753: July Update

A small situation update for July, 2022.


Note to all: If you are feeling pain and grief and rage over events in the world… you need to look at that. Ground well and let those emotions flow out of you. Then calmly look within and find that bright spot, that inner light. It’s in there. (It is, too.) Find it and sit with it a while and let The Illusion go. The real you is impervious to all threats and is immortal. You literally have nothing to worry about. So, lighten up and enjoy yourselves.

While the “center” of this 3d world is collapsing, you yourself are not — unless you want to, or feel like you deserve to suffer. People are constantly blaming other people for things, blaming themselves for things… but if this is Illusion, then no one has done anything wrong, and no one is to blame for anything. However, since the center is dropping away (or has dropped away), there is a feeling of being out of balance, because the 3d center of things is gone. You are the real center and always have been — with SOURCE.

You are ONE with SOURCE, right now, asleep in SOURCE while SOURCE is sloooowly waking you sOUup. As we have said, you are a non-local Being having a local experience, so try feeling the truth of who you are, the SOURCE of everything while out and about, and watch as your thoughts affect those around you. (Note: Some might freak out, some might suffer “cognitive dissonance.”) You are not linear, you are infinite. July is about rediscovering this and starting to manifest some JOY, shine some light. Or it’s about finding a really good taco.

You can tell this is true because it’s a palindrome.


Btw, for the record, CATs don’t care about cryptocurrencies, nor do they give investment advice. People keep asking us. These are inventions of intelligence agencies and carry no real value. These are very much part of The Illusion and need to be let go.

Simply your life. Find your center. Be as passersby…

…of a sort.