High Weirdness UPDATE for 9-4-17 [UPDATED 9-10-17]

Ok, that’s just embarrassing.

Wow. Buckle up for this post. Lots happening. Some of which is so out-there it’s hard to even talk about. First off, something you aready know…

Wave X in action.

1. This is Wave X/SOURCE energy, not HAARP. (The latter shows up as weather “adjustments” and tweaks.) The ever-increasing influx of Wave X “energy” (it’s not energy, exactly… it’s SOURCE getting closer) is interdimensional in nature, so basically undetectable by various meters… but MAN, can we all feel it. Humans are excellent energy detectors. It’s occasionally uncomfortable. If you find yourself nauseous, or fatigued, or with a headache, or all of the above, try meditating “up” into it by imagining that you’re “raising your vibration” in meditation… and you can also ask Brother J to “enjoy the energy” with you. Sounds weird, but it works. (Factually, your actual “vibration” is SOURCE vibration, which is… you know, cranked up to 11.) Meanwhile…

We can’t tell if this meter is broken, or what.

…plain ol’ galactic cosmic ray energy is all over the place. But what else is new?


Look at the proton flux! Is it any wonder we feel fried? But wait, there’s more…

CME #1 inbound.

CME #2 inbound.

These are TWO separate CMEs, 12 hours apart, one (or a combo?) due tomorrow, 9/6/17 @ 2:00 pm PDT. Our first solar broadside in a while. Since the sun is our “solar/reality projector,” let’s see what happens with this “energy.” (Can we say goodbye to Hurricane Irma?)

2. High weirdness time. We weren’t expecting this till one of the later Event “steps.” People are starting to change. Of course, we’re all changing and upgrading almost constantly now, but now it’s gaining in definition. On Friday night, we had two of our group… change. No one knows exactly how, or what this means. One looks (aetherically) kinda like… Lady Rainicorn (?) from Adventure Time…


 The other… well… looks like this…

 …except they have an extra face — a fish — and a dragon tail. And maybe another head, as well. There are so many. When the M in question asked who they were now, they heard, “cherubim.” Yes, we got chills, too. The changes are not readily apparent unless you can see into the ultraviolet. Several religions have talked about these changes in various ways, but we’re not going there. (And yes, this was followed by the appearance of a smaller “angel” that appeared, flying around, looking like a bunch of fiery wheels: a mini-portal.) Keep an eye out for your own changes, and as always… don’t freak out. We kinda freaked out, since we’re not all that biblical in scope. 

3. Meanwhile, Psychic Blossom Goodchild had another conversation with SPIRIT, and this one sentence jumped out at us:

[Then there is]… ‘Matter’. As you know… ALL THAT IS … IS Energy. There is nothing else … And as you know, too … depending on the Vibrational frequency … ‘Energy’ can transform into ‘matter.’

[Matter]… is a coagulation of thought ‘gelling’ with identity. An identity which allows the thought to BECOME.

We suggest reading the whole thing. Very interesting. 

We finally have the measure of them.

4. And finally… something that will seem rather mundane, but isn’t. Several of us have unfortunately been busy of late (hence the lack of posts) dealing with daily/nightly full-court-press harrassment by beings who aren’t well understood or discussed much, but who seem to have a momentary foot-hold on this lower realm Earth — and unless they seriously change in the next 40 days, we doubt they’re movin’ on up. We sincerely hope the group in question has learned their lesson (we won’t say how… they know). With that in mind, CAT5 asked one of the M’s some questions about this and the answers are interesting to say the least.

[NOTE: We coined the term “TWB” (“Tall White/Black”), since the ETs in question appear tall and white, but their auras (that we’ve seen) are BLACK for obvious reasons (though one of us saw white auras, and were momentarily fooled). These beings are supposed to be NEUTRAL, whatever that means, but we’ve caught them being quite the opposite. They may be experts in advanced cloaking, but they can easily be seen with the right eyes. We gave them every opportunity to take a peaceful course, but when they full-on threatened us, we dealt with them. CATs have claws for a reason.]

CAT5: We haven’t seen the TWBs around the last few days, and they are conspicuous in their absence. They didn’t come by last night as they usually do every Wednesday at 10 pm. [They’ve been “monitoring” some of us nearly every week, day and night, for almost two years — and some since childhood.] Are they gone? Or have they perhaps been coming by after we’re asleep? Or are they up to something?

M3: I think they’re gone for a while. They sort of gave up and are going to wait a while and check in on us later.

CAT5: That’s what I thought. Funny how I could feel they were gone. So… how many TWBs are there on earth, anyway? And how many ships do they have?

M3: There are so many that I can’t count. When I put it out there, I see a ton of what look like pinpoints in the sky. Actually kind of unnerving! I think most try not to interfere, but you guys just got tangled with the wrong cluster. 😦

CAT5: Wow. And this is just for the TWBs?? Are they the largest ET contingent? Who holds them in check?

M3: They feel like the largest faction right now. I don’t see any checks and balances on them. They feel ‘free-range’ without any real enemies, as long as they mind their own business. Even when they do interfere, the attack is on the group or a ship itself and doesn’t really spread to the group as a whole. They have numbers to protect them.

CAT5: Huh. So, are the “sphere beings” gone?

M3: No, they’re here.. but they feel like they’re hiding in the background. Their numbers feel small, though.

CAT5: Hm. Feels like a trap — for the TWBs?

M3: It sort of does. Just keep them on your radar.CAT5: Right. We’re not scared of them. Most of us actually hope they turn themselves around, toward the light.

M3: Their alternative isn’t very promising. But they’re intelligent. They can change if they want to. If even a few of them make inroads to SOURCE…

We at Schrodinger’s Other Cat sincerely hope that ALL OF US can come together at this time, without any more conflict. We look forward to peacefully enjoying this:

UPDATE, today: Aaand there were three more CMEs after this post, all from the same sunspot complex. Anyone else feel tingles (or headaches)? Note that the biggest hit is now forecast for around midnight EDT on 9-6-17.

UPDATE 9-7-17: The New Earth is being formed right now. Look at this latest 2nd Schumann Resonance:

The 2nd SR (the top line) is typically a whole order of magnitude lower. It’s been like this for about a week. Oh, but look what it just did…

And then there was this strongest-in-ten-years X9.3-class solar flare, what they’re calling a “decade-class flare.”


 It’ll be interesting to see how allthis manifests. Some of us had “intruder/infiltrator” dreams last night. What else is new? Here’s how it affected the Tixie meter:


Also, check out how the insane PTW are using HAARP microwave bursts to heat up the interior of Hurricane Irma. See that white patch inside, then see it spin faster? Those are heat pulses.

That’s clear, direct evidence of weather tampering. If one person dies, it’s murder.
Besides that, pretty sure “hurricane induction” would be considered a weapon of mass destruction.

Everyone imagine hitting it THE OTHER WAY, making it spin the opposite direction. And create curved “mirrors” on top to deflect the heat pulses.


Everyone: try this. Imagine yourself HUGE. Then go back in time in your minds and SEIZE the gynormous solar flare just as it emerges from the sun, and sling it like a javelin into the opposite side/spin of Hurricane Irma, killing it. Try it. ~M2 

UPDATE 9-10-17

This started around 6:00 am EDT, an X8.2 flare. Lookie.

Direct hit you-know-where.

And that was a glancing blow: the CME was facing away from us; we’ll see that sunspot formation again in about 10 days.

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  1. Note that the 'high cover' M5 mentions are NOT angels in the conventional sense of the word… if there is such a thing: they are OMNIVERSAL beings of great love and compassion, just a few ticks down vibrationally from SOURCE (they are, like all of us, extensions of SOURCE, but very different, and surprisingly individual).Nice work on staking the hurricane vampire btw, folks!-M3


  2. I will hold you to that M5!I love a good gossip.Glad you are all ok, again…!Mark


  3. FYI: “hurricane”-wise, a friend's brother who lives in Florida said Irma was just a “six-pack storm.” He'd bought a case of beer for the storm, but only got through six!-CAT8


  4. Going in tonight to assist A1, let's see if I have any new toys?Incidentally, my visitor turned up again, tried to coerce me, I revealed him and used the SOURCE Armour, it really worked…BOOM! See you later guys.Mark /|\


  5. NO. This is not advisable. We cannot tell you why. We appreciate the offer, but PLEASE stay out of this. Listen to us on this.~M3


  6. I am immortal.But i respect your wishes M3.Be safe brothers and sisters.Mark


  7. Yes, indeed. And thank you. This will be like threading the needle as it is without having others we need to worry about. We'll explain when it's over.~M3


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