795: Ends + Odds ~ [UPDATE9]

This and that, here and there.

Here we go, talking about the Illusion again. What’s the point?

Not A Space Agency

People en masse are f i n a l l y waking up to the (correct) realization that NA$A has been faking things for a very long time — and now people are openly calling for an investigation after seeing a bit too many glitches lately, and the fact that NA$A, a “space agency,” has among its holdings one of the world’s largest film studios. Interestingly, they have a complete 1:1 representation of the “International Space Station” (the one in space is just a bunch of cans wired together) in a giant swimming pool. You can sometimes see bubbles in the astronauts’ feeds. Not a space agency, but a film studio that makes space movies.

This is the beginning of NA$A’s end… and might be the entry point for the inevitable govt-dismembering axe. And since there’s no statute of limitations on murder, all those astronauts who got murdered will finally have their murderers hauled up in court. This is going to be a 20-year mess. Ah, that’s why the Justice timeline is still here, entangled with the one CATs are on.

Fools Rush In…

Billed as “the strangest place on earth” (it’s not even close), some have asked us about “Skinwalker Ranch.” The latest show… [eyeroll]. Talk about five minutes of content stretched to a one hour bag of dry dog food. We talked about this (ancient) area in Utah way back in 2009 when the CATs were on another platform and the post has since been scrubbed from the internet. There’s a couple things going on with that property, and lots they’re not telling you — and lots they don’tknow ’cause they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer (and they are bad actors when lying). We’re actually only going to tell you a little, because… well, because the whole thing is just so trainwreck-y dumb.

  • Yes, there is a portal on that property, which is open to literally anything from anywhere. And the people there have no shielding or protection of any kind from it. Sleeping within ten miles of the place is probably a nightmare (been there done that), because literally anything from anywhere in the omniverse can pop out of said portal and walk/fly/slither/stomp around with impunity. This includes spirits, demons, ETs (mostly Neutrals), “monsters” (things that are very low-vibe and ultra-non-friendly and hungry)… you name it. If you can imagine it, there it is. Seeing the people on that show walking around with sidearms and rifles is hilarious. The things they’re dealing with are of a wholly different vibration: bullets (and rockets, so stupid) have no effect. And those things of those vibrations can know whatever you know simply by leaning into your head a little… and they can then access anyone you know — anywhere, any time. And they take things personally. These are not humans these people are dealing with. And for the most part, they are not nice. at . all. Is that enough warning for you?
  • Yes, we could deal with this in five minutes… and the show would be over. Be kinda fun to do that just as a demonstration, but Guides want us to let nature… take its course.
  • Those pieces of metal they found after drilling into what they call the “metal dome” are just pieces of a meteorite which hit there a looong time ago. It’s no big deal, unless you like meteorites. (We do.) What’s odd is that that meteorite came through the portal. We’d have to look into that one.
  • Because of the portal, there are at least three (shared) ET bases within range, so it’s hard to tell who’s exactly there, though we’re 90% sure that the idiot TWBs have a presence there. Like lots of other sites, these bases take advantage of portal easy access, like living near a Paris Metro stop. And of course the people of the show are starting to poke around these bases and mess with the portal. Either of those things sound like a good idea to anyone? There’s an obvious reason why the “govt” (whoever they are, they sure don’t represent The People) sold the site to a clueless fall guy, so when things go south, the govt can step in, mop up, and seize the property for “national security,” and allow the lawsuits to fall where they may. It’s also conceivable that the “govt” wants to use this as a form of soft Disclosure.
  • The biggest issue there is that no one involved in this fiasco knows what they’re doing; the people running this “investigation” are utterly clueless about such an exotic situation. Besides making themselves targets for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING across the omniverse that can access a portal (that’s a big list), they’re also actively pumping tons of FEAR into the area. Thought takes form in action, esp. around portals. Mark our words: They will sit around a camp fire one night and group-think about a monster of some sort and that monster will appear. And guns won’t stop them. Rockets won’t stop them. Without real protection, they’re begging for things like: 1. Spirit harrassment. From any of the quadrillion spirits on earth, locally, or the infinite number of them in the omniverse bopping around looking for something to do. The biggest problem with that is that everyu person there is A PORTAL TO EVERYONE THEY KNOW. Their families, friends, TV executives, celebrities who make weird lifestyle choices, nefarious business contacts, shady government contacts, etc. Spirits and demons and ETs (of a certain level) can access anyone you know. If you know them, they know them. All details. 2. Possession. By low-vibe entities and spirits. If any part of you touches the portal’s event horizon, anything can get into you — and then BE you. Sound like a goood idea? No. No, it doesn’t. 3. ET harrassment. From Neutrals, mostly. CATs put up a shield around the earth to keep Negatives out, but we’re not allowed to keep Neutrals out. CATs don’t like Neutrals, since they don’t have your best interesst in mind. This planet is still the STS/STOP hybrid planet, so it’s still a risky place to be. And ETs, like spirits, can get to you and yours anywhere, for any weird reason. But you like being stared at 24/7 right? 4. Insanity. You think you’re crazy now. These folks at this Utah location are not mentally or spiritually prepared to deal with any of this. 5. Negative Manifestation. Thought takes form in action.
    If the people there started to group-think about say werewolves… well, they’d soon be set upon by (occasionally visible) werewolves. As if this could get any worse, when you actively attract dark things, they can follow you ANYWHERE, and plague you until you learnto protect yourself and get rid of them. Or hire professionals to do it for you. CATs could shield those people (each person, actually) from that site, but then their show would be over, and they seem to want to make as much money as possible from this situation — which of course makes everything they’re doing 100X worse. AND, by watching this train wreck, and discussing it with others, you invite these things into your own lives. This whole thing is like watching monkeys play with fire in a dynamite factory.
  • Want to see something REALLY interesting? Let all this go on a little longer then let one or two of the M’s walk onto the property (like ~AM!). The TWBs would go berzerk, but the dark spirits would flee… replaced by really interesting POSITIVE beings who are infinitely more entertaining than Neuts and Negs. We might even talk an AA into appearing… though we can see them shaking their heads. Still, anything’s possible.

Cow Killers

Several people have written in and asked who’s killing and mutilating cows, recently. It’s the government. They’re destroying the food supply, and food facilitators (like bees in Australia, someone should be roasted for that one), in an effort to deepen suffering, control people, and make them eat crickets and grasshoppers. You are literally what you eat.

Frankly, it’s way past time for The People of this world to take matters into their own hands.

Speaking of killing for no good reason…

The Tylenol Murders

We recently watched a documentary on this and then looked into the case. Turns out the company — and some of the investigators — didn’t really want to know the truth as much as they wanted to hide for lax things really are in their supply chain, so they were lazy about their investigation. The guy who went to prison isn’t the guy who did it.

When we looked into this we saw a disgruntled factory pill bottle line worker who was way disgruntled (and mentally suspect) about his recent employee evaluation. He felt he should’ve been promoted, but someone else was ahead of him. So, he got the poison from a farm supply company (to kill varmints) and put it in the empty bottles during the packing process, before they were filled, so when the capsules went it and got shook around, the cyanide coated them. Companies like this at that time didn’t like to pay for things like quality control.

The guy’s actions opened him up spiritually to darker things and he eventually went even more mental and is now in some kind of locked down facility, perhaps even a prison-type mental facility… which is surpringlywhere he would’ve wound up if he were caught way back when. Now he’s an old man with glassy eyes.

The Things That Wouldn’t Die

Now our least favorite subject.

Some asked about the “Tall Whites” — whom we call the “TWBs” (the Tall White Bastards) — and their motivations. Descended from the Archons (the fallen), their motivation is to be absolute RAT BASTARDS to anyone and everyone, even each other. Why? Because they’re good at it. They stubbornly REFUSE to learn. Must be a hubris thing. Alas, their ships have excellent shielding (which they stole), but they can’t exist outside these shields because of two things: 1. SOURCE/Wave X energy is WAY too high and painful for them to survive it for more than ten seconds, and 2. The shields that The SuperFriends put around the earth to prohibit Negatives from appearing here would also do them in PDQ, if they were exposed to them, unshielded. (But when The Event hits, the TWBs are toast.)

CATs now know how to reach inside their shields and BLAST THEM WITH LOVE. They’re also relatively easy to trick, ’cause they’re so full of themselves, drunk on their own hubris. While the following sounds impossible, after they pushed ~AM into a corner and threatened his family, ~AM reluctantly portaled half a dozen of their big carrier ships to the (separate) ends of the universe, then scuttled said ships beyond repair, crystalized and shattered the metal within them, and left most of the TWBs on planets with no metal. They are finally keeping their distance… and are now apparently searching for easier prey. Note that their favorite thing to do is disguise their ships as jets (at night), and fly low and slow complete with jet noise recorded in the ‘70s. The TWBs are a scourge. The reptoids are afraid of them, which says something about each group.

CATs have of late taken to killing TWBs with kindness, which they HATE. Flooding Negative and Neutral ships with unicorny LOVE drives them up a wall. Thing is, you have to be sincere and caring in your action, with no malice. You can’t use love punitively and say, “Take that!”

[NOTE: The TWBs cannot stop The Event. This was a moronic claim on their part.]

The Hopium Tribe

There’s this one guy whose site cranks out hopium/justice-porn posts about various political figures and celebrities being arrested by white hats and hanged at GITMO. Just for the site hits. Anyway, a reader sent us something from this guy about ‘clones expiring after three years.’ We looked and clones DON’T expire… though they do get ‘decommissioned’ for various upgrades.

Humans and ETs alike don’t fully understand clones (or drones; most of the classic ET “Grays” are actually drone mechanisms, ‘fractioned-soul’ robots). Every time you make an artificial lifeform, the person or being making the lifeform ‘fractions’ part of their soul into each creation/iteration, sorta like Voldemort and “horcruxes” from Harry Potter. This is not to be confused with “splits,” which are (usu. 50/50) divisions of your existing spirit (while you’re on the spirit side, in the in-between life) to create multiple spirit vehicles for maximum learning and experience. Most of you reading these words are splits, as are most CATs. This is kinda complicated. Suffice to say that most on earth are part of the single Extension referred to as “ONE,” or the Oversoul, that has split itself into smaller and smaller pieces over the eons. Most started out as basically a gynormous STAR in the darkness of space 14B years ago (for this one universe), and then split into other stars, planets, group-spirits on planets like bio-system groupings (e.g., trees, mammals, mushrooms, etc.), and of course into various ET civilizations, of which there are a near-infinite number.

Anyway, when you make clones or artificial lifeforms, you actually split a tiny part of yourself into each creation — and you are a tiny piece of SOURCE — so, SOURCE is the common denominator for all things. Clones are chips off the ol’ block.

[Btw, you haven’t lived till you’ve seen ~AM give a “Spirit TED Talk” about this kinda stuff with a white board!]


As of this writing, the Tomsk SR meter is still showing jump, or it’s stuck…

…while other meters have shown jumps here and there:


For those who aren’t aware, you are upside-down. Everything in our world is upside down and backwards. SOURCE is inside you. So by venturing “up” to all those “soul star chakras” above your head… well, you’re going in the wrong direction. Heaven isn’t above, it’s within. Lots of ET civilizations know this and refer to SOURCE like this:

SOURSE is ALL, at the top, with you the individual as the point at bottom. There rerally is no bottom or top, up or down, hot or cold or any kind of duality whatsoever. There isn’t triality. There is only ONE. We are all part of SOURCE.

This of course is why the cabal chose that “eye in the pyramid” logo… an intentional subversion of the truth.

Jeez, that’s enough for one post.


Aha. The Tomsk SR site owners are just messing with the addressing, freaking out about copyright after giving it away free for 20 years. There is no jump, just various local adjustments.

UPDATE2 ~ 4/27/23

Well, we had a little jump after all:

About the same time we had a CME/flare:

Looks like we jumped… TO something… but we can’t tell what. None of this is real, so….

Also… again, if you find yourself set upon by ETs or bad spirits/demons, etc. in any way… use the Coursian mantra on them. The TWBs and fallen HATE it. ~AM was attacked last night (again) by the TWBs and after three solid tries… and three solid SOURCE reminders… they finally gave up.

UPDATE3 ~ 4/29c/23

Looks like a goodold fashioned WHOMP is afoot:

Also… if you only read this blog for little truths, you will miss the big Truth. All should meditate, at least twice a day. This puts you in contact with SOURCE, morning and evening… and often when you sleep. Just a helpful suggestion. You can keep coming back to 3d funhouse earth for as long as you want. It is extremely useful for clearing karma, and getting a thousand years UP the path vs. 100,000 years as a spirit.

CATs have ninja ET guests. They are trying to find out which one of the CATs awoke this morning with a highly unusual ability. Does the world feel a little different today? We’d say “we shall see,” but we didn’t see this one coming!

Btw, ET and spirit guests… it is rude to read over people’s shoulders, especially when they’re writing.

UPDATE4 ~ 5/1/23

We had a jump… and things are kinda weird:

Lots of meters are down. And… lots of really amazing things are happening, we just can’t talk about them, yet.

UPDATE5 ~5/3/23

Hello. We haven’t posted for a while ’cause we’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on. Let’s bullet things:

  • ~AM has a new ability/device (it’s kinda hard to describe) that he (inadvertently) used on the day before Walpurgisnacht — which seems fitting in retrospect — to remove The Usual Dark Suspects from all levels BUT 3d. Team Dark now has zero reach in to anything but 3d. No one was quite sure why this happened at the time, but happen it did. It is now the CAT Consensus that all those who need to be removed for their own good, and our own good, have been thus isolated in this way so when the massive wave of energy hits, those of who have risen above 3d will be untouched, while those who embrace 3d in all its glory will either be swept away, or have to live in the 3d aftermath.
  • We’ve had a number of timeline shifts/jumps/adjustments… and where anyone is is impossible to determine. Don’t stresss about it. You are where SOURCE wants you to be.
  • Remind yourself of that last sentence whenever you have any trepidation about the following. We’re seeing a serious kerfuffle coming up that will be the beginning of Kerfuffle Season. Some CATs have seen May 19th as a key date, but for what we aren’t sure. Note: This isn’t for The Event. Looks like the Justice timneline and the SOURCE timelines are still coexisting, though the 3d isolation thing is done.
  • For those who asked, red hair and blue eyes come from the GIANTS. (Yes, the San Francisco Giants.) The giants of old were the offspring of The Fallen and human females. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they USED to be Angels, so this is in fact Angelic DNA. The really good news is that this is all Illusion, so you technically don’t have any DNA. (DNA is in fact sorta like your rolling video game score.)
  • For those who are pining for the fjords of The Event, STOP. It happens when it happens. You have to meditate and live your lives and continue to better yourselves , with an eye toward STO, as long as you draw breath. If you’re not going to work on yourselves and just wait for the end of the world… well, that just sucks.
  • Speaking of that… everything is our world is coming to an end. But you are fine. Maintain your SOURCE connection — via Brother J, or what have you — and breathe through it all. Be extremely flexible in your thinking and you’ll be fine. Don’t try to explain anything to anyone, it’s not your job. Just be there for those who will be losing their minds, and remind them that everything’s gonna be alright.
BE… the Happy Potato.

NOTE: Here are some of the jumps:


People write in and ask us to describe what we’re working on (some of them intel agencies, like we can’t tell who they are, and craft special replies accordingly!). For the most part, CAT work is indescribable, but we of course don’t discuss certain things; some we hint at, but we don’t want others trying to help, it’s too risky. The Dark looks for advantage everywhere, even while we’re trying to help them ‘see the light,’ as it were.

There is a bit of safety now that a good chunk of Team Low is sequestered in 3d… unless you and yours are ALSO in 3d with them. There’s still time left to invite Brother J and SOURCE (via the Holy Spirit) into your life, and to learn to meditate. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in 3d. However, as we’ve said many times, if you’re still in 3d, don’t panic. Just make a turn toward SOURCE. Ask J for help. This should be enough to at least get one foot out of 3d. Aspire to the Short Path and that path will open up.

NOTE: FYI, Walpurgisnacht is the dark Eve of Beltane, when Team Low tries to cast spells for the rest of the year. Alas for them, ~AM was in front of them this time, and limited their spell-casting to… themselves. Also: The TWBs have been (finally) corralled at 3d… along with the fallen. They might throw a temper tantrum… we’ll see. If you’ve been relying on getting through solid matter to do your deeds and all of a sudden are stuck in a 3d matrix… well, they might panic. Oh, well.

Oh, and there’s a CME inbound, so fresh programming in a few days:

That part of the sun looks to be working on some things here locally, shortly.

UPDATE7 ~ 5/6/23

As far as we know, what ~AM recently did (see UPDATE5) has not only relegated the cabal strictly to 3d, but he also experimented yesterday with doing it for the TWBs (aka, the Tall Whites), and other “Neutrals” and Negs who were causing problems… and it appears to have worked. Last night we had our first calm night in more than a decade.

We’ve been here before, of course, thinking we had dealt with them, or scattered them to the ends of the universe, but like bad pennies they keep turning back up here and there. This time might be different.

To recap, ~AM was given a (9d) device by either SOURCE or the AAs that has forced STS multi-dimensional/multi-density beings and people and ETs into 3d, third density only (not 3D, three dimensions); 3d is a vibrational “level,” though there technically are no levels per se. This has effectively locked those who have aptly demonstrated a refusal to follow the spiritual rules into a convenient matrix for later mass transformation… however that is to manifest. In the TWBs case, whereas they were formerly 5d/4d beings that could easily move through 3d matter at will, they are now stuck in their various bases underground AT THIRD DENSITY. That means they’re stuck. They’ll probably eventually get out, but something will happen before they can put two and to together and become a problem. This is now the case for nearly all of the cabal, and those dark things that have been steering them all this time. The actionability had to be put in the hands of one representative who has suffered from their past actions, and yet has their greatest good in mind, with no malice; someone who has been directly oppressed or affected by this group over the years, yet who has ties to the Angel Host (and who is now in fact a Hybrid Angel; SOURCE is very interested in this development).

We know few will believe any of this, but your belief isnt important. Only CATs and the Spirit Side know what we’re doing, and… well, it’s WORKING. It’s amazing to see. See if you notice any difference in the world over the next few weeks. If nothing else, this should scare the pants off that dark segment of the population; you’ll probably notice more and more of them using most of their time and energy looking for ways to escape. What ~AM did is non-reversible… unless those beings approach SOURCE and establish some means of communication and atonement.


Aaand all kinds of things are now happening. Lookie:


Good-sized CME inbound:

Looks like it’ll hit… tomorrow.