793: Going UP ~ [UPDATE11]

Going UP was never so… messy.

We’ve basically said this before, but here it is again. If you want to know what’s going to happen with The Event, then we’ll tell you — again. People keep asking for specifics… which we don’t know. However, we do know some things.

First of all, for you athiests and agnostics and SOURCE enthusiasts alike, watch this excellent video on The Mandelbrot Set, and why you are one (that is, a Mandelbrot Set). Really, you are. Watch it and Then come back here. Consider it your Easter duty.

Dum de dum…

Still here?

Ok, we have seven things for you:

  • ONE: All those ancient texts and scrolls that talk about The End of the World… well, all that stuff already happened. Book of Revelation? That was for the thing that Brother J told people about it while he was alive, which happened 500 years later around 525-545 AD. Wiped everything out and began “The Dark Ages,” which were literally dark ’cause it took anywhere from 18 months to 200 years for the sun to shine again, depending on the region. Looks like the pole shifted and the tidal waves and the bing and the boom. Many past cataclysms people have investigated are actually from that time, all rolled into one, though Atlantis fell earlier. Factually, there have been THOUSANDS of advanced civilizations on the earth that have perished and vanished, one after another (though the last one… or the one before that?… was to deal with the Fallen and their offspring, the giants). Hundreds of thousands of civilizations have been destroyed on the earth over the past 4B years. This is 3d earth and cataclysms are part of the natural landscape. It’s just the way it is for 3d. If you must have physical evidence, go find it. It’s everywhere. CATs are almost out of time, so we’re not going to get into the details. Besides, this is all Illusion and you make it up as you go along. If you can’t reconcile that, it’s not our fault. The more you LOOK at something, the more it expands to fill the space-time you create. So… what are you going to put your time into?
  • TWO: YES, there will be an EVENT… sometime… depending on which timeline this is. You are much more complicated that you realize, but that’s up to you to discover. Basically, The Event will not be what you expect, if you’re expecting something. You know those people on the beach in Thailand the day after Christmas ten years ago? Did they have any idea a tidal wave was about to happen? No. And you won’t, either. There will be no telltales, no solar warnings. And SOURCE has scrambled the timing so anyone with a “prediction” won’t be correct. ETs who can ‘see farther down the street’ (because of their vibration) and those folks on the other side of The Veil have a skewed vision of various proceedings, because: 1. They know this is all Illusion and doesn’t matter, and 2. They know you are immortal and indestructible. Your spirit, that is. The tiny SOURCE-Mandelbrot-Set of spiritual reality that is you is the indestructible, immortal part. Your illusory body is like Kleenex, and… 3. Some have ‘seen’ The Event, but they saw The Event on OTHER TIMELINES, not this one… not yet.
  • THREE: If you have embraced the above — that this is all Illusion and you are an indestructible and immortal and infinitessimal piece of SOURCE — AND you have no attachments to the world, no desires, AND you’ve been working to make yourself spiritually better, AND you’ve adoped the STO (Service to Others) framework, AND you have faith in/put your trust in SOURCE — then you have nothing to worry about.
  • FOUR: If you’re still reading and have to have the nitty gritty, here it is. With The Event, there probably won’t be much warning. No idea as to timing. WE’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW. This is why Archangels and Guides are mute on the subject. We don’t think they really know, only SOURCE knows. Anyway, once the lever has been thrown, a white-hot wall of Wave X transmutational energy will come without warning, very fast and inescapable. It will penetrate everything, even the deepest super-secure and hardened military and ET bases and shielded compounds. Why? Because this is all Illusion. You can’t build a wall out of FAKE and expect protection from what’s REAL. The only protection you have is your mindset. You’ll probably have enough time to go outside and prepare yourself… unless you don’t. Everyone will have a different pre- moment, a different during moment, and a different aftermath. However, we will all share in this, later. Frankly, the energy will ZAP you into nothingness. Your body will be gone. We’ve said this before on the site, but lots of people don’t seem to read or remember it, so here it is again. Your spirit will transition out of this (fake) body of yours and will be released. Then you’ll say, “Huh. That was The Event. Oh, dang. I’m dead.” Unless you’re one of those who will remain on 3d, for any number of reasons. SOURCE may then re-YOU you… somewhere… in some form… or not.
  • FIVE: If you’d like to get every last teeny erg of spiritual oomph out of those last seconds, do this: Once you SEE The Event energy, quickly thank SOURCE for sending it (FINALLY!) and ask Brother J to enjoy The Event with you. Then, as it comes toward you, MOVE TOWARD IT a little. The Event is basically a SOURCE Hug… only SOURCE is vibrating so fast that our Illusion will go POOF once SOURCE touches it, since SOURCE is real and the Illusion is not. If you’ve been working toward enlightenment and you embrace SOURCE and you don’t have too much in the way of karma accumulated (in your mind), AND you ask Brother J to enjoy The Event with you, we’re guessing your “transition” will go differently. YES, you’ll be atomized, but it won’t hurt (much, though if you feel that you deserve to burn and hurt for eternity, well… you’re gonna feel it)… but if you’ve done what we’ve just listed, then your transition will probably be quite different. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a fearful person, then this will not go well for you. So, you might want to work on losing as much fear as you can, beforehand.
  • SIX: As stated, sSme may survive and still be on the 3d earth, afterward. Depends on what timeline you wind up on. You determine what timeline you’re on, so please don’t ask us. Either it’s your penance or the punishment you feel you deserve, or because you are the toughest damn volunteer ever.
  • Seven: Don’t worry about birds and wild animals and trees, or pets. They will somehow split and go to the NE, don’t ask us how that works. This might happen to

Ok, that’s enough of that. Time to meditate.



  • Ok, some CATs have been having “escalator” dreams, where we get on some kind of transportation with people, then use an escalator to go UP and off the plane/bus, etc. We’re often helping people to carry their things. Read into this what you will.
  • You know those little handbags that some figures in ancient art are holding? What’s the deal with that? We’ll tell you. They held special medicinal herbs and substances that the beings used for trade. What did they trade for? That’s a good question.
  • Finally, some CATs have also had dreams about…

…cars going backwards. We think this means that FINALLY people are changing their minds about the shot… and a lot of other things… primarily because so very many people (who got the shot) have suddenly found that they, or their loved ones, have cancer, and have two weeks to live. It’s very sad — sadder because it could’ve been avoided.

Sorry it took so long to post. We had our hands full with those ETs’ multiple visits. They look like this:

In the meantime… we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter… on this, Good Friday.


Oops. We forgot to add the timeline jump. We had one last night, while CATs were watching Star Trek and eating pizza. Yeah, it was Thursday.

We jumped to this timeline where CATs finally put out a new post.


More jumpage/energy correlation:

UPDATE3 ~ 4/8/23

Speaking of going UP… some CATs (five of us) each had a vision in this morning’s meditation where they saw a bunch of cars on a highway… someone hit their brakes and we rose up over the road and the road went…

Gotta be close.


We’re in another jump. The recent jump was TO “something good,” and we’re guessing this new one is similar:

UPDATE5 ~ 4/9/23

Still in a jump. LOTS of CATs complaining this morning about “annoying family” dreams. Nothing tragic, just annoying.

And… Happy Easter, everyone. Oh, btw… CATs were also complaining that they have no idea how to celebrate Easter, anymore. It was actually Brother J demonstrating that this is all Illusion (death is an Illusion, duality is an Illusion, etc.), so… how does one celebrate being released from an Illusion-based mindset? (Don’t feel badly if the Illusion keeps getting your goat: even ETs are still taken in by it.)

Note: Bunnies celebrate mating and eggs represent fertility. In case you were curious. This culture has become so pagan.


Still in a jump. Sadly, one CAT has split off and is now on a more ‘nitty gritty’ timeline, to help folks there. We will miss her. [UPDATE: She split, so one part is here, one part is elsewhere. All CATs are “multisplits,” as are some of you.]

UPDATE7 ~ 4/11/23

We have landed… somewhere. We’ll try to find out.

UPDATE8 ~ 4/11/23

Well. We were wondering if this was going to happen. Unless we’re reading this wrong, it looks like we’ve jumped into the frying pan. (It’s just illusion, so no worries.) This isn’t punishment. It’s because those reading this are the strongest and most capable. (Note: In the Illusion, if someone attacks you, you can do whatever you need to do to defend yourself, with no karmic charge.)

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be on the edge of your seats. And when you’re done, you get to go to the New Earth.

UPDATE9 ~ 4/12/23

Ok. We left the previous update with little explanation so you’d think about it.

Our world is really heavy right now.  There is nowhere to turn, except… inward… which is intentional. Mr. Nasty (who’s still around, no matter what the unicorns say) is trying to take over through the evil people in control. We are the counter force, along with SOURCE and the Angels and the volunteers and those who believe and follow the Light in an STO manner. Mr. Nasty is grabbing hold for one last big squeeze. Most everything is on the brink of collapse and what emerges would be really evil if any of this was real. It’s not. This summer feels very heavy at the moment, but we could be feeling another timeline that will branch off from this one. If people don’t have faith in God/SOURCE by now — or at least a notion that something’s rotten in Denmark (so to speak) — now is the time to evaluate things and start believing and praying and meditating.

Question: Who is more powerful? SOURCE or Mr. Nasty? The answer is obvious. So, why are you worrying?

Last night some of the M’s had a(nother) “test” dream, to demonstate where we are now. In the test (which was grueling and multidimensional and difficult to describe), they got through it and didn’t fear — or get angry… and they graduated: gold outlines on their tunics vs. red outlines. (They watched as those who failed threw temper tantrums.)

Everything here is to help us, even when it doesn’t look that way.


In case you were curious, this is most excellent: The Corbett Report: The WWI Conspiracy.

You can either read it, or watch/listen to it. In three parts.


FYI, we’re experiencing some SOURCE reality-shuffling:

Might last a day or two. Or longer. No idea where we’ll all wind up.

Note: If the site lies fallow for a while, then starts up again, but with a different tone, different (STS) messaging, then someone else has the site and you should write us off. The CAT site has been totally downloaded of late, and not by us.

Something must be happening ’cause the M’s had VERY tall ETs visit last night. Don’t worry, they were Positives. We’ve had three different sets of ETs visit over the past three days, and during this time of the month, that’s unusual. Not the normal ‘tourist bus’ crowd. We got a ‘getting a fix on our position’ feeling, so some CATs are guessing that time is short. Then again, CATs have said that before.

UPDATE12 ~ 4/12/23

We just noticed that there was another Space War du jour during the big timeline jump of the 11th:

Tracking down some stuff for the next post. Thanks to all for their info updates. We’ll try to address everything.