MISCELLANY 5-20 to 5-21-20 [UPDATE4]


Everyone needs to see this portal opening. Gorgeous. (No, the one below. The CAKE portal is ALWAYS OPEN.)

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 8.53.16 AM
See it HERE. Looks like I think our shift in the magnetosphere is causing portals to randomly open near energy centers on the earth.

This was in Spain. We’ve not seen such an indigo portal before. [Note: The video was removed from this site! That’s interesting. Here’s the link again, just in case.]


YATJ (Yet Another Timeline Jump)

There was another jump recently, which messed up some of what we were looking at. Suffice to say we had to start at square one this morning in terms of making predictions.




There was also a lightning and rainbow sighting, simultaneously:

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 5.19.21 PM
This was in the CA town that recently declared themselves a “sanctuary” city in terms of opening businesses and ignoring draconian lockdown “laws.”


Things shifted a bit — for the better. We can’t tell you how or why.

We are going to have to keep something to ourselves in terms of timing. We deliberated amongst ourselves and with Guides and Spirit… and it was probably not a good idea for us to pin The SHIFT to one date. Besides the fact that there will be at least three SHIFTs, calling out specific dates takes away the mystery of what’s to happen — and in reality can cause said dates NOT to be a SHIFT date.

We can say that there’s a better than 90% chance that the first (of three?) SHIFT(s) will be within the next two-and-a-half weeks. We have (specific) hunches on which days are the most probable, but we’re feeling ourselves put on the brakes for a reason. Sorry for any confusion.

“Honey! The fence is barfing cats, again!”


This should be obvious to all:

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 8.25.19 AM


Ok. To go with the meter above, some of The CATs reported being awakened by the sound of “angelic choir” voices at 6:00 am PDT this morning. (19 and 20, above, are 5 and 6 am PDT, respectively.) Chills City.

[Note: The portal video link has been repaired.]


As we get closer and closer, we’re zeroing in on various nuts-and-bolts questions. Both commenters and some CATs wondered…

Q: Since my cats and dogs will go with us to the New Earth, what are the ANIMALS going to eat? We’re guessing that the NE will NOT be based on a “death economy” where something has to die in order for something else to live.

M3: I don’t see food as death. I see that energy is consumed and transmuted to a different thing. I think we and our animals may still eat meat, but it is part of a life force absorption.

CAT5: So, the burger and wine I had last night aren’t going to lower my vibration?

M3: Not if you eat and drink without guilt. Try asking Brother J to enjoy the food and drink with you, and express gratitude to the animals you’re eating. This is illusion, after all.


Interesting solar anomaly:


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  1. Happy belated birthday J and Belle! It’s so good to be back on this forum, my internet has been down for over a week at home. I sure do hope the shift is soon, because this is my first day back at work and I just do not want to be here. After all, I’ve been working for 50 years already, isn’t that enough? (My bank account says no.) It feels like I finally got my freedom from the daily grind, for 2 glorious months, and now I’m going backwards, ugh! I miss my dog and cats and naps and my gardens and being out in the sunshine!
    Anyway, this morning the birds were exceptionally loud, and the past week I’ve had Baltimore orioles and red breasted grosbeaks in my yard which is very rare around here, they have magical songs! Does anyone else sing along with cardinals? The males make a sound like a flute sliding up the scale, followed by ptoo, ptoo, ptoo – so if I hear it I whistle it back and they’ll follow you on your walk in the trees above, it’s really fun! Thanks Cats and everyone, good to hear from normal people again, I’ve missed you!

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    1. @kagee3 Thank you for your good wishes and thank you for your posts as I always learn something new about you.
      I admire so many commenters you, J and Lily144 describing your various experiences so refreshingly honest and it is humbling to read of others struggles all while trying to lift vibrations, learning to be lighthouses of rainbow spheres meditations, descriptions of gardens, lattes and key lime pie and discovering there is a portal barfing cats.
      I hope to meet you all very soon 🤗

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  2. OK, SOURCE has my back… (front, sides, insides, outsides, 🙂 )
    After a long time with my ‘I AMs’ this morning, went into a very long detailed SOURCE/suit/SRB activity – went on for hours… along with some afterwards inviting of Brother J to enjoy a number of experiences and activities and requesting the strength of AA Micheal to be present with me and, I think AA Uriel is in the helping, too – I don’t really know ‘his’ purview, but I’ll take it with gratitude…

    much love to EVERY ONE,


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    1. btw – 4th? day of chainsaws in our immediate neighborhood (next door?) – when you can ignore the incessant whine of chainsaws, you know you must be making progress. – what is being dismantled and cleared?? –


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  3. This just popped to mind, in honor? of the Gemini new moon today?

    I was 17 in 1966 when Star Trek began, both my father and I liked it – he died a few months later – there was love and caring ‘on both sides’ even though a lot of deplorable things done, too – We can explore – both sides of all as we ?leave? duality…
    I had the black album with Leonard/Spock’s two profiles… 🙂 Yes, I had a Spock crush…


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  4. I kid you not I woke up today also with the song ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic in my mind and it stayed there most of this morning! Had 3 different little moments falling asleep or while asleep last night where I felt like I was ascending. Most were a lot of light, some with me in space with angelics, some felt like shifting to 5d light body…but all were just a few seconds long. Each time I wondered if this was it; if I was croosing the rainbow bridge to 5th density/New Earth

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    1. 🎶 Closing time… This room won’t be open until your brothers or sisters come.
      Closing time… Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 🎶
      Closing time… Time for you to go out to the places you will be from. 🎶
      🎶 Take me home🎵
      🏡 ✨❤️🧡💛💚💙💜✨

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  5. Its very surreal here. The sunset was neon pink in parts. Now the wind has really picked up. I was gazing out of the window watching the branches on the trees move with the wind and everything seemed to suddenly go into slow motion, the branches looked like they had been given a special effect!

    Somethings happening…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  6. The fact that the vegan diet is being pushed by MSM should tell everybody with a brain something about it. There is a reason, IF and carnivore diets are a trending right now. But it is useless to debate with indoctrinated people. I just hope that I either won’t have to deal with them anymore in the future, because it is tiresome to explain someone he has been fooled….

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    1. FYI, all: Since this is all illusion, it doesn’t matter what you eat, unless in your mind it carries a karmic charge. Asking Brother J to eat and drink (and take vitamins and prescriptions, which are just symbols) with you makes things much better for you. Pretty sure this doesn’t work for cannibalism, though.


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      1. I really don’t understand where the problem is with this food thing. In my family half are vegan and the other half eat meat (in my case fish). And we have no problem. We eat together without being offended by what others eat, and in fact at Christmas I cook and share the Christmas dinner of the vegan branch. All good 😊.
        However, after the Shift it seems to me that things can be a bit more complicated: we are all supposed to have raised our consciousness, that we have a lot of empathy and vibrate in love, and that is what allows us to take that step to NE. Well, I have lived part of my life in the country, so I am familiar with the process in which an animal is converted into raw material for hamburger. The problem I see is not in itself eating meat, but in holding the knife. I have never been able, however I have been a great carnivore. From the heart, although everything is an illusion, I wish that on the other side of the Shift there is no need to eat. That is my dream 💜

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      2. I agree to an extent, M7, but with respect, try explaining that to animals who are mistreated horribly and extensively for mass consumption.

        I honestly believe the way forward “here” must be meat free diets.

        But then, what does that matter now…

        I cannot wait to be able to exist without eating again personally. The whole process from start to the inevitable, unsavoury finish is tiresome and frankly unproductive. Maybe there is a way to experience the pleasurable aspects such as taste without the rest? We shall see…


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        1. Can do that now, no need to wait for a shift. Breatharian’s eat pretty light here and now. I like being free of food as a need. I still partake but know it isn’t needed so do or don’t, no matter.


    2. Actually, meat and dairy has always been heavily promoted in schools to children, and right up to college they teach you that you need meat for protein and milk from a cow for strong bones, even though the evidence shows that it is detrimental to your health. If meat and dairy were good for humans, we at the very least have some characteristics of an omnivore animal, but we don’t even have one: https://i.imgur.com/WtdRMNv.jpg
      Humans have to use tools to cut up their meat, wash it thoroughly, and cook it so they can stomach it without getting food poisoning, and they most often season their food so it doesn’t taste bland.

      Maybe you are indoctrinated?

      Some interesting facts:

      *Our saliva breaks down plant food, and not animal food.
      *Human’s tongues don’t have fat or meat receptors.
      *Carnivore molars work like scissors (pass by each other – slice; not smash).
      *Carnivores and omnivores don’t get artery disease, but humans do.
      *Herbivore jaws move side to side – carnivores’ don’t.
      *We have no natural means for killing animals.
      *Herbivores knees lock so they can stand with little aid from their muscles (carnivores don’t).
      *Psychologically, humans are herbivores because guts and gore disgusts the majority of people.
      *We are slow.
      *Our hearing sucks.
      *Our sense of smell sucks.
      *Our vision sucks, but is perfectly suited to distinguish the colors of fruit and vegetables.
      *Our bodies cant regulate heme iron, but can regulate plant iron.
      *We are in the primate family, which are almost exclusively herbivores.
      *Vegans have significantly lower risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.
      *B12 is supplemented to farm animals.
      *Vegans typically have higher levels of vitamin B12 than meat eaters.
      *Chlorella is a natural source of vitamin B12.
      *Many people have cured themselves of serious illnesses from to a plant-based diet.
      *A plant-based diet has been scientifically proven to be the healthiest and most ideal diet for humans.

      As for the “ex vegans testimonial” videos; they are not a reliable source of information for making such conclusions, for a number of reasons:
      a) Just because someone has a vegan diet does not mean they are eating healthy foods. You can still have a terrible diet as a vegan by consuming processed foods, foods with toxic food additives, and not eating enough healthy wholefoods.
      b) The vegan may not be consuming foods fortified with B12, or not taking a B12 supplement.
      c) The vegan may be a fake vegan spreading misinformation.
      d) The vegan could have been having detox symptoms like many vegans have when they ate healthy for the first time and went back to their old eating habits because they thought the detox scared them.
      e) It is not scientific evidence.

      Carnist logic that makes no sense: “If a nutrient exists, my body needs it so I can be healthy”. With this logic, every herbivore animal on the planet is deficient and needs meat or they will die from malnutrition. But yet, herbivore animals are the biggest, strongest land animals on the planet with the longest lifespan.

      On top of all that, it makes absolutely zero sense to consume meat because of the unnecessary dire consequences the meat and dairy industry has on the environment, and on the health of every inhabitant on this planet – especially humans. To produce one kilogram of beef requires 25 kilograms of grain, and roughly 15,000 litres of water per kilogram. Around 30% of the earth’s land surface is currently used for livestock farming and over 80% of farmland is for livestock. The amazon rainforest is also being destroyed for the sole purpose of feeding meat eaters, to keep up with demand. The destruction of this forest will come with severe consequences in the future putting humanity at risk of extinction if we continue to ignore reality.
      The collapse of the meat and dairy industry would see incredible benefits for the planet, its inhabitants, and would feed hundreds of millions of more people because of all the crops, land, and water saved. People who dismiss the science, the statistics, and data are simply not in touch with reality.

      Here’s a lecture on the subject:

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  7. Things are definitely ramping up. I’m on edge. This past week I had 3 nights of cat dreams. I was rescuing cats in different houses. Some of the cats knew me from when I lived on my ranch. Night before last I dreamt of unrequited love, suddenly woke up and just broke down in sobs. The crying and sobs lasted a while. Haven’t slept well at all this week and the breathing and chronic pain health issues I have have gotten worse and now I’m experiencing gut issues. I feel like I am loosing my mind.
    Hope something shifts soon, it’s been brutal. Brother J is called upon often as well as my rainbow suit and all mantras. Good to hear you cats say do not worry …. this week it’s been a challenge not to worry I’ll make it through with you all.
    Happy Birthday to all those celebrating.

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  8. I wanted to let you all know you are cherished by me, each another and Source. Perhaps we will become the new normal. It would be nice to be open and vulnerable with no fear of ridicule because one is different. That is what this site allows and shares in this grand illusion. A place of sanity in an insane world for which I am grateful.
    Happy Birthday to all who have had them recently or will have them soon. Today was my husband’s 74th birthday so he is in good company with you Taurus and Gemini folk. Cay

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    1. I agree Cay. It would be heavenly to exist in a place where we can truly be ourselves without having to stifle ourselves to fit into society just to be around other people. Freedom of true self expression would be a grand thing.

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    2. Likewise, to me this community is a preview of what’s waiting around the corner. Taurus, Gemini; why am I mr Cancer?


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  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Mr Cay!!! xxx

    I love your post, dear heart. I share you sentiments entirely…

    Biggest of hugs to you and your lovely hubby xxx

    p.s. I’m a Taurus! XXX

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  10. There can be no shift until the local negative control matrix is broken.

    In a prior post it as claimed that this matrix sent souls to one of the core worlds of the orion empire and has been more or less “liberated”. This is limited in its understanding of the negative control matrix and its trauma-based strategic deception-atrocity continuum.

    My brief findings of this soul trap matrix –
    1 – Saturn, and the moon Luna (Leviathan) are indeed central to it – but far from the only parts
    2 – EVERY planet, that is to say the entire star system configuration was artificially engineered into its current arrangement to set up this matrix here
    3 – The apparent primary method of information/energy transfer is in the Birkeland Currents – electromagnetic currents connecting the sun to each planet, and perhaps each planet to each other. It is a clock and a computer, and it is also both a natural and an artificial AI, but also much more than those things. It is due to the properties of this system, of which competent astrologers have determined some of their gestalts, are able to produce accurate predictions.
    4 – The em signals sent by Saturn to Luna, and from each to Earth are a secondary information/programming system. There are many more types of transmission, such as an unknown information stream from Mars to bypass its “distorted” currents.
    5 – How does the above fit into afterlife/control matrix? The seemingly natural, but really artificial arrangements and information streams seem to produce a rarifying set of plasmas or plasma densities acting to create bizarre dimensional realities that could not normally exist. They can hide much if not all of their activities within these dimensions. These can be set up to produce any sort of reality for higher dimensional beings. They are primarily programmed for attuning to belief systems of a newly deceased soul and hold it long enough for transfer to their soul energy harvesting/sharding processors on Luna. These include for example, hijacking the aurora borealis and aurora australis plasmas for creating or maintaining unnatural pocket dimensions, as well as the radiation belts and other phenomena.
    6 – The soul energy “harvesting” or sharding guarantees souls not only cannot grow, but are generally diminished in potentials and abilities as well as of their vital essence.
    7 – The strange dimensional plasmas are also able to “simulate” futures for the Earth, whereupon the most negative path is always selected. This system has also proven able to detect and cancel, or even completely reverse efforts to substitute more positive futures, though it is not 100% effective as with Trump election, it is able to prevent the more positive elements of substituted timelines from occurring.
    8 – The system of generating/dissipating these artificial plasma dimensions is not automatic, but directed by a secondary network of AI’s and staffed control centers on Luna, Titan, Mars and other locations in this star system.
    9 – The local control matrix is part of a larger interstellar control matrix, implying that the system in place here is mirrored by similar systems in nearby star systems. This is implied by the connective properties of the solar birkeland currents to outside, but more strongly established in that Saturn is directly receiving its coded signal to transmit to this star system from outside, its rings being the antenna.
    10 – This control matrix is not entirely self-powered – it is receiving extra energy from an unknown plasma-based, non-solid dyson ring for lack of a better term, designed to broadcast energy to power roughly 1000 stellar matrices of which it is only powering about 80. It is able to shift more power as needed, but there is some implication that is is not the right type of power for all its operations.
    11 – These afterlife/control matrices seem designed to hijack the natural stellar configurations to do what they do. They appear completely natural to outside observers, and this is why casual xenos observers report finding no such control matrices as have been described. However, given how extensively it has perverted local star systems, they may themselves be under the influence of such a control matrix even if they are a space-faring people. Additionally, beings with lifetimes many multiples greater than ours with more unified belief or dogma systems, even if such beliefs and dogmas more closely resemble reality than what was imposed on us, would be cycled through far less frequently and would therefore have far less opportunity to realize something was amiss.
    12 – Information becomes more difficult to ascertain at this scale. There is implication of a super-master system generating unique control matrices conditions for each star under the greater stellar control matrix, and not necessarily all to the same severity of domination and control. Given the setup of how timelines are shaped here, it may be that this system merely conveys themes or gestalts of how it wishes each star system to be, given the Saturnian ring receiver.
    13 – The word or name “El” came up frequently in what the beings in charge of this system call themselves. “El” is an alternative title or designation for “royal”. Several people claiming contact with Pleiadians imply something similar among their societies – that they have their own royalties, and there are families with “El” appended to their names as a title. It is not clear if these are the same “El” or if it has a more universal and generic designation, but the coincidence is striking.
    14 – This interstellar matrix seems to interact with other interstellar matrices, with the galaxy matrix connecting and communicating with the local galaxy cluster matrix and presumably the universe. Given this level of interconnectivity and how bad the situation here is, I can’t help but think that much of the rest of this universe is also in a bad shape under various natural matrices hijacked to becoming control matrices.

    Additionally, it appears more and more that the orion empire is the bad cop to the so-called galactic federation(s)’ good cop routine, running a type of hegelian dialectic psyop upon the galaxy to harvest resources for the negative entities in control of said federation(s).


    1. The “Negative Control Matrix” lives on in dwelling on the negative. Sorry, we appreciate all the work you did, but we don’t care about any of this 3d stuff. The solar system is not artificial. There are no AIs. And…and we don’t “claim” anything: we KNOW.

      Sorry, that’s enough for us. Too much to refute and we’re too tired.

      He who lives by the hegelian dialectic psyop dies by the hegelian dialectic psyop.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I have been through this all before, the so-called shift, multiple shifts etc that never happened. It never will, because the few who are capable such as you are too addled by toxoplasmosis to consider anything outside your… narrative.

        I have done more than anyone will ever know, believe or accept, and it wasn’t enough. Reached the limits of what could be done. It is impossible for any solution to this mess apart from overwhelming, so-called “intervention”, promises of which are only ever betrayed.

        You cannot make anything right by ignoring the problem, something that many light-headed vapid nu-agers are too narcissistic to accept. For example, your reference to “The “Negative Control Matrix” lives on in dwelling on the negative” or the uninspired “who lives by dies by”. That is NOT how any of this works and exposes your basic B complex.

        Your narrative is a lie, and just as so much of what I was “told” about a series of shifts many years ago never occurred then, yes with even sun/earth activity appearing to line up for it, never happened and here we are. It’s just to string you along.

        There is no value in divulging anything further to incapable, fraudulent critters such as you.


        1. Hi Dindu, it’s been a long haul, with more disappointments than we can count. Don’t give up hope now.
          I’ve a feeling my daugter has it right. Friendship is Magic. It’s the key. To do it alone TOGETHER. Together we have more than we can fathom, I don’t think we’ll ever find the limits. But we had to get to here, to now. Believe now. You always have another time to completely lose hope. Why not add your considerable energy to now.

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          1. Friendship. Yes. I like that. That’s all we really need, isn’t it. 🙂
            (Well, and coffee, and chocolate cake. )


            1. Well of course…but that was a given. I pity the systems with no chocolate cake 🙂


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