A Line of Demarcation Approaches [UPDATES5]


Ok. Time for a quick briefing before the bus gets any crazier.


We’re getting indications, from ourselves and other psychics, that there will be an “energy step” on Saturday, April 21st. This won’t be one of the Event Steps, but a significant energy moment. One psychic waxed catastrophic in her recent writings, but there will be no catastrophes. Lia Gawlas likened it to crossing an “event horizon.” (Interesting, we haven’t seen the TWBs the last few nights.)

Sadly, any promised catastrophes await only the cabal, and those others who refuse SOURCE and need more time in the 3D earth school, while the rest of us go to the 4D earth. How will it happen? Will there be ticks and mosquitoes when we get there? No idea. Various psychics are saying it will happen on Saturday, April 21st. Whatever it is, it’s kinda happening right now, off and on. We’re not sure when this will kick over into full-blown EVENT mode, but things *are* moving faster and faster, if you haven’t noticed.

Oh, while we’re thinking of it, ignore all the WWIII and anti-Trump palaver from the MSM and various alt.sites (like Drudge, which has totally been bought out by the cabal, it seems). This kind of phlogiston is meant as a distraction. Like we said a while ago: do you want justice, or do you want SOURCE? Make a good choice.


Also, let’s review Event telltales to look for (that are already happening, ahem) that we posted just two weeks ago, [updates in brackets]:

  • Weird Weather: There will be all kinds of weird weather right before The Event [which we’re now seeing everywhere] 

  • “Signs in the Sky”: Odd rainbows, double rainbows, an overly persistent rainbow, or aerial phenomena of any kind [lots of these reported lately]

  • Airport/Airplane Snafus: Nothing can apparently be in the air during The Event, so watch for airplane malfunctions, airport closures, airline shutdowns, that kind of thing [LOTS of these reported lately]

  • “Event” Dreams: we’re all having these, and have been for years… which is frustrating, since you keep thinking that it’s going to happen very soon. Dreams of travel, going up and down stairs, levels, elevators, or moving from one place to another… anything movement or transitional. [We’ve had these non-stop.]

  • ET Activity: ET presence will be so intense that some countries may start to disclose it. We’ll see ET activity really pick up right before The Event. [We saw a dragon in broad daylight this morning, not 20 feet away. That was pretty darn awesome.]

  • Animals: We see the vibrations of the earth being really intense around the time of The Event, and animals will freak out. [This is being reported all over.]
  • Towns Taken Over by RUSSIANS: Russian Thistle, that is, better known as tumbleweeds. [Already happened.]

Basically, The Event seems incipient as all get-out. And NO, it’s not happened, yet. You’ll definitely know when it happens. Trust us on this. 

Remember, your jobs as people-in-the-know is to help the normies keep calm when The Event happens — and then happens AGAIN a day or so later, if what we’ve been told pans out. What will happens after The Event is kinda up to SOURCE and our higher selves. We’ll bear that cross when it sticks to us.


Important: It’s VERY beneficial to focus on LOVE in your meditations, right now. It could be anything: Love for someone you love; love you’ve received in the past; love for a pet; love of friends; your love for blacklight unicorn art… whatever works. Try imagining it in meditations and see where it leads. Whatever it is, be sure to give thanks to SOURCE, your Guides, whomever you feel compelled to thank; acknowledgement and gratitude are also very important components. Again, all expressions of love are MAXIMAL, so when you turn it on, you automatically turn it on full blast. You will be amazed at how strongly this comes back to you at this time, so close to SOURCE. Who knows, this could be what’s bringing on The Event faster.

And now…


While “scientists” continue to blame earth/space energies on coronal holes, we continue to get increasingly unusual readings:

The minute values are provided by magnetic observatories (Hartland and Canberra)
and INTERMAGNET GINs (Geomagnetic Information Nodes) on a 10 minute basis.

 Ok, that happened.

Lomnicky Neutron Meter

Hermanus, South Africa

Mexico City, Mexico

And we just saw this on crotchety SpaceWeather:

Interplanetary shock wave from where, doc? There have been no CMEs reported in April. And the sun’s coronal holes don’t usually create interplanetary shockwaves. Basically, there will be no help from the scientific establishment in looking and interpreting what we’ll be seeing. That’s ok, we don’t need them anymore; we can see things for ourselves — with bio-instrumentation they can’t touch.

We’ve also been experiencing very high portal energies (from those who live near them), and reports of nightly booms and sky rumblings in our various locales.

Meters from yesterday were rather interesting:

Rome. That’s an odd one. Magnetic field MULTISTRIP DAILY representation, useful for
comparing anomalies from day to day, scroll time 110 sec, updated every 60 minutes:

Look at these lines at 3, 4, 11, 12, and 16 Hz. They’re in all these recent graphs at some level or another.


And a mini red-WHOMP… with what look like five timeline changes.

That’s enough for now. More as we develop.

When the Magic Donut Meter gets to JELLY… RUN.

UPDATE 4-20-18

Wow. Look at these riometer readings today. Riometers basically measure levels of cosmic noise.

Never seen this one do this…
…or that.

This spiked around that time.

This is Irkutsk.

This activity seems due to whatever caused this…

…but we have our doubts that it was mere solar activity from a coronal hole. There was something else working either in the sun, or beyond it, amping the energy.


Oh, and a little LHC attempt. Lame.

Btw, to the Coast Guard/DHS helicopters and planes that repeatedly circle us: shove off. Do you guys feel kind of anxious up there? Dragons can do that.

UPDATE 4-20-18, later…

Meanwhile, in Mexico City…

…and lookie this in Italy:

Crazy. Pretty.

UPDATE 4-21-18

The energy just popped up, giving half of us a headache.

Look to the far right of the graph. It measures 0 to 34Hz.

Here’s Ottawa. You can see that the energy “wall” in the graphs above it’s that “tall.”

Energy building from higher frequencies, now…

And we don’t quite know how to read this higher frequency magnetic field meter from Etna… but it sure is pretty.


Well, we definitely crossed over into something. Some of us saw what can only be described as a “Wave X storm,” that featured red, aurora-like bursts intersperesed with a big GREEN burst that made those who saw it go, “WHOA!” This was accompanied by *owls hooting* and either ships or dragons zooming by (all horizontally, so they weren’t meteors). If you look at the next post, you’ll also see that it looks as if we’ve had some timeline jumpage here and there.  What’s all this mean? Your guess is as good as your guess.

39 thoughts on “A Line of Demarcation Approaches [UPDATES5]

  1. I couldn't agree more, the PTW should have the opportunity to change and be forgiven. I personally think the pain they will feel in their own life review is enough for any soul to change. Whether or not they take the opportunity is another story. SOURCE will recycle them I'm guessing if they don't want to change their ways.Anyway, thank you CAT's and M's!


  2. Thanks for this; explains the internal heat I've been feeling on and off for a while now. Didn't really think it was hot flashes!


  3. Oh, we get that all the time. Hot, cold, hot, cold… even the male CATs!-CAT3


  4. Trying to notify my core family members and those few friends who won't call me crazy about this, and to avoid any pointless distractions. Being WOKE can be quite a burden sometimes, but it is a welcome one.On that note… those travel/vacation dreams have been going overdrive inside my head for the past few weeks. Literally almost every night, and the places I visit keep getting more surreal. Last night, it was a beautiful beach with gigantic waterfalls on the side and a mountain range behind me. It somehow defied all physics, but it was incredible. I wouldn't mind living there!- Francis


  5. Sadly my dreams are still nonsensical and a lot of times bad, lol. But I'm glad to see things really begin to pick up! My wish is that I'll be able to gain enough confidence by the time the event rolls around to help those around me!-Lore


  6. Don't misunderstand: BAD dreams are you purging yourself of all things fear and anger and guilt. Having bad dreams is GOOD if you're spiritually purging. Eventually, you won't have any bad dreams anymore. It's a process.~M2


  7. Not sure. Lately we've had no insight into what's to happen, perhaps because things are changing so fast, and in so many ways. Or we're just lame, now. ;)We are still seeing a light “wave” rolling in, dramatically, and our instances of Higher Being contact has jumped a whole order of magnitude.~M2


  8. This blog would not exist if Da-da had not created it!You have all of our greatest thanks.~M2


  9. Nonsense, especially absurdity, is actually really good imo. It's one of the few really effective gateways to accessing higher levels that feels safe, although sometimes a bit weird, and it can work really really fast if you learn how to ride it in. Basically, if you embrace the absurdity, it makes it super easy to drop internal filters and allow your subconscious to bleed some seriously dark shit into your conscious mind for processing without freaking you out or shifting your consciousness into lockdown protection mode.


  10. You guys couldn't be lame if you tried; you see dragons! And apparently they don't think you are crunchy and good with ketchup!


  11. Heck, even I am still purging a few remaining things and I'm a cinnamon roll – don't feel ashamed of whatever you have to process. We're all in this together. That, too, is the will of SOURCE. Our collective will.- Francis


  12. I agree wholeheartedly. I'd say every single Ascended Master had a great appreciation for absurdity, if not irreverence. Monty Python is one of the few human enterprises that's been exported beyond this solar system, that and music.~M5


  13. I dunno. I was super-lame on Monday.Factually, I worry about what the dragons will do once all the fighting is over. They're gonna need to be redirected, or they're gonna get bored and start making cabal sandwiches… ;)-CAT5


  14. You know who'd like the dragons? MARINES. Their mindsets are similar; dragons actually remind me of Laconians, except dragons are BORN that way. Feisty. Laconic. But extremely honorable and highly intelligent. They also love a mission… which is why our planet is swarming with them!Hmm… that gives me an idea. Lemme check…Ok. They said, “Probably, yes.”I asked that, tomorrow night, Saturday night, all over the earth, for dragons to show off — unless there's a safety reason why they shouldn't, or they're fighting something or someone (calamari, TWBs, etc.). Watch your skies between 9 and 11 pm. They might start tonight, but it depends on how fast they get the word out.~M6


  15. Oh. Right. Duh.The dragons reminded me that not everyone can SEE dragons, but they'll try to lower their vibrations temporarily here and there (if it's safe to) and make FLASHY lights. This will be easier after The Event, as our group vibe will be higher.~M6


  16. OMG!!! cause I recently had a dream I did NOT want to wake from….there were dragons of every color and size in the skies….it was more like a celebration!!!


  17. Whooaaa… M6 is forgetting that only one person in a million can see a spirit, and maybe one in 10M can see a dragon. Could be more like 100 million. Don't feel bad if you don't, just yet. ~M5


  18. Ok, @ArenaAnaheim, that is the dream of the week! Dragons LOVE celebrations.~M5


  19. IMPORTANT: So, here's the latest from Blossom, which we advise you to read first:http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG342april20.htmlWe suspect that The Event is either beginning, subtlely, in a small group of people first… or it will be happening very soon: WE have been experiencing this WAVE OF LOVE Blossom mentions in our meditations for about two weeks, and it's getting stronger. It feels like the way you do when you're totally IN LOVE with someone, right at the beginning, and you get that warm feeling that washes over you, along with a sense of either pink or red color, like… well, like a heart. Sounds a little crazy, but this might be SOURCE beginning The Event… just not in the way anyone was expecting. Or 12 of 17 CATs are just feeling warm and squishy at the same time. ;)-CAT Editors


  20. ok, upon consideration, we're just sensing it coming. It's not officially started, yet. When it does… we'll all know. We're basically installing and holding LOVE for others — as are many many of you who are reading this. You're reading it for a reason.-CAT Editors


  21. Feeling warm and squishy myself today, although I haven't meditated. It's just there, ready to overflow on whoever might cross my path. Joy and love, and the sun is finally out!


  22. lol! sock knitting loom. Goes to show how technology has devolved and evolved at the same time. Like the human condition. thanks for sharing.


  23. Thanks to All, been a strange week? Yes. My wife has stuck with me through all the strangeness, for years, usually pissed at me. She thought I was causing all of her bad dreams “her clearing”. This morning she smiled, what a milestone! I have big dreams. Much Love/Gratitude to All.


  24. My dream is simple….all 'Actors' (which we all are…Source Players on this stage of Life)….simply take off our masks and reveal our True Beings….it's that simple….if we all realize who we truly ARE…..there is no – thing wrong…therefore no punishments needed….nothing to forgive….everyone is simply playing a role in this GAME…but the game needs to end….I just want to celebrate our LOVING Source Player Selves now…..maybe for about 1000 years…just a little vacation…..I think we've all earned it! Don't you???


  25. You can do that right now. Show your love and forgiveness to whoever possible, whenever possible. And put in your best effort to remain a bastion of calm… you'll be amazed at how liberating it is to let yourself feel affection for others. Lately I feel it to a crazy extent whenever I tune into that vibration. To the point of nearly crying.-Francis


  26. Hello all and the cats !About the show tried by the dragons (if they were not busy) on the night of saturday. It was nearly 11pm (france), when i watched by my skylight a strange thunderstorm in the horizon with fire colors, instead of the usual white/electric blue bolts. The sky in my area was pristine clear and could see the odd lights among the stars, not planes, helicopter or satelites… All of sudden a straight horizontal bolt ? Pure white light arrow ? appeared on my left side ! Very fast, just the time to turn my head to see it, before it disappeared as quickly as it came, from east to west. Too low and perfectly horizontal in the sky to be a meteorite. I don't know what i relally see, maybe my hope to see a dragon this night has troubled my perception ! lolOther see somthing odd this nights? P.s : more i try to find a picture of what i see, more i think it is just a big beautiful meteor… but it was so horizontal and low in the horizon, very weird…


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