Timeline Jumpyhouse for 11-19-18 [UPDATE3]


[UPDATES: This is a crazy post.]

The above chart, from early this morning (for us, anyway) was a pretty quiet one. And Kiruna is back… well, kinda, as you’ll see. But we’re having some new kerfufflage — right now — as you’ll see at bottom. (We’re having this latter timeline shift for a specific reason.)

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Truth 201: Fallout From Phantom CMEs and SO MUCH MORE [UPDATE1]


We’re not sure why NASA (seen above) is squashing data from the last two CMEs, but we suspect that it’s due to the “geniuses” at NASA and the PTW trying to secure The Event/”solar kill-shot” narrative (for maximum future fear value), not to mention Truth Pressure from all sides threatening to pop their dot.LIE balloon. Since we’re psychic and stuck for the time being on the Justice timeline (among others), let’s get to it.

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