The Veil Thins [UPDATE3]


More and more, we’re having dreams of various people out in the world wearing nondescrip masks and costumes…

…masks and costumes that become increasingly thin and unreal and in the dream. In some cases the costumes and masks drop away… and there’s no one there.

Or is there?

Extras Revisited

This reminded us of people on the site asking us a while ago about whether or not the people you see around you are actual people and not holograms. We said that everyone has a spirit, which is true, but we’ve had lots of internal discussions on this since then and thought you might like a little more detail.

All the people around you are indeed holograms… but then again so are you. More about that in a moment. Many of what one person termed, “backdrop people” are not really backdrops as much as they are EXTRAS. While these extras aren’t necessary for our drama here onstage, they DO contain a spirit. They are real… they’re just not fully awake, not fully conscious, just going through the motions. We don’t need them to enact our various EVENT dramas, but they CAN awaken, and in doing so enrich the experience even more. They certainly don’t deserve scorn, quite the opposite.

And like we said, holographically speaking, you yourself inhabit a hologram. You are a non-local being (a spirit, or soul) having a local experience (in an illusion-body in space-time). More than that, you are literally a GYNORMOUS spirit, with only a teeny tiny bit of you in said illusion-body, in what some CATs call a “vehicle.” (It could be said that “spirit” refers to the larger chunk, and “soul” refers to the smaller piece, but these definitions don’t really matter.)


Vehicle-wise, some drive Ferraris, some drive vintage Int’l Harvesters (ahem), but all are connected to a larger spirit self, and all those selves are connected to Spirit. Interestingly, if you were to put too much of your actual spirit into this current tiny vehicle you’re inhabiting, then… BOOM. You’d explode.

This is why Wave X energy is being ramped so slowly, and why this is whole process is taking so long. If Spirit upgraded us all at once, and too much of our spirit was stuffed too quickly into these little clown cars we’re in… most of us would go POOF. As we’ve said before, no one has ever upgraded their vibration whole orders of magnitude while still alive inside their vehicle, so what we’re all doing is very special; this is also why we have so many ET and HO (higher-order) spectators.



Speaking of visitors, some folks have been increasingly visited by (high-level) ETs in their dreams, and assisted in various ways. This is nothing to be afraid of.

The CATs are no different in this respect… though, besides the nice ETs, we’re also infrequently visited by our old (idiot) friends the TWBs (Tall White Bastards), a lower-level (they’re actually 5D) type of ET that harass CATs now and again, though now they just try to infiltrate and hijack our dreams. They’re pretty easy to spot as they can only appear as tall, bald, dead-white and thick-bodied schlubs… though last night their female leader appeared to one of us as a (BIG BALD!) Asian woman, so perhaps they think they’re really styling now that they can appear tan-colored… yet still thick-bodied and tall and bald. Talk about not blending in. Those of us who were affected actually laughed at this TWB appearance in last night’s dreams– and they were offended! Hilarious.

What does all this mean? The Veil is thinning. People are waking up. And once Spirit thinks enough of us have awakened…


Also… we also just had a CME and a subsequent timeline jump:


Onward and upward. Be sure you meditate at least 10 minutes, twice a day.



We showed this meter-capture in the previous post, and some of us realized what this was but didn’t believe it, so we checked it out. It checks out:

That is a *SHIP* exiting the sun’s internal portal (!!). It’s roughly 80 times bigger than Jupiter. Yow.


Looks like we had *another* timeline jump:

So this is why a bunch of CATs fell asleep around 8:45 pm PST.


Timeline JUMP!


Ow. OW!

Bumped and roasted. Welcome to Tuesday.

164 thoughts on “The Veil Thins [UPDATE3]

  1. The cat in the apron just kills me,
    I take it is a very high order spectator … Welcome!

    Apart from some cats who are good at it,
    I have also been able to extend time at will,
    It’s a skill I’ve had since I’ve known myself …

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  2. Say there…
    Extra’s, yes I agree.
    Extra’s of what is the more interesting question it seems to me.


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  3. Cats, i know you have a firmly fixed conviction that everything that appears to be a 3d recognisable and fully functional human being has a spirit and there are no NPCs in here, i.e. holograms without a soul or spirit (whatever you call it) that animate this 3d hologram/physical body. I am also aware that you insist that regardless of the fact that Dolores Cannon clients on different continents reported the presence and existence of those NPCs, you still deny their existence by stating that Dolores wasn’t a psychic and you are. You are right, she was not a psychic and she openly stated it on many occasions. BUT her clients were in a deep psychic state where they would access their own spirits/higher selves and higher and more expanded states of awareness FROM where they would see those back drop people aka NPCs or extras. Now, Lisa M Harrison has her own team of psychics from all over the world and they too saw those back drop people which they call NPCs. I myself so far have met only one of those so called backdrop people who doesn’t have a soul and after a prolonged communication with that person I was increasingly confused by my observation of their energy structure that only made sense when I finally declared that I just wanted to know what the heck it was (at the time I wasn’t quite aware of the back drop people) and the awareness that it was an NPC poped up. The person is not evil although not particulary kind either, just empty and will obediently move where the collective unconsciousness routinly moves. At the same time, the person is fully functioning with thoughts and emotions and yet different in a way that it… doesn’t have a spirit the way a regular human being or an ET here or elsewhere would have it. Interestingly enough all Dolores’s clients who reported to her about the existence of those NPCs happened to be highly evolved beings that in the deep theta state were able to reach the level where they could communicate not just with their Higher Selves but with the Source and access their memories and knowledge of the Source. In my opinion, if you guys or anyone else for whatever reason refuse to accept a possibility or an idea, you won’t see it no matter how well developed your psychic skills are. As far as I understood you love and cherish the idea that everybody is fully alive, is a part of the Source and always has a soul/part of the Source in them. So, you won’t see beyond it b/c you are not neutral, i.e. you are partial in this case. I’d say, yes, everybody is alive and has a soul, but there are exceptions and other options. What Dolores’s clients (some of whom were psychics and all of them were in a highly expanded and aware state of consciousness at the time of the report) reported that an NPC/backdrop person is a semi-conscious energy that may or may not become a soul capable of incarnation here and there. This energy is in the process of gaining experience but it has no independent will, it serves the will of the environment in which it moulds itself into the role that is required by the other participants (who have a soul) for as long as it is required.

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    1. We don’t deny their existence. Why does this matter so much to you? We’re simply pointing out that the “extras” have more soul than people think, and can become aware — and deserve to be treated with respect. Honestly, who cares? There is such dogmatic pressure from the “sensitive” community, quoting one source — one source that DID NOT GROUND AND PROTECT BEFORE SESSIONS. Some of Dolores’ QHHT info is flat-out tainted by other beings masquerading as the Oversoul, we have seen it ourselves as it happened. Dolores couldn’t tell because she wasn’t a psychic, and didn’t understand that this kind of thing happens all the time. What we provide here on this blog is KNOWLEDGE that we ourselves have obtained through our own experiences, not hearsay, not beliefs. However, at the end of the day… the aforementioned subject matters not at all and is not worth arguing about.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. You’re basically saying the same thing using different words, they’re not fully individualized yet but still Source just like everything else.

      It’s not that difficult to imagine where the NPC line of reasoning could lead if pushed by the asshat squad, I suspect that why you meet resistance.



  4. Hi, in my dream THERE was a 9 foot bald black female wrapped in a brown shall.


    1. Ok, just looked at this… YES, that was a TWB. They DO bother others, and they’re both nosy and annoying… but we personally pulled their teeth (and eliminated their overlords, the all-black-eyed people), so they aren’t a threat, anymore. (And SOURCE totally eliminated the Dark Dimension/Universe. POOF.)

      Be sure to set protection at all times. This is *not* a dire/fear situation, so don’t worry, but you do need to be vigilant about protection. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SET PROTECTION. Even Brother J set protection when he was in a body. Before you sleep, set protection — [imagine a big ball of white light around you and then think]: “Only those with my ACTUAL greatest good in mind are allowed past my protection.” Also, set dream protection: “Only those with my ACTUAL greatest good in mind are allowed into my dreams.” If something gets in your face, LOOK AT IT and say, “You are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” They’ll take off like a scorched snake.

      Ok, this is actually kinda funny: the TWBs have cracked the skin-tone barrier! Basically, if you see a tall, bald being with NO sense of humor or warmth… it’s a TWB. Or perhaps a “TBB” (tall bald bastard). ASBG! (Another Sexy Bald Guy!)

      I just made M2 do a spit-take!



      1. This commenter lives near a powerful ley line or portal. The TWBs think they own all such things. Morons.

        Actually, bald women are kinda sexy… but not TWB women. They look kinda like the humanoid equivalent of beluga whales (same skin and color), but without all the warmth.



        1. I think it’s only their arrogant leader who does this dream-invasion thing, now. She needs to get a life. Actually… did the TWBs make it to this timeline? I’m not so sure.

          Btw: Those in the WOO community keep talking about how great “5d” is, but the TWBs are 5d, and they suck. Everything 6d and above is ONLY POSITIVE, no neutrals or negatives. Come on 6d!


          P.S. Small ‘d’ = density, big D = dimension. I’m unsure how these actually map/overlap in the higher-order realm.


      2. M3,

        Bald beings with NO sense of humor or warmth can be found in abundance at every world Airport within the security check, body scan and customs control area…. No kidding.


      3. Don’t Know if i met one of this woman yesterday night. Was with some of my co-workers, with our work cloths (brand name on it), helping organize a race car . When other workers from a rival compagny came to us, and some of old and present friends, sat in front of me with with a warm reunion and smile. i hugged and kissed them, but only one bald women with alongated face and black hair, refused my warm welcoming (barely disgusted). She held out her hand to shake it. It was a very thin hand with only 3 short and thin fingers, with very black triangular nails.
        I tried to held the hand, but it poppoed out of the hand. He tried to catch it, but it it was pushed away from my hand, as if it were same two magnets. I asked a friend to do it, as a couldn’t.
        Other thing, when i asked, most naturally, if her husband was fine, a very awkward atmosphere happen on her, like if he was dead or separated… I woke up just after and do the mantra on her mental picture, with a big smile and a little laugh, saying “Oh! What a shame to refuse my warm hug and kiss !”


        1. That seems like another ET interloper; it wasn’t a TWB. Setting protection should help. If you continue to see them in your dreams AFTER you set protection — and they don’t do anything bad — then they probably have your greatest good in mind and are just observing or advising. We all have tons of guides and advisors, from multiple levels.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Thank you for this advice! I was under P+G+C, i do it every night before sleep. She felt quite friendly, just there with this other “old” friends i don’t seem to know in this life.

            On an another wink from Spirit, i just was aware that i was always under protction during my work, because, the deparment where i am under is ” Petit et Gros Conditionnement” (the part of a store where you sell the grocery/liquide in the supermarket, opposite to fresh food) P.G.C, i just laugh like hell when i saw that, with my coworker totally baffled about my behavior…


  5. And with that, these “negatives” are on full tilt and the fear porn in the media is cranked up, max. They need us devided and or in a state of fear (anger, worry, insecurity, anxiety, frustration etc.) to keep this broken record playing.

    Amp’n up the meditation schedule! Thanks Cats!

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  6. Are we there yet? I’m having one of these kind of mornings:

    [Apologies, but we had to edit the original pic, as it was a little creepy, replacing it with this one; we wanted to both honor the original post and edit it to be more positive.]

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        1. @ M6, the previous one was creepy, the new pic is a delight to behold, and frankly does make you tune into the higher vibes!

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        1. That was a great replacement pic! Thank you. Last year at this time I had the privilege to be in a spot like the pic you posted and it does feel amazing. It’s divine. I call it heaven on earth.

          My first pic, the one your removed, I knew it was dark, but I choose it anyway. The same time this year, I’d just returned from the bowels of the House of Congress, this is not a dream, where I was invited to speak about my concerns about a problem that concerns the entire State of California. It was highly technical. I’d been feeling like the battle weary Amazon: ancient and pressured, dark and unamused.

          But with a simple switch of the image, we can move forward into the light, my job is nearly finished and I deserve a break. Thank you.


  7. I had an odd vision or picture pop in while mediating or maybe I fell asleep and dreamed it. A little blue girl with long straight red hair, big expressive eyes looking at me popped into my subconscious. I’ve never seen the movie avatar sooo lol …felt like we r related. Higher self be her?

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      1. Hold the phone! How do you know we know each other? Or believe we do and its not just my imagination? I will say I cannot get this girls face out of my minds eye all day. Thinking of her all day.

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  8. What exactly is so significant about those large ships coming through the sun portal? I mean, ok, they are there, fine, now what? How does it affect everybody else’s day?

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    1. Excellent question. Tho BIG ships bring more and more energy for The Event — that one in particular, it’s the size of a small star. Something big is in the works, or that ship wouldn’t have just arrived.


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      1. yes, many space brothers/sisters/ancestors come in now to assist humanity, intensify presence, prepare:

        “Pleiades 1 Messages, February 24 2019

        (…) increased multiplane interactions.

        (…) expanded manifestations.

        Galactics manifest…

        (…) Changed sleep patterns.


        End of line in sight!



        “Pleiades 1 Messages, February 23 2019

        Main Matrix in collapse.

        Mergers of Merkaba happen.

        Arcturians manifest… Increased Intensity of Projection.

        Mayans fleets approach.

        Galactics manifest in 7D.

        Necessary (interplanetary) migrations happen.

        Stellars fraternize.”

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      2. I think that may explain the expectant feeling lately. I saw it and said Daddy’s Home lol.


  9. Thanks, youse Ms and CATS. Lisa saw a work in process again today. I’ll be very much interested in seeing the finished product. ( Big Me) Stay tuned!


  10. What a strange day/s!

    I was dreaming around 7am this morning when it was stopped by my daughter waking up. The last thing I remember is myself saying ‘Earth Alliance’ Have no idea about the rest of the dream, it’s just vanished from my memory!

    Also, this evening, around dusk I went to the window to pull the blind down. Just as I did so, something flew over our roof and off into the distance. It had a wingspan of maybe 2-3 feet but I’m not sure as it seemed in a hurry to get away. It wasn’t a bird. It had a longish body and long wings sort of translucent looking. I could have mistaken it for a huge dragonfly but I don’t think it was that. It looked delicate almost ethereal but the way it was flying was a bit jerky, really strange!

    Am also having a hard time clearing dark entities. Had to ask for help in the end. The lady who cleared me said I had 3 dark entities, my daughter had 2, there were also 3 in the house and a black cloud. So frustrated that I could not clear it all myself, I really did try, numerous times! The black cloud is always from my ex when it comes. I feel his presence and hatred and although I try and clear, I always seem to need assistance in the end as my daughter becomes so distressed and starts getting a wee bit violent and hysterical and I feel as if I am literally being pushed down into the floor. I don’t know how he does it, I keep trying new ways to clear and protect, to be super strong, stand my ground and refuse to accept the energy and demand that it leaves but nothing happens… what is also interesting, is that it always seems to happen around my ‘time of the month’. I guess I am more exhausted at this time and maybe more vulnerable to any energies coming in. I’ve tried out all the brilliant advice that you have all given me (thank you!) Sometimes, it seems nothing will work. I just look forward to my daughter and I ascending away from it all to a place he cannot reach us.

    When all this is happening, the orb in my daughter’s room always makes an appearance. I am hoping it is benevolent and is helping me to protect her. It was larger this time. I saw it float very purposefully and slowly around in front of her baby monitor screen!

    Love to all ❤️

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    1. Lili, you still haven’t tried one thing- and you keep both refusing the brutally honest talk with yourself on the matter and/or finding a talented psychotherapist who would be able to offer you a shortcut to root cause of this particular matter. You may deny all you like, but the fact remains- you were in a typical abusive relationship with a psychopath, which require a certain permission and agreement from you to go from meeting of such a person to dating him, then staying with him, and finally choosing to have the psychopathic party as a parent of your child. An accident? All of it? And you were completely unconscious from start to finish? Or you were actually making decisions along the way that allowed a more or less stable union with that person? I am NOT accusing you of those things, I simply pointing at those places where you have plenty of denial and unconsciousness, and what you are not conscious/unaware about you can’t change, which seem to be the case. You had a somewhat similar situation prior to your meeting and life with your ex, which also remains unadressed. The main thing is this. For any dark entity to get attached to a being of light with higher vibrations, it needs to infuse some of the lower vibes into the being with higher vibes (or get that being to accept those lower vibes, like guilt, or get the being of light lock in within its structure a state of victimhood or extreme grief or suffering, etc, all usually happens via trauma which could be real or perceived, doesn’t matter. I would contemplate on – and not idly but via active self observation in order to see it all exactly as it is, – Where in your past did you decide, when you were with this psychopath, that you had no choice? What did you secretly (for whatever insane reason) attempt to prove to yourself by staying with this guy and allowing more (or any) abuse? What did you make yourself blind to in order to make it possible for you to start a relationship with this psychopath until it was too late to reverse or leave it? What abilities and powers do you keep denying in you that require the presence of someone like your crazy ex and those before him (you know who they are) in order to finally get those powers of yours acknowledged and celebrated by you? Basically, you need to identify all lower vibrational states and limiting beliefs that make you findable for the dark people and all those dark entities. You have a tendency to give in rather than to face and recognise things. This is my last reply on the matter, you should care about you enough to go into those dark caves where you lost certain parts of you in order to satisfy sth else, what was it? I don’t want to talk about the things that are personal and private to you for ethical reasons, but you got the idea.


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      1. Well… this fails to acknowledge the pre-life agreements here, or the current missions involved. Not that we know what these are because we haven’t looked at them. There could be very good reasons for all of this.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. @Cat Eds
          (Pre Scriptum- cats, the info below except for the first paragraph is rather for everyone else, I know you are well aware of the rest, so just know it’s mostly for the others who may be looking for the info).

          This is worth investigating, i.e. looking into more closely. There are could be pre-made agreements like you say, but what’s most important in regards to them is -what kind? – Meaning what was the intended outcome of those agreements that both, all or one of the parties involved intended/agreed to achieve by engaging themselves into this kind of interaction?
          Chances are, there could be habitually accumulated energies and behaviours from their previous shared scenarios (past lives) that some or all of those involved just repeat on autopilot, there are could be such a black out of memories that the whole thing went into a completely wrong (unintended) direction for either one of them or both of them. Think about a random case when e.g. a Nazi soldier severely abuses someone’s child/random person in the past then reincarnates as the child’s parent to compensate for the hurt he had given to that child with an intention to now, in this new life to be kind, caring and loving to that kid/random person soul. But once here on earth the ex-nazi soldier ends up severely abusing the same soul just the same way like before while taking massive and inexplicable pleasure in it. Go figure. But it could be the other way around, the ex-nazi’s victim could re-incarnate as the ex-nazi’s soldier parent (either gender) who forgets everything while on earth and ends up inexplicably hating and abusing the ex-nazi soul while having a strange satisfaction in the process. The point is- there are many factors involved, I gave just 2 random examples, and the participant in question has access to most of this info by doing a targeted and loving and committed self-observation to cut to the chase, either alone or with an expert in that field who has the tools that simplify and shorten the process.
          Many people think doing past life regression or having someone else telling them what had happened there is the answer, – it’s not! You’ll still need to make new decisions and hopefully wise choices about all your unresolved issues, frozen states of mind, anchored states of perception, chaotic energetic states, unhealed traumas, unfinished businesses, unfinished, incomplete contracts (many of which can be very idiotic btw, e.g. the participants were manipulated or forced to sign them) – with all this unresolved stuff you’ll have to deal NOW in your present life because this your present life, on a daily if not hourly basis, presents you with all the material you need to change, heal or re-examine! One place where all this undesirable, uncleared and unhealed mess is unavoidably present in its incredible richness, it’s not in the past, it’s right in front of you in your present life time. So, one really (except some rare cases) doesn’t need to go and investigate their past lives, they only need to pay enough quality attention to the present one, where all that needs to be resolved is present and is usually into your face for convenience of all involved with all the material accessible via one’s current ongoing or recent situations of THIS life. I am not mentioning the imprinted life times, btw, which is a whole other topic. The most important point to which i am going with all of this -is start paying quality not random or need based (instead of choice based) attention to your life and to you, that will allow anybody to start making creative decisions and choices about your current life scenario and freaking identify and change what doesn’t work for you anymore. Cancel some of your contracts if you choose so (there are millions of other options available), make new ones or stay free without any binding crap for the love of life and yourself. After all, flowers don’t contract the trees and both allow a complete freedom of expression to one another other. And I rest my case here.

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          1. This kind of thing is so complicated as to warrant each person doing their own work, employing various (paid) psychic professionals and (pricey!) QHHT facilitators… but note that some contracts CANNOT be canceled. Sometimes you are not given that choice… because you already swore to take the duty. If something is hard, take a time out… and then a deep breath… and start again. EVERYONE here agreed to what is happening to them. Things are much less dire on the Spirit side of things, as they know that you get countless lives to do what you yourself WANT to do. You’re not made to do anything against your will. Whatever you do, just ensure that you don’t hold any grudges; do everything with love and there is no karma.


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      2. there are many aspects of our lives in 3d which are not necessarily in line with what you are sharing with lily144.

        our distinct and ultra personal missions are not always understood by anyone else, or even our own self, as we live moment to moment on these crazy adventures in the role of a human on earth.

        honoring our fellow travelers and speaking with encouraging words, rather than knocking them over with what we may think they ‘really need to be told’ . there are so many ways to help others travel through the dark energies and transform the noir/dark/ lead into gold.

        we can never measure anyone else’s challenges or the grace in their life. with our own measuring stick.

        a great book about this is ‘the afterlife of billy fingers’. billy was considered a great big loser by just about everyone. a lifelong addict who was chronically unemployed, chronically homeless and unable to make a living–according to most everyone else.

        yet his inner journey was the truth of the matter. and what he does AFTER he leaves earth is WHY he incarnated. and none of us would have ever imagined this just by observing his earth adventures.

        and this book describes his afterlife adventures through various realms, ‘way beyond what anyone would ‘expect’ of a loser addict.

        we have no idea who someone else is. or what their mission here is.

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        1. @ feline divine

          yes, true, so true. beautiful and impressive.

          yet, it was done in love.
          better to have a hand stretched by a friend, than be ignored.
          it helps by showing you a way, a new perspective you maybe overlooked.
          you maybe leave your inertia – which here seems necessary,
          otherwise there would be no shouts for help!
          you maybe find the courage to overcome your fear –
          choose to clear the convoluted past – and get free!
          even for the whole CAT community allover, a lesson!
          even for the whole CAT community a win!
          all is UNPRECEDENTED, that we live now, all!
          so, a hand from a friend might be The thing!
          Forgiveness, in this case, could be the KEY.
          Forgiveness of all and everything,
          and release of quantum entanglements and wrong contracts.
          But needs be activated!
          for sometimes the Wheel of Life makes us tired…
          we drag in our inertia and lose the courage.
          that’s why a friend’s stretched hand helps anyway.

          all this Unprecedented Ascension of Gaia herself,
          who Unprecedentedly takes all her humans IN BODY with her,
          is so Unique in creation, nobody conceived it before.
          That’s why SOURCE stretched His hand, in deed,
          and enacted the Plan for Salvation!
          look at the multitude of precious lessons & experiences!
          how humane, how refreshing, and how Divine!

          But is was necessary, first, for Gaia to shout!


        2. feline divine,

          This is what i call talking about mostly nothing. No disrespect to you as a being, but all you said sums up to: “The person suffers, we don’t know why, we don’t do anything to get aware about what causes the suffering, who and what it really serves, and what really holds it in place because it’s beyond us. The pain may have supreme divine reason that we either can’t know or not able to comprehend, all is well (is it?), the suffering most probably should continue.” End result- the issue remains unchanged. You are not gonna convince me that pain and suffering and passive endurance of it is the ONLY possibility out there to achieve a given goal. For god’s sake, it’s an abundant creation and the Source can’t be that limited to allow only one option, one outcome, one tool to be used in any given situation.

          Now, encouraging words don’t change big things and they certainly don’t change much in general (i.e., encouraging words are not enough, they are not a solution)- it’s a banket solution to a permanent situation, a band aid that has a temporary result at best. You say: “….there are so many ways to help others travel through the dark energies and transform the noir/dark/ lead into gold.” Excellent, can you list at least 5 of those ways here for everybody to try? I mean 5 practical ways that work all the time with everybody or at least work most of the time?

          I invited Lili to take a close look at 1) her ongoing reality (if it’s painful, it calls one’s attention anyway and for a good reason), 2) to take a close look at her habitual choosing not to take a close look at certain parts of her reality. How in the world is this invitation to show another where she may find the answers and solutions is not an act of understanding from me? Or from anybody else’s side? Lili may take this offered course of action (which is very practical and is a good start) or not. She or anyone else in similar situation has every right in the universe to continue to suffer. To say we all have a limited perspective on everything and therefore should agree to any pain is rubbish. You as a matter of fact may have a very limited view of what I said, how about that? I take no offense, just pointing out that stagnation and repetition as such is un-natural for life and any live consciousness, you have unlimited freedom to hold onto your expressed points of view, just like I and some others in here and elsewhere have just as much freedom to go beyond the limitations of your and our own points of view on anything. We shouldn’t actually have any points of view, what we should have is awareness. What each chooses is up to them, we can talk nice things to each other until our lips turn blue or we can actually take practical steps (not the physical ones but make the inner change) and actually live those nice things, make them a reality that doesn’t require to be wished for or talked about.


          1. greetings anonymous,

            all I will say is read The Afterlife of Billy FIngers. He sums it all up better than I ever could.

            good fortune to you on your eternal adventures.


        3. Someone wise once said:

          “We have no idea who someone else is, or what their mission here is.”

          I’ll just add that it goes all the way, whatever happens is exactly what was supposed to happen.


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          1. However, one *could* find this out if one wanted, via various psychics and QHHT practitioners, as well as through one’s own (Guide guided) meditations. We’d look, but we simply don’t have the time. (We’re barely treading water as it is.)

            -CAT Eds.

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          2. For the record; I did a QHHT session a few years ago, highly recommended.

            I got some intense visuals from previous lives, which normally doesn’t happen for me. But once we started asking pointed questions, it was pretty much clear that I already know what I’m supposed to know and do what I’m supposed to do and no amount of poking and prodding is going to change that.


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      3. Dude seriously! The tone IS the message!

        The judgement and “make wrong” is SO BLATANT who can discern any wisdom contained therein? And of course there WAS wisdom AND truth ..plenty

        That enveloped in love would have provided support.

        I was ALL of 12 when i understood “perfect Love NEVER faileth” if it fails? It was neither”perfect” nor “love”

        The path of another typically isn’t anothes for ONE reason

        They’d NEVER be ABLE to handle it

        Most of the “giants” from a spiritual perspective? HAVE extremely difficult scenarios to deal with here

        I don’t know of many of these “giants” who “opted” for the “easy” classes in fact. NOT a ONE

        I also figured by my early 20’s the sheer stupidity..foolishness of EVER looking at another’s path and thinking “HOW (or WHY) on earth make those choices? (or some variance of this thought)

        BECAUSE it turned out that the Universe loved me SO much! It would promptly SHOW me EXACTLY “HOW” that could come about

        And after more than a few good hard “knocks” on my head (yep.. I’m a stubborn one) i FINALLY learned to NEVER EVER criticize in THAT way snd “opted” for the less painful perspective of ” I’m certain there IS a perfectly good reason… And Universe? PLEASE do NOT trouble yourself to SHOW me WHAT it is! .. SERIOUSLY .. NOT asking to go there!”

        Attackers (invisible ones) go for the jugular. A mother has ONE

        Her child

        Do NOT go there with her

        And NOT on THAT subject

        And NOT in THAT tone

        Lest revelation to “help” your growth in compassion and to “understand” take turns that may not be too pleasant .. Although they WILL make understanding CRYSTAL CLEAR

        Lilly… I love you sweetheart! Have been “here” just doing my own healing and transcending and releasing of pain.. Joshie’s transition will be two years March 2 .. Don’t have bday this year .. So would normally celebrate March 1 .. And.. There us NOTHING “easy” about this.. Though gladly i invite anyone with “superior higher ideas” to experience it instead of me

        Simply think of your child you adore .. Fill your heart with ALL the love possible in ALL of creation and NOW FEEL the child dead. ..

        Most would NEVER consent to doing this exercise as the thought alone would be deeply offensive!

        Well. What they’d understandibly “resist” in imagination? IS MY reality.

        Can’t really understand a path until its been walked you know?

        And have NO business thinking i. SAME shoes? You’d do ANY better

        NOW… Me? I mentioned I’m stubborn..

        I AM going to drown myself IN that Love i have for my baby i adore. And state outloud and with every bit of faith and strength and courage and convction that i can muster

        Neither Life NOR death. NOR height NOR depth NOR physicality NOR. Space NOR time


        In this world OR another


        “Separate” me from my child! Period

        Well.. That’s the game plan anyways.. We’ll see how it actually plays out on Sat.. Because even BEING in MY shoes? You just can’t gauge it til you “walk” it.

        I send you love and peace my seet Lilly!

        Love created you Loving
        Kindness created you Kind
        Wholeness created you WHOLE
        Strength created strong
        Ultimate Power?
        Created you POWERFUL
        Invinsibility created you INVINCIBLE
        Perfection created you Perfect!


        NEVER will i “see” you any other way
        Mostly BECAUSE NOTHING else IS “true”

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        1. @Iota, thank you for your love, it is so good to see you here again! I feel your pain although I have not been there, I can feel it in your words. if it’s true what they say, that they never leave, then your beautiful child is with you always ❤️🌈✨

          My daughter is currently going through tests for possible Rett Syndrome on top of her ASD diagnosis. I am trying hard not to think about it as many children with Retts sadly have a short life span. I understand we have maybe made these contracts pre- birth but sometimes it is just still hard to swallow.

          Sending you so much love Iota and a huge hug!!! ❤️🙏❤️


        2. “I AM going to drown myself”

          PLEASE hurry.
          You’ve just demonstrated why higher minds prefer the tone of the Other One, over your self-build-up sympathising, limited-awareness, enabling, indulgent, superiority-screaming diatribe, here.

          Talk about fully endorsing STAGNATION. Wow. Way to go.

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      4. @Anonymous thank you for your views and advice. With all due respect I come in here as it is one of the few places I can come and say what is on my mind, I hoped without judgement or criticism. Can you understand how some of the comments you have made might make someone retreat further? Thankfully I am strong and have some grit! I have done an incredible amount of inner work and have faced many shadows because I know that getting through this journey as a light worker is not all about starlight and fairies. I do not have a victim mentality, I worked through this many years ago. I consider myself pretty strong! I am always willing to work on anything that might be unresolved until that part of myself is healed. I do not have the answers to everything though I research and dig deep to find answers. If I cannot find answers I reach out to others that may have had this experience or may be able to shed some light. We are all learning, none of us knows everything, but I would hope I or anybody else could reach out for a bit of support without judgement. All the best x

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        1. And please keep doing that, speaking your mind I mean.

          Yes, it makes you vulnerable; and yes, as long as we’re caught in this loop, someone might take the opportunity to project their issues. Even in this relatively safe forum. But it’s still the only way out, being all of you.

          Truth and love, two wings of a bird; take one away and it starts flying in circles. I find that the less people know, the more energy they put into lecturing others; as if pushing someone down would somehow allow them to rise higher. It never made much sense to me…

          Whatever is going on over there is ending real fast now, it’s a sign of desperation if anything; they’re loosing and they know it. Still; you just don’t attack children, period.

          I don’t know what you’ve tried, but I would go straight for your X with the nuclear option at this point:

          You are perfect, immortal spirit
          Whole and innocent
          Everything is forgiven and released

          I’m sure brother J would just love to add some sparkles if invited, he’s not really into hurting children either.


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          1. @Sifoo thank you so much for your insight and encouragement, it is really appreciated ❤️
            Daughter is very happy today which is brilliant and the sun is shining! ☀️ Wishing you a beautiful day. Much love xxx

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          2. @Sifoo just wondering, what would the ‘nuclear option’ be?

            Hoping we have jumped away from this timeline now but just incase!

            Just thought I would mention it. The psychic that helped me when the attacks were at their worst told me that x was after my daughter, more specifically that he was after her light and that he would literally drain her life force, that it was imperative that I protect her which I am doing. My mother has also been at the receiving end due to her protection of myself and her granddaughter. He also told me that the x was able to do this through a past life connection. That he had chosen to work in the dark in this life and a past life and that I had, in this past life worked with him until I turned to the light and escaped….So that’s twice I’ve got away 😊

            If my daughter and x have some sort of past life connection that would be another piece of the puzzle…just thinking out loud, there could be many pieces to this puzzle and many other people in this saga that I am unaware of! I guess if I was privy to it all, I would end up going right around the world and universe in multiple life times through multiple dimensions and time lines!

            The mind boggles!

            Much love ❤️


          3. Answering myself here since we reached max comment depth. I wouldn’t worry about stirring the pot, just be you and we’ll be more than fine.

            The nuclear option would be the mantra I posted, it’s very effective.

            Figures about past lives, so a wild guess would be that there’s still some forgiving to do for allowing your self to slip that far back then. Any lingering guilt and shame would open the door for him to slip through. Take it or leave it.

            Some things really are set in stone but plenty is up in the air. You could try visualizing cutting all energetic connections to anyone you want out of your system. I imagine a physical hose connecting the bodies and pumping energy back and forth, and then I cut it and wish them well. The thought of blue energy is blue energy. If you can find a way to visualize what you want, something will always happen.

            And I’m sorry about the wireless mess, and the vaccines, and the chem trails, and the poisoned food, and for allowing the inmates to run the asylum all this time. I really am. But we’re taking it back now, and it won’t happen again.


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        2. Just wanted to add, I have forgiven everyone that has hurt me. I did this a long time ago. I don’t hold resentment but neither will I accept any more harm. This is kind of what I was trying to convey before. I obviously did not do a very good job!

          I have done everything to heal, have forgiven, accepted the past, moved on and tried to make the best of now. Anything that has come up since has been looked at very carefully by myself, worked through and healed numerous times.

          Psychic attack are real and happen to some of the most advanced souls. i do put up protection, I meditate daily, I clear myself, my daughter and our home whenever is needed. Sometimes though, sometimes these energies slip through when you are unaware.

          If you had seen just how many times I have declared my authority over our home and space and tried to clear the dark stuff you would realise how un-passive I have been to this, seriously! I appreciate advice but to be told that I might need psychiatric help is kind of offensive.

          Deep breath, Peace x

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          1. For the record, psychiatric help is for people who have malfunctioning neurons and/or part of the brain/ or parts of central neural system due to damage (severe physical trauma) or genetic defect. Such people usually require medical assistance most of the time and that’s the reason they are often confined to a medical institution or have a nurse at home 24/7. A psychologist as well as a psychotherapist are the ones who works with HEALTHY and STABLE people who don’t achieve results or have recciring issues in the areas of personal, professional, interpersonal, with kids, creative self expression, etc areas where they don’t get intended results. By law, psychologists and psychotherapists are not allowed to work with, treat or diagnose patients with psychiatric disorders like e.g. epilepsy or schizophrenia. This is why psychiatrists are all medical doctors and have patients, while psychotherapists and psychologists have clients. Just so you know before you make conclusions about what someone meant when they used those terms.


          2. What helped me the most Lily, was forgiving myself. The “me” is often left out of the equation, yet it is the most important person to you.
            I forgave myself that I let others treat me the way they did. I then acknowledged this happened because I didn’t love myself and “they” played the game of “evil” teachers simply by matching my energetic frequency. Their only goal was to lead me to complete self-love.
            Did I like the lessons? No. Did I need it? Absolutely.

            I forgave myself for not loving myself and allowing myself to believe I was not a perfect sprinkle of Source. After that, I didn’t even need to forgive others, because they just played their part. “They” are perfect, so am I.
            Forgiveness of self is one of the most empowering tools that came across my path.

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          3. @777 Absolutely, forgiveness of self is just as important as forgiveness of others. I have been working this A LOT the last couple of years. I see how everyone has a part to play in everyone’s lives, that we are all teaching each other. I am grateful for all experiences so thank you to EVERYONE for every comment wether I liked it at the time or not! I also apologise for reacting to anything in a way that may have been rash or if I replied in a manner that was not well thought out before typing my response. Peace 🙏❤️

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          4. @Anonymous, thank you for pointing that out. I was feeling overwhelmed. I reacted and gave a hasty response so I apologise if that caused any offence in any way.


          5. Hi Sifoo and M5 thank you so much really appreciated!

            Look like a bit more digging needs doing. The psychic I worked with said I did not need to know the detail of this past life and that he had cleared it but I am now guessing it was not completely cleared or that I may need to meditate on this and try and go back access this info to cut it clean away once and for all. There is obviously much more to this as my daughter is involved too, there may be things I need to do to help her clear anything that may be connecting her to all of this. I will try to cutting cords technique and the mantra. Would it be possible to post the mantra again? No probs if not, I know everyone is busy.

            Thank you to everyone. Also, apologies. I realise some oft replies have not come straight after the comment I was replying to and it all looks really confusing. I replied to Anonymous about his/her original comment and wanted to apologise for being so sensitive and defensive and also to thank him/her for posting. I also wanted to apologise for reacting (and misreading) the comment referring to a psychotherapist. I was quite messed up as a teenager and although I’ve worked throughy stuff and got counselling I guess there are still a few raw bits here and there. Anyway, thank you and sorry for taking offense. Hope everyone has a great day and I will now shut up and get on! ❤️😉

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        3. “I hoped without judgement or criticism.”

          You DO realize you are on Planet Earth, right???


          “I do not have a victim mentality,”

          Doth protests the Self-indulgent Victim, way way way too much…
          over and over and OVER again….


          “but I would hope I or anybody else could reach out for a bit of support”

          You are here to learn how to support YOURSELF.
          To completely flip your self-indulgent, weak, wimpy-ass mode into the polar opposite of STRENGTH.

          Not to constantly parasite and feed off of others outside yourself (your reflections) — which ironically, are all you, anyway.

          YOU must be the support. Internally. *WITHIN*.


          1. I looked back at my original comment that opened a Pandora’s box. I posted because I wanted to find a way to empower myself so that I could deal with any further attacks to my daughter, my mother or myself (they have been targets too). I had tried and exhausted all methods I knew of.

            If somebody kept physically attacking someone over and over again you would advise that person how to defend themselves, how to deal with the attacker rather than dissect the possible faults or possible unresolved issues of the person or people (this is not just about me) being attacked? Why would non-physical/psychic attacks be any different?

            I am thinking should I actually post this?! CATS if you think it’s going to stir up more conflict please just delete it!

            I am finding it really hard just trying to convey my thoughts without sounding like a complete wuss.


          2. My comment Hmmm okay! Will bite my tongue and send you a huge chunk of love ❤️😁

            Was for Anonymous in reply to the wimpy ass parasitic comment x 😉


          3. What you’re saying may very well contain truth, seems well intended and possibly helpful. But everything you write carries a tone that talks down to others, which is just a different flavor of the same old ego bullshit and won’t fly in a forum full of empaths and clairs.

            Who are you talking down to anyway? We’re you, and you’re us.
            These kinds of mind games went dodo yesterday.



      5. @Anonymous, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post this. I have re-read your words, this time taking a step away from my emotions and fear of criticism etc. I appreciate what you are saying. I started to try and explain more but honestly am so blooming exhausted it ended up being a complete ramble so I deleted it! For some reason I just cannot find the right words to say but thank you and apologies for taking offence before ❤️


    2. I noticed a comment on youtube this week from a teacher who works with autistic children (and if I remember well so is your daughter, if not sorry for the mistake) who said that they all calmed down and were glued to the sound speakers when specific music was played. In this case it was a piano cover of Firth of Fifth by Genesis. If you listen to the intro and solo, they are indeed out of this world and perhaps connect with the higher consciousness of these children.
      Just sharing because it might help Lily.
      All the best to you and yours.

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      1. @777 thank you so much! Music is one thing that seems to really help! My daughter’s face lights up, quite literally with the right sound! She has so much frustration as she is unable to communicate as well as he would like and although I am very much in tune with her, I do not always ‘read’ her correctly, something Ia m determined to master! I will mentioning something extremely positive though which has me grinning from ear to ear! 5 years of court proceedings ended last year and slowly but surely, she is starting to say single words, repetitively but it’s there! We are currently working on opposites through flashcards and emotion cards. When I recognise a word she say her entire face lights up and she hums and smiles and does her happy dance which consists of arms flapping and head moving from side to side with the most tremendous smile! I will definitely see if she likes the Genesis! Solfeggios calm her down but for fun she loves Paul Simon and today I learned that ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles is a hit too! Music has such incredible power to transform!

        Much love ❤️

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        1. Oh it was one of my favourites as a kid as well! I still know all the lyrics too. I think it was one of the first songs I learned by heart, and helped me to learn english.
          You’re welcome Lily. ❤️

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      2. 777, do you happen to know which of the many piano covers of this song it is? there are numerous ones just on youtube.

        many thanks.

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        1. speaking of autistic folks…some interesting books written by William stillman: autism and the god connection. the autism prophecies. the soul of autism. etc

          in the books he mentions that many souls, not just autistic, came into the world agreeing to very difficult circumstances for many reasons. mostly to somehow make a difference. to spread love. etc. he mentions that he just happens to be writing about autism & autistics folks in particular.

          most in the many marginalized & vulnerable populations live lives very similar to what he relates.

          and I am not saying we are the only ones with these agreements.

          just that these books speak to particular and spread out to honor all. (not sure I am relating that correctly. my life is mostly beyond words and writing. so my attempts to share words may fall short to some reading this.)

          thank you for this online space, cats and m’s.

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    3. Hi again Lily 🙂

      I fully realize that I’m not going to convince anyone who didn’t already know. But here we are, and sometimes this is exactly the right thing to do.

      I’m somewhere on the same scale as your daughter; I wouldn’t say disabled, but clearly unable to fully take part and function in this society. It took me a LONG time to discover that my body doesn’t deal well with wireless networks. It comes with the increased sensitivity, but in the end everyone is an electromagnetic field and our current wireless networks were unfortunately intentionally designed for maximum harm.

      It’s boiling frogs like many things in this society. It slowly eats away at your health, and the worse you get the more numb you are to the effects. You mentioned a baby monitor; I’ll assume wireless, which are especially nasty given that they’re always on and close to your child’s head.

      If you haven’t already tried, consider removing as much wireless noise as possible from your home for a few weeks and see how your daughter reacts. It’s all connected, zapping your field with wireless makes it more difficult to keep negative energy out.

      Be well, both of you.


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      1. re: the wireless and all emf radiation issue.

        preface: I realize that some folks do or do not think that stone people are helpful. so if someone reading this does not prescribe to the help of stone people, save your opinion and allow others to freely experiment.
        feel free to research this more for your self.

        for a long time on earth, some folks say that black tourmaline protects us/transforms/negates harmful energy fields. this can be from most any source of harmful energies. ie emf, other beings, etc

        some folks utilize orgonite/orgonia to transform these energies.

        some folks utilize shungite with its carbon 60/fullerenes.
        there are also flower essences which assist, as well. green hope farm in usa has many. you can contact them for asking. one such blend is called golden armor.
        also flee free.
        many options.
        also may contact the distant healing network–with a healing request, which has volunteers all over world who assist .

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        1. @feline divine. Yes, Orgonite really does help, I have definitely felt the difference using the around the home. I mentioned in reply to Sifoo that I used the small orgonite on my daughter’s iPad and my phone bt forgot to mention the pendant I wear which really helps too. I bought some pieces recently from here:

          I also bought an Orgone ‘Chemtrail and EMF Buster!! Some clever folks have managed to make their own!


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          1. FYI, we are also using auralite 23, but you have to make sure you get the stuff from Canada (the only place it comes from). If it looks like it came from the Disney store, it’s fake. (Sadly, any mineral from China is to be distrusted, these days. They can manufacture anything.)

            -CAT Eds.

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      2. @Sifoo, thank you so much for your input, much appreciated and so valuable. I have often wondered about her monitor. I need to be able to keep an eye on her as she thrashes about a lot etc. she has a padded bed but I still need to make sure she is okay. I find that she will never sleep if I go in and out of the room physically as she tends to get excited. I will have a look and see if there are any monitors that are not wireless. I have put orgonite around the house and those small orgonite devices on her iPad, my phone etc… In the process of trying to wean her away from the iPad with books and other activities. I often wonder what our spaces would look like if we could physically see the EMFs etc, I bet it would be quite shocking! ❤️🙏😊


        1. @Lily. It is an interesting thought about what it would be like if we could see the emf emissions. I have recently been trying shungite on my person and my headaches have been less frequent and not as painful. I have also put a small piece in my water jug filter and have just ordered some slivers for sticking on my phone and tablet. Also watched a video where the presenter mixed shungite powder with emulsion paint and painted his child’s and his own bedrooms with it. I wished I still had the emf meter I sold to check these things out. But his video was informative and he came across as a kind and concerned soul. There are plenty of sellers on eBay but look out for the genuine ones in Russia. The real shungite has beautiful patterns like a rainbow arch.

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          1. Newlynn, thank you for sharing that, so happy the shungite has helped you.

            What a brilliant idea: shungite paint! If we move home before the Event I will see if you can buy anything like that! I seem to remember coming across special Eco paint that had some kind of EMF guarding substance in it if my memory serves me correctly. I will have a look later ❤️❤️

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      3. @Sifoo, hiya! Hope you’re having a good day! I found this video showing how to connect a WIRELESS monitor! What do you think? I get the impression your are quite savy with technology 🙂

        It’s made me think about going back to Ethernet for everything. The only problem outstanding would be my daughter’s ipad. She is very strong willed and a meltdown will ensue if I try and take the ipad away. It also helps her anxiety but on the downside there are still the blooming EMF’s and goodness knows what else. She would rip an ethernet cable out of the wall without meaning harm, she just would not understand why it was there and likes to walk around with her ipad, with kids you tube playing in the background. I wonder if the little orgonite strips I have attached are enough.

        Feeling really guilty for giving her an ipad in the first place. I initially got it because there are so many good apps for communication and learning etc… I got sucked in, I should not have done that! Wish I knew then, what I know now!

        Anyway, Much love to you and yours x


        1. Hi Lily. I have just ordered some shungite flat oblong pieces for attaching to phones and iPads. Saw a video of someone using an emf meter on the devices before and after and it seems to work amazingly well. Cost about £15 for a pack of five on eBay from Russia.

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  11. BIG sunspot pic, refused to come with


    We have incoming Burst of Plasma Wave – high immense concentration of Photonic Light particles, over the Planet; opening occured around 1:22AM Eastern European Time Sunday, 24 February (in other Time Zones: Sat, 23 Feb – 11:22PM GTM; 3:22PM PST; 6:22PM EST; 1:22PM HST).

    Requirement for grounding, earthing;
    affected areas of physical – stomach, digestive system;
    sensations of nausea, dizziness,
    ‘slow’ perception,
    tiredness of whole body system/hyper-activity, emotional ‘disbalance’;
    purging of physical vessel’s stored memory set related to ‘negative’ experiences;
    upgrades in both brain hemispheres;
    high frequency Sound in left/right ear/ or sensation that ear because of Sound is temporary ‘off’ (it started already yesterday, 23 February).

    According to – “During solar minimum, long-lasting holes open in the sun’s atmosphere, releasing streams of solar wind into space. One of those holes is turning to face Earth now, and it’s a big one. We’ve seen this hole before. It opened in the summer of 2018 and has been spinning around as the sun rotates, lashing Earth with solar wind approximately once a month. The last time our planet felt its gaseous emissions, in late Jan. 2019.”
    Kwana Mikaela

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  12. I got the word taffy in meditation last night which is weird because it’s not an English word, I looked it up and it’s a chew sweet, but the process of making it stood out “Taffy is made by stretching or pulling a sticky mass” which might explain why my back feels sore, the energy is stretching and pulling my spine I guess, anyone else having back issues? I also got one of those giant round lollies but looked coloured like the stars/galaxy with a red ribbon.


    1. Re: The link provided by CAT Eds “rainbowwaveoflight.”

      F false
      E evidence
      A appearing
      R real

      Thanks for the reminder stated in this link. Love it!

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      1. So, when one is through an accident falling off the ladder or a roof and naturally feels fear when is about to get hurt when landed, it’s a fake evidence appearing real?


  13. This is from the Arcturian Group, posted on Sunday…

    “At this time you are integrating powerful frequencies into your physical bodies through newly activated meridians which can leave you feeling exhausted and depressed. You may even be experiencing a sense of “deadness” having no interest in many of the things, people, or issues that used to be important to you. This is a good sign because it means you are no longer in alignment with much that constituted your personal three dimensional belief system.”

    AHA! That’s IT. So that’s why I’ve been feeling like a dead fish a lot of the time. The only major thing I still care about are the people precious to me.

    Good to know I’m not just going crazy due to the energies.

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  14. Oh..and just yo be CLEAR.. (You know how I’m”raw” in my communication)

    Lilly! Was NOT telling YOU to “do” that exercise.

    I’ve just had MY share of well intentioned “spiritual” types try to “share” their”wisdom” with me

    Or tell me they “understand” because they’ve lost a parent (or sibling or spous)

    Yep.. Me too

    Didn’t even come close to comparing

    AND NO they DON’T

    They were/are NOT “me”

    With MY heart
    MY love (ok adoration)

    (Smiling .. On his phone was a screenshot he had saved of me telling him

    “You’re my WHOLE world papa!”)

    And THEIR child was NOT Joshie

    Who at 28 NEVER lost that innocence and gotten that “edge” most of us get around our teens when our hearts have been bruised a time or two

    NOT Josh..

    He’d say “oh no mommy! I can’t do that! I can’t hold a grudge like that! It hurts my heart too bad!”

    Or hiw he was SO forlorn one day .. Genuinely grieved on heart because he didn’t understand

    “How can my friends NOT talk again after they break up?? I just couldn’t.. They were important in my life and i loved them and i love them STILL!”

    So the ex girlfriends ALL flew in

    From LA
    New Orleans
    And San Antonio

    He had actually talked to ALL of them the week before he died.

    ALL the new boyfriends and hubbys just HAD to understand .. Cause Josh befriended them too

    One told me recently she was writing a song for Josh and asked her husband “does it bother you I’m writing a song for my dead boyfriend?”

    She told me he said “oh no! I loved him too!”

    Uh huh.. NOTHING i will EVER do will be a greater source of joy or pride than the fact that i .. It was me … That brought that previous soul to this planet! My greatest accomplishment. ALWAYS be for me

    I AM Joshua’s mother…

    And i will ALWAYS ALWAYS be SO grateful i “got” to be that

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    1. Iota, I am sorry for your loss. Your “rawness” is understood. Was your Josh the Josh that would post here? May Source bring you comfort only as Source can.

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      1. @Gary.

        Firstly … Thank you SO much dear brother.. REALLY the kindness and compassion of my friends immensely “helped” hold me up a bit when i thought I’d surely sink!

        Even Friends i hadn’t seen in decades… from elementary school came to stand by me and accompany to bury my child’s body.. The whole place to the last row
        . was filled … My papa gave everyone tons of love …and they came to say good bye

        But to answer your question ..No… Diff Josh..though that one too seemed to have a sweet and gentle heart ..

        Lately.. I keep “running into” Josh(s) just about everywhere…and invariably they are SO sweet and kind to me.. I feel his love a little through them..

        And yes…the depth of pain is like an emtional rape..where you awake in utter shock…and nothing makes sense and pain is almost physical



        I was NOT left TO “crash”… As things would “spin”?… A HUGE.. GIANT .. Bubble of… Umm.. (Grace maybe?)

        Dunno … Something Divine…

        Would just envelope me and insulate me… And lift me up..up..up…where the pain was pulsating but like “below” me… And i was supported with… “Grace” i guess us the only word i know…


        if someone would have told me i was going to smile AND laugh


        At my son’s funeral? I would have thought they were insane!

        But surrounded by people who LOVED him..and me?

        I smiled AND laughed!

        I HAD to! You should of heard the stories his friends told! Josh was a riot!

        Epic Laugh he had!!!

        And they played videos of him

        He ALWAYS made me smile and laugh! And THAT day? As unbelievable as it may sound? I laughed quite hard and often at his memorial service (he was ALSO quite a character 😎!)

        So its a weird “balance” of INSANE Soul piercing pain… AND incredible joy and LOVE and serene Peace.. ALL at once!

        I’m pretty sure this was “supposed” to “take me out”

        So.. INSTEAD..

        I came up with what I’ve termed:

        “My Manifesto Response to Josh’s Transition”

        Its pretty cool and ensures

        I won’t be “taken out” by this

        if pain wants to overwhelm? I turn and look straight at it and begin to say it quietly or outloud

        So far coming to THE day? Feel Josh everywhere..right next to me…and i can “See” and “FEEL” his responses to what im doing at the moment

        Like i was reading chapt 9 of ACIM. And it was talking about the dynamics of the ego and its law of “seek! But do not find!”

        And i burst out laughing at the wording.. And i could SEE and FEEL him crack up too! And like i said…that young man had an EPIC Laugh that was infectious.. You’d laugh too just cuz he was laughing😂

        Ah..smiling again

        Ty for allowing me to share a bit about a tiny Light that came to our planet once and lit up the place..even if you didnt “know” him.. His ripples went out OUR planet .. and still making a wave or two…maybe one will brush past you still…?


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  15. Hi all.

    This may sound silly, but my confidence in the unfurling of what we are hoping for has grown exponentially.

    All of my life, certain things have happened in order for greater things to happen, like chess pieces. It’s like some things are not my decision, but I know I cannot stop it or get in the way of these changes. My latest change tells me we are closer than ever.

    My change is simple, yet profound. I am now eating only raw wholefood….

    Sounds fairly ordinary I know, but I also KNOW I am preparing for the EVENT, like a nesting expectant mother. I am clearing house and making room to receive.

    I had a dream vision a couple of years back about this. I was shown an enormous coiled snake sitting at the fork of a fast flowing river, ready to pounce.

    I then found myself sitting at a table outside in the sun, surrounded by others. Someone sat next to me that I intuited to be a teacher. She explained to me that I had to eat the bowl of greens in front of me. I asked what it was, she replied “Kale”.

    The interpretation is obvious enough, and since juicing I feel VERY different. I have also been experiencing pressure in the centre of my head, which I know is the pineal. I am also seeing crisp inner visual flashes of imagery, faces, places etc. I am notably calmer and lighter.

    I know by now how this all works, because I find myself doing this, we are close, we are the shift.


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  16. In these utterly nonsensical and chaotic times, allow me to give tribute to a kindred soul.

    Thanks for the masterpieces. RIP.

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  17. In the morning meeting, Da-da asked what we just jumped FROM in terms of the timeline(s) we just left. It feels like we jumped away from some really heavy stuff. We (humans) are now taking baby steps in the “JUSTICE” direction, for whatever reason. Why this has to happen is a question for Spirit.

    Also, someone else asked about the best times for meditation: this is at dawn and dusk, believe it or not, but really anytime is the best time for meditation. 😉


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    1. Justice leads to Forgiveness! The Master of Love led the way, so, I Am Learning. I send energy to All for a Loving life of Your dreams. Peace.

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    2. No thanks.
      I chose a different/higher Collective Timeline, and also I’m out of here when the Solar Flash rolls through.


    1. So does the Source timeline. No shortcuts there neither.
      Anywho… similar to your experience, my chess pieces have moved and the puzzle is falling together as well. Had a very rough day and then it clicked, as it always does. Why I still forget that during the rough times is a riddle yet it’s getting better. Ok, here’s the message I received: We’re being prepped right now. That’s why most of us had to go through all the hardships and live in dire circumstances yet still shine the light, because what is underway is unprecedented. We need to be at our best (heartcentered, humble and trusting) to handle what’s coming energywise. Hence the constant upgrades and downloads we receive which make us hardly functional from a 3d perspective. From a higher perspective, we’re getting the right tools to handle what’s next. Expect total chaos, we are the eye of the storm, calm and focused. Chaos always precedes order. We got this.
      I’ve had similar feelings before yet never so strong as I do now, that’s why I’m sharing it. I know most of the message is “old” news yet I feel something phenomenal is underway. I know it.
      Just checked again, 10th time (!), if I need to press the “post comment”-button to make sure it’s not just a message for me personally. Affirmative. Here goes nothing.

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    2. It’s more than that, I was shown it’s about finding the courage, as a collective to stand together against what suppresses us, what enslaves us.

      It will unite us all once again, we shall be awakened.


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      1. But shouldn’t it be met with equanimity, since it’s just illusion? The Light tide is rising so fast that the darkness never had a chance. We’re more now standing together and watching it disappear. We won’t miss it. It was an experiment in self-indulgence that is officially over. Forgiving it is all-important, as it was never really here.


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        1. Totally agree AM.

          I should have included that I wasn’t shown us acting out violence or aggression, merely finding the courage to stand together, awake and very aware.

          As stated, there is nothing to forgive, we have all played our parts. Forgiveness is just allowing unconditional love to flow unimpeded.


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  18. A wise person gave me some advice to consider before speaking (or writing/ texting). Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? If it does not conform to all three requirements, then it should be reconsidered until it does or omitted. A fine tuning of “The Golden Rule” of doing to others as you would have them do to you. That worked fairly well in the past, but may need further refinement going forward.

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    1. Yes, it has helped me tremendously as well.
      Here’s the full story in case you want to read it.

      In ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem. One day an acquaintance met the great philosopher and said, “Do you know what I just heard about your friend?”

      “Hold on a minute,” Socrates replied. “Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be good idea to take a moment and filter what you’re going to say. That’s why I call it the triple filter test. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?”

      “Well, no,” the man said, “actually I just heard about it and…”

      “All right,” said Socrates. “So you don’t really know if it’s true or not. Now, let’s try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?”

      “Umm, no, on the contrary…”

      “So,” Socrates continued, “you want to tell me something bad about my friend, but you’re not certain it’s true. You may still pass the test though, because there’s one filter left—the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?”

      “No, not really.”

      “Well,” concluded Socrates, “if what you want to tell me is neither true, nor good, nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?”

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        1. CATS, you just crack me up! LOL.. Glad I stopped by before going to bed. Just maybe I’ll get some sleep. Thank you and All for being here. 🙂 ❤

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    2. ‘the golden rule’ is also energy, always changing/evolving along with us & as us….& the last filter ‘necessary’ is the most important one. Everyone faces times in their life when they must swallow a jagged truth pill…. not kind, but necessary.


  19. @Lilly

    (giving up on ‘Reply’ button cuz comments still place out of order. Just nature of the set up..nothing wrong)

    Sweet Lilly! PLEASE don’t stop sharing your experiences! You are SO loved and supported! And you bless us ALL tremendously!

    I have NO doubt you “took on” this daunting challenge for greater purpose and reasons that affect us all!

    With each thread that you weave that insanely intricate and absolutely wondrous tapestry of the Masterpiece of your Life WE as a whole “gain” from THAT experience without having to personally experience!

    And EACH time you “learn” and transcend and release? So too does that uplift the whole.

    Its our honor to have a “peek” into the process and very generous on your part to share it with us!! 💕💗

    Also too. ALL experience ALWAYS serves BOTH parties! On behalf OF Anonymous i thank you fir shinning a spotlight on what yet remained unhealed and undiscovered to. Both “present” AND “allow” the opportunity to heal what is raised to awareness that in the Light darkness may be obliterated!

    Its a “gift” though seldom perceived as such! 💕💗

    So it was absolutely”perfect” on BOTH ends! And for BOTH!

    I myself thank Anonymous as well!

    I had just been practicing lesson 75 of ACIM

    “The light has come! I have forgiven the world”

    It’s funny when you speak “Multidimensional”

    Like 3d part of me went: “what a bleep!”

    And the next part up immediately went into hysterics 😂

    Laughing at me and Telling me:

    “oh how you LOVE to “slum it” in the murky waters of judgement — STILL!”

    While the NEXT part of me “observing” said

    “Umm excuse me.. But whenever you can manage to pick yourself up from the floor from your amusement of yourself? There’s”work” to be done as obviously thete remains something that can STILL be tempted that was hidden in darkness awaiting just this sort of thing to bring to light…”

    AND the one yet above THAT Self is calmy smiling as the WHOLE thing catapulted yet to another level. Strengthening my resolve, commitment and proving support to come into greater awareness seeing from a greater perspective the overall perfection as illusions shatter when confronted.

    So HUGE ty Lilly! PLEASE don’t STOP! Look what you contibuted and caused that otherwise would not!


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    1. In short… You ALL do “get” that it’s a “Process”, right?

      Lessons “learned” wouldn’t be very “effective” if they weren’t believable

      It isn’t the “End game” we’re here for

      We CAME .. FROM the “End Game”

      It is the journey that’s the price! Not arrival AT the “destination”

      As such? You’ve done wonders in your “immersion” Lilly! The deeper you went “in”?

      The greater the “challenge” and impressive the “victory” you’re achieving!

      Wow! Kudos my friend! Not sure how well i myself would have fared! 💕

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      1. Thank YOU Iota for being such a diamond! 💎 This whole shenanigan caused some quite deep stuff to come up and be dealt with! Took my daughter and Mum out to our local country park to get some much needed fresh air, nature and peace! We got to try out my daughters new buggy! So grateful to the charity that helped me to find her wheels! She was in her element with the sun on her face being wheeled through the woods. We passed a lively lady being pushed in her wheelchair and as we did so, my daughter ‘high fives’ her then gave an explosive giggle making everyone around laugh!

        I got quite defensive and sensitive yesterday and recoiled like a turtle for a bit, wanted to leave the forum completely and retreat into my shell. Today? I’m not going anywhere ha! Going to find those shrivelled old bootstraps and pull myself up by them again! Love this place, much love ALL ❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟

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    2. Isn’t it interesting that the very commenters who declare kindness and non-judgemental attitude as their biggest value, expressed the biggest amount of anger, judgement, criticism and condemnation towards the Anonymous as a person, and the least amount of understanding of what really moved the person to say it. They just reacted to their own reaction towards their own pain, they didn’t criticise the way that person expressed what they did but judged and condemned the being and the personality of the commenter instead without verifying anything. The Anonymous did not judge any aspect of any personality in here, just shared some awarenesses, yet he/she got labeled as a “superior arrogant one”, a “know it all”, someone who doesn’t care about others, etc. I am paraphrasing but I am being accurate. Nobody here could hear the actual tone of that commenter, yet people completely missed the content and projected their own meaning towards the package, that got castigated and confused with the actual content of the message. The message is direct and to the point, it reminds me of seven of nine who was constantly misperceived as being rude and against everyone and deliberately so while she was simply being efficient and exact and actually a great value to the crew.

      Instead of asking questions the commenters just made their personal conclusions and accused the Anonymous commenter in what their own conclusions suggested.
      Condemnation without investigation is a sign of ignorance, not a sign of genius, kindness, wisdom, clarity or spiritual and personal awareness.

      I agree with what Cay said in his comment above, I can only add to it what another very aware person told me once – when you get awareness of something, don’t rush to share it with others, they usually shoot the messenger and remain deaf and blind to what he or she wanted to share. First ask yourself whether what you want to share the other side is willing and ready to receive. Most of the time people are not ready and not willing to receive it, even when it can change their life for the better in an instant.


      1. Quoting:

        “Isn’t it interesting that the very commenters who declare kindness and non-judgemental attitude as their biggest value, expressed the biggest amount of anger, judgement, criticism and condemnation towards the Anonymous as a person”

        NOT at all… Its the very fact THAT is a focus that will draw experiences TO practice…

        Something most people who are actually paying attention to lessons and how they work notice… as an outright pattern … Very early in their walk

        Those lacking in awareness… Well won’t notice.

        Its not that they “can’t” per se… They’re just busy looking outside of themselves (looking at what others are doing … Preoccupying themselves with what OTHERS do

        This “preoccupation” is a common tactic to avoid doing work withIN

        BECAUSE in actuality what others do Or NOT? Interesting or not? is absolutely NONE of their concern…


        1. @ Iota @2019-02-28 at 8:39 pm

          Iota, all I want to say to you is this. ……………………………………………………………………………….. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….
          …………………………………………………………….Silence must be heard. Noise should be observed.

          Ah, yes, and because I won’t see you and interact with you anymore,- Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!

          P.S. And in case you don’t get what I meant, you can always re-read it again until you do).


      1. Not those. That’s light coming through ice crystals in the freezing air above those mountains. There may be some chemicals in there, too. There are chemicals in everything, now. Speaking of that, just ask Brother J to enjoy whatever it is with you, so he can heal anything in there, any idea/notion/fear that needs to be healed.

        -CAT Eds.

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    1. I wish. Those are nacreous clouds. The Event energy will look mirrory-rainbow-y, and more like a wall… at least that’s how it USED to look before we had all these timeline skips. It might look like anything, now! I’ll get all of us to start trying to pull it up, again.


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  20. Hi…
    I was just popping in to my yootube page to see if anything resonated before trying to sleep, officially, instead of the consciousness crashes I’ve been experiencing most afternoon or evenings lately. The video link below was in my recommendations and I watched it.
    I was only introduced to Blossom when I first found your site and people posted links and such, never saw a video of hers and don’t know her backstory… nothing ever of hers in my YT pge either before this…
    There is a thing with me *shrug*… I never seem to be surprised by anything that happens here (Earth) or someones experiences ‘good’, weird’, or ‘bad’… I can’t really explain this.
    So, what she relays is a big deal for her and can see the vulnerability on her to share it out here – it was posted to yootbe just a few hrs go – to me it seems a normal thing somehow.
    I don’t mean to post the video, just the link for those interested, so if it shows up as the video after posting, The Cat Eds can fix it?

    much love to all – doing my best to hang on through all this ‘stuff’ lately; wishing you all, all the best and more.


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    1. I had not seen Blossom do this via video before… and was frankly shocked to see that other being looking out through her eyes. Made me do a double take. (The being was also speaking directly to me for a moment, which I was totally unprepared for.) I shy from channelers, but that was the real deal.


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      1. I once attended an open session at a seminar about trance channeling. At one point the medium’s facial features shifted to native american and something ancient had a real good look at me through her eyes. Didn’t pick up any threat but it sure was creepy. I told her afterwards but she didn’t remember anything.


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    2. @Kathleen Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this video. I have followed Blossom for a short while after hearing her work mentioned on this site. That was truly incredible! You just ‘know’ that was 100% real. Thank you to Blossom and White Cloud, amazing souls! I could see the change when White Cloud came in, the aura shifted and moved around a little, then settled as they both participated in their joint broadcast, i was smiling throughout the whole thing! Much love and much gratitude, these truly are exciting times! ❤️

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    3. I have followed Blossom for a few years, but hadn’t seen this. It was amazing. Her face kept morphing and I could see a bright aura coming and going around her. I am glad she was brave and put it out there. I couldn’t give a fig any more if people think I am strange. We should all be who we are. Thank you for posting this Kathleen.

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  21. I suppose that this is the best place to ask- how much weight should I put on astrology? I’m pretty into it because I like the structure, but at the same time I don’t like the determinism and lack of personal control. Plus with all the planetary changes I’m feeling maybe it’s just being phased out entirely?


    1. I also looked on Lynn’s site, but it was from 4 years ago and I feel like the rules have/are changed since then.

      Or maybe not.


  22. Hello all,
    I wasn’t going to share this because it was intensely personal. But it seems that, ever since it happened I have been pushed harder to share. I hope someone will benefit from this message I received…
    Very recently I was going through an extremely tough time emotionally. The unhealthy actions of a loved one were happening repeatedly (almost daily), and tearing at the fabric of my family. It led to me having a “dark night of the soul”.
    I was sitting in the bath that night, desperate, broken, and begging Spirit for answers. And I got one. It was the scene from the movie “Contact”, which I haven’t seen in years. The main character is strapped in a chair (a feature that was added to the original design of the pod) in the space pod, and the ride was getting extremely rough. She had no choice but to release herself from the chair. When she does, she floats away from the chair, and the ride becomes calm and smooth.
    The message I got from that was “LET GO!”. I was so wrapped up in the moment that I had forgotten that all is temporary, and I need to stop trying so hard to control the situation. I need to experience, learn, and work through situations like this – not control it.
    When I remembered this, it was as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt so peaceful and light. And the next morning, the family member and I discussed the situation in a calm, healthy manner. Steps have been taken to fix what was negative. All is well in our little corner of life. Thank you Spirit!
    Love you all ❤

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  23. James Gilliland @ Eceti update. Sorry it’s long! Would love to know more about the Galactic Ship/shuttles! X

    February 26th 2019

    While in meditation I was told a very large Galactic Federation ship will be here in the first week of March. It has 49 shuttles each 220 feet wide. It is part of the changes rapidly unfolding on Earth. Most of your leaders are aware of and working with the Federation, the Orion Council of Light and Pleiadians. I have not been told as of yet their mission. The Earth has been under siege for thousands of years by darker forces which have infiltrated, almost all agencies, institutions and powers. You have been under a very suppressive Draconian or what some would call an Archon grid. This is coming to a close. The electromagnetic light spectrum on all levels has increased exponentially. The Central Sun connected to all other Suns has increased its flow of consciousness and energy. Consciousness, Light, Energy and Mass are all connected as frequencies of the same force. Due to free will and a lot of negative influence there has been a lot of miscreation outside of Universal Law. This solar system is in the boondocks on an outermost arm of the Milky Way. There are differences of opinion on whether we are even in the Milky Way none the less we have been left alone, some might say abandoned until the time is right.

    NASA has released the charts on the increase of incoming energies, the Schuman Resonance is off the chart Tuesday it went from 7.8 to 74 which is one reason people are feeling out of sorts. This is all part of the awakening and healing or liberation of Earth. You can see it playing out on every level. The increase in social, economic, political, changes, severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity all are byproducts of these incoming energies. People are choosing between the upward spiral engaging their own higher consciousness and energy making their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection, or the downward spiral leading to social, economic and environmental collapse. The days of tyranny are coming to a close, yet this will happen in stages. We are here for soul evolution, to gain the wisdom through experience learning from the past. This is where the wisdom from the Elders come in. There are Elders from Earth and Elders from the stars. The Elders of the Earth if awake are connected to the Elders in the stars. Your ancient ancestors are returning. They know the real history of Earth, the origin of your religions, and have a more expanded version of God far beyond the bearded images of the past.

    What does this mean for Humanity? We are being given a golden opportunity to release the past, gain the wisdom from the experience and take a quantum leap in evolution. We can choose to join the rest of the Universe in Peace, reunite with the greater family of man, clean up the environment, put an end to most diseases and live a thoroughly loving, joyous abundant life. It is our birthright. We did not get into the mess we are in without interference. When I say interference, it exists on many levels, physical and non-physical. There in so much inhumanity on Earth because of non-human interference. This is being removed.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.”

    Many humans have chosen to serve these non-human entities due to promises of power, fame, wealth etc. These are false promises and never end well. This is a disservice to God and country.

    The real power is love and it comes from making your own personal connection with God/Creator/Great Spirit. Real everlasting fame comes from service to humanity, saints, sages and masters are the most remembered. The real wealth comes from within, wealth of knowledge, wealth of love, wealth of joy, a life of service to humanity and the Earth feeling good about oneself that is the real wealth, it is nonmaterial. The transitory and false fame, wealth, and power sold to you by social consciousness is a lie. When you awaken many will realize almost everything they have been taught and told were lies. The social engineering, conditioning and programming has all been a plan carried out by these negative forces seen and unseen that have enslaved humanity for eons. Again, these forces are replete throughout the agencies and institutions you have in error given your power too. Some refer to these energies as the deep state or swamp. It is global.

    When you climb the ladder of fame. power and wealth in most institutions of this day and age it gets darker and more decadent. When your eyes are fully opened the truth can be devastating. The masks are all coming down, the truth is being revealed and the true character of everyone will be made known. Politics, Hollywood, and the major religions are a good example. Nothing is how it seems and nothing is real concerning what the lame stream media tells you. In fact, if you reverse what they are saying the percentage of truth would be much higher. The Great Awakening is here. How we deal with it and how much we resist it will be up to each individual. I would strongly suggest choosing Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, “Universal Law” the upward spiral of evolution. It is time to listen to the Elders of Earth and the Stars. There are spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations which have conquered, poverty, disease, and live in harmony with each other and their environments. One would think it wise to follow their lead.

    Be well, James Gilliland

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    1. On the contrary, the earth is actually right at the center of things — it is literally at the exact center of this universe — and is seen as mondo-prime territory (one reason for all the ET interest). The earth was a pure creation and the sun is only one of two SOURCE portals known to exist in all dimensions. When you look at the sun, SOURCE is right there, inside! This is a much much more special place than anyone thinks.

      As for the rest… we’ll see.

      -CAT Eds.

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  24. Very interesting! Please watch!

    Is the merge happening?

    Physical Symptoms:
    *tired, going down hard and fast
    *blurry eyesight

    Many experiencing:
    *bleed through’s/overlays
    *inception dreams
    *seeing the glitches

    From Leeloo and Crew:
    The code which prevented our minds from moving forward has been deleted

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    1. June,
      Thanks for the video! Also, if you take into account the info Lisa Harrison gives away, i am letting you know that what she said in her short previous video was confirmed -word for word- in my dream that I had the night before she posted the video. That was the most amazing thing ever as I’ve never met her personally, I am not in touch with her via any means of electronic communication and don’t know any member of her team of psychics, nor am I having any interaction with that Leeloo and her friend. However, everything she said was the exact description of my dream material about the exact same stuff! Btw, are you the same June who comments on Lisa’s site? I am just curious).


      1. @Cats Eds, If I remember rightly I think the merge she (LMH) was talking about was the full merge of our Earth soul shard personality and our full higher self soulness – co-existence?, as it would be too hard in any kind of physical existence – I could be wrong though – so someone please correct if I have mis remembered… might have been merge of ‘us’ with the being prepared ‘place’, which might actually be the same thing as the me with HS… terms seem fluid these days…


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  25. Thank you Iota. That was so well described and very touching. You and Josh were there to enhance each others lives.💖

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