731: ACTION Phase ~ [UPDATE7]

Things are happening.

You didn’t think we were just sitting around did you?


~AM is back from the hospital — again — after seven days in ICU. He was given an EXIT point at that time (that was the purpose), but he decided against it. He is back and stronger and… different… more in Angel mode. Anyway, the day after ~AM got back from his second hospital stay, he was feeling weak but asked to meet with the M’s and SuperFriends (SF) and he designed complex operations that we won’t go into. These were surprisingly complicated and took the SF some time to accomplish. They are usu. extremely fast, but this operation took some time.

Long story short, the bizarro 4d STS incursion (whatever the heck that was) that was taking place in a certain area in the news is now breaking up. ALL portals have been purged and flooded and are fully protected. Gaia is feeling much better, now.

Once ~AM is back to full strength, he and the Archangels and SFs will be going after this planetary locality — in a tough-love energy way, of course. It’ll be interesting to see what ~AM will be able to do, now.


Right after the operations concluded last night, ~AM got this vision:

It’s not the ocean, it’s WATER. He saw CLEAN WATER, in the atmosphere, in the seas, rivers… everywhere… clean water getting ready to come in and do what it does. CAT consensus is that the clean-up phase just started.

More later.

This is a tough cat, man.


This site is being seriously suppressed. If you folks want to keep it going, then please send it out all over the place and post the crap out of it wherever you can. Otherwise, you may have one less actual avenue of information.

UPDATE2 ~ 3/11/22

Big CME inbound:

Looks like fresh programming on the… 12th. We can’t wait.


We don’t know if this is for us or everyone, but the HS (Holy Spirit) plugged that Wang Chung song from the ’80s in our heads… “Across the nation around the world… everybody have fun tonight.” Sorry.

AND… there will of course be no nook war.

FYI, fresh CME programming due Sun around noon PST.


Thanks to AC for the heads-up. Check this out:

This is a full-on space war/battle. Sparks were flying all over the place. So many players that we can’t pick anyone out. We’re checking to see who won (but we can guess).

Dreams last night for many CATs were full-on bloody battle dreams. No fear (on our parts), but lots of blood and grenades and soldiers and fighting, one wave after another. Things seems to have resolved in the night. (Note that that big earth-directed CME… which should be here any minute… occurred right after the above space battle.)


Pre-CME bounce is already occurring. This may be a big one:

Might’ve been timeline jumps yesterday/in the night. Hard to tell.


Be sure to ‘breathe in SOURCE’ if you’ve having trouble with the energy. All CATs have the ‘champagne bubbles’ feeling as of this writing at 1:00 PST.


For those having trouble with this energy, please got into meditation and ask Archangel Metatron for a gold star (of many many points) for your “crown chakra” (“chakra” as a mapped part of your light body). Place the star at the top of your head, concentrate on it, and expand it to encompass your whole upper body, like this:

Really helps. Note that self-stigmata are totally optional, and not advisable… or necessary. (Brother J already gave you this example.)

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