Snowball’s a-Comin [UPDATE7]


What with Sophia Love’s recent conversation with ONE, and this lady’s late night awakening, and our own dreams last night…

…AND the fact that the approximate three-week timeframe implied in the latter video points to June 5th, 2020… which just happens to be the anniversary of the CATs’ founding.

Well. Some CATs don’t want to do this, but we’re gonna call it. There’s a high probability that The SHIFT (the final act of The Event) will occur on Friday, June 5th, 2020, perhaps around the time of the full moon (12:12 pm PDT). There’s also the tidbit we’ve not communicated before about always seeing a full moon associated with the culmination of The Event. This might change with a timeline jump, but at this point this date feels right. We can tell you now because nothing can stop it. And you all helped make it so!



Also… speaking of helping, another underground base in Nevada blew up early Friday morning at 4:03 am PDT:

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 8.43.19 AM

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 8.35.14 AM
USGS map of the quake.

There’s a D.U.M.B. between that AFB and that army depot (which is actually one of the biggest amm0 dumps in the world). It was a BIG explosion. Still working on who and why… but it was for the greater good, regardless. (Funny how none of this military stuff shows up on scroogle maps. Oh, well. Scroogle has chosen their lane.)

In the meantime, all you need to do is keep your eyes on the joy-ball. It might get really hectic, so stay grounded.

Buckle up, folks. Now the circus goes into hyperdrive.


Another facet: An astrologer we know has mentioned that this upcoming full moon is strangely about, “sex, death and rebirth.” The former could be because of that human idiosyncrasy about procreation during disasters, so perhaps the MSM will foment fear in advance. (FYI, we’ve had commenters before this update — who had their comments deleted — say that they were going to go out and have three weeks of sex in advance… though they said it in any number of vulgar ways. Well, that’s one path.)

Oh, btw… the abovementioned explosion was NOT a nuke.


Some of us were thinking this, but it didn’t seem to make it into the post. We figure there’s some wiggle room in SOURCE’s plan, so The SHIFT could be anywhere between June 3rd and June 5th. June 5th had more elegance for us, but it’s SOURCE’s show. In the meantime, try to keep people’s fear down — WORDLESSLY, with grounding cords and mantras — unless people ask your help. If they ask, the door to knowledge is OPEN.


Ok, now we see why a CAT minority didn’t want to call out a specific date. The second video lady’s Guides said, “three weeks.” So, technically, it could be anytime between 5/27 and 6/5 (that’s how it actually appears on the main CAT calendar). However, taking all current data and dreams into account gave us the date we chose. It doesn’t really matter, so long as it happens soon.


This from today’s Blossom:


Spheres? That’s new.

Imagine balls of Light shooting out from you at the speed of Light … reaching the desired destination.

You do not need to know where they are going. You just need to TRUST and send them out. They will find their direction with Love as their guide.

Rainbow Spheres! Nice! I like that.

You will like them even more when you see them!

Let’s SOURCE-suit up and send out some spheres.



You’ll all like this.

We were curious as to Event logistics (will we have enough advanced notice to go outside and watch, etc.), so we asked ONE. The questions are obvious. Here’s what everyone wants to know:

  • The (Event) wave is going to be everywhere. It won’t matter if you are awake, asleep, inside, or outside. Structures won’t block you. (It actually originates from SOURCE, which is everywhere — not from the sun in The Illusion. This was not clear before.)
  • Children go. Animals will also go, and they are treated the same way as people.
  • There is no warning, so no matter what you’re doing or where you are, when it’s time, it’s time.


Merlin's World


We may be adjusting our date for The SHIFT. It appears that there may be more than one. We’re trying to figure it out. Stay tuned.


Ok, after dreams and visions and Guides and NEW talents that just popped up, we’re forced to give a bigger window of SHIFT-age. We were getting so many different values that we thought it was a multiple timeline thing (which it still might be), but then we checked and… YES there will be more than one SHIFT. This makes sense as people will be in extreme “learning” mode after they miss the first one… and the second one. There will be a third SHIFT (we have no idea when), but it will probably be the last. If you can’t get your act in gear by that time, you’re stuck with that path.

Anyway, we looked at all dates from 5/23 to 6/5. Energywise, there are either two main possibilities.. or it’s neither of them. (Remember: Making predictions is nearly impossible.) Talk about a moving target. Anyway, we were seeing 5/29 and 6/5 as the most possible dates… but latest data is not looking good for 6/5. We’ll keep checking and updating, but this is looking increasingly chaotic. One of the M’s has a new talent and we’re exploring it at the moment, so maybe that will help.


405 thoughts on “Snowball’s a-Comin [UPDATE7]

  1. Hi everybody
    I’ve seen some great videos here about the event/shift and all this we’ve been through and would like to leave another one which is sort of a channeling/qhht-ish session from a couple of weeks ago talking about many topics that are common to be discussed here with a great nice vibe into it.
    It’s was maybe the first video explicitly stating that several meters are capable of record some of the incoming energy planet Earth receives now (which is really nice since lots of posts from this blog are around these meters) “blowing the socks off of the people who are watching it”
    Besides great message of oneness and kindness are there ot be appreciated as well.

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    1. in the transcript:
      Mention of Penny Kelly (whose video about three weeks, the Cats posted at the beginning of this blog post)

      are you aware of an
      author named penny Kelly mmm no 40 years
      ago penny had a total Kundalini
      experience and has spent 40 years trying
      to explore everything that that meant
      and one of the things that she says, Joe,
      is that feeling is all that if you are
      if you are in it’s good and you want
      more of it that’s what’s going to happen
      because the feeling is the magnet if you
      let yourself feel lousy
      the feeling is the magnet you know so
      she says do whatever you have to do
      whatever you have to say whatever you
      have to think whatever you know to cause
      the right feelings in yourself and in

      about the information coming through those of us receiving information about the Shift and New Earth:

      I mean it is I mean you cannot make this
      stuff up everything that’s going on and
      how it’s changing people and I think
      we’re just you know like Dolores Cannon
      said you know if we’re here on the
      planet right now we got the golden
      ticket and we have said sometimes look
      at it you know it from those I hope
      oftentimes look it from this higher ways
      of you know the joy and the excitement
      and the creation and and see what a gift

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        1. I’ve been getting the feeling I am on the first shift to the new earth and will be helping people on the next waves.

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  2. New Gaia Portal:

    Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks
    by ÉirePort

    Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks.

    Castles open.

    Darkness to Light.

    Blindness to sight.

    The matrix unveiled.

    ÉirePort | May 19, 2020 at 9:09 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

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  3. Very noticeable migraine and nausea started last night into today. Haven’t had a migraine in years. Young daughter says ‘ah no worries you are just changing dimensions and you always have had a bit of motion sickness’.

    The tension is palpable yet it feels like the unknown has the greatest play in this.

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    1. Yes ! This morning around 9.30am Uk ,my vision suddenly started to go fuzzy and assumed the onset of a migraine. For a while I kept covering my eyes with my hands and watching the colourful curvy and spiky lines form patterns ,vision started to worsen so had to go lie down until it passed, no headache but did get the nausea. I have to add I hardly if ever get headaches or migraines so this was unusual for me. 😲 k(cwtch)

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      1. It happened to me at similar time, I felt so out off the energy that I went back to bad and slept for another 3 hours, I really needed that ✨

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  4. I feel I am shifting in the first group. I keep having dreams of traveling, usually by train to go “home” somewhere, wherever that is. Then I dream of helping people in a daze who arrive “there” and am one to help them adjust to a very green, beautiful NE. Earlier this month, my pension and all health insurance was accidentally cancelled. After a few anxious calls with them the last few days they could see that I was indeed alive and current on all my documentation. I am still here.

    One of the very fun things of being in NE is I could change my appearance (height, race, gender) at any moment, to help visitors feel comfortable as I help them get adjusted to NE and settle into the environment/community of their choosing.

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  5. One sign that always stuck in my mind is the one about no planes flying at the time of the Shift. Other markers (such as a full moon) repeat often, but when in modern history have virtually all airplanes been grounded? I never believed that one, it sounded too weird to be possible, but here it is!

    It has never happened before, and will probably never happen again in the history of air travel. As the lockdown wears off, it will pick up quickly, so the Shift has to be SOON to fit in this window.

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  6. Last night I was doing SRB activation routine, and after I finished it I could see on my palm some tiny lights particles, like glitter, on my palm, it was obvious just for a short time, is this one off the light body activation symptom, I think I read somewhere about it, anybody else here knows or experienced this ? ✨

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    1. Perica,
      I have noticed “rainbow sparkles” of skin cells since I was 16 years old. It is seen with soft focus vision in the bright sunlight. Color of skin does not matter, as I saw it on white as well as dark brown. Cay

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  7. Hi Cats…I hope you are all hanging in there are the (you were right) craziness escalates. Sigh.
    Now I’ve had a dream. Which I don’t usually get my knowings from, so this is new. There were many parts to the dream, all in clipped pieces, but the part I remember is being in a white house (more like a large hotel), where we were staying. It was very large, with different floors and a spiral staircase. Very nice.
    I was talking to someone who was a realtor. I knew we had to move soon, they were selling the house. But the realtor showed me the contract they had just signed, and it said we had to be out by June 1. I just looked at them and said that’s a little soon. How are we going to manage that? (In my dream June 1st was like 2 days away)
    It seemed perfectly reasonable to the realtor though.

    Not sure if it actually means anything. Like I said dreams are not usually my standard method of feeling things. And it didn’t have that “special” dream feeling. Like you know something different happened there when you wake up. Just a snippet in a dream.

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  8. I hope this isn’t too dumb for a Cat reply. Is there anything we should do to prepare for departure insofar as what we’re leaving behind? I’m hyper-aware about tying up loose ends because last year when I went to the doctor to see about a persistent stomach ache I was suddenly in the hospital having emergency gall bladder surgery. I hadn’t left a big bowl of extra kibbles and water for the kitties because I’d expected to be back that day! I know the kitties will be coming along with me but that incident has made me wonder if anyone has any idea of what will be left behind when we depart and if there’s anything we need to do. Like, leave the will laying out on the desk or . . . oh, I don’t know! Like I said, it might be too dumb to consider. But I hope that makes sense! Thanks!

    And GREAT thanks for everyone’s wonderful good wishes regarding my friends Peggy and her husband. So far, still improving! Woohoo!!!

    Much Love and Light to All!

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      1. Thank´s Cats!!
        Tears of emotion fall upon reading this (again). My biggest concern is what will happen to my pets.
        My human family does not worry me, they will fix themselves (although they are used to using me to solve everything).
        But I could not bear to know that my dogs and cats ended up in a shelter or worse, sacrificed. I know that my family would not take care of them.

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          1. I seem to remember WAY back in pyramid power days (70’s?) people experimenting with building correctly angled and oriented pyramids and esp cats taking them over, sleeping in them the result being that many cats turned vegetarian. – Maybe everyone, people or animals will live on energy and just eat for fun??


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          2. Although I am intrigued, I am not concerned. Source will not leave anything to chance.
            In a dream I had months ago, I dreamed that we ate and drank, like here but not exactly. It was like having the flavors and textures of food (eating is a pleasure for me), but in reality it was not food as we know it. It was energetic, not in the caloric sense, but pure energy. As made of Light. And you know why I knew it, because somehow there was no waste. I do not know how I knew, but I know that we did not “poop” or “pee”, (sorry but I cannot explain it without naming it), there was something (some minimal waste) that was eliminated by the skin, not perspiration, if not how scrolls of energy. A kind of osmosis. I do not know how to explain it.
            Through the skin we could also breathe, because I saw myself diving with dolphins without oxygen cylinders

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            1. Well, there will be two stops: 1. 4d, then after a time (1 or 2 yrs)… 2. 5d. It is conceivable that some might go right to 5d, but we were told 5d isn’t done yet, so… some happy times on 4d first, then on with the show. Perhaps the energy-chomp is on 5d? We’re gonna find out really soon. 😉

              -CAT Eds.

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    1. Wow, that was interesting, I wonder what will happen next week or next two weeks, a lot off information is coming in those time frame, it makes sense if we are getting very close to the separation that the time frame is getting tighter and tighter, I was also in that range, will se, I just hope that we will be there in there in the same time for that celebration and person to person introduction with a good handshake and a kiss or two 😉✨

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  9. The written text of Sophia Love’s video, the focus of this thread, was posted today on her blog, in English and in French. Here is the link:
    Some of the members, for whom English is not their mother tongue, may prefer to read the French text that can be found there.
    We are the Love, the Light, the Truth. We are ONE. ❤ ❤ ❤

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