Your Basic Meterage Update [UPDATE2]

How long can we keep this up? Lots of us awoke last night at our respective 3:00 am’s, as the energy was heart-racy/palpatational.. though most of us DO sleep pretty close to what could be called “cosmic conduits” in the earth. (It’s funny how that happened; it wasn’t intentional, at least not consciously.) Basically, when the energy is high in the earth’s cosmic neighborhood, it … Continue reading Your Basic Meterage Update [UPDATE2]

What Light From Yonder Solstice Window Breaks? (or, "Buckle-y Buckle-y William F. Buckley")[UPDATE1]

We’re rounding the clubhouse turn to The Event… Ok, we’re seeing some predictive meterage of late, so it’s time for a meter post. And since we’re about to enter the Solstice Window… Oh. What’s the Solstice Window? Typically, energy ramps occur 10 days prior, and 10 days after, your basic solstice. But this 2018 Summer Solstice (June 21st at 6:00 am EDT) isn’t just any … Continue reading What Light From Yonder Solstice Window Breaks? (or, "Buckle-y Buckle-y William F. Buckley")[UPDATE1]

Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

Going UP… Some of you may now be experiencing what we’re calling “The PULL” in meditation, when you set a grounding cord to the New Earth, and/or to SOURCE, you feel this upward PULL. Some have been experiencing this for a while, while others are getting it now. Ground UP!  Additionally, we’re continuing to see interesting activity elsewhere. Here’s a current snapshot: Recent Moscow SR … Continue reading Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

WHOMP & Wave X Storm & Timelines [UPDATES4]

Actually, it was RED, then green… We SO wish one of us had a timelapse camera set-up. Early this morning several of us awoke to a Wave X storm (at 3:00 am PDT), looking and sounding like a David Lynchian production: There was sky rumbling; the sky glowed red — then flashed GREEN; owls were hooting all over the place. Seriously. Anyone else experience this? … Continue reading WHOMP & Wave X Storm & Timelines [UPDATES4]

A Line of Demarcation Approaches [UPDATES5]

Whooaaaa… Ok. Time for a quick briefing before the bus gets any crazier. SITUATION ANALYSIS We’re getting indications, from ourselves and other psychics, that there will be an “energy step” on Saturday, April 21st. This won’t be one of the Event Steps, but a significant energy moment. One psychic waxed catastrophic in her recent writings, but there will be no catastrophes. Lia Gawlas likened it … Continue reading A Line of Demarcation Approaches [UPDATES5]

UPDATE for 4-12-18: Red WHOMP [UPDATES]

Everyone’s horizontal hold is messed up right now. We don’t know who suggested the term “RED WHOMP” but we love it. And that’s good, ’cause that’s what’s goin’ on. Lookie: …also known as WHITE WHOMP (no offense) in Moscow. No worries. But note that this energy might make you… UPDATE1 Interesting. This GRB actually woke some of us up. Continue reading UPDATE for 4-12-18: Red WHOMP [UPDATES]

Here Comes… Something

One guess what this is. We’ll tell you at the end. We’ve been waiting for something dramatic to happen before posting yet another “meters” post… and besides the graphic above (which we’ll tell you about shortly), here it is: Three big gamma ray bursts (GRBs) in the past two days alone. Lookie: Boom. Boom… boom. BOOM. Neutron meter in THULE, Antarctica. We’re unsure if these … Continue reading Here Comes… Something

Update for 3-3-18 [UPDATE2]

This is how we’re feeling lately. We’re actually doing this post the night of March 2nd, with a strong feeling of the calm-before-the-storm. Could be wishful thinking. We apologize for accidently deleting the previous UPDATE; this one should make up for it. Anomalies galore. And in lieu of actual reportable psychic forays, we’re gonna have to lean on meterage. First off, we have the outlier … Continue reading Update for 3-3-18 [UPDATE2]

Event Timing, etc. [UPDATED 2-17-18]

Here’s the latest from Sophia, another psychic, in her most recent newsletter Q&A, asking questions of some beings she recently connected with. We thought you’d find this interesting: Q: “How about ‘The Event’ date? Do you have any prediction for this EVENT?”A: “This event is a moment that cannot be precisely predicted. Not if the definition is assumed to be a human activated one with … Continue reading Event Timing, etc. [UPDATED 2-17-18]

Update for 1-28-18: It Really is All Happening [UPDATES]

It’s all happening. A quick snapshot of some quiet, current metering drama: Not seen this kind of energy before — esp. from this Italian meter. More from Italy; timeline kerfufflage. More drama. Again, we’ve not seen this kind of activity in one snapshot. Riometer from Sweden. Ottawa is hot as usual, though we suspect that 60 Hz indicator is a power line. Irkutsk @ 3000 … Continue reading Update for 1-28-18: It Really is All Happening [UPDATES]