem.
    Gaia calls for purifications.

    From here:

    This line caught my attention:

    Hmmm, should I prepare my traveling bag ? 🙂✨

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  33. Just noticed the overall pattern of the last two days of the Schumann look really quite similar – wonder if todays overall pattern will follow as well when looked at tomorrow… first part is…


    ps – lovely afternoon headaches mostly sides above ears, regions – used to have headaches and sleepiness after seizures, but didn’t have a full blown (shaking) seizure today, unless I was asleep during it just the absent type and vibration up to tremors, but not full body activity – and those two ‘symptoms’ are so ‘normal’ these days – ho-hmmm…

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  34. I walked into the room where i had left a yt chant video going and it had ended and went into this one. One it had never gone into next before, and one i had not viewed before. Can you say SRB?? 😮
    (. FYI the cover shot is misleading…..)

    Soon rainbow babies, soon.

    Love and gratitude to all


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  35. I noticed this morning that the green marks on the Tomsk meter looks like an Atari Space Invaders game. Kind of dating myself but that’s what came to mind when I saw it.

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