796: Green Ways ~ [UPDATE3]

Onward and upward, on our own power.

Whereas before CATs were seeing themselves in cars negotiating traffic on various superhighways and interchanges, CATs are now generally seeing themselves biking on green paths. And steep hills don’t seem to be a problem. We are also seeing people stop on said verdant paths and look back the opposite way, the way they came… and we see their faces getting brighter as if the sun had just risen. You can guess what that means. In dreams, we have basically parted ways and said our goodbyes with various people and beings we were working with recently, and were assisting, and are set to move on to greener pastures… which seems to be happening right now.

Apart from that… what ~AM did has sealed off Team Dark et al from all those who aspire to bigger and better things… so now all we have to do is meditate (ABM: Always Be Meditating) and await the inevitable. In the meantime, try not to get hooked by the Illusion.


Good grief, Charlie Brown. We’ve had another CME/flare hit — and another’s on the way — along with yet another timeline jump and some rather intense energy. Here we go:

And there’s *another* CME/flare incoming:

What’s surprising about this latest spate of Wave X energy is that it’s making CATs feel like we’re FREEZING… despite that fact that it isn’t that cold. We usually run the exact opposite feeling. NOTE: all the CMEs are beneficial, just not always comfy.

Oh, thre was also a GRB at 4 am PDT:


[redacted CAT crankiness]


We don’t know how he’s doing it, but ~AM’s meditations (during) often result in meters like this one today:

We used to chalk it up to coincidence, but we’ve been tracking it for a few years now and it happens about 70+% of the time — or there’s a timeline jump.

For the record, the energy was thick this morning, 3-4 days before the new moon.