754: The SOURCE Timeline ~ [U.2]

Why wait?


It’s got to be said: We distrust channeling.

Nowhere in the universe does this happen as much as it happens on earth. Why? Because there is a lot of DARK here. Darkness and confusion. Rather than rail against the practice of channeling, we offer evidence. Look at this link and go back to 2012 and years previous for the channelers listed. See how channelers have been saying the same things they’re saying now.

They’ve been saying the same things over and over for as long as there’s been an internet, and a few before that. For the most part their role is Illusion propagation: The Illusion of Justice [for any number of crimes committed by “them”]; The Illusion of being miraculously saved by [enter saving thing or beings]; The Illusion of Religion, etc. There are near-infinite flavors.

How to Step Onto the SOURCE Timeline

The only way out of The Illusion is to undo it in your mind. The only way back to SOURCE is to heal your mind.

The FASTEST way we know of to do both is through The Course. For those who have yet to go this direction, we suggest Gary Renard’s first book, The Disappearance of the Universe; his two sequels are also very good (Your Immortal Reality and Love Has Forgotten No One). The Course is advanced spirituality, so we recommend Gary’s first three books as primers. (For those who’ve read The Course but not read Renard’s works, we recommend them in helping to clarify some of Brother J’s points.) All you have to do is read, and think. And meditate in between. YOU own your own SHIFT.

Develop your own light, on your own terms. Experience your own experiences. Everything else is misdirection, a distraction. This is the core belief that brought The CATs together to share our own first-hand experiences.

Step onto the SOURCE timeline and get your light suit today!

UPDATE1 ~ 7/1/22

Since we can’t reply to gmail or yahoo accounts, we’re going to answer select email publicly:


“I have embarked upon The Course material a couple of times (first in the ’70s, don’t remember how far I got) and what has blocked me this recent time was that it seems to me that this information was in a sense “channeled”. And while the content is vastly different from the abundant prophetic type channeling out there, it still seems to fall in that category.” 

-[name redacted]


Channeling involves allowing a spirit, entity, or being to somehow enter your body (yikes!) and use your vocal cords to communicate directly with those on the Earthly plane. This is flat-out possession and we’re very much against it. This is the only planet we know of where channeling takes place, which speaks to how much darkness is hereabouts. Channelers don’t set protection. They have no idea if the being they’re dealing with is actually who they say they are, or not. Dark things lie. The worst ones mix lies with the truth. If a channeler set proper protection, we doubt anyone would get in. Angels and J and SOURCE don’t possess people, it’s just not done. We personally have never met a channeler who set proper protection; they never know who’s coming through. Some channelers even allow the entity to move their body like a puppeteer. Having seen this firsthand, we consider it the pinnacle of creepiness.

As for Helen Schucman… Helen was a skeptical NY psychotherapist, and later scribe of the COURSE materials. She was walking down the street in Manhattan in 1965 one morning, wondering how she could get along better with a colleague she was having a hard time with, when a voice said to her: “This is a course in miracles. You might want to take notes.” This turned out to be Brother J. As ones who have personal clairaudient/clairvoyant relationships with Brother J, we can 100% affirm that this is who spoke to Helen Schucman. 

Helen was not a channeler. The CATs are not channelers. She heard Brother J, clear as day. We hear and see Brother J (and others). This is not channeling. When ~AM speaks with Archangels, this is not channeling. When we see someone doing something (often without knowing who or what we’re looking at), or hear them speaking to someone else far away, this is not channeling. When we feel the love from Angels or SOURCE or spirits, and see the colors of their beings wrapping around us, this is not channeling. (It is awesome, though.) We G(round) & P(rotect) before each session, then move to C(onnecting with a cord). We are never possessed by anyone. Nearly all CATs are clairsentients/claircognizants and empaths, too, so we have a complete knowing and feeling if something is true or not. (This can get a little confusing when you’re dealing with multiple timelines and multiple outcomes.)

So… you either believe us, or you don’t. Neither the CATs nor Helen Schucman have/had any vested interest in trying to fool anyone. Helen scribed The Course out of obligation for Brother J helping her with her colleague. ~AM does what he does because he was called to by J and Archangels and Guides (and his Greater Self), and because he has history with Brother J. (~AM said: “To imagine living a life without SOURCE is… hell.”)  

If you haven’t read the first Renard book (“Disappearance of the Universe”), we highly recommend it. Some CATs know Gary Renard and he’s genuine (his wife is super nice). The Guides he regularly meets with (Arten and Pursah) are also genuine. We didn’t fully believe till we *looked* at them. They’re the real deal. The Course is tough going at times — even for ETs! — but Renard’s book makes it make so much more sense. 

Hope that helps.

-The CATs


Btw, if you get stuck — in meditation, in dreams, etc. — don’t forget you can ask SOURCE for help. We’ve been asking Brother J and Archangels and Guides for help for a while, but were reminded this morning that, since SOURCE is right here, right now, you can jump right into asking SOURCE for help. SOURCE LOVES TO BE ASKED FOR HELP. Self-reliance is one thing, but everyone needs a hand now and again. Most everyone likes to feel needed, not the least of which is SOURCE! So, if you need help, ASK FOR IT. (One of the M’s got stuck at the top of a hill in a dream last night and forgot to ask for help… when they remembered and asked SOURCE, they ZOOMED through the rest of the dream.) If it’s in your best interest to receive help, help is on the way.

Need a little help on that ladder, lady?