794: JUMPs, etc. ~ [UPDATE10]

A serious heads-up. Could be a series of coincidences… but buckle up, anyway.

CATs take all data at face value and look for patterns. We noticed a big one. Check it out:


1. The other night, four of the M’s had basically the same parenting nightmare… but it wasn’t about their own kids. In the dream, each CAT was in charge of a little 3YO boy in a light blue jacket and a little 5YO girl in orange and yellow, who were toddling ahead of the CATs at a grocery. They were on their way out when the CAT couldn’t get their (empty) shopping cart through the turnstyle, so they had to lift it up over it… which took about five seconds… but when they finally got outside, the kids were gone. They looked everywhere, but couldn’t find them. The surroundings were flat and rather featureless, lots of concrete. Having no luck finding the kids, they went back into the store for help and these two nice black ladies were up front, sorta dressed as Salvation Army workers. Each CAT relayed the problem and the ladies said they should call the police… but since they were in a totally different place, they didn’t know how to contact anyone. One of the ladies then handed each CAT a phone to contact the police, but it was weird: it was an old fashioned black phone receiver, but there was a wire and a little light at the top of where the ear piece should be. Each CAT put the ‘phone’ up to their head… then woke up. 

2. A CAT reader from the UK wrote in that same day (Hi, Mark), saying that he’d had a waking message given that morning that said: “Earth has been removed.” We could be wrong, but we took that to mean that Gaia has been fully moved to the NE.

And now…

3. We showed you this earlier, but then learned that what we thought was yet another Space War was NOT. Look at the above image closely. All those ET ships are leaving, in preparation for something to come. You can guess what that is.

Then we have… this yuck:

Ew. (Note: Thing from Episode 23 of the 1st Season of ST:TNG.)

4. Last night, those same dreaming M’s dreamt they found this black stuff at a crime scene and put the remnants in big a freshwater tank, at a kind of secret CAT facility (in the dream) for those of us who serve SOURCE. AM then noticed that the stuff had started to thicken — and grow — so he alerted the others, who took steps. Soon, the black stuff totally filled the tank. AM got the idea to put a giant double-barreled disintegrator gun (that we seemed to have on hand) up to the tank (which kinda looked like two gynormous Altec speakers). Everything was on wheels in the dream, so the CATs rolled this giant blaster into place easily and plugged it in. Then the CATs in the dream put a big set of crystals and mirrors in the alleyway BEHIND the wall of the fish tank in question, so when the beam hit the stuff and went through the wall, it would bounce up into the sky (and not harm the dry cleaners next door!). It was then that the black stuff suddenly transmogrified into these creepy, soulless people dressed in New Orleans French Quarter finery from the 1800s — but still somehow in the tank’s confines. They seemed rather clueless, but sinister: they clearly didn’t have anyone’s best interest in mind. They didn’t seem to be actually living, yet there they were. The CATs watched them for a moment, AM standing there with his thumb on the FIRE button… then they woke up. Wow.

5. Meanwhile, people are reporting strange sounds in the sky, while others are experiencing more in the way of static electricity. AND helicopters have been flying around some of the CATs’ houses.

6. And now, since it is April 15, we can tell you that we were given the following message 39 days ago: “39 Days.” We aren’t sure what that meant, but we’re probably going to find out. (This could all of course mean something else… but what?)

Anyway, make up your own mid about all this. Either way, it might be a good idea (if you haven’t already) to close your eyes and put your life in SOURCE’s/Brother J’s hands right now.


We didn’t mean for all that to be scary! We’re very much looking forward to some Positive Change.

UPDATE2 ~ 4/16/23

We still can’t verify anything, but since it’s Sunday, CATs are slow to report meditation information. From the scant info in so far, it seems the “old earth” (whatever that means) is either GONE, or there was a timeline jump to where we are now… somewhere. We’ll figure it out.

Also, one reader writes in with a coincidence: he found himself suddenly responsible for an actual 2 and a 5YO when those M’s were having their lost 2 and 5YO dreams. Interesting.

UPDATE3 ~ 4/16/23

Something we’ve known for some time: most 3d meters aren’t showing what’s happening. So, we have to rely on ourselves for ‘readings’; not very reliable, but oh well. There are a few new/updated meters, however, which return reliable data. And those meters show jump(s):

There was also a double CME around that time, which hits around…

It appears that we are to continue to upgrade gradually… until that process suddenly changes.


Yes, this used to be titled “Red Alert,” then “Alert.” Considering the world has enough LERTS now, red or otherwise, we can let it go.

Btw, this recent post from Ann and the Angels is good:

Use your technology with love, and you will find love. Use it with fear, and you will find the fearsome. Use it in anger, and you’ll connect with the angry. Nothing is outside of the laws of vibration. This is simply how your universe works.”

-Ann and the Angels

In the meantime, we’re looking into something you will find interesting… if we’re allowed to discover the answer. Lots of times, Spirit won’t let us know something “for our own good,” but that doesn’t stop us from trying to find out.


Btw, when we say “unicorns,” THIS is what we mean. We’re not sure if people who do light work or want to do light work get stuck in this hopeium cycle, to keep their site numbers inflated, or if they fail to set any protection whatsoever and talk to and trust literally anyone who comes through, but it’s annoying. The Trump and Q and ET hopeium crap movements and manipulation behind it all is designed to keep us out of the way and “managed.” STUCK is another word for it. If you think someone is going to land and save you — or blast you with SOURCE energy and do all the work for you, such that you don’t have to meditate and do any work on yourself, then you are self-deluded. What’s been happening the past decade has definitely made us more cynical. This is why we only report things we actually experience or check out, first.

As we’ve said many times, this whole thing is “The Event,” though we still see The Big Roast happening one of these days. That’s why so many ETs are getting out now:


Btw, this is an ET at Trump’s hearing. Note the head and pointed features, esp. the ears. (FYI, this is a reptoid in disguise.)

That jaw can unhinge and swallow large prey. Or a bag of grenades.

UPDATE6 ~ 4/21/23

Ha! Interesting that info “from the Tall Whites” is coming out now, warning of a “Big Flash.” Folks, whatever the “Tall Whites” tell you to do, do the exact opposite! THIS is such amazing crapola that we have to share.


Lots of energy today, and believe it or not, it’s going to get stronger. There was of course energy during the quasi-eclipse, but nothing like what’s coming. Besides the rise in energy pumped into “the system”…

… defined as all those arteries and tributaries you aren’t aware of in space-time (which we won’t define), there was also a CME today:

It’ll hit say around 10:00 am PDT on 4/23.

UPDATE8 ~ 4/22/23

Aha. We checked and the beings that Linda Moulton Howe referred to as “the Tall Whites” are indeed the pesky idiotic TWBs we’ve mentioned (and literally warred with) so many times before. If you see any TWBs, start throwing rocks, and don’t stop till all the rocks are gone. They are so NOT humanity’s friend.

UPDATE9 ~ 4/23/23

FYI, that CME energy hit and lots of folks are feeling it. About half the CATs awoke this morning as the first wave of energy hit, but lots of CATs fell asleep around 2:30 pm PDT today, which is interesting: one wave wakes you up, the next one puts you out!

Watch out for auroras at low latitudes:


Oh, and the Tomsk SR meter is either showing jump, or it’s stuck: