797: “The CHOSEN”

A rare CAT endorsement (unpaid, of course).

As modern CHOSEN ourselves, The CATs have recently discovered and started binge-watching “The Chosen“… and we highly recommend it. (For the record, this is mainstream Brother J, not A Course in Miracles Brother J; the latter is too challenging for a mainstream audience.)

Tremendous casting and acting. (None of us knew that Matthew was like that… since none of us were Apostles. And the Samaritan chick’s reaction at the well was priceless. AND the portrayal of the Romans is dead on.)

ALL CATs have (monetarily) pitched in to help sponsor the show and create the next seasons (and you can, too). Note that we receive no credit, nor are we paid for this, our only Official CAT Endorsement to date. (Sponsoring this show might be our first unanimous group decision.)

Anyway, we hope you’ll check it out. (And that you’ll continue meditating twice a day!)