732: Space Battle… [UPDATE16]

…but not the one you think.


A massive space battle is still taking place in the solar system. We’d say ‘fingers crossed’ but STO will triumph over STS. It’s a foregone conclusion. Still, it’s interesting that this is still going on, which tells us something.


Don’t wait for any kind of event to take place. Meditate morning and evening and send Love and Light to all those around you. If you are reading these words, then this is your only job at this stage. It is imperative (for you) that you do it.

UPDATE1 ~ 3/14 @ 10:45 am PST

Believe it or not, the battle score is all tied up. No clear winner, yet. Lots of sparks all ’round. Please send Light Forces positive mojo.


A very big ship has arrived:


[Btw, if you’re going to use our info for your own data mining, pls be kind enough to source the CATs.]


Since we don’t speak Light language (not officially), ~AM asked the HS if we could know who’s winning the above Space Battle via a musical cue. The HS instantly provided this (mental) clip.


FYI, the giant ship above… it’s a tall greys’ ship. They are Positives.

We’re going to find out why the Space Police (yes, there are Space Police, controlled by AAs) haven’t gotten involved. They have specific rules of engagement.


Ok… some Space Police ARE involved, which means two things: It’s serious; and Archangels are running the show. (AAs control the SP.)

When ~AM contacted AA Michael this morning, AA Mike was in battle fatigues.

This might be the Final Battle.


And ANOTHER biggie just popped out. We’ll scope it in the morning.

(Note that the sun has a portal inside it and portals can expand to accommodate most anything.)

Note the other ship in the first frame scoping it out:


For this new ship (above), we can’t see the inhabitants (which means they’re High Positives), but we did get the odd phrase of this ship being “full of wisdom.” Probably a good thing.

As of this writing there is STILL a huge space battle going on and it will dictate the direction of how things are going to move forward. Some ETs want to intervene in this solar system, and others don’t want the interference and want to allow Gaia to step in. Either way, M’s are sensing that they are (inadvertently) pushing a major timeline split.

We see it like a tug of war, as soon as one starts to win, the other side comes back hard.  It really is back and forth (kinda like a yin yang kind of thing). ~AM asked AA Michael if we can help and he said no. That we’d be making ourselves targets and these beings aren’t messing around. He then asked about a timeline split because of this and AAM said definitely. 

Be sure to meditate, keep yourselves even. And DON’T accept any invitations from any ETs for anything, even meditations. Battle for hearts and minds and all that. Stick with SOURCE.

NOTE: Since this is such a complex situation, we suggest that everyone go into meditation and place themselves in the hands of Brother J and SOURCE. Only they can see how to best negotiate the path ahead for you. Give yourselves to your Higher Power. Don’t try to steer — at all.


The last Schumann was…

…around 2 pm PDT [21 UTC], so… we might be in a jump. OR the meter is swamped because the CME energy finally bounced off the core. OR they turned off the meter so they could vacuum. Who knows? Best to meditate often.

No news from the battle. We asked the SFs to pop up and take a look. They’re still gone.


Ok, the top SuperFriend reported back… and he doesn’t quite know what to do. The fighting is so complex and the goals so murky that he can’t tell whom to help. The AAs and SP are monitoring the situation, so nothing bad will be allowed to happen. Seems various ET factions (Positive, Neutral, Negative) are jockeying for position… so they must know something is going to happen and they want pole position. They can see “farther down the road” than humans can… but CATs can too, and we’ve suspected some kind of… natural thing… happening between now and say June (no, we don’t know what), so perhaps this event (not The Event) is the jumping off point all these ETs are angling for. The Negs are out of the picture, but Neuts are sneaky, and can try to sway opinion/free will. We’ve been seeing various “call on us, the BLAHBLAHS” messages from various channelers and… we don’t recommend this at all. Be circumspect. Connect to J and the HS and Guides and let them be your intermediaries. A very complex situation, but nothing we can’t handle if we’re smart and calm.

UPDATE11 ~ 3/16/22

So… we might still be in a jump, we can’t tell. Things feel calm where we are, but we’re in 4d not 3d. (We had the choice to go to 5d, but stayed to help, for the time being.) We’re checking on the space war. Also, we’re not seeing any grand cataclysms or anything for 4d and 5d, with 3d having lots of terrible inflation and artificial supply chain woes. We’re reading about how people are “tortured” by the existing situation, but… it seems like the same old crap the controllers have been doing for a while now, so… we’ve moved on from it. Our minds are elsewhere. An upcoming jump will probably reify that.

UPDATE12-14 ~ 3/16/22 3:00 pm PDT

  • In case you were curious how many warring ET craft are around the sun
  • We may be in a timeline jump, but we can’t tell with any degree of certitude.
  • We had another CME which will hit around the exact time of the full moon, so… get ready to breathe SOURCE a lot.
  • Sunday is the Spring Equinox. More energy fun.
  • We think the ET battle forces may reach a cease fire today… like a temporary truce.
  • LATEST: The SF have placed a giant anti-Neg shield around Portal One inside the sun. No negatives can access our main portal anymore. This had already been enacted for the earth, but now extends to the sun. They can use portals much farther away, of course, but they have no more instantaneous access.

If we had never seen this site before, all this would sound crazy!



UPDATE16 ~ 3/17/22

And after all that space war kerfuffle… each side went back to their corners and sat back down. No decision. No real winner. What a waste of resources. At least Portal One is now sealed against Negs.


They actually do kinda look like this.

…we now have two serious Space Police (SP) cruisers hanging out right near the Earth. So, go ahead, make their day. (The SP are controlled by the Archangels, because of the vast territory they have to cover.) They have ZERO sense of humor.

And btw… this…

…was NOT a timeline jump. It actually represents “missing time”… but we have no idea what that means, yet.

We need a vacation.