Meterage, News & Tidbits for 10-18-18 [UPDATED]


Wow, seldom are the Northern Lights (these photographed in Svalbard on 10/14) so RED. Scientists have no idea why. What a shocker. Of course, we’re also unsure what causes scientists these days. Anyway…

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A Line of Demarcation Approaches [UPDATES5]

Whooaaaa… Ok. Time for a quick briefing before the bus gets any crazier. SITUATION ANALYSIS We’re getting indications, from ourselves and other psychics, that there will be an “energy step” on Saturday, April 21st. This won’t be one of the Event Steps, but a significant energy moment. One psychic waxed catastrophic in her recent writings, but there will be no catastrophes. Lia Gawlas likened it … Continue reading A Line of Demarcation Approaches [UPDATES5]

EVENT Precursors & New Meditation Focus [UPDATED]

Is that Rod Serling ? NOTE: This post is from March 23, but we moved it to the top of the stack on instinct; it seems important. You might want to review it now and again. So, here’s what we know about what to look for leading up to The Event (which several saw or experienced in the most recent meditation).  If anything else comes … Continue reading EVENT Precursors & New Meditation Focus [UPDATED]