SOURCE-Suit Upgrade Instructions [UPDATE4]


The following is a gift from The CATs to all who want to learn and grow. Please note that the following takes time, and perhaps a little work, but it’s mostly imagination. Please don’t rush through it.

Be patient. Relax. And please read all these instructions first. Then G+P+C and do each section, below. Once you get what we’re talking about, it’s pretty fast, but speed is not your goal.


During the last WHOMP, Some M’s were given the idea of (gently) pulling out our “SOURCE ball” located at your third chakra/solar plexus area (we don’t really have chakras anymore, we have a light body) and using it as a vessel. Then, after doing this and “seeing” ourselves, what we looked like, we looked like…


…the 2001 Starchild, elongating and enlarging the SOURCE ball into something you can climb into.

But then we sealed it. And felt the difference. Then we thought of the rest. You’re gonna love it.


First, in meditation, G+P+C. Then gently remove your SOURCE ball from your body. If you have trouble locating it, just breathe in “SOURCE” two or three times and you’ll feel it. Pull it out and make it body-sized… then climb into it.

With you inside your SOURCE ball, “zip” the SOURCE field closed all around you, so it’s in contact with your whole body, like this (but around your head, too):


You can still see and hear, but you can SEE and HEAR BETTER. You can still breathe and drink and eat, but BETTER. You’re now in a “SOURCE suit,” if you will… though note that you still have that original SOURCE ball inside you. More on that in a bit.


You can expand the suit’s thickness to anything from near-zero to infinity (though the latter takes practice). Now it gets more complicated.

Once in place, you can add various sub-layers to the SOURCE suit which clings to and merges with your various somatic systems, making everything inside you work better. You can have it cling to and slowly replace your Nervous System, your Circulatory System, your Lymphatic/Endocrine (Immune) system, your Skeletal System, etc. For those who are sick, it will make you FEEL BETTER. Why? Because doing this meditation technique at the beginning of the day allows SOURCE to enjoy EVERYTHING with you, at all times.

Also, this kind of thing by definition makes you “SOURCE self-selected,” so if a SOURCE energy wave were to suddenly zoom toward you, you would have SOURCE automatically enjoy it with you and reap the positive consequences… among other benefits. And after enough people do this, we’ll have a whole team of very capable people with a similar SOLID ability basis so we can get more things done for Gaia much more quickly and comprehensively.


This isn’t just you having a lightbody. You already have that. This is a merging of ONE and SOURCE and YOU in your illusory body, sorta like the ultimate somatic-spiritual upgrade. It’s probably best to do this a few times in meditation until you’re totally used to it, then it will become a permanent part of you.

No magical incantations. No symbols or “sacred” geometry. No gewgaws you have to wear. No price tags. A lot of you already do some of this already, but this synthesizes it fully. But there’s more work to be done.


After you’ve done the above SOURCE suit thing, slow down and examine the various body systems below and have your SOURCE energy cling to each one of these systems inside you, and replace each system completely. Don’t just fill it all in one go. Be methodical. Take your time in building your mental models. There’s no rush. By going slow, you’ll have it forever, regardless of lifetimes.

You’ve already performed your skin and subsystems upgrade (Integumentary), which is your body’s largest organ, but let’s do the other main ones before the next step:

Skeletal, Circulatory, Nervous, and Endocrine/Lymphatic Systems

Start with the Nervous System; have SOURCE suit light cling to all your nerves and spinal cord and brain stem and brain, then have the energy fully replace the whole system… then do your Circulatory & Respiratory Systems (heart and lungs and blood vessels and arteries and blood), then the Lymphatic/Endocrine Systems (all your glands), and the Skeletal System (start with the skull ad work your way down). Use the diagrams as guides. Imagine SOURCE energy clinging to each of your body’s systems and then slowly replacing each one.

Now we specialize…



Do each eye, one at a time. Allow SOURCE light to adhere to all the parts and substructures of the right eye, and its connections to the brain (which you’re already done); then do the left eye. Take your time and be thorough. Each eye has its own immune system, so each needs to be done separately. Now, eyes closed, balance the two eyes’ energy.



Do the same with each ear, its connections to the brain, then balance the two.



Now do your nose, its connections to the brain…


…then your tongue, it’s connections to the brain… then balance the two, nose and tongue. Each has energy functions we’ll talk about later.



Now the big one: Integrating your Mind with SOURCE — not your brain. Your brain is an organ that your Mind uses to control the body. Your Mind is borrowed from SOURCE for this lifetime, so a SOURCE upgrade is easy… though it’s less of an upgrade and more of a housecleaning. See your mind as a glass box — like a small suitcase — and have a wave of SOURCE light flood the box from one side to the other.

Now that that’s done…


Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 10.42.44 PM

NOW do all of the above with your Third Eye pineal gland… which technically is part of the brain and Nervous System, but let’s overbuild it. The pineal gland has tiny crystals inside, so have the energy cling to, and then replace all those crystals with SOURCE crystals.

Interesting note…

pineal gland


Now you’re ready to fill in the blanks. Imagine your SOURCE suit glowing. And now re-imagine that ball of SOURCE energy in your solar plexus. Now fill in the gaps between the two and fill yourself up with SOURCE light. NOW… breathe in SOURCE two or three times and think “SOURCE” on the intake. You should be tingling all over.


Now sleep on it. And then do all this again tomorrow, but faster. The integrations don’t have to be as involved because now you know what you’re doing. Then do it again and again again until “SOURCE Suit UP” makes the entire thing will snap into place. Sooner than you realize, it will become part of you. Now, when you eat or drink or breathe or look at anything…  you will do so with SOURCE.


DON’T SKIMP on the body system details when you’re SOURCIFYING yourself. Take your time; it’s a process. Yes, this is an illusion, and your body is an illusory body, but you still think you have a body, and you use one in this classroom, at this level. And… YES, this can make you superhuman, but not in a superhero sense. You can’t stop bullets. You can’t defy gravity. You can’t jump and hundred feet in the air and land without dying. But you will be able to at the next level.

Above all, this gives you a solid foundation to grow from, to develop your abilities… and your abilities are limited only by your imagination. You’re not activating your light body, exactly. Most of you have already done this. What you’re doing is plugging SOURCE into ALL THOSE SYSTEMS, thus making it one complete and cohesive SOURCE system, or SOURCE body. It will also allow you to easily negotiate any energy associated with The Event and The SHIFT. You can also “fly” around and do lots more than you cold with just your astral body. Start experimenting. Those who have various Clair-X faculties emerging have now been supercharged.

And that’s it. Let us know if you have any questions.



When you feel comfortable with this exercise, add a “rainbow” sheen to it. (FYI, white light has all colors in it.) Light ’em up.


Ok, we’re modifying this to include more body body systems. Last night some of the older CATs noticed that by adding a SOURCE version of the body’s Muscular System…


…so you can alleviate things like tendonitis… and FEEL a lot stronger, wow. So, we added that, and also did…


…the Excretory System (why not?), as well as the Gastrointestinal and Reproductive Systems, but you probably all have those memorized and can do them without an image. [NOTE: Modifying the Reproductive System may reverse conditions that kept your from being fertile. That is, at the next level, don’t assume you can’t have children because of past surgeries or age, etc. Note that you can use this renewed Reproductive System to pull creative energy BACK into yourself to make yourself live longer, and increase your vitality ten-fold.]

Most important, spend extra time doing the SOURCE-thing to your MIND. This produced the most tingles, wow.

Please also keep in mind that you need to do this whole regimen completely, in detail, at least until you can feel the difference in all the different systems — say for about a week. We ourselves are still getting used to it and have to keep redoing the segments, and resting a lot.

And… note that those working on what is basically a SOURCE body are the first beings in all creation to be SOURCE-ifying themselves in this way, much like angels already are. This means those undergoing this in — and going to the New Earth — will be able to hit the ground running. Expect to feel tired for a little while.



Ok, we’ve had a week of doing this — with lots of breaks as it can be exhausting — and the CATs have a few notes. After you get done with this and comfortable in your results, do it one more time in detail but add a swirling rainbow component. Then, when you’re done, breathe in RAINBOW SOURCE energy… which solidifies things. You will then have graduated to a SOURCE-RAINBOW body, not just a suit you wear. You should be fully integrated then and simply be able to think about it and have the suit fully available. It is then that you will see a final “color” (or more) that you naturally manifest. (For example, ~AM is golden with pinkish overtones, while another CAT is blue-white.)  Some could do this before, but this is a natural final step in this process. While this was in your all along, this exercise makes it easier for you to manifest and utilize.


Please note that we’ve shorthanded the name of this to “SOURCE-Rainbow Body” (SRB), as it’s a completely integrated SOURCE/body system, not just a suit. (And “SOURCE-Suit” abbreviates to “SS” which carries a negative ramification). Anyway, we’ve noticed that the SRB acts as an amplifier to whatever we do!


179 thoughts on “SOURCE-Suit Upgrade Instructions [UPDATE4]

    1. Thank you. The only words I can find, this is so beyond words of gratitude : thank you. In Love, xo

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  1. So much content! Of note, I have been meditating on the integrated chakras for some time now and it is amazing to see confirmation in the form of our light bodies. I also have been tapering from medication-assisted treatment after many years as an addict. I literally just took my last dose of methadone a few days ago after a full year of tapering and enduring ongoing withdrawals… The worst has been restless legs and recently I was very frustrated by the discomfort and lack of sleep this entire experience has engendered. During meditation after GPC I asked source, guides and brother J to please open my heart and whole self to the healing light and love available to those who seek it. Almost immediately I felt a calm presence and the RLS sensations changed and intensified briefly… during this my crown lit up. I can’t say the problem is 100% gone but I slept more the other night then I have in a long time. Another post from yolanda marie on YT also discussed the integrated body and how tapping, EFT, vibrational techniques will become even more important as more and more lightbodies activate and our talents and gifts come online as holistic healers, seers and showers. Thank you as always for the comprehensive information!

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    1. Glad to hear, one of the worst experiences in this life for me was getting off Oxycodone after back injury/surgery, and I’ve tried most drugs out there.

      I have a hunch many drugs deplete the physical body, sort of like taking a loan from the bank.

      Restless legs is usually lack of Magnesium from my experience so you could try adding some of that; I’d recommend natural sources like dried figs and avocados, not the synthetic pill/powder crap.

      Besides asking SOURCE to directly heal the physical body, asking what you need to do/change on the physical level also helps. You will know the answer when it arrives, just trust your intuition when something feels right/important.

      Good luck!


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    2. Eric, it’s great what you do for you and thanks for sharing it. So happy to read that you found this post on your way 🙂 (Karma is not only a b****, it also rewards one’s effort…) Sometimes we just tend to choose the “long way home”, the way that only Soul knows, perfectly leading home. My Soul loves you for everything you are and do. And please don’t forgett to love yourself, too!
      Sending you supportive energies for your journey to NE and a big hug. – NiSha

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    3. Great to hear Eric, congratulations, I’ve read that methadone is worse than the opiates, to overcome. Black seed oil, nigella sativa, has a long list of health benefits, and has been used since ancient times. It was written on ancient scrolls that it cures everything but death. It’s also been studied and used for pain relief, and to combat dependence. It acts on the same brain receptors as well as inhibiting some of the histamine/ inflammatory responses, that are associated with the discomfort. Mucuna bean, mucuna pruriens, is an Ayurvedic remedy, also with many health benefits, and helps balance the dopamine, serotonin levels in the brain, and RLS is related to dopamine regulation. As always, discuss this with your health professional, and do your own research, just thought I’d mention these, as they are helpful with pain, anxiety, & mood. Often people are able to overcome reliance on medications, but still struggle with the underlying conditions, quality of life, sleep, or activity levels. Will keep you in my prayers.

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  2. What a wonderful gift! Thank you CATs and Ms! 💕💖💕
    But this brings up a question…
    I am not good at visualizing in a typical eyes closed resting meditation, but I visualize really well in a “walking” meditation while I am doing menial tasks such as washing dishes. Can I do this exercise in a “walking” meditation, or is it only effective in a resting meditation?
    I am super excited to try this out! Thank you so very much!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Merci Beaucoup Lots! Hope you’re well? Little Elsie is feeling these waves big time, she fell asleep tonight all tucked up in bed and I hadn’t even finished singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle..” Something is definitely up!

        So much Love & Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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        1. Lily. That’s really good that Elsie is sleeping. Hope you are getting more sleep as a result. Yes I’m not bad thanks. I have been doing the Source suit meditation night and morning and I’m sure it’s having a beneficial effect on my body. Let’s all transform into Source super beings. 💖💖💖 and hugs. 🤗☺️

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          1. Newlynn ❤️ Getting a bit more sleep thankfully! I hope it lasts 🙏 Oooh yes I am definitely up for becoming a Source Super Being! 😉🤗❤️☀️🌈💕🦁

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  3. @CATs and all… I assume I haven’t done this whole thingy, but sure got super dizzy/whoozy and ”’something”’, just reading the instructions – I was once told (actually more than once) that I ‘do’ things FAST, so fast I don’t think I’ve done anything, but it’s done before I think it all(that sort of thing ) I’ve always just thought… ‘OOOkaayyy’ and just lived my life – don’t know where I was going with that – I WILL go through the stages with concerted focus, but I’ll stay open to fast-ness, too. I don’t know if I’ve totally ever embraced my ‘fastness, but maybe I should??
    I think I had a point somewhere… ? I feel weird just now, Like I just lost time…

    Anyway – thank you for the post…
    Yesterday? – the day after the ‘core meditation – I couldn’t keep my eyes open MOST of the day and this last day (5/9) felt like I was hit by a truck then a steam roller just to finish me off – seemed slightly like I was just now (last few hrs) avoiding sleep (listened to a LOT of music – including Stairway to Heaven and heard IT differently, before checking the blog before ending the night…) – maybe waiting to read this post, after it was posted, before going to sleep tonight 🙂 ?

    much love,
    PS: not sure I just sounded at all coherent… :/

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  4. Oh… was also going to say maybe this is why I was Sooo, attached/attracted to the comic ‘Silver Surfer’ when it FIRST came out a zillion years ago before I couldn’t afford comics anymore…


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  5. Eternal gratitude for all that you do and best to raise the consciousness of humanity 🙏💜 Lets suit up 👨‍🚀

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  6. Aloooo xxx as my Scottish lass friend says to greet the worled . I awoke eyes open realizing its still dark out just laying there for sleep to resume 30 some secs later subterranian Boom,ground shakes house rattles, with secondary sounds of earth giving in this usually occurs during the day time as there is a sand switch mine nearby. unable to return to sleeping i get up as i have tried to resume sleeping but best to give up any attempt at that as I always toss and turn for hours .what else can one do in our current surface geo-dynamics ? so i turn on computer and see the notice from SOC. oh ok and by the past few posts thinking were in a rest pit cycle which feels true ,kinda except the spirit/ancestors/SF etc. are nudging me as if to working through a spiritual raoulphing <sp ? so im not black & blue from the process just highly on edge as if im detoxing on many levels . and was just guided to watch a modern day sufi master Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee ? never heard of him before ? but being open-minded and not finding anything else out and about the inter-webs i went to the main site hummm , workingwithoneness well there we go so i watch one of the vids awakening first 30 mins yes from 3/07 ok may be dated i think but i think Not at all after viewing 30 min-ish … rest a bit think some look at other choices and what catches my Eye is this next one Weaving a Web of Light — Sandra Ingerman & Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee 4/4/16 which was my mother born-date. resonates with the full moon meditation Thursday morning but starts out with Sandra same name as the Lass friend, speaks of the ancestors well really that is what feels like is working through me at this time of stress for me and in reguards to the planet thank you fairyGodmother, or and whomever is motivating me at this time all of the above.. I have been working a program of recovery for the past 10+ years but what im feeling lately is like a whole nother realm. the last time i was guided this strongly was around the harmonic convergence in 86 ? anyway this is way beyond what i've ever been allowed feel and interact with living a lifetime of re-occuring tramas and heavaley medicated since birth etc. the miracle and wonder is that im still living as i have lost 3 to suicide and have contemplated at times but don't have the courage to give up on myself . and have learned quite a lot given the circumstances lets just say its been the labyrinth and it wasn't anything like the movie. tho i think Jim hensen was a Master too thank you , for ive rambled on here and often lose my thought train. but some recieved the SOC link via post Occupy but that is another story. heehee, been recovering in the shadows of smoke&mirrors appearing to conform with whats been asked releasing past regrets and looking forward to a whole another world is possible she will win not even a question in my mind. residing in Tennessee Inlakesh & Ho'oponopono

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  7. … So you’re telling me I can power-up by simply SOURCIFYING all of my systems and get on with my days even more beautifully than I do now?

    You’ve got my attention! Let’s see if my visualization skills are up to this task.

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  8. Holy moly…what an awesome experience. And what a gift – thank you, CAT’s & M’s💖
    This will be part of my daily routines from now on👍

    Was so tired when I started reading this post, but now I feel limitless energy all inside me & all around me.. Like I’ve become enhanced. At one with everything. It is so cool! Think I need to adjust to this a bit though. It was quite a bit of a boost that went from zero to warp-speed when fully merged and turned on✨😂

    Wishing everyone a perfect Sunday💞

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  9. WOW. That was amazing. THANK YOU M’s. The structure provided for this is a true gift. The eye complex – my goodness. And my poor mind – it took so long….it would not be rushed. Lots of “cleaning” was needed. Sheesh. Healing of internal organs was so needed. I had been maintaining, but somehow when it comes to working on myself I lose my surety. With this I hand it over , and it simply is. Thank you. From my heart. More effective is a very very good thing at this juncture.

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  10. Cat Eds. Ok how exciting. I can’t wait to read this during my quiet time tonight and have a first try at it. Thank you muchly that you managed to get this post out when you are all tired. 😺🌈💕💖

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    1. just will post within post for clarity-the time is now-apparently things come together to create new and cosmic possibilities-so here is one that came out yesterday that may augment the above meditation/connecting hope its valuable for others-and on a side note earlier i shared a link that interprets the schuman resonance visuals with corresponding sounds/frequencies/ unfortunately it is on human time line not cosmic-maybe someone can slow down it down into its time space momentum-in the above share what i found most important is the NOSE-connection-very often neglected and disregarded-but one of the most important and powerful senses-me been experimenting with essential oils-fragrances-as a way of grounding and clearing-during daylight and pre sleep as calming and releasing-just experimenting and having fun learning-

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  11. yes well not a Q so much but there is no need to post my comment but rather disreguard as i no longer feel safe… and am seeking help which none of my relations can help or speak to im feeling a great love and im sure by the last post that to the general populus appears very scary as im confirming by trying to reach out for help but dont we know all to well is useless in light of the way life is transforming.. i hope these messages meet you in divine well conditions thx again ps it appears there a USmarshall involved so please ty

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        1. ark2arcturus ❤️ Thank you 🙏 I’ve been umming and ahhing about putting our photo on for a while! I finally got the confidence but might change it every now and then for a bit of fun!

          Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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    1. @nobody You are perfect immortal spirit whole and innocent. You are asleep in Source, perfectly safe, Brother J, legions of angels & your guides are with you. Sending waves of light and love, there is nothing to fear, you are a sovereign being,
      Source Armor Up

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  12. I have chose slow approach, I’m in suit. Now when I think/feel “source armor up” everything less than Love is flung to a comforting distance. Peace.

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  13. Thanks for the Source suit blueprint /building kit. Genius idea with lots of options for fun and exploration. Cay

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  14. Please reassure me that my meditative skill is good enough to do this. Fine I’ll tell myself but I might need help.

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  15. CATs, please tell me my meditation skills are good enough to be able to do this. Ok fine, I’ll tell myself, but … I might need help.

    love love love to all in the room!

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        1. Thank you M5 and all those in the room. Sometimes I feel that I am not able to connect (the “C” in G+P+C) but I think I was able to do it this time. I went through each system as you instructed, adding in respiratory and digestive systems for good measure. I had forgotten you said to lay Source overtop, so in some cases I infused Source into the system, which is probably fine. I did feel tingles throughout the time I was in meditation. I’ll do it again tomorrow morning.

          This exercise reminded me of an ACIM lesson, which is simply, “God goes with me wherever I go” , so I thought of God in my cells and DNA, therefore infusing Source in my cells seemed appropriate. I have a headache now (lol) so will drink more water.

          What an amazing way to be with Source. I pledge to do this every day until I can do it in one swoop as you say.

          LOVE LOVE LOVE and gratitude to all in the room!!!

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  16. I’m Game.

    After the entire process becomes second nature-fast-automatic…after we have done the step-by-step enough times to where we say/think “Source Suit Up,” and it does so in the blink of an eye… will there also come a moment where Source Suit is always up? Will we be able to “Live” 24/7/365+ in our Source Suit up and active as a way of life until the Shift?

    This is an exciting proposition.

    W-A-A-A-A-Y out there beyond anything I have considered….
    THANK YOU !!!!

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  17. In the section Not Just a Lightbody,
    you mention: “This is a merging of ONE and SOURCE and YOU in your illusory body, sorta like the ultimate somatic-spiritual upgrade.”

    Who/What is the “ONE” spoken of?

    I think I get the “SOURCE” and the “YOU” mentioned, but got tripped up with the addition of “ONE.”

    Isn’t the “SOURCE” the “ONE” as well?
    Thanks for clarifying

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    1. ONE. You and all of us are part of ONE. ONE is ONE OF THE Extensions of SOURCE. SOURCE is All. We are Part of All.

      We have to use really basic language because SOURCE is infinite, and We are an Extension of that.

      -CAT Eds.

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  18. Wow. Yesterday Morning I was at a shopping mall, purchasing gifts and cards for Mother’s Day, and while in a 2$ shop I found my self irresistibly drawn to a educational poster of the human skeleton ( at 3.99 AUD)–I stopped myself from purchasing it, because I felt it had no relevance to my Mother’s Day Mission– I will go back there, after work (I’ve returned to cooking, at the Cafe– take-away only [the Corova Nirus didn’t really do anything to ‘Straya]), today and buy one for myself, a big visual aid to help ‘Sourcifying’ my skeleton… Uncanny!

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  19. FYI, some CATs (who’ve used this technique for years) call this, “SOURCE Armor,” and cry, “SOURCE Armor UP!” whenever anything shows up. It can be a little embarrassing in mixed (normie) company!

    -CAT Eds.

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  20. Oh Wow, I just did this! It’s very powerful even on the first go! When I did the nervous system, my entire body tingled and then shuddered, then I found myself giggling!

    Just wondering, do we have to focus on every little detail as in every latin name in the diagrams?

    Many thanks again!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  21. This is all very intriguing. Why have we waited so long for this, is it taught in mystery schools? It seems very simple, too simple, yet often in my meagre experience, convoluted is, well just that.

    Let me get this straight, we need only perform this meditation a handful of times, say 3-5 times, and that will suffice for the remainder of our days?

    In my house at the moment, it is no exaggeration to say it will take me a week to accomplish. Nevertheless, accomplish it I will.

    Many thanks, CATS et al.


    P.S. I wonder what effect it will have on our collaborative meditations, but then I suspect you guys discussed this before posting… 😉

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  22. To CATs, Ms, ALL: Of course You realize that you just blew the doors off the secret mystery schools and the vaults of hidden knowledge (hidden on purpose) for the greatest reveal. It’s always been this simple because it is SOURCE Connection which is always present. What a remarkable time for the unfolding! Job Well Done!

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  23. Thank you CATs for this wonderful gift, sharing with us how to SOURCIFY our bodies, it is genius! Now I get what you mean/meant when you said, ” SOURCE armor Up!”, you were literally zipping your body up with SOURCE!

    Wasn’t sure you recommended doing it morning or evening? Or does it really matter?

    Thank you so much for sharing!


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  24. Thank you for this gift, and at this time! When I read it I knew I must get this information to my hospitalized friend Peggy. I shared it with her husband and he will read this to her and help guide her through the steps because she can’t read her phone. In whatever manner is appropriate I ask for your Love and Light for Peggy and I’m praying that I’ll be able to report soon of a miraculous recovery! If that’s what’s in the contract, of course. As always, Source and Peggy’s will be done, with ease and grace, in Love and Light.

    My question is whether this can be done remotely for someone else, like Peggy, with her permission of course? Or is there anything someone can do to assist another, with their permission?

    Love and Light to All

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  25. Yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about this wonderful gift. I read it again and wanted to remember how to do it and knew that the most important thing was to G.P.C first.

    I couldn’t get past the G.P.C stage so went with it and kept that vision with me.

    Last night I listened to Alison Coe relating the most incredible session of one of her clients. She described, at one point, the bubble that you speak of, emanating from just above your navel (and other wonderful visions).

    Here’s the link if anyone feels drawn to listen:

    Later, I watched the movie, ‘Knowing’ – don’t know if anyone’s seen it, but it was absolutely amazing and seemed only to deepen my connection with your meditation.

    Last night, I couldn’t sleep very well. Energy and heat running up and down my body, and restless legs like I’ve not had in a while. It felt as if every joint in my body was individually commanding my attention!

    Fell asleep at some crazy hour and had fragmented dreams… then the dream that I remember.

    I was in hospital, having just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. There were others around me that had given birth too, and the rate of recovery was incredible. Everyone looked as if they were somehow ‘brand new’ and the birth process had given them MORE…

    I put my baby into a little room to sleep and then felt as if I needed to get up and look around. Outside it was a beautiful day and I wandered off and found myself on the most incredible beach.

    I sat down and looked across and as I turned, a single baby dolphin swam into view. I was overjoyed and it was as if the dolphin had come to greet my new child. I held the child in my arms (she’d somehow manifested into my arms from the room) and said, ‘Look little one. This beautiful creature has come to greet you!’

    Then I got up and walked towards my home on the beach to get my swimming costume on, as many more dolphins were coming to swim in the bay.

    The dream then became a little strange as I had to go and find the baby again… I’d been away a long time and realised she was still in the hospital and would need to be fed.

    Don’t remember much after that, but it was an interesting night to say the least!

    I’m off now to do the mediation properly! 🙂

    Love and heart-light, Jay xxx

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    1. Just my thoughts popping up to your post: What if this newborn you gave birth to is symbolic for the beginning of a new YOU?
      You laid the basement by G&P&C and put intent and focus on the Source-suit practice (“pregnant” with it…). Later on you felt heat and restlessness your body giving you first responses, energies not yet guided but fully present, waiting for guidance or a task? Then in your dream you enjoy the new world which is opening to you in all its beauty. And to the end of the dream, you remembered that this baby needs feeding and care before all the full beauty will stay with you.
      Thanks for sharing your dream, I couldn’t resist commenting on this one. (I seldom remember my dreams, but love to look into their symbols, connecting the dots…)
      Love and Rainbow-light to you – NiSha

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    2. @ladybirdbeau I’m curious about the KNOWING movie you saw. Is it the 2009 one with Nicolas Cage in it?

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  26. Thank you! I’m looking forward to this. Did I miss the step involving organs like kidney, liver, intestines, etc? Also involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc?

    Secondly, in what instances might I want to change the thickness of the suit?

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    1. 1. We added that in UPDATE2.

      2. Why change thickness? We don’t know, exactly. You can literally do anything you can think of, if your mind is strong enough. You could expand the SOURCE field around you to include other people, and see how that affects them. Please note that some people feel SOURCE energy and run like hell, because they feel like they’ve done things wrong in their lives and “God is going to punish them for it.” SOURCE does not punish. SOURCE only loves. Those who receive “punishment” are often doing it to themselves.

      -CAT Eds.

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  27. I was wondering…will the actual shift help me to overcome my issues or must i have them all dealt with before the shift? I’m having trouble with getting over some issues and I want to overcome all of them.

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    1. We don’t know. There may be an “out-of-time” portion to The SHIFT for some, so they can deal with things in no-time, and then have those going restart at Time X. Or… something else will happen. No one knows, not even Universals.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. let’s be real
      you cannot graduate if you are not ripe and ready
      “Do your duty today.”
      or you expect the SHIFT do it for you?
      YOU do the SHIFT!
      It is your maturity test.

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      1. You misunderstand, I am ‘doing my duty’.

        It was simple curiosity and I want to make sure I’m doing it correctly and that I’m not forced to repeat 3D if I don’t succeed fully.

        But according to you, 99.99999999999999999% isn’t good enough (it’s how you come across).

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        1. Hold on… I think Oro was giving us all a compliment. The CATs come across this language barrier all the time; the tone of the language is sometimes hard to judge, especially when everyone’s in a hurry.


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          1. @~AM
            A compliment, indeed, and a blessing for this site.
            But I chose the language to be tough,
            for we really entered the tough Times,
            and we need toughen up – NOW –
            as to not fall off the mountain.

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        2. I know what you mean, no one is perfect and we all have baggage. What p#[email protected]#% me off, is that many of my bad choices are because this society I am born into is so messed up. Now I’m not making excuses, I am ultimately responsible, but being thrown in the deep end without the necessary guidance has been frankly, bloody horrible 😂. I suspect many on the blog, like me, have felt they never “fitted in”. And while that is a good thing, it’s also a very confusing, frustrating, scary and lonely existence. If it wasn’t for Gaia in all her other breathless expressions, I would have been done for.

          I have learnt to be easier on myself, God forgives all, so we must learn to do the same. I am banking on the SHIFT ironing out wrinkles, or at least making it easier. Mankind, through its clandestine manipulation and genetic meddling has become so misaligned, we have all become affected by it. But similarly, ORO is right in that we must at least try and meet the universe half way, but I suspect you are already.

          How do I know God forgives all? Because we were naive enough to incarnate on this nuthouse thinking we could help out.

          Fun here, isn’t it…


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          1. @ rusirius44
            Grateful for your courage to pick up my point.

            “We forgot who we are”, hear we everywhere,
            but we really underestimate how deep and powerful
            the hypnosis we are still under!
            We are still babbling too much, wobbling on the fence,
            throwing “curiosity” questions out there, when it is our work,
            even hiding under a fancy “anonymous” name —
            and expecting the CATs solve our problems for us.

            Taught in school to quickly throw an apology, we go to sleep then,
            perfectly delighted in ourselves.
            For, how was that saying, in the good ol’ times?
            “A honest man never needs an excuse. He is simply honest”.

            Yes, God’s Forgiveness is the most wondrous thing in the world,
            and it is all encompassing and forever eternal and a mighty expression of His infinite LOVE. Simply because we are immortal and eternal and cannot fail. “To meet the universe half way” it’s pretty well
            put, for even The Course in Miracles beautifully certifies, that Father
            is leaning over to us to lift us!

            And so, for us, is just to be tough to break our hypnosis, to SEE it.

            It is true, that Father has “Desires”. Each of us carry a Godly idea and a plan to complete it, plus dozens of Angels around, to help.
            And here comes, the proper alignment. That’s where it gets tough.

            There was a great call over Creation, to come save the Earth.
            Numberless volunteers, but Father chose the little humans. Indeed
            are we little, compared with other races. But there is a most amazing
            mystery, of who we are and from whom are we stemming. And it seems that, by Divine Decree, we are the only ones able to do it!

            That’s why:
            “I came for the Salvation of the world.
            This is my only function.
            that’s why I am here”. ( A Course in Miracles)

            That very “Desire” of the Father is to BE VICTORIOUS ever.
            For Yeah…He’ll anyhow forgive us, but this is His plan, so cannot fail.
            And we discover, that by no way was that naiveté, but 1000% strength
            and devotion and responsibility, to come down here to fight!

            And when you listen in your heart, you hear:
            Stand tall! Stay strong! Stay the course!
            And you know you are blessed with a Divine task, and take heart.

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        3. So clean up this issue of yours, right HERE — if you keep on reacting in the negative to other people just like this,

          then of course you will most DEFINITELY “repeat 3D”, until you learn to integrate, and recognize and rise above this defensive attitude coming from your threatened 3D Ego.

          When you yourself fully understand what is being said to you here, then you will instead be operating from an automatically POSITIVE position. You will be spewing positivity and gratitude, instead.

          And there is nothing stopping you from ‘doing your duty’ in an instant, if you so choose.
          That’s how fast you can get rid of any issue. I speak from multiple experiences and experimenting with this.

          Just decide to. That’s it.
          Contrary to what most 99.99999999999999999% human snails will tell you, I’ve discovered the very opposite — that it is much easier to SPEED through this process. So very simple.

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            1. This thread got a little hectic, lol.
              (I know this will sound defensive, I’m bad at writing. It’s quite amusing how clarifying something always comes across as being defensive.)

              1) I’m anonymous because I’m lazy, not any other reason.

              2) It was more of a “oh, I see. Thanks for the heads-up”, but I didn’t want to come across as disingenuous or negative.

              3) I only ask the cats questions to confirm a thought I might have. You’ll be amazed how often they confirm a thought I am pondering.

              4) we’re all here to help each other. We are all one.

              5) If you didn’t want a little confirmation from the Cats and Ms, you wouldn’t be on this planet. Everyone wants a little confirmation and recognition.

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  28. This Source suit concept brings to mind that I was offered a light gossamer gown of rainbow shimmering threads many years ago in dream time. At that time I did not know what it represented but that it felt wonderfully free. Now it makes perfect sense and all I have to do is integrate with Source to activate the suit. Shrink-wrap Source! Cay

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  29. Thank you! I just gave it a concerted go for the first time. Tingling on all levels. I will have to repeat this many times to get it down, but feel so peaceful after this first time at it. I sensed a blockage in my pineal gland. It might be calcified? Is there an herbal medicine or remedy for the decalcification of the pineal? I will continue with this regimen nevertheless. With loving gratitude for ALL! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  30. THANK YOU for this! It took me most of the day to complete, and felt wonderful!

    On another topic, I started following the Course in Miracles a while ago, at your suggestion, Cats. I’ve found the reading and channelled commentary here really helpful:

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  31. Are the Anshar real? If so, are they really us from the future and is what they say true?


    1. They claim to be humans from the future and say that everyone stays with the planet. They claim there will be 2 global cultures after the shift. One will be people like us who are trying to work on our spiritual side and the other will be people that go crazy with the released hidden tech. The second group edits their DNA and, after a few mishaps, eventually join with the more spiritual group. this all apparently takes place over hundreds years.

      They also claim that the ships will land after the shift as all tech will be fried, causing a complete collapse of out civilization. They wont be here for very long though.


      1. No, the comment just slipped through the cracks.

        We ignore everything that comes from “Corey Goode.” There are no humans that went 18 million years into the past from the future blah blah blah.

        -CAT Eds.

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  32. I took Elsie out for a walk in her chair today with Mum to get a bit of fresh air. On the way back I started seeing diagonal flashes/lines directly in front of me! I had done the Source Suit exercise this morning before Elsie woke up. wonder if this is some new something?!

    Also, twice now, I have seen (in the same bit of sky, around 8pm NW of our home) what looks to be a bright golden vertical oval in the sky. When I get my binoculars and have a closer look I see two parallel curved lines that look very much like super short chemtrail lines. But, whatever it is, does not move, it is just suspended in the air!


    Much Love ALL, hope you are enjoying your Source Light Suits!


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  33. Thank you Cats, this is turning out to be a priceless gift, and the timing is nothing short of elegant.
    Any idea what’s going on? Those butterflies in my (knowing) gut, are at insane levels. I hope I can sleep tonight, which is usually never a problem. But now….I can’t tell if it’s personal (high heart), or global I’m feeling pending.

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  34. I went out to walk a dog, it was at sunset, si no stars visible, only Venus, but when we came to the nearby beach I looked in the distance and it was looking like a mist with mountains raising from that mist, I was amazed, maybe it was just clouds and optical illusion, but it looked so real.

    But there are no mountains in that area, at least nothing that big, I do not know what was I looking at, maybe it was just clouds formation playing tricks with my mind and eyes, but…

    Anybody else seeing mountains in the distance coming out from a mist ?

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    1. Now, when I think off it, as the image was so surreal, maybe I was somehow looking at NE, kind off a daytime vision, would not be the first for me, so anything is possible 🙂 ✨

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  35. Wow, thanks Cats… This really helps to integrate a lot using actual source light with connecting the body systems. Been doing stuff like this for years BUT not with source light, mostly colors, etc and clearing.

    This is the 💣 bomb, feeling it already ✨and it lasts longer! How fun 🌟

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  36. That “filling in the blanks” part really took the cake – wwwowww

    My only tweak to the process was to add fascia to the mix, as it covers and connects so much of the body’s interior — that provided an especially good ‘hit’ for me so thought I’d mention it here.

    Thank you for this — it’s truly amazing and appreciated.

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      1. In short, from (though I’m a fan, where I learned all about fascia fascia fascia!):

        “Fascia is a web of connective tissue formed in bands that wraps around all the internal parts of the body from head to toe and fuses it all together. It allows the muscles to move freely alongside other structures and reduces friction. It can be found immediately beneath the skin, around muscles, groups of muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, organs and cells. Fascia is everywhere. Biologically, it’s what holds us together. Like a snug pair of pantyhose (as if there is any other kind), fasciae are the bands that bind us.”

        One good reason to stay hydrated is to keep your fascia supple (and vice versa). Over time fasciaE can knot up on you and sometimes be the cause of stubborn pain, like in your knee joints. Enter fascia release!

        Fascia has been postulated to be the means by which the mysterious “strange flows” described in Chinese medicine get around (independent of the energy meridians, which may be yet another system to consider…). It’s all very interesting.

        So much for “in short,” but I had a feeling that was going to happen.

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          1. Yeah, anatomy was never my thing. I only went ‘skin deep’ for the first zip up, which created a nice peaceful, fortified blanket feeling around me, but the fascia phase put me in another place all together, head back Ahhh (much like the mind one did) (also interesting). It’s all so interesting! 😉

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  37. Amazing information CATs!
    Thank you!!! I am looking forward to try it! 🙂

    In general I am feeling very tired lately…

    I also have a very strange sleeping pattern for the past few weeks.
    One day I am extremely tired and exhausted and can not get up in a morning from my bed and another day I am fine and wake up early in a morning before my alarm goes on than I am very tired again and than next day I am fine again etc. (I feel like I am doing something else while I am sleeping… 😉 )
    Does anyone else experiencing something similar to that?
    Please share!


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    1. June, same for me. So exhausted right now, I can barely think straight. Seems like my days alternate between exhaustion, hyperactivity and intense body aches and pains. I tried the Source suit meditation today and it wiped me out! Sleep schedule is weird as well.

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      1. Thank you for sharing The CAT(s) That Lived and brigitteann333!
        I guess we are working on something at night while our bodies sleep … 😉


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    2. Oh yes, very much! Ive said this before but I am so very grateful to hear all your stories especially about being exhausted at times, I always used to get such attitude from people who thought
      I was just a lazy butt 🙈 caused me a lot of self doubt!
      Not any more 🧡💛🧡

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    3. Totally experiencing this sleep/exhaustion/wired pattern lately too. Some nights I wake up after an hour, but feel like hours or days have gone by and like I have been busy doing something !

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    4. June Happy. Yes I’m all over the place sleep and energy wise lately. I just go with the flow and do tasks when I feel up to it. Although I can go into the garden feeling dreadful but then do a morning gardening and I’m much better. It doesn’t happen in the house though. Nature gifting me energy. 🌳🌳🌳

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      1. I always feel better after digging in the dirt for a while. Nothing else like it. Spent today clearing out the garage so it can be painted tomorrow; lots of dirt, but not the same sense of well-being as working in the garden!

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    1. We are here to assist Gaia. We are here to assist our brothers (all of you). And we are here to shorten our own paths to SOURCE. We are also here to make permanent, beyond-life SOURCE-friends with those other committed beings from far and wide. It was an amazing offer from Spirit, and an amazing opportunity. You all, our readers, honor us with your attentions, you good works, and your commitment to SOURCE and Spirit, and yourselves.

      ~AM & The CATs

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      1. well said..
        thankyou for everything Cat’s, M’s.. I’m so grateful to know this blog, its been years..
        its an honor to be here with you guys in this period of time..
        much love..

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    2. I know, Kazu, it’s confusing at first when there is no mention of money and no hard selling tactics 😂. A much needed tonic for the weary skeptic!


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      1. Love your comment Mark, made me smile through my whole existence. What a weird world, to give just to give out of an inner need to do so, this is so… NEW EARTH , oldfashioned and allways the best choice in one go.
        My deep appreciation CAT’s for your gratitude! love you for all the opportunities you offer here, freely with as less conditions as one could dream of
        – NiSha

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      1. Thank you… but no, we won’t allow ourselves to be paid. We are volunteers. Imagine how people would take what we say if they knew we were being paid for what we do. None of us feel walked on! It is an honor to serve SOURCE and Spirit and all our brothers and sisters. Besides, we get to communicate with and see beings that the average person only dreams of, not to mention see people make huge leaps. Would you have wanted to pay Brother J for what he did? He would’ve said the same thing! We do get cake and donuts and coffee a lot! And we get to hang out with each other. We are now family — and an extended family beyond the stars and Veil and Dimensions, at that! Money will not be necessary at the next level. 😉

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. @CATs Eds, Ms, ~AM – thank you for your choices…

          “Money will not be necessary at the next level. ”
          I’m glad, just because I’ve never really understood money – it never felt REAL to me – I mean, I can use it, of course, but it has no meaning for me and have never understood the desire to accumulate it. When I get some unexpected $ I think or others think I should spend it on myself… it usually goes to family needs and when I ask my inner self, that’s ok with me (I did buy myself a new air mattress – the old one got so I need to add air every hour or so – made sleeping interesting – new one has a firmness setting remote that shuts off automatically to prevent over filling – yeah, tmi, but I’m fond of my new bed) I am considering buying myself an ear pillow(has a cozy depression to tuck your ear into; most pillows hurt my ears) – luxury…
          We were given an exercise in a class I took once about getting out of poverty consciousness – we were to ‘give ourselves an amount of money big enough we couldn’t comprehend it and ‘spend’ it ALL… written down on paper itemized. I had a hard time – the only BIG thing I came up with was a series of treehouse communities, with moss banked streams and lots of nature and variety; of course all the tree houses were tree friendly… 🙂

          with much gratitude,


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        2. Cat Eds. That’s a lovely summary of exactly what you are, a heart centered and kind group who have a great sense of humour. Thank you all. We love you (and cake)! 🍰💖🍰💖😸

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        3. @ CATs
          This is why we LOVE you sooo much!!! I am coming back for your guidance almost every day! Sometimes two or tree times a day 😉

          I wish I could meet you all in person!!!…. That would be so nice! 🙂
          Thank you for everything you do! ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️


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  38. Thanks for this. I’m slowly working my way round my body!
    I don’t know about including other people but one of my cats appears out of nowhere when I start this and insists on sitting on me. Does she need something herself or is she helping me?

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      1. Youse ALL are up awfully late. I tried the SOURCE suit on for size today (ONE size truly fits ALL) I was so supercharged that I did 2x my usual. (between naps) Going to TJs today. Will send back report on key lime pie status. Cheers

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  39. This is pure genius.
    Thank you so much.

    I added teeth as well yesterday as I had a toothache which afterwards disappeared. Don’t know if that’s included in bones so just adding that.

    Meanwhile I also saw an oval like Lily but not in the sky, I saw it here in my room when I was playing with my eyesight. You know, looking at what’s in front of you but not focusing on anything, just looking at the energy. All of a sudden a yellow/orange/golden energy ball was there. First time that has happened.
    It stayed there for a few minutes and then was gone.

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  40. EVERYONE needs to do this exercise, to the best of your abilities and continue to do it.

    I can tell you, I didn’t expect anything to happen really, mainly because I doubt myself, but categorically something most definitely happened!

    I tried it yesterday and had a few tingles, thought maybe I wasn’t doing it right.

    Lay in bed this morning and tried it again. My memory isn’t great so where I couldn’t remember exact structures I filled in the rest with imagination. After SOURCYFYING the first of systems, that being the muscles, I was presented with a crisp image. It was a large golden tap. And out of that tap came a human suit, all squished up. I immediately knew I was being replaced by something new and vastly superior. I then clearly heard “Complete, 100%!”. These two inner experiences had me very excited as the clarity was so clear.

    I then continued with the rest of the systems, taking my time and doing my best. When I was done I felt an all encompassing blanket of bliss, it was tangible. Then I lay there and marvelled at the imagery and sounds I was experiencing internally. It felt like SOURCE was finding its way around and enjoying itself, just like a child playing. At one point I was even shown plans for building a playground!? I also heard some pretty weird stuff too, very specific, like “Crisis actor 2019, Charles Trent” whatever that was meant to mean? Basically, all my senses were coming alive, not just in overload but in quality. This stuff really works guys.

    I intend to do this every time I am able, although after SOURCYFYING the CATS were right, I am completely zapped LOL.


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  41. Hello people! I dreamed of a spaceship that traversed the universe like crazy, an incredible speed, passed by countless galaxies, that varied between white and blue light, and I had the sensation
    that this ship could (“had a free pass”) to enter wherever it wanted. it was very powerful. excuse my english

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  42. do you still see the shift happening soon? Some are saying it’s only going to happen in 2024 or 2029 (pyramid timeline).

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  43. Much gratitude for this information, I’ve been doing exercises, visualizations to manifest healing in the body, this really helps tie it all together. I’ve been working with it, and and have had some progress already, and will continue to further integrate and upgrade my Source Suit. Appreciation for all you’re doing, much Love to All! – scott

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  44. Oh my Sourceness, this exercise is brilliant but certainly tiring, could sleep for a loooong time!

    Just looking out of the window at yet another gorgeous sunset, the whole sky was glowing gold and then I noticed tiny little orbs floating across the sky. I decided there and then, perched on the back of the chair that I had to do the Source Suit mediation and tune into all that was going on outside my window, welcoming the energy into my body and mind, phew, it was so worth it!

    Keep on shining folks! ☺️

    Much Love, Light & Peace ❤️✨🙏✨❤️

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      1. Wow! You both look like angel in this photo that I couldn’t help but to click on your profile photo to have a closer look! 😉 You are beautiful inside out 🙏

        Hope you had a Blessed Mother’s Day with Elsie and more 💝

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        1. Phoenix ❤️ Thank you so much for your kind words 🙏 We celebrated Mother’s Day here in the UK on the 22nd March but perhaps we should have had 2 celebrations! ☺️

          Much Love & Light & Hugs! 🙏✨❤️✨🙏

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          1. Oops! Yes, good idea to celebrate more than once for Mother’s Day 😉

            I just checked that 52% of the countries of the world celebrate Mothers day on 2nd Sunday of May. Interesting enough, Mother’s Day in the UK is always held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, because this was Christians would visit their ‘mother church’, which is also why we often refer to it as Mothering Sunday.

            Much Love and Light to you and Elsie too 💖💖💖🌻🌻🌻

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  45. CATs, Thank you sooooo much for THIS gift – I still have to read it again and again in order to digest it. Sigh! I’m a slow learner 👵, so, there is no risk of me rushing through it. 😂

    With much Gratitude and Love 🙏💖

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  46. So this totally seems to be the way the Universe works. I have been reading the Disappearance of the Universe for a couple weeks, and I ordered back almost at the same time ACIM. (I bought kindle version
    and decided I should have a paper copy.)

    I was talking to my friend the other day that I felt like maybe ACIM came into my life right now because my dad is in the hospital right now, and I do not know now if he will be leaving. He’s been on a respirator not breathing on his own for a couple days. Well they are taking him off the respirator tomorrow and tonight I will get a speakerphone call with him because they won’t allow him to have visitors at the hospital. The crazy thing? My book for ACIM in the mail has been delayed… and may arrive today or tomorrow now.

    I tried to put the source ball around him in the hospital and I stayed there with him for a while….

    I already released and forgave everything…. its still difficult. 😦

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    1. @Kittkatt I’m sending thoughts of love and comfort for you and your Dad, sorry these current visitation rules are in place. Your Dad is free of his form, but never gone, I pray the comforter be with you.

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    1. Not really. It’s just a mental technique. Once you understand what you’re doing… you can do anything. You are limited only by your imagination. We added that so you could get used to manipulating energy.

      -CAT Eds.

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  47. I like it! A remix of the best stuff from my Yoga adventure, without the reptiles. Not that I could remember the details while doing it; but I was surprised how much I already know about my physical body, bone structure etc. Will make this part of my daily routine and see where that leads.


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  48. @CATs

    I am finding it difficult to go through the Source-suit exercise all at once. I need to go through the stages so very slowly…My mind refuses to move quickly it is thoroughly inch by inch moving through my body sometimes returning on the same spot again and again…
    Most of the time I am falling asleep in a middle of my meditation…
    Could I start my Source-suit exercise from the part when I stoped or at least I remember that I stoped (before falling asleep) to go farther on upgrading my body?

    Does anyone else experiencing something similar to that?

    Thank you!


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    1. Yes Im falling asleep too! 🙈 Im repeating from the start as it is getting quicker and more detailed too 🧡 Im thinking/guessing thats just what my system needs 💛

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    2. @June Happy, you’re not alone, I’m unable to finish all at one go. At least you can do it during meditation. Me, I have to sit in front of the laptop and look at the images while doing it. My son saw me looking at those images and asked why I’m learning body parts again😂

      Under Third Eye – “NOW do all of the above with your Third Eye pineal gland…”

      What do you mean ‘all of the above’? You mean to imagine SOURCE adhere to every part of the pineal gland – from Inner Chamber, Little Brain ….till Long-ish Marrow?

      In fact, do we have to say mentally the parts (for eg Inner Chamber) or just visualize each part on the images given?

      As for getting tingles on the body, I thought it’s the way our body reacts (ie tingles) after our mind let go (of stress, thoughts), a way of ‘shutting down the body system’ before we fall asleep? My body tingles every night as long as I can remember, before I drift off to slumberland. Just like I have taken ringing in my ears as tinnitus until I discovered this blog – a blessing indeed 🙏

      With much Gratitude & Love Always🙏💖

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  49. I’m glad I’m not the only one who falls asleep while working through the suit. I’ve done all of it in bits and parts of my body are starting to feel better
    It’s a wonderful feeling while in it, I just need to put it all together and get those light balls out there!

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  50. Ok all done, I think my colours are pink and green, if the cats have a free moment to confirm that would be most appreciated 😊 many thanks for the new gift, love to you all

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  51. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And thank you. ❤️🙏🏽❤️ Feeling tingly and tired, like many naps a day tired. I had difficulty completing all the systems, and am now slowly working on the Source Suit one system at a time today and this week-In between cat naps of course. Sending Love and Thanks to everyone here. ❤️🙏🏽⛅️😺

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  52. I had a fun experience going out this past Saturday to begin my SRB meditations. I wanted to do the first one really thorough, so I waited for a better time. When I went out to the secluded park, and just began to walk on the boardwalk, I was greeted by 2 red-tailed hawks. They followed me for 20 mins screeching. Right before I went to sit down on a bench, one of them landed in the tree right next to me. Screeched a few times and then they flew off to let me do my meditation. I was slightly unsure if they were there for me or not until the next day. When I went outside to clean some of the fish tank, I looked up and saw another Hawk and looked immediately at my phone and it was 4:44.
    If anyone knows the message trying to be sent (if there was one), feel free to let me know. Also, sidenote, I don’t usually follow the triple number (111, 222, etc) meanings for what they say. I just take them as the angels are assisting you for all of the different sets of triplet numbers.
    Here is one of the many videos I got of the Hawks.

    Also. Side note. As of day 4 of doing these intense meditations, my body aches more. I hurt in more places than usual. How come? I feel really good and do really thorough meditations. And try to drink lots of water after.

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    1. As a matter of fact, the message of 444 is that angels are with you! I used to look up all the number meanings, but as days went by and I saw all the triple numbers every day, I decided that it just meant I was on the right path and my guides were saying hello….

      There are a lot of spirit animal websites, but this one says (among other things) that Hawk is often a messenger from Angels, Devas, and the Divine, so it kind of matches your 444:

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      1. Thanks Kolibri for posting those links with your insight. Yeah, I too see so many triple numbers that I normally just equate it with guides saying hello. But that’s pretty cool that that’s what 444 represents.
        Also, I didn’t know anything about what Hawks represented. So again, thank you.
        The experience seemed like it was of 2 guides letting me know that I was were I should be. That I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing. It was a very wonderful experience for me. I have never heard a hawk screech in the wild before, let alone two of them.

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