No one will believe any of this, but we don’t care: put simply, we won. It was very stressful. We were brazenly attacked by the TWBs a week ago (three-ship sneak attack at 2:00 am), which forced us to (peacefully) scatter their ships all over the quadrant… but they came back, revenge-minded, and had to be liberated from their troubled existence. We did not do … Continue reading Phew

High Weirdness UPDATE for 9-4-17 [UPDATED 9-10-17]

Ok, that’s just embarrassing. Wow. Buckle up for this post. Lots happening. Some of which is so out-there it’s hard to even talk about. First off, something you aready know… Wave X in action. 1. This is Wave X/SOURCE energy, not HAARP. (The latter shows up as weather “adjustments” and tweaks.) The ever-increasing influx of Wave X “energy” (it’s not energy, exactly… it’s SOURCE getting … Continue reading High Weirdness UPDATE for 9-4-17 [UPDATED 9-10-17]

Gearin’ UP for Crazytown [UPDATES 7-17-17]

[Ok, with so much happening, some older UPDATES ARE IN RED and the newer ones in BLUE. We were just gonna delete this post since it’s a mess, but what the hell.] [Latest energy updates at the end.]Sorry, folks. We were wrong. What we thought (hoped) was an eradication of the darkness in the July 1st wave looks to have been just a temporary push-back, … Continue reading Gearin’ UP for Crazytown [UPDATES 7-17-17]

That BOOM in Northern CA? [UPDATED]

Fig. A: “Boom.” After one of the M’s reported in the comments of a previous post about this, we realized that NO ONE had reported this, so… we’re reporting it. And it sounds weird even to us. About 11:00 pm PST on Saturday, February 25th, 2017, there was an inexplicable and highly substantial BOOM sound that echoed all across Northern California, startling local residents. Those … Continue reading That BOOM in Northern CA? [UPDATED]