More WHOMPage/Jumpage [UPDATE3]


We were writing another post when this latest WHOMP started (around 6:00 am UTC). We’re unsure of its import, but it came from a recent little quasi-CME/flare thing. Just one more energy jockey on our backs…


That teeny smudge on the upper right of this CACTUS meter shows the teeny CME/flare thing that occurred. Definitely NOT dramatic… yet, we can all feel its import at the moment.

2-20-19-GNN_XRS_FIA_outScreen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.51.36 PM


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 10.54.36 PM
Oh, and here’s another ship from the sun, though NASA glitched it out.
We’ve never seen the Athens meter look like this.

What else is new? And why do these always hit around 6:00 am UTC, and 11:00 am UTC? What, another feline rhetorical?

So, here’s what we’re seeing right now:

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 10.29.26 PM



And one of a zillion ET ship pics from around the sun.

This energy and activity is causing all manner of phenomena, both unusual (horns and sky flashes) and mundane (a Boeing 787 goes 801 mph due to tailwind, along with other extreme weather) on the external, along with WHOMPs and dreams and other fun on the internal.

It is the CATs’ general consensus that we are nearing The SHIFT. (Since all that is occurring is The Event, we’re now going to address the upcoming dimensional split as The SHIFT.) Our own levels of manifestation alone are suggesting this. But there will be something “big” (according to mundane terminology) that happens right before The SHIFT, we were told. Not sure what that will be yet, but it might be a touch of the JUSTICE timeline… or an ET thing… or a sister sun sighting. Whatever it is, there will be a good reason for us all to see/experience it — and perhaps immediately either trust in SOURCE and let it go, or dwell in fear & loathing. Just our conjecture.

More as we find it.

Must… reach… treats… on other side…


Major WHOMP last night. We felt it coming on, then… had some really interesting things happen that we’ll talk about later. Some of you might be waking up now, ability-wise.


Here was the run-up:


Looks normal, but observe the ‘blasted’ look to the values.



We just had a CME…


…which is due to influence us here… on… the 28th? Maybe earlier. It’s hard to tell because the energy coming off the sun is designed for a totally different purpose than it ever has before. Here’s more:



This is the CACTUS CME detector.

Part of it also showed up here:


And there was also this:


It was also a timeline jump:



More timeline jumpyhouse:


92 thoughts on “More WHOMPage/Jumpage [UPDATE3]

    1. Well Fine! (sound of a big raspberry being blown.) I just want the remaining 7 inches of snow to melt so I can get back to gardening. So much for the mild, marine climate of the PNW. Seattle’s on the way to a record breaking cold February. Boo!

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      1. In Canada, more snow than ever. So with you on getting outside…oh please, oh please….soon??! As for the energy update, I had a dream and one thing is missing from us moving forward and by saying missing, I interpreted it as it is different for everyone, it’s a fragment of ourselves. So, when I woke up, I asked, out loud in my mind “what the heck does that mean?!” Then I got “it’s something from everyone, but not for everyone will it mean something”. WTH? So I more pressing “whaaat?”. Then I felt knowingly: Expectations are causing the delay, what is missing is the connection within. Expectations are kind of like free will in a way. We have to release them (in our own way).

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        1. Such as THIS ‘expectation’, right here in front of you:

          “So with you on getting outside…oh please, oh please….”

          No one who is fully ready to shift, is at THAT level anymore. Nor have they been, for many years now.
          Focusing on and looking ‘outside’ at the crumbling 3D matrix.

          Greetings from Canada’s PNW coast, where the snow is all gone.

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          1. Hello! True and we are all on different levels of this “awareness” and it’s why I try not to go by what ppl say is or isn’t the Event. It’s like watching a water fall filling up a pool; what will come first, the water fall finishing or the pool filling up? I’m glad we are together in this and having each an experience without saying who is right or wrong. And Greetings from Central Alberta, where (again) we had some flurries, but milder temps, the snow is still here tho…😒


    2. Please CAT’s let us know as soon as you can!!! I really would like to know!
      Thank you!
      I feel more and more that I am living in a strange dream like reality… it does not look real to me anymore…it looks more and more like a dream…So where I am now…from where I am dreaming this dream?!… 😉 Hopefully we will wake up from this bad dream very soon…
      Love you all!

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    3. I have been wondering if all the rain here on the central coast of California was a balancing. I have lived in my current town for 28 years and do not ever remember having such a winter as this! If this is the case (and Cats have stated the PTW are no longer controlling the weather) then we are making up for many years of drought (that was definitely not natural).


  1. Holy Manoly! Meow’s everyone going? That’s some Whompage alright. Our poor lil kitties have been processing a lot too. We’ve been ‘Kickin’ butt, then rest…. Kickin’ butt, then rest …. and so forth. Lots of snacks from the other side too. Much Love to All xxxxx

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  2. Feb 16 I saw the sky above Purgatory Ski Resort flash an amber red color. It was snowing but snow lighting is rare. The color was unusual.

    That California river of moisture is translating to a hell of a lot of snow in Colorado.

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  3. Hello all!
    I had an experience last week that I thought you might find interesting.
    I was looking at the Weather Channel on my phone, scrolling down to the videos. All three featured videos were about the Chinese space station falling out of the sky. It was projected to hit somewhere on the east coast of the US (judging by the “target map” in the still scene in one of them). Upon seeing this, I clicked to watch one of the videos, and my screen went blank. The WC reloaded with normal videos in the section I was just looking at. I could find no trace of the space station videos anywhere – I even hit the back button, and got nothing.
    In this current time line, there is no Chinese space station. So what happened? A timeline jump, the PTW messing with people, or something else? Nothing else in that moment was out of the ordinary. I was not feeling anything strange or different, and I haven’t experienced any more “glitches” since.
    I would love any input or thoughts you might have.
    Love you all ❤

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    1. Hm. Seems that fell into the Pacific last April. It wasn’t much of a “space station,” just an old Soviet Soyuz vehicle about the size of a school bus. The Chinese posted a fake pic of it burning up on their TV stations. There was a tiny timeline slip/jump last week, but only one meter picked it up so we didn’t report it.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. My first thought was timeline weirdness. Thank you for the confirmation, CAT Eds!
        Hugs! ❤


  4. Thanks CATs & Ms Wow! Energy is really powerful here in our little English house! So glad you mentioned sky flashes, have been seeing these A LOT! Had tremendous migraine/ pressure pushing down on head shoulders, well everywhere really! Feels like the air is like a false ceiling pushing down, down, down, and then after meditating ringing in the ears and feeling rooted on the sofa! I keep clearing and saying ‘not mine’ to all those fear based, strange thoughts and emotions lol! I think I am soaking up collective ‘soup’ and it needs a lot of clearing!

    Love you ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. Ahhh, while I was posting a comment you Cats, etc, posted a newwy… love the unicorn kitty… My comment just posted to the last – do we call them topic or updates?? had to do with body things and awareness – was nudged to share, but it seems to have dropped into a black hole – if so – wasn’t needed, I guess 🙂

    I wanted to share a dream I had before I woke on 2/20/19 with the red, interesting spots I mentioned in the disappeared comment…
    I’d been feeling a deep strange type of loneliness recently. I’m a solitary type of person even while living with others – I can converse just fine. not unfriendly, but prefer to be the leopard up lounging in the tree observing from my branch (I’m a kitty in two zodiacal forms if THAT means anything 🙂 ). This loneliness effect was strong, so that night I asked to remember and meet some FRIENDS on the other side or wherever… I figured I MUST have one or two at least. And so I dreamt and remembered… I was with a friend who passed almost 30 yrs ago and had much to do with frequencies, but I only ‘met’ him about 11 yrs ago; we were very close and I learned much, but took some bad advice and we lost touch for awhile until a few years ago when I welcomed the connection again – no idea why I needed to share all that? *shrug* Anyway, in the dream he was sitting( on nothing) about halfway up in my vision. I was, on nothing, in front of him and this structure being built cheerfully – others around, but just awareness of them… the structure was being built of BIG slightly curved wood seeming rectangles with two slightly remembered dark circles side by side on each one. There was a sense that the structure was a beyond huge airplane – so big only a ‘small’ portion filled my whole field of vision. My friend was smiling a cheerfully sweet sardonic smile at me and there was a feeling of a telepathic exchange which now is only the faintest gist, but maybe you can tell what it probably was… 🙂

    much love to all you lovelies,


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    1. the above comment is me, Kathleen G, – I didn’t notice at 3 something am that the identification fields weren’t filled in before posting my comments last night – first time they weren’t automatically filled in since my first time here… I’ll pay more attention…

      — this morning I had the feeling that some of me is being transferred to elsewhere, in a process… a to-be-continuing process, maybe something to do with the things I talked about in my anonymously-me post on the previous ‘thread’ last night?
      love to all
      ❤ Kg

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  6. I have been manifesting these past few days like never before. At first it was subconcious but I noticed it was happening, and it was happening fast. Within seconds to a few hours, depending on how much is involved, as in people and things. I started consciously manifesting and wow, I must say it blew my mind a bit. I did not expect it to be so accurate and quick.
    Of course I am only creating small things or personal signs. I dont want to change things too much or doing any harm.

    Thanks CATs. Its a wild ride! And its fun 🙂

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      1. The SPLIT will happen when Spirit decides we have as many awake as we’re gonna get, and/or everyone involved has made the choice between STO and STS. We can’t really manifest it, because we’ve ALREADY manifested it. We are kinda living a video game inside an editable recording.

        -CAT Eds.


  7. HaHaHaHaHaHa!! on the jockey cat costume! Blew coffee out my nose laughing at that one 🙂 (ow)

    How in the world did you get him/her to agree to wear that thing? Or was he/she just too busy chowing down to notice/care (at least long enough to snap a pic)?

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  8. Gaia Portal

    Wings are born on those with freedom of Spirit.
    Elements of Higher Vibrations are embraced.
    Polarities are leveled.
    Mediators brought in.
    Conclusions are created.


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  9. Curious…my brother in law loves to build and I love to paint and we just recently decided to join forces in a business to make kids rocking horses, rocking cats, dogs ects for kids and all fun stuff. Sooooo, I’m excited about the shift but now I’m finally excited about something else. Do things like this exist in 5D. We are working on newborn cribs, ect..see where I’m going with this?

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    1. It’s all about doing what you love! But don’t get too attached to power tools, is my understanding for 5D… Someone correct me if I’m wrong!


      1. No power tools in 5D? Hmm, gonna be tough carving a wood rocking horse from a spoon! 😊 im gonna need a ruling on the field here….how do we build stuff in the future then?


  10. Can anyone, and- if anyone is in the know, give me an explanation for the extreme depletion of energy that many are currently experiencing? This is just getting too perplexing, b/c normally as energy leaves one place it eventually replenishes or renews itself in another, but it doesn’t seem to be the case now. I remember sifoo too has recently reported being half alive or sth to the extent. I understand I am not alone with this ascension symptom, and I just don’t understand how we all are expected to function when we can’t even be fully present in a present moment due to extreme exhaustion. Any ideas?

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    1. Ask me again in five minutes, and I’ll whine until your ears fall off, it’s very much back and forth for me; fall a thousand times, get up once more as the saying goes.

      It’s been said that all impurities will be consumed by divine fire, I find that a fitting description. It comes in spurts so far for me, has for years; but when I occasionally manage to get my head above surface I get a rush of energy that’s more powerful and pure than anything up until that point.

      Assuming that we’re in the process of completely rebuilding and rewiring our bodies, this makes sense. First some of the old has to be removed, then replaced with more fitting matter and then the wires need to be connected and everyone getting used to their new neighbours. It’s pretty advanced stuff, really.

      From what I understand, one reason the process is slightly more intense than it could have been is that it was held up for so long; and everyone else is more or less waiting on us now.

      In the end it’s also about faith; about proving once and for all that it doesn’t matter, that nothing can touch us unless we allow it. Going through this without freaking out is a pretty solid test if you ask me.

      Brother J was spot on as usual:

      Consider the lilies, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin; yet I say unto you, Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God doth so clothe the grass in the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more shall he clothe you, O ye of little faith?


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  11. Love the the”unicat”! Minky wants to snuggle and sleep mostly. And I don’t blame her, for I’ve been feeling them before they get here. This is different energy, that I have not felt before. Yet it is a Happy energy. Love in Harmony to All.

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  12. Sort of busy taking out collective garbage at the moment, came on full force after the moon. And I got a nice feverish cold to go with that as encouragement. Even though I’m mostly stumbling around and grunting in a lousy mood, it still works somehow.

    On a more uplifting level I dissolved a trail that was blocking my clear, sunny sky by imagining it turning into drops of water. Just a heads up, might be worthwhile to retry whatever didn’t work last time. Now I’m left trying to decide what to do with the helicopters next time they drop by, water is too good for them.

    This is an odd one, but it came to me and there is something in there that just won’t let go.


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    1. Sifoo, you should make yourself and your place invisible for those man made iron mosquitoes. Experiment with it and keep dissolving those trails. I’d also declare support and send a wave of appreciation for everything in those pilots consciousness that makes them acutely aware that what they do is toxic and there are other healthier choices available for that pilot and his friends.

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      1. Wilco, thanks.

        If they had any idea what they’re looking for I figure they would have found it by now. I’m probably messing with their energetic game in the area where I live just by being here, that’s the best explanation I can come up with. I have memories from other lives of this place being really nice, but when I arrived here a few years ago it was all dark and lifeless.

        That’s the way it goes, right? Once you begin tapping into your full power you’re already at a point where misuse doesn’t appeal much, since by that time you’ve been subjected to so much madness and suffering that you just want it to end.


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  13. “Along with WHOMPs and dreams and other fun on the internal. On Valentine’s Day, I had a dream that I was knocking on a door and saying, “Until I reaches the Queen.” Like that, Reaches;-) When I looked at my watch, which was oblong and digital, it said 1:11:11. And then I woke up cause the rain was tapping on the window.

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  14. Manifestation off the charts lately. It’s exciting. I saw the SR all white in a vision of the shift and that last 24 hr bout felt very much like a lead up to… Getting closer for sure. 💛☮️

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      1. Those of us in Scottsdale, AZ are loving the non-stop rain and eye-popping snow covered streets! haha. The “Valley of the Sun”got hit with a small snow storm. Crazy. Thx CAT Eds.


      2. I want to share something for those who are in pain and lacking energy, which I know is many of you here.
        Trust me when I say I have never been into things like what I’m about to tell you…but if this helps one suffering person here, then it will be worth posting.

        I have suffered from severe pain and fatigue for years. I finally just figured, ok, I’ll deal the best I can. Like the cats and many others, I lovvvve coffee (and tea) and I have survived on those when I’ve been at energy levels that been literally in the negative. I didn’t really think diet mattered, and I have tried just about everything and I still felt like shiz. Lately it has been much worse. I haven’t been able to get out of bed, suffering in agony worse.

        My sister begged me recently to try the Medical Medium juicing protocol. I ignored her for a bit. I thought that this guy must be bunk due to all of the glowing reviews from Hollywood actors on his book reviews…and I still don’t know what I think. But, whether or not he is who he says he is, the diet (at least the juicing part that I have tried) has changed my life almost instantly. Thus, I’m going to throw it out there; do with it what you will. I’m not trying to persuade anyone of anything at all..just trying to help my fellow man/woman/beings/lightworkers/sensitives who may be dealing with debilitating pain and fatigue.

        I’m drinking one of the juice drinks every day now, and I’m amazed at how much this is changing my pain and fatigue and even my ability to take in more light. It seems to help my body deal with its sensitivity to the 3D world and to the toxins in our air/water/food. I would say my energy has increased by 25% and my pain reduced by 50%, at least.

        This is a drink in the Liver Rescue book. I’ll post the recipe. I bought a $60 juicer from Amazon and gave it a whirl.

        1 🍍 pineapple
        1 bunch of celery
        2 apples
        a handful of parsley, I get the Italian kind
        A small slice off of a ginger root

        That’s it. Xoxo. I hope it helps someone here..I really am over suffering.

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        1. I gained a sudden interest in Medical Medium late November and have been investigating his recipes and ideas about EBV (epstein barr virus mutations) After 90 days of juicing recommendations and avoiding some specifics ( mostly anything that comes thru factory with “unknowns” added) I feel very grounded and more able to take the punches that the latest energy trials have dished out. I still want to sleep more, but feel refreshed and energetic during the day. Everything old is new again 🙂 Eat Real Food/ Feel Better ❤

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          1. It’s *all* the stalks from one bunch.

            That recipe makes enough juice for me to fill 2-3 16oz bottles. I drink at least one bottle a day, but more often at least two (one in the am and one later on in the day).


      1. Strong energy making reality glitch more and making me feel like used kitty litter. I am getting the get ready message but what for who knows lol.

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      2. Oh yes. Feeling awful. I knew it was something big. The Russian chart Mark led us to is all over the shop. BREATH. !!!!

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          1. Last night it was like someone took a giant claw and dragged it across the front of the house and the dog freaked out. I thought horror movies weren’t real LOL

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  15. Really disturbing dream.

    The skies were a maelstrom, dark rolling clouds and strange lightning. Then four enormous rainbow coloured twisters met the heavens and dominated the skyscape.

    Then an ET race, humanoid, landed and took control of the planet, their intentions were not for our best. Ruled by an ego driven leader (sounds familiar!).

    The dream continued with a resistance being formed.

    What a sh$t dream. 😦

    Mark (hurry up SOURCE/ME)


  16. Okay, gonna sound like a total nut, but whatever. We are over the mountain (metaphorically)!!! The guardians have arrived…all speed ahead.

    If the cats are being ask for their undivided attention, we got to hold ground for them. Amazing 😁

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  17. Today everything outside seemed different. Everything was sharply pristine, precise and clear. My lips were vibrating all afternoon. The sky was chem – trail less until late this afternoon (and then only one in view). Beautiful.

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  18. I was prompted to skim the Terra Papers again, been quite a while since I first ran across the material. And I came away with the same impression as last time, there’s no way of denying that many of the pieces fit.

    The interesting stuff is below the surface, like any esoteric material; but with a bit of patience I’m sure many new readers would find something worth pondering in there.


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    1. @ Sifoo. Thanks for the link. I read this many years ago but feel I need to read it again. I’ve read so much in my lifetime it’s now leaking out through my ears. Well that’s my excuse for a failing memory anyway.😊

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  19. If you ignore the silly media bubble, peace reigns. It all seems so insignificant to me, now. I find their desperation to be cute, rather than anything else.

    They have yet to realize what is truly important.
    I think I’m going to try my best to bask in this feeling until the Shift arrives, whenever SOURCE decides that it’s time.

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  20. I have been remembering an odd but short dream I had years ago. I think it was 2008/2009. I still only remember bits but wanted to share it as it’s always puzzled me!

    So, in the dream, I find mysf in what looks like a small abandoned village. There are animals there, I think there was a lion, an elephant and maybe a horse, not too sure. Anyway, I ask where I am and am told:
    ‘Concentric Circles’!
    A bit strange I know, been trying work out what it means for a while! It was before I started to ‘wake up’ spiritually etc…

    Hope everyone is well!

    Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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    1. @lily144, you might find the research Michael Tellinger has done into circular stone structures, and tendril walls, counted in the thousands, perhaps millions, in eastern South Africa – I found a shortish utbe video concerning these – the theory now is they are energy generators to the exact frequency of the Earth at THAT point – all unique… circles are first 4 minutes or so (see if anything looks/feels familiar), then he talks about his UBUNTU movement/philosophy – to create communities on the African word UBUNTU concerning community cooperation/contribution – his(and others) idea to move towards a money not needed community, so you can skip that if not interested – keep in mind this was, I think filmed in 2016 many shifts ago. I also believe there seemed to be a try to discredit/destroy him after he became more vocal and active with a practical movement of UBUNTU he was trying into the SA government – just perspective…

      much love


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      1. @Kathleen
        Thank you so much for sharing this! I feel an overwhelming affinity to these stone circles and all ancient structures all over the world, but then I bet everyone here does, we are all old souls! Absolutely fascinating, the way, when you watch videos like this, another little aspect of yourself wakes up, stirs ancient memories…

        The Ubuntu project sounds absolutely fascinating! I knew I had heard the word Ubuntu before but cannot remember where, thank you!
        Love ❤️❤️


  21. Played the piano for the first time in 15 years today, I don’t have a good explanation. Then this dropped into my lap, so at least I know what I’m doing until they let me out.


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      1. Obsession is not a bad description, I spent more several hours glued to a keyboard (the musical kind) pushing my brain far outside its comfort zone over the last two days; which is basically unheard of when it comes to music practice for me. Can’t believe it took me 42 years to find this.

        Here is the Event in musical form:

        And here is a good place to start playing:


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        1. Thank you Sifoo!
          Trust, that everything unfolds to the absolutely right time and in a perfect way for you… This is what I keep saying to myself since months haha but it is true
          So Ludovico seems to help a lot while emotional transformation (for me). His compositions provide a certain energy for a certain feeling, which needs to be recognized, identified and processed.
          And I think it’s not only him indeed.
          One of Ms said a while ago, it’s music in particular. The language of the universe


        2. The tutorial I mean (starting at part 1), not specifically part 4; that’s just what I was playing when I posted the comment. Do consider giving it a try if you’ve never played, any crappy keyboard will do for a start; it’s difficult enough to be interesting but still doable, something good will come out of it.



  22. We would prefer it if other psychics online would please stop referring to SOURCE as “the Central Sun.” This is confusing. People aren’t sure if they mean our sun (which is a direct portal to SOURCE), or the galactic core (which is a supermassive blackhole). And like many others, we also prefer NOT to be referred to as “beloveds.” It’s not an imperative, just a preference.

    -CAT Eds.

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  23. New Gaia Portal

    Cycles of Illumination elevate and complete.

    Partnerships in Spirit form on a planetary scale.

    Elements of Light infuse the hu-being.

    Hue-manity clears the way.


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  24. Anyone else getting a crazy increase/upgrade to their intuitive abilities? My prescience has always been strong, but now it’s just ridiculous. I keep anticipating things even when I don’t want to, and I almost constantly complete other’s sentences. It’s so weird!

    That aside, I think my clairaudience is finally waking up properly. I keep hearing a lot of random noises which don’t seem physical in nature, along with “hearing” people’s presences. It seems each human aura has its individual “audio” qualities, not unlike different musical CDs. It’s something I’m increasingly starting to notice as time passes.

    I’m not sure what the heck I’ve been doing in these alt-timelines during my dreams (or maybe it’s the Sun’s fault, or both?), but it’s affecting this life in interesting ways now.

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  25. Another “trying to catch a certain bus” dream last night. Finally made it after going back home to get more documentation/requirements and then driving to the next town to catch the bus. As I was standing in line to buy my ticket the bus driver came in to stretch his legs and rest a bit. It turned out to be my Dad who died in 2002. It was a happy reunion. My bus ticket looked like a completed puzzle of blue outlined pieces. No luggage.

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  26. I think I now fully understand the phenomenon of beaching whales taking place worldwide. I myself no longer know what ocean I am in and where energies are going to. One thing is clear though, – not where my body expect them to. Extreme nausea, woke up with it in the middle of the night, can’t sleep after b/c I don’t feel like, and yet I haven’t slept more than 3 hours! Now, THIS has never happened before in my entire life! The nausea comes out of nowhere (and for no reason!) and also in the middle of my sleep time to the point that the body just wakes up. It has to be either a better or quicker way to go through this ascension disaster, the trees and birds seem to be doing just fine, what would it take us to have it the easy and comfortable way just like the rest of creation? No more incarnations – for any reason- on any planet or dimension where they run an experiment of any kind!

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  27. Hi everybody, just wondering if anyone else experienced any odd timeline glitches tonight (night of 2/24 or early morning of 2/25). I was just looking at my clock, which read 12:54 am, and I remember that specifically because I thought to myself, “it’s almost 1am, I should get into bed soon.” Then about 30 seconds later I look back at the clock and somehow this time it’s at 12:40am. I tried to tell myself that maybe I misread it the first time, but I really can’t see any reason that would have happened.


      1. Thank you, I did check out the latest post and updates, was just curious what others were experiencing. This bit was especially accurate for my experience:

        “What else is new? And why do these always hit around 6:00 am UTC, and 11:00 am UTC? What, another feline rhetorical?”

        As I said in my op, this happened to me around 12:40am CST, which would be 6:40am UTC. I guess I wasn’t expecting _that_ much accuracy! Thanks CATs, Ms, CAT Eds, and everyone else.


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