Light Pillar Meditation [UPDATE3]


While the previous SRB exercise is useful for many things involving meditation group tasks (where dexterity is needed), the following exercise is good for solo and ‘hands-off’ group meditations.

Light Pillar Meditation

If you can do the SRB exercise, this will seem easy:

  1. G+P+C (Ground + Protect + Connect)
  2. Take a few “SOURCE” inhalations
  3. Imagine you’re a pillar of white light… then add a rainbow swirl to it. Meditate on that image for a bit.
  4. Now this part takes some practice: Imagine you’re a pillar of light that stretches upward higher and higher, and then downward lower and lower… forever. It’ll start to get your head around being INFINITE.

This might seem like a strange exercise, but it’s surprisingly easy, AND… believe it or not, it’s your natural state. (A tiny drop of SOURCE is still as INFINITE as SOURCE.) While the SOURCE-body meditation technique is useful for tasks where you need a body for various tasks, this light pillar state is your ideal solo meditation form; while we’ve encouraged the use of the pillars of light in meditations before, the INFINITE aspect is closer to who and what you really are.

If you’d like, the CATs are going to have a light pillar practice meditation on…

11:00 am PDT (2:00 EDT, 18:00 UTC)
Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

No big agenda, we’re just going to concentrate on being pillars of rainbow light and then on getting closer to SOURCE (even though technically we are directly connected to SOURCE). This goes a long way toward healing your mind — and getting you ready for whichever SHIFT you’re on. Let us know if you have any questions. We’ll see you “there.”




Well, that was nice. Esp. nice to be able to meditate without a target.

[NOTE: At the very end, we heard… “GET READY.” (!)]


This kind of meditation practice makes grounding very easy and instantaneous. Just have the lower half of your pillar plug right into the Earth’s core.


HOW did we miss this?! Right after our last meditation, this happened:

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 8.51.30 AM

Perhaps we should do it again soon?

91 thoughts on “Light Pillar Meditation [UPDATE3]

      1. Do It when You can with the Intention of being Here/Now. As We have learned time Is an Illusion, Know It. Peace.

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  1. yup me in- three – 3 billion more will be on it-GPC- i am impressed how these times help a person confront compassion and intuition issues-even if its an abondoned kitten stuck in a space that one cant get too to help-the kitten does not trust anything-so it cant be enticed out-at least i know now how-just trying and trying-and when it moves its soo small that it can slip under any other furniture out of reach-ps i have learned on this one its not just the kitten who needs help-its the me who cant get to the kitten due to horendous mess from everything piled up last few years due to blindness and illness issues-so i keep trying and the kitten keeps asking for help and my other long term cats wont help-their attitude is one that makes me wonder-but lets me know this is my problem not ours-whats interesting is how it got in-the mother got in and left it inside-very hard thing to do and disappeared-and its only one elusive kitty- but it must be here to help open heart and let the compassion flow-and the trying-dont even know what to feed a kitten-been 20 yrs since i was in that space/world-and thats just the inside of my existence-the outside has turned into a post apocholyptic sci fi set-so maybe thats why the kitten is inside-not as bad as out-oh well-at least life is interesting in its complications-we all be one during meditation=manythxs-best of luck4all

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    1. pataniki. If you haven’t got specialised kitten food a vet once told me to give them tinned evaporated milk watered down. One part milk to three parts water. Hope you can tempt it with a saucer full.🐈💖

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      1. manythxs@Newlynn-live remote no condensed milk but have goats milk-will cut and try-they came out and when mom came back-pls read followup if its still there-rather remarkable-turns out there were many kittens hiding-an orange-a golden-2x silver albinos and maybe more-how about canned cat food liquids-take care

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    2. My kittens like the juice of spring water tuna or mackerel, small amounts of milk, evaporated or whole. They like bits of the fish or bits of some types of cheese(no american, it’s not cheese, plastic!). Experiment with help from the Universe in Harmony. Peace.

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      1. My cats eat plastic wrap and lick the butter and pull pizza crusts from the trash and gnaw on them underneath beds, and of course chew to bits every bit of vegetation in the house they can scare up (usually in the form of flowers I bought for my wife.) I will be launching these junkyard cats (raised by a professional cat breeder!) into the sun shortly.


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        1. my mom and I had a cat that REALLY like spaghetti with a tomato based sauce – not even with meat in it (no, not canned spaghetti and or sauce) – home made please. 🙂
          A real treat to watch eat : ) – deserved the days face/self clean up afterwards – don’t think he looked in the mirror to clean the red off his mostly while face – mostly white cat with black patches…


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  2. BOY the comments sections have been growing ever lengthier!!

    I offer a ROUSING round of applause and joyous whistles to our dedicated crew of CATs and Ms, and also to the doughty Dada for his foundational support ONGOING to keep this blog available to us here.

    I sent off a large flotilla of rainbow light spheres to each of them in appreciation. I am thinking it might buoy them up in these intense energy times. HAH! just got a visual of a choppy vast sea dotted with CATs and Ms (and Dada, if he likes) each surrounded with rainbow spheres, more overhead, even some underwater to give a resting spot for weary water-treaders… cats just love water of course lol…

    MUCH LOVE my dear CATs and Ms, and please DO pass this along to Dada for me!

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  3. ~ CATs ~ Here’s a question I don’t recall being addressed: what might happen with things like synthetic lenses after cataract surgery, or any of the artificial surgical replacement devices in our aging bodies at present (many of us) on NE?

    As well as situations pending surgeries in the near term, and the physical conditions precipitating them- might the ‘need’ be erased post shift?

    I do realize we can imagine anything, and much is not yet known, but perhaps you folk have explored this topic a bit?

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  4. I think I’ll be glad to switch to ‘light pillar meditation’ for a bit – after my extensive SRB session after my ‘I AMs’ yesterday morning I ‘paid the price’ starting in the afternoon – the SRB session was ‘directed’ easily in a semi-conscious doze, so not strenuous 🙂 , but… was hrs long/detailed…
    Afternoon arrived with head PAIN, eye pains, upper neck and upper base of spine – body PAIN refused all entertainment of medicinal things like tly. or ibupr. so tried to alternate between reading & napping (and SOURCE breathing) – late evening I was ready to overthrow body and at least try tyl. my daughter started to get it, but offered instead a few ‘ stems’ of a certain plant – one to put under my tongue and a few more to make tea from – it did end up helping some – body has had more steam roller-ed symptoms and milder headache today – ALL for a good ’cause’

    I’ll see how the light pillar-ing goes, if it’s my natural form, it should be fine… right? 🙂
    World feels a little weird today – more dreams seeming to to with shift related activities – awareness of at first then content erased quickly as usual lately…

    everyone have a good, better, best day out there,
    much love to ALL,


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    1. Count me in too! Am usually highly visual and good meditation but for some reason am struggling with both not sure what is going on. Will set intention and hopefully will join you all 💐🌻

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  5. I will be there and will do my best! I am light,
    I am love, I am one, I am.

    With love to all,

    ❤️ 🌈 ❤️ 🌈 ❤️🌈 ❤️


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  6. Will hopefully be there if Elsie allows or I shall do it posted forwards or backwards to that time. Either way, I shall be there!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  7. about the meditation outcomes-my above abondoned kitty story-had a strange twist-and even wierder outcome-the wild mother cat finally appeared and she called out to her brew-after a few attempts got her to eat some canned cat food-had found a few extra cans so was just happy that that kitten was finally reunited-strangely could not exit my abode due to her food right outside porch door-which had a window-and as i kept silently watching noticed an orange kitten-then a gold one and then a silver/albino suddenly manifest from out of nowhere-oh my-later this evening gave them night meal and counted 2x silver albinos-so far 4 maybe more all different but still really really small-so worried about 1 lost one and now got a rainbow of kittens-so me thinks the meditation will evolve similarly-a little worry-some fear-acceptance-awareness-patience and amazement-never saw a silver/albino kitten let alone 2x/twins-MANYTHXS@LIGHT/PILLARS-MED-I-TA-TION-ING=joining all @5-26-2020 @ 1pm/24/7

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    1. Pataniki, what a wonderful story! Rainbow kittens! How magical! And I loved your comment on the compassion, the emotions the little kitten brought up in you! We have a lot of that happening in our home as well. A Carolina wren couple decided to bless our home with raising their babies in a covered nook right outside of my son’s window! It’s colored glass, red and yellow, so in a way he sees rainbow baby birds being fed right there where he sleeps! He can hear them chirp at night! We also just adopted a sweet (all white) doggie from the shelter who is very shy and timid, and had lived on the streets. My heart is so filled with compassion, joy and love every time I look at his sweet face! I feel such immense gratitude to be able to help this lovely being regain trust and heal the wounds from the past! This strengthens the overwhelming urge in me and my husband to provide a healing environment for others. A very clear picture of our mission, our purpose has arrived lately, it involves an organic farm, fostering senior veterans and raising a bunch of children that need healing. This new clarity has brought with it a calmness about the shift and the future. We will be on whatever timeline that makes our dream possible. It feels as simple as that!
      The very emotions that these sweet creatures are fostering in us right now are the emotions that will fill our new lives on NE! Source is speaking to us through the animals, we are getting a taste of what’s to come, our love and care for them will create our new world! They are helping us sort ourselves, magnetize ourselves.
      We are being prepared, loved and cared for by receiving the gift of being able to care for others! This is how Source claims us, by giving us the opportunity to love, and care, and serve!
      Much love to you all! 💕💖

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    2. Patiniki, So HAPPY 😀 that the mother cat returned to collect
      her babies. She must have thought they would be safer in the
      house and found a way to get in. How wonderful that you were
      able to see all those ‘rainbow kittens’!

      With love ❤️ to you and the kittens

      ❤️ 🐈 ❤️ 🐈 ❤️ 🐈 ❤️


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    3. pataniki. How lovely, but also a worry. Cats will be the death of me. Over the last three weeks we managed to trap two of our deceased neighbour’s cats and took them to the rescue centre. The third is really giving us the runaround! We have tried everything and lost sleep. We tried leaving the trap out overnight one night and caught three hedgehogs separately. I suggested going to Plan C and just keep feeding it and hope it eventually comes to trust us. Really hope your kittens and mother are ok. I think goats milk will be more digestible than cows, so it’s worth trying. But hopefully by feeding mom she will be able to feed her kittens. Here’s hoping both of our cat conundrums sort themselves out.🐅🐅🐅😸

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      1. Newlynn, So funny about you catching the hedgehogs 🦔 instead
        of the cat, but I am sure you did not think so!! The plan of leaving
        food for the cat, until it trusts you, sounds good and I hope it works.

        ❤️ 🦔 😊 ❤️ 🦔 😊 ❤️


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        1. Woo hoo. We caught the third cat last night and I took him to the vets and then he went to the re-homing centre. He was surprisingly laid back about it all. He maybe wanted to be reunited with his brothers. Heaving a huge sigh of relief.😸🐈🐅

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  8. I will gladly join the charge of the Light Pillar brigade! ❤ ❤ ❤ Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that this is something more than a "practice'?

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  9. Hi ALL,
    I noticed something this morning that might be useful to adopt as a practice, a walking meditation?, but not one to stress about doing, just a noticing…
    It might be said to be the corollary?, opposite end of ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’… “enjoy/celebrate the small stuff”.
    I noticed a smiling reaction to a pleasant sensation to rolling over in bed this morning un-accompanied by pain… the awesomeness of the taste/smell of the cold air I breathed in on inhaling a breath early this morning… the sound/sensation of a particular bird’s song at one point… the noticing of a more easeful/less painful getting up and walking across the room than most other such experiences are usually experienced… a particularly pleasant body sensation to a stretch – I usually can’t stretch without something unpleasant happening in my body or it hurts – I had a nice one this morning with no repercussions…
    Also, it might be useful to add after noticing such things the phrase (caps intentional, but not shouting) “ALL IS WELL” the caps are because this was originally someone’s suggestion to say in times of anxiety or stress (it does elicit a relaxation response in the body – a small one, but hey! 🙂 (celebrate the small stuff – the Everything is made up of zillions of small stuff – what do you want your everything to be comprised of??)
    This person that first suggested it used to have good energy and each letter stood for a word – don’t remember the words, but I think it could be boiled down to SOURCE has this and is in favor of or has a preference that we feel good and enjoy things – if we let ourselves… (It kind of sadded me when this, person I mentioned,’s energy didn’t feel right anymore – I don’t know if his frequency just didn’t mesh anymore with mine or he was ‘contaminated’ or some such – not sad anymore, just that he is on his path with others, doesn’t mean he haddened helped me at all along mine… he did for a while…

    Lovely days to all –
    ~ puffy cotton ball clouds this morning against the blue sky – I thought, more that once these past months that the skies looked like some ‘old Master’ of the Romantic landscape era (1700 thru 1800’s?) had painted them…
    *happy sigh*

    much love,


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    1. ~Kg ~ what a lovely suggestion you’ve shared, and I’m so glad to hear of greater body comfort for you! I agree, the small stuff holds pure gold.
      Thank you for the well said reminder. 🙂

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    2. I saw a license plate on a car yesterday, I was on my way back to work (we just finally opened back up from the shut-down, and I was having anxiety about going back) and the license plate said AllSWell, not sure if I spelled it the same here but close. Your post reminded me I saw it. 🙂

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    3. All Is Well, and I Am Exactly Where I Am Supposed To Be! See You All on The Flip Side. We Are “1”! Peace.

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    4. Kg ❤️ I remember someone saying ‘Some of the most beautiful things come in the smallest packaged’! I cannot remember who!

      Much Love and so happy to hear you experienced being ‘pain free’!


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      1. Oh, just remembered who said that. It was my first boyfriend, in response to my teenage angst about being quite small chested! 😆🙃😌

        Much Love! ❤️🙏❤️

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  10. WOWWWW! Once again the cats have called it – The SR meter went super light pillar and then conked right out! (Tomsk, currently unavailable) although some intrepid Redditer caught the beginning of it, with the appropriately named post “It has begun” – links here:

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  11. FYI, Chelsea Clinton is having “storytime” at the same time as our meditation. Interesting. This is to cause mental disturbance and cognitive dissonance, just as we are trying to do the opposite. We’ll shine all the brighter to keep the subliminals away from others’ minds. (NOTE: This is just an FYI. Don’t meditate any differently, or address this in any way. Our actions will do what’s necessary. No need to make the PTW’s actions “special.”)

    -CAT Eds.

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  12. I do not know about others, but I was able to meditate on this target for only about 9min, started 2min earlier then it was scheduled, and that was it, but at one moment I could see the Earth from space and my pilar looked like rainbow umbrella going up and down all around Earth and beyond ✨

    But I could not stay longer in meditation as everybody is in house, but also the target to do it was for me a little wage, so I done what I could, I hope that the others were more persistent 👍

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    1. Just to add, when I looked on mobile to check the time, I was very surprised that I meditate for as long as that 9min, I could swear that it was only 2-3min ?

      Is anybody else experiencing this “lost” time, not first that happened even without meditation, but still it surprise me every time when it happened, like I was somewhere else for that 5min Earth time, strange, but as with everything else strange around, I am getting use to it, multidimensionality at work it seems 😉✨

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      1. I, too, had a similar “time” dissonance. I’m learning to not let it bother me, and to take it with a bit of a smile. 😉

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      2. I did back to back 30 min sessions and was shocked how quickly they went by, normally i’d be super restless after 30 mins. I was seeing a similar earth overlay with an almost cymatic like pattern rippling out in waves over all of us as we worked. Quite stunning!

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    2. hi, @ Perica
      Isn’t that amazing?
      After exactly 9 minutes i also felt, deeply,
      total completion, total accomplishment.
      All and everything seemed done, ready and in place!

      Just between us, all,
      I still take June 3rd, 2020, for the Shift of the Ages!
      with all my LOVE, oro

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  13. I got quite big, probably way to big LOL.

    Well, very wide. The lockdown added a few inches, what can I say…

    Very enjoyable and very blissed out.


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  14. Happy Birthday Kathy!
    I hope you enjoy your day. I remember the last year was a wild ride for you too so I wish you peace, quiet, joy and a chocolate milkshake.

    Thanks for confirming the GRB. I kept looking for it yet it didn’t show up but I knew it had happened because I’m starting to know how they feel.

    Uli thanks for sending me good vibes during today’s meditation.
    Hope you got mine too.

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    1. Thanks, Stefan. Yes, last summer was spent dealing with my dad’s death, but all is well now, and peace, quiet, and joy are the order of the day. No milkshake, but I’ve got chocolate cake!

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      1. Happy Birthday Kolibri. I hope you thoroughly enjoy every bite of your chocolate cake. Peace and quiet joy sound very good.

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    2. Kathy ❤️ Happy Birthday! Wishing you a beautiful day filled with rainbows and sunshine.

      Much Love & Light & Hugs ❤️✨🤗🙏💕🎶🎂🌈🎸❤️

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  15. Perica I could only go about 10 15 minutes too. Meditated for about 20 minutes prior to prepare. Was fun. Tried different applications with lighthouses and rainbow sparkle light. Let’s do it again !!!

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      1. Very Nice Meditation !!!!
        I went for 1/2 hour.
        Very intense energy at first, then I accustomed to it and reveled in it.
        Part of me is still in it. Feels good. 🙂

        I LOVE your meterage update:
        “Get Ready”!
        I AM READY!
        What a terrific bunch this is.
        I am so jazzed
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. Huh, now I am sorry that I did not do it longer then 9min, but at this timing, 8pm local time it is hard as everybody is in a house awake, including the dog 😁

            By the way, what is you average meditation time without target ?

            But also, I wanted to ask You one thing as that happened in this meditation, but also in the most off them lately, at some point during the meditation I got one out off sync strong breath which disrupt my meditation, before that I would breathing normally in a sync, but then that one came and it thru me off from meditation, as a sign to stop it, at least that is how I felt about it, any thought’s around it ?

            Thank You,

            Perica ✨

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          2. I went for 40 minutes, but felt like it was done after half an hour. It just felt like the CATs and everybody had left the room. Nice meditation, but went too deep to remember anything. Again.

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      2. I just now had a moment to look at Update 3 …
        WOWSA! WOW! WOW! WOW!

        We did THAT???!!!???


        I would like for us all to do it again —
        BEFORE June 5th would be nice 🙂

        I absolutely LOVE having tangible feedback (meterage) showing our influences!

        It feels sooo good to meditate, and especially so with the Infinity Pillar of Rainbow Light.
        I was playing with it again, today…
        Today, the Pillar came in clear and strong, grounded in Earth and then went infinity down beyond and forever…while simultaneously, the Pillar went infinity up and forever…then, my Rainbow Torus joined in! And it grew to encompass our farmhouse, farm, the Planet, our solar system, our galaxy, all knowns galaxies and all known universes… and it all felt really good, and Natural. When it was time to come back from all of that expansion, it still felt good knowing I can go there again anytime, and that part of me already always IS THAT. Cool, huh?
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  16. I must say something happened today and it’s all good… when I saw the circle of light appear … I said “I need do nothing” (ch.18 in acim)… I felt the pull on my insides and I was gone … flying thru a shaft of light toward the circle of light… don’t know how long it lasted but boy oh boy it was great! Then I heard ego blah blah blah and I came back but knowing this happened… I can’t thank this group enough…without all of you this illusion was pretty lonely but illusion it is and freedom is not far off…belief, faith, and trust in Source is real…

    Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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  17. Yes, 17 minutes and then it was like I was signed out. All good. What a wonderful experience. I felt/saw the individual rainbow columns, and then I saw us kind of gather together. And not with hands, but with intention kind of focus into the center. And things went cosmic, my goodness it felt like my hair was blowing straight back. Such a loving feeling. Gentle, kind and very very powerful. Effortlessly so. Very nice – Thanks for that Cats.

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  18. I imagined that I stretched both upwards & downwards until both sides reached the edge of the universe.

    Then imagined all of us together, light pillars so bright that we flooded the entire universe with light.

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  19. 1st time commenting…started reading/following you in August, 2019 after simultaneously finding you thru a Sophia Love post & adopting two new cats. I’ve backed away from the justice timeline to be on the Source timeline, meditated with you all, begun A Course in Miracles, and thoroughly appreciate all I continue to learn & experience thru your community.

    Today’s Light Pillar Meditation brought me out of the woodwork — I started at 1:00pm CST and opened my eyes at exactly 2:00pm CST. It felt like only 15-20 minutes had passed. When I have acupuncture treatments, halfway thru the treatment when all the energetic blocks have cleared, I get these waves of energy washing over me in chingles (chill/tingles). During the meditation, when I had stretched to infinity & beyond & was breathing in Source, the chingle waves started washing over me non-stop and I kept hearing “infinite light, infinite love” over and over again. When the waves finally slowed & stopped, I opened my eyes. Seriously blissed out — one of the happiest highs I’ve had in a while…

    Thank you…all of you…

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    1. Anne that is beautiful. It’s so effortless when part of a general group intention isn’t it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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  20. Grateful to participate in this. Definitely received some attempted interference as I was G, P and C-ing, but I stayed the course and let my Light Pillar shine to infinity….then drifted off to sleep after a half hour or so. One Love All, thanks for everything, every post, and every positive action. ❤️

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  21. I managed to do about 10 minutes even with screaming children outside, a washing machine on and Elsie reading out loud from her alphabet book!

    It was really quite lovely! I imagined seeing you all as I soared up through the clouds (a bit like the last photo on this post). I imagined my light column going right through our roof and flying up high, past the sky, into the darkness beyond.

    I had to soar up whilst breathing deeply in and came back down with each exhalation! it was pretty exhilarating and I think that when I had to stop to get on with Elsie’s routine, I sort of left my light column going through the roof, I wonder if it’s still there!

    Marbled Rainbow skies outside this evening!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🌈❤️

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  22. I forgot to mention. When I activated Elsie’s SRB the other morning, I was lying in bed. I did myself first then her. After I merged minds with her, I saw two spinning white stars/merkabas join together into one! I had my eyes closed and the image was so small but definitely there!

    I have a question though if that’s okay CATs? Do I need to activate both our SRB’s every morning/evening or is it done now? Reason I ask is that I feel quite wiped out afterwards!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  23. Decided to do it differently this time, so after ‘the gentle fingertips’ tapped me on my head as to inform me that the clock was 20.03, I went out in the garden next to the birdfeeders, faced the sun, sat down on the lawn and closed my eyes. It began immediately! But not with the intended meditation – I was me who apparently needed some work…
    The energetic waves that at the beginning went through my body then focused in on my solar plexus and grew in intensity. It made me feel a bit nauseaus but past a certain point the nausea faded away and the energetic waves then shifted their focus to my spine. It felt like it was electrocuted good! The physical experience of feeling my spine buzzing, swaying and moving like it had a life of it’s own made me laugh out loud. It was intense!!

    After a little while, I was probably evaluated and approved – got labeled ‘OK’ on my forehead and with smoke coming out of my ears, my crown chackra opened wide open and I was good to go. Oh boy, what a lift-off! It was BEAUTIFUL! Such a FEELING! Though the intense swirling energy that was everywhere made my sight blurry, I could atleast see some huge white shimmering pillars and you looked AWESOME!✨ And in sheer JOY I decided to expand even more and with that, everything went shimmering and goldish white.. 22 min later I was slowly walking across the lawn on trembling legs, feeling oh so happy and oh so good… It’s ALL LOVE💖


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