Getting Your Feline Disclosure Shot [UPDATE5]


For those dying for a shot of Governmental Disclosure — about anything — give it up. The PTW will never willingly give away control over information. But that’s ok, we’ll vaccinate you (again). We’ve had another biggie come to the party:

Ho-hum, just another Jupiter-sized ship full of SOURCE energy.

Some of the meters took notice of its passage out of the sun’s SOURCE portal:


Now… this… happened EXACTLY six hours earlier — to the hundredth of a second (see the time stamps):

Something big shoots to the right. See the video link below.

Then this funny timeline jump happened:


Here’s the video of the whole thing, see for yourself.

First, the one shoots out to the right, fast, then Big Boy comes out, stage left. You can also see in the video that odd solar oscillation we’ve mentioned before, like someone’s switching the sun’s polarity back and forth. Note that the video is time-lapsed. Ho-hum, it’s just…



Stuff is happening, as we’ve previously indicated:

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 9.52.14 AM


Bumpy Road.


Whoa. This explains last night’s WHOMP-iness.


And muon spikes.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 10.16.22 AM

And a teeny flare:



Here we go again:

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 12.25.48 PM
10 km depth = HAARP.
Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 12.26.22 PM
A saber-rattling tsunami threat against DC. Why is this tech still allowed to exist?


A WHOMP, going on now. What else is new?


There was a little OOPs, too; can’t say we felt it:


This says there was also a flare of some sort, but we can’t find it anywhere else… except in the WHOMP itself.

Interestingly, some of us had dreams of everyone being… well, giant rolled up CARPETS OF LIGHT. That’s what people looked like, anyway. And FOUR of us awoke with the same song in our heads: the theme from “St. Elmo’s Fire.” We understand the message, but there’s no accounting for Spirit’s taste. You can look it up if you want a whammy.


Still going.


Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 8.52.36 PM


More ship shots, some quite dramatic:

1-Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 11.18.39 PM
If you look closely at the north pole of the sun, you can see that NASA has blanked out something that’s firing a beam at the sun. But…
1-Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 11.18.50 PM
…they don’t blank it out of this view. But wait, there’s more.
Check out the giant pyramid in the upper left of the sun’s north polar region. NASA’s getting sloppy. The ETs inside are neutral and a greenish grey, average height. They’re just lurking, looking for info. It will be interesting to see which ETs SHIFT and which do not.


156 thoughts on “Getting Your Feline Disclosure Shot [UPDATE5]

    1. I am curious, these new and upcoming energy bombardments, shifts, etc, in which way are they gonna affect our physical, energy, emotional bodies now? I mean, the never ending flu like sweeps are mostly over- for the majority as far as I can see, facing unresolved personal, social, emotional and mental issues is also gone for those who meticulously addressed them on the spot. What’s the next topic, has anyone had a glimps/an awareness of it yet?

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      1. You’re already feeling it. It’s going to get worse. Or better. Depends on how you look at it. Free will will color the experience.

        Lots of us have glimpsed it, but it ain’t nothin’ like the real thing. It’s why we don’t talk about it, anymore. It does no good.


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  1. There’s a NKOTB who came out in Dec 18, to basically tell where we are in ascension process with dates and all the stages involved. pretty detailed and he answers all Q’s on his FB page. He’s done 5-6 interviews since then (+FB text posts) and in my opinion has some really solid info…

    below is his first interview

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    1. @ Mr M

      AGAIN, Holy Crap!!! I watched this video second in sequence, and what he reveals here at 53:18 almost had me doing a Happy Dance (even though my body is nearly dead and I can’t even straighten up for 7 years)……so then a mental dance about the Ocean/the Water and what Jason says was done off of Maui, Hawaii in November 2018 —

      Well f^^ me, because Maui Hawaii is the third Crystal City of Light in my trinity/triad of celestial cities… fact my TV celebrity soulmates from Texas physically travelled there to Maui in spring of 2018 in order to (unknowingly) complete and ground our 3 Crystal City connections as we completed the build.
      And now look what was dumped into the water right there, 6 months later.

      AND this Jason Estes is *also* in Texas.
      Planning lower frequency celestial city builds, for the 4D –> 5D ascending crowd. (which will be anchored into our current higher frequency Crystal City of Light in Texas)

      Well, I’m ready to go now more than ever ~ this is the February cherry on top (he doesn’t even realize he is describing the Solar Flash event, I don’t think this can get any better )

      And Bev, this one is worth the watch just for the WATER info alone ~ trust me you’ll love this.

      These are my people…..I literally freaking cried


        1. @ CAT Eds.

          Thanks, but you don’t understand….what was/is being done to me, is some kind of transmutational human experiment to see how agonizingly crystallized they can make my flesh without actually killing me.

          Which means/meant running the highest burning radiating frequencies straight through me 24/7 for 8 years.

          When you have agreed in your Soul Contract to be ‘cooked to death’, no amount of asking, pleading, begging, screaming, crying, threatening, bargaining or even acquiescence to your Guides, your higher self, any higher dimensional beings, the Councils, or Source itself is going to help.

          Sending messages to the Councils doesn’t work, renegotiating your Contract doesn’t work, and the best your Guides can do even if you are updating and pleading with them all day long, is try one solution after another until the situation has become barely tolerable again….and THAT has a ‘time delay’ — their help if any, is usually delayed by days or many weeks.

          This is why I always tell everyone that no human would be able to survive this — and of course no one understands, because no one has gone through this yet.

          Talk about being ALONE.


          1. Well… you still have free will, despite your previous agreements, and can amend them at any time. Ground and protect and then Ask Guides and Brother J to heal you in your sleep. See what happens. There seems to be something else going on here. The Spirit side doesn’t intentionally make people suffer.

            -CAT Eds.

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          2. Hi, @Anonymous

            You seem to me bragging too much about your victimhood.
            Not good.

            “I am not the victim of the world I see.
            I have invented the world as I see it.”
            (A Course in Miracles)

            PLS go the the Highest instance ONLY and forget about all those…councils. They monstrously feed on your good & genuine heart.
            Source has 1 million ways to stop all your pains on the spot.

            Written to you in great LOVE

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          3. Big hug you are not alone there are others of us out there. We got various versions of this but the result has been the same.

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          4. I’ve heard the same from other sources about our ability to “amend” agreements/contracts we may have entered into before this lifetime, that we don’t necessarily even recall. Do you have any suggestions about how to actually go about amending one’s contract? (beyond just stating this intention to your guides and asking them to do so)


          5. What happens beyond the statement is up to your Guides. In some cases things can be amended, in critical cases they cannot. If you agreed to come here to do a specific, mission-critical job — and something happened to the other people acting as “safeties” — there may be few alternatives, short of step-ins (with permission). This whole multidimensional, omniversal puzzle is just impossible.

            -CAT Eds.

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      1. Jason estes text update (from his FB page)- details /explanation in his comments and videos…

        also feb 18th is not the event if I understood him correctly the event will around may 2019 full moon.


        Well we are in for quite a few amazing treats as we progress through the rest of February ill list them out and also lay out a bit for what’s ahead =)

        February 16-21st first ascended master gift given back to the planet: Sacred Fire

        February 18th 5pm cst-5am cst End of separate grid first day of a single grid and the celestial spike where all astral currents will be removed from the earth game and all related templates outside of bodies, this is also the final day of the the last astral city see picture below for details.

        February 18- March 7th First level of the purge, this a physical level purge and will require more awareness of the body and its needs, during this phase you may find yourself wired and unable to sleep or very sleepy and almost not functional this will pass usually with 48 hours so while it may not be fun or comfortable just know its not permanent.

        February 21st- 27th next body speed up phase, you may find even lower resources then normal or strange food cravings during this time don’t be alarmed its just your body speeding up and learning to live at a new pace

        February 21st the end of teams and the beginning of a collaboration unlike anything this world ever seen.

        So as you can see we have quite a ways to go but you are not alone in this and everything will eventually calm down to a manageable pace so just breath and do your best and forgive the rest ::hugs::

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        1. It’s irresponsible to call out specific dates for The Event. Has no one learned anything from Blossom’s prediction failure back in 2008? (which, if it had transpired, would’ve caused the PTW to launch all their nukes prior to ships revealing themselves). It guarantees that the PTW will try to make mayhem to interfere around that date… even though we see it as BEFORE that date… but things change with each timeline jump…

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. The guy does not give the event date, he merely mentions the beginning/end of the next phase of a process, not more than that. Also, I don’t believe that PTW can cancel or counteract the moves of the Source, regardless whether Its moves are known or undeclared. Maybe it makes sense for you to actually watch at least some of the interviews, but of course it’s up to you to decide.


          2. …”the event will around May 2019 full moon.” That’s calling out a date. (It’s also wrong, at least for all of us. Given all the timeline jumps and changes, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to predict anything. It’s also irresponsible. The ca8al cannot stop The Event, but they can delay it and gum-up the works. Why would you willingly help them do this? You don’t give insane people knives and broken glass and gasoline and matches. It’s irresponsible. Let them exercise their free will over gophers and worms.

            I cannot WAIT for this to be over.


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          3. People don’t understand what the ca8al are up to — and we’re not going to tell you or dwell on it. (Their plans are getting super out-there/whacko.) Suffice to say that we need to give them as little opportunity as possible for *coordinated mayhem*. They won’t stop the inevitable, but they can slow it down. Like what they’re trying to do with the LHC in their latest big two-year upgrade. (It won’t work, of course. In fact, it will be destroyed long before it’s ever operational.) And NONE of us want to be here in this 3d dungeon any longer than we have to. Enough already.


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          4. as much as those in human suits want to know dates. PLEASE STOP!!!

            the folks who do not have our best interests at heart LOVE to mess with humanity, just as the above comment states.


          5. It’s a matter of perspective. I have just listened to all Jason Estes interviews, just to get the idea of where he actually stands and is coming from. The guy is definitely authentic and is interested in unaltered and undiluted truth as it is, in differ from almost 90% of the channelers, psychics, gurus, teachers, popular light workers and the rest of the loud crowd that declared themselves awakened, spiritual, and in the know.

            The ca8al will try to halt the progress, evolution, and awakening of humanity regardless whether they know or don’t know the exact or approximate dates of pivotal events that can free that humanity. In other words and using your example, no “You don’t give insane people knives and broken glass and gasoline and matches”, – if you have observed the activity of the insane, for any duration of time, you’ll learn that they usually get the knives, broken glass, gasoline, matches and other needed items themselves.

            What Jason mentioned (a few times in his different interviews) is that what is supposed to happen on those dates is the result of the many years and many beings work that has already been complete on the planet and off the planet, throughout different dimensions, times, etc. meaning it can not be thrown out of track at this point. He also mentions a very specific and rather interesting and practical method of how he identifies the dates. He also said that it’s only now that he feels it is right and safe to release this and other info, for many years both he and others who were in the know kept this info secret and hidden.

            The past dates for certain happenings and esp. delays for the event that he mentioned are spot on and fully confirm my personal meticulous observation as I wanted to explore what had happened and why it had happened the way it did. The info he gave on the matter is original and comes from his own awareness, other speakers (the loud crowd of popular lightworkers) who commented on the same matter were just talking rubbish and mainly regurgitating what the other one had said.

            And the last thing. I am NOT James Estes follower, I don’t agree with some of his view points and some of his interpretations, but I like the direction in which he goes and I appreciated that he repeated noone. I learnt about the guy from Mr. M who posted the videos here a few days ago, I got curious after about 5mins of watching James speak and was just pleasantly surprised by hearing and seeing sth accurate, to the point and original for a change.

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        2. I’d rather not go by dates either. We are all on this path with our own uniqueness, experiences and purpose; while collaborating with the “whole”. Besides, the Event preparation has been going on for sometime already. It’ll happen when it happens 😊

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        3. @ Mr M

          It all depends what Timeline you are on….what he described for Feb 18 to March 7 would be the ‘freeing’ of the grid, and the freeing of the Higher Beings here holding the light all this time and serving as the new Crystal Grid.

          And once we are set free, we is outta here. Our frequencies are WAY above 40 Hz, and just keeping us from tipping over into 5D has been unbearable all these years, being locked in only for the sake of The Collective.
          So that single levelling up into an entire frequency level upgrade would shoot our arses right out of this 3D/4D level.

          Those who believe that they ‘have a ways to go’, are those who are not ready for 5D yet, (which is currently the majority) and they are on a lower much slower Timeline than the Higher Beings here.

          So for them, (when they are ready) The Event will be experienced in a different way. At a different TIME.

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    2. Wow, Mr. M thanks a lot for the videos, just what I was looking for, much of the info presented there resonates, I needed to hear just that to access what I know.


    1. @ Mr M

      Holy CRAP — these are the ones I’ve been waiting for, all this ‘time’.


      💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 THANK YOU 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗



    2. Ok. No more videos, please. These boards are for discussion. You can precis out various snippets, but in text, please. If we run stuff like this, it can look like favoritism. Also, we don’t like videos. The internet was better in 1988. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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    3. [@58:00] FYI, Atlantis SANK. It lasted for a long time, and was positive at the beginning and perhaps middle… but it was bad at the end. It sank for a reason. It almost destroyed the earth. People bring Atlantis up like it’s this magical memory… which it is, for a time… but it’s also a cautionary memory where an entire continent tanked due to hubris and people using their energy for selfish and dark ends. It’s good to keep perspective on this… not that it’s going to be allowed to happen again. Toward the end, Atlanteans performed what we would term “evil” genetic experiments — on “lesser beings” and animals — that made stuff the Nazis did in concentration camps look like child’s play. And they regularly traveled to the “mainland” continents and hunted primitive humans down… and ate them. Like a picnic. It was horrible. Our ‘dark age’ cannibalism was LEARNED from Atlantis. Lots and lots of other dark things from that time. It needs to be remembered with full and honest perspective, not just with crystals and unicorns.


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    1. “resting in peace” has now a whole new meaning in this respect. You can say and think whatever you like but we all must have a hidden masochistic tendency in us somewhere to come to this planet and stay here. Crusades, jihads, witch hunts, genocides, wars, indoctrination, abominations (aka religions), bio-weaponry, mass mind control, gms, wi-fi, 3-4-5G, vaccination, monetary, political and social systems of control, weather used as a weapon, slavery, pedophilia, deliberate and covert poisoning of people and planetary eco systems, deliberate dumping and de-evolution of humanity, alien wars affecting the entire planet (nearly non-stop), abuse of just about everything and on just about every level starting from yearly years, medicine and technology used against people, enforced surveillance, humiliation, dehumanization, depopulation and a few glimpses of Renaissance in between. Buddha and a few others ascended out of despair, just how in the god’s abundant universe we chose this toxic corner???????????????? I think, not even participating in but just watching the state of affairs on this planet can have a toxic effect on the watcher.


      1. Since We are All ONE, We (as a group entity) are exploring this… darkness… so we can learn that we don’t: 1. Like it, or 2. Need it.

        This dark corner is like hitting yourself in the head with a ball peen hammer: it feels really good when you stop. Then, like kissing a cactus, you realize: “OH. I DON’T like that!” and you never do it again. Believe it or not, this “reality” is part of Us (slowly!) realizing that we don’t like the darkness very much. We do get some humor out of it, though. 😉

        FYI: The first Buddha did not ascend out of despair… but he did have to come back for one more lifetime (!)… which surprised him to no end. He forgot about SOURCE in what he was doing. He learned this lesson very quickly in a non-descrip life, and moved on.

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. Our planet was given to us by Source for a good experience, but usurpers have invaded and corrupted it, and degraded the mindset of the public. We have a promise that the place will be cleaned up and returned to its proper state. Hopefully very soon!

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      1. ah, I just stopped sleeping, it’s been a few nights already. And I feel beyond tired as a result. Can’t we all be given some kind of days off so we can recuperate after that 24/7 roller-coaster?! And also, I find it obvious WITHOUT EXPERIMENTING that kissing cacti is definitely not the experience that I desire, literally and figuratively speaking.

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      2. @The CAT(s) That Lived

        knocked out with nausea
        but I tell you: I love it, cause I know it’s for my BEST


        1. Yes, the energy that makes you nauseous is strong. It’s literally disrupting your cells and revamping them on the fly… which your phospho-lipid bilayers don’t like one bit. It’s tough to be a spirit in a body. This is why we get so much help, and why so much help is available to us. Being in a body during this SHIFT is the hardest thing anyone’s ever done, and we get HUGE credit for doing it.

          This is for everyone: When you don’t think you can take it anymore, try ONE MORE TIME and say “I CAN and WILL DO THIS!” through clenched teeth. We do this all the time!

          If you were to suddenly go to a super-high vibration, without conditioning… at best it would kill you. At worst you’d immolate.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Nausea bands help! Those travel/pregnancy wrist bands! Or you can massage the point on the inside of your arm about three fingers width up from you wrist/hand crease. Using your thumb massage the place between the two tendons, its usually beneath the index finger. Can really help! The nausea bands are great as they will do it all for you whilst you ‘try’ and get some sleep1

            Love & Light xxx

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          2. Kill you? Immolate? Yes. I experienced this. Every cell in my body switched on. Can you imagine being aware of every individual cell? It was incredibly painful though. I thought I was going to spontaneously combust! My mind screamed “this is too much for the human body to handle!” and it stopped, instantly. But Ay Carumba! What an experience it was!

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  2. M6 CATS N ALL don’t NOT talk about stuff anymore, remember some of us just found this site. Its all very new and exciting! You may be bored talking about something over n over again, but it could be a first for one of us. Meanwhile, I absolutely love it when I see a new thread starting. My symptoms include messed up sleeplesd nights, daily headaches and hot tingling hands.

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  3. Interesting expansion, 4th night in a row for the SR meter, and my lack of rest. The oriental dis ease dragon ass. Peace in Harmony to All.

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  4. Tap dancing pixies on my head, intense heat, hands on fire,sleeping in 2 hr. segments (more or less), power going on and off, still 2+ feet of snow on ground, roof of greenhouse collapse from snow, too fun! I’m just a bundle of serenity! It’s all just a simple case of ISness. Happy Love Day!

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  5. I am not recommending anyone do this but I have felt guided to look at the sun with my eyes open ( one at a time) I can stare at the sun with my right eye as long as I like without any side effects other than a very amazing experience! Today I looked with the right eye and the sun was literally throbbing. The sun then changed from bright light to a dark circle with amazing colour behind it. I then looked just with my left eye and it was too dazzling. When I closed both eyes straight after my third eye seemed to take over and I was shown an array of beautiful colours all in diamond shape stating with bright blue then changing to purple and so on. The diamond then changed into a sort of large keyhole which I looked through and saw blue sky and fluffy clouds! Incredible experience!

    Love & so much Light! 🙏🌟✨

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      1. @Thanks CAT Eds, feel a bit daft now even though it was beautiful DOH! In future I will look with my “Good Eye’ only! Would love to see some of those big ships….Peace x

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          1. I know, funny thing is I knew I shouldn’t really look directly at the sun but ignored myself! A moment of daftness! Silly Lily! 🙏


  6. I know we don’t all appreciate all the check ins, but for those who do: my screensaver changed (itself) for the first time in a looong time and it’s a full screen of peacock feathers – my wake up symbol from the universe. Telling me we’re close? I like to think so.

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    1. Turtles kept popping up for me; screen saver, then a Facebook meme and then on a news video about turtles ridding crocs! I got the message “slow down” which is very much appropriate (work stress related) lol.

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  7. Latest Gaia Portal ❤️

    Scurrilous energies dissipate as Cosmics infuse.

    Territorials are abandoned.

    Levitations commence on grand scale.

    Fortunes are collected and shared.

    Maters are seen in the Telepathics

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        1. Cat5, there is a black upside down pyramid in the picture you posted…with two eyes on it. Just noticing since you mentioned such a pyramid in your previous post.


  8. Was that a dragon rising from the sun on the update? I’ve done the sun gazing many time w/no damage, @ sunset, 15 min. mid-day, min or less. Each to their own! Peace.

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  9. “Love Is Still The Answer”

    The question is why, why are we here?
    To say our hello’s and goodbye’s and then disappear
    This beautiful life, what is it for?
    To learn how to master peace or master war

    There’s only one answer that matters
    Even if your heart has been shattered
    Whatever you want, whatever you are after
    Love is still the answer
    Love is still the answer

    We all make mistakes, no, we’re not perfect yet
    Maybe God made us all from an accident
    The question that sits on everyone’s lips
    Is why should we pick ourselves up and start over again

    Well, there’s only one answer that matters
    Even if your heart and your dreams have been shattered
    Whatever you want, whatever you are after
    Love is still the answer

    Love, love, love, love
    Love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love

    The question I’ll ask at the end of my days
    Is what did I give and what will I take

    Well, there’s only one answer that matters
    Even if your heart and your dreams have been shattered
    Whatever you want, whatever you are after
    Love is still the answer
    Love is still the answer

    Love, love, love, love
    Love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love

    ‘Cause what the world needs now is love
    And all you need is love
    Love, love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love

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      1. Ambien3, could you please tell me/us more about ’42’? It came to my awareness on December 24, 1966. But, it wasn’t until 2003 that I started to try to make some sense of it and still trying. This is the first time I (eye) see It presented like this.
        Thank you for the share and all possible further share.
        In Light! ❤


        1. Dear Hyavision11,

          It is a quote by Douglas Adams, known for his science fiction novel series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.
          In the first novel “a group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings demand to learn the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose. It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42. Deep Thought points out that the answer seems meaningless because the beings who instructed it never actually knew what the Question was.
          When asked to produce The Ultimate Question, Deep Thought says that it cannot; however, it can help to design an even more powerful computer that can. This new computer will incorporate living beings into the “computational matrix” and will run for ten million years. It is revealed as being the planet Earth…

          In the other novel, one character confirms 42 as the answer and the question at the same time, but both can not exist in one Universe at the same time.

          Adams described his choice as ‘a completely ordinary number, a number not just divisible by two but also six and seven. In fact it’s the sort of number that you could without any fear introduce to your parents

          A friend of Adams, claims that Adams told him “exactly why 42”, and that the reason is “fascinating, extraordinary and, when you think hard about it, completely obvious.” However, he said that he has vowed not to tell anyone the secret, and that it must go with him to the grave

          These are just a small excerpt out of Wikipedia…

          You see, there are lots of theories, huge fan community and mathematicians scratching their heads over it, tv shows and x-file episodes and even a whole book written on this topic.

          I’m sure there is an question to this Answer and an Answer to significance of 42.
          First I was stunned by your request, as for the first time someone really seemed to relate, without knowing Adams “joke”.
          So it made me curious. Thank you!
          I’ll have to meditate on this, but it’ll take a while. So I want to answer you first.

          Don’t meant to disappoint you love, I’m just random nerd who loves Adams and enjoy quoting.

          But please go on and try to figure it out.

          Would you be so kind and please share your thoughts with me after reading my answer.


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          1. Thank you with all my heart for taking the time to reply. I didn’t know about all these which makes it even more interesting. The reverse of ’42’, ’24’, also seems more than just random popping up in personal life. I’ll share a little bit more later.
            Much appreciation! ❤ In light ❤

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        2. Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams.
          I’m sure it runs deeper, as with most things in the book.

          42 is the answer, we’re still waiting for the question.


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          1. Weirdly as I was walking to work today a random cat came up to me and dropped a live mouse at my feet! Also the black and white cat had no tail, strange day.

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        1. Me tooo! It’s my favorite scene. How they fill the oceans and paint the rocks, hilarious!
          But totally can relate to the Walfish….


  10. Woke up seeing a counterclockwise moving vortex consisting of pinpoints of light in my 3rd eye this morning. As I tried to focus it enlarged and then on the next attempt became an outlined eye also made with pin points of light. I do not know if I popped through the center or not. “I AM sovereign” came to mind. Then an electric blue vertical line became a dot, which became a vertical line with several crossed lines of various lengths appeared. I thought it may be the new earth being created. Just sharing as it was a first for me.

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      1. Effects to be determined at a later date. (I had never seen that Stargate episode.) I am a novice to awake 3rd eye vision. It felt more like an upgrade with a budding new ability to master rather than a download of info. Still trying to figure out how to maneuver inner vision to locate, focus, and close focus. Cay


  11. Hope everyone is ok with this crazy energy out there, even my daughter has a headache so it must be a big one. Lol be and hugs to all xxx

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  12. Reference to Lisa’s post today. She (coincidentally) mentions fire. See above link (by that I mean several comments above this one)


  13. To those who keep trying to repost CAT comments here (by ~M6)… only CATs (logged in) are allowed to sign their posts as a CAT or M. If you want to quote something, then please use quote attributes. Thus:

    blah blah blah.

    -Mr Ed

    -CAT Eds.

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  14. The internet division and destruction continues, and now it’s the EU:

    “The doomsday clock is ticking for European internet users.

    Last night, the European Parliament approved the final text of a controversial online copyright law that would force internet platforms to filter everything users upload for copyright — including memes — and charge news aggregators to link to news publications………………….A lot is at stake for European internet users. The rules that govern what is and what isn’t copyright infringement are already hard to discern — and this law could make it even more difficult.”
    The full story is here:

    and here:
    “Article 13 forces platforms like YouTube to filter all newly uploaded content for any copyright infringing material using specially implemented algorithms. News outlets have been referring to these as “censorship machines,”; others have declared Article 13 as starting a “war on memes” since these filters could easily end up flagging the endlessly-shared, slightly-altered images.”

    It would be nice if lunacy started a war with itself.

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  15. I gotta ask…. what is the clicking sound in my ear, I have had the ringing my entire life, but the clicking comes and goes, quite loud inside my ear and it’s happening a lot lately.

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Yes CAT2 Love, I know of the clairs, I am a few of them myself, but the clairmagnient was meant as a joke. I should have ended that with a wink. 😉
            Love to all. ❤


  16. Rick Jewers:
    4 hrs ·

    “There may be a Hyder flare activated upon the Sun/Son in the next several days that will produce a handsome CME directed towards the surface of Gaia.

    This CME/LIGHT will be a power-up for the Angelics on the surface.”

    Love and Light

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  17. Jason Estes:
    4 hrs ·


    “In a few short hours the celestial spike will occur and the world will be remade with out astral currents, grid walls, and teams.

    Then we will begin the 5 levels of the purge that will go till May 18th, this is a major time for humanity as with the freedom of the grid the minds are freed as well this will lead to radical changes in the way we see each other and interact but most importantly in the way we see the earth,

    for many this time can be painful as what they had valued so strongly may turn out to be less then true, as we all learn to re-balance our value points over these next few months remember that this process is for us to be ready for the world that awaits and what awaits is beyond your dreams and imagination this is the final major push and no one will be immune

    let go as fast as you can to what’s shown and remember this too shall pass, below is a bit of understanding for the purge itself
    ::hugs:: ❤

    Its important to understand there are 5 levels to reality


    The physical reality is balanced by the virtual
    The emotional is balanced by the spiritual
    And the mental can only be updated enhanced when the other 4 are working together well enough to advance the mind.

    So what is the purge that begins on the 18th?

    The purge is a massive energy spike aimed at a level for a duration of time…"


  18. I have nothing much to add today, feels like I’m barely here. Can’t wait until the full moon is over so I can get back to a semi-functional state.


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  19. Hi again,
    This is the first time in quite a while that my hands have been allowed near the keyboard, here.
    This is spurred by the last posted comments of @Anonymous(green) referencing Jason Estes quotes and @J’s link to Lisa’s evolving DNA post.

    Firstly, when I updated my view of the SR ‘meter’ last night or this morning (I’m severely ‘time’challenged lately – knowing when things happen) – As soon as I saw the hours looong (6?) greenage, my brain had only one loud word – ERASE – not quite shouted; and the only word for some time… this linked with some thoughts and practices I’ve had recently – using some tools I’ve had from classes past to completely (or to begin) to shed all you’ve made yourself – ‘erase’ if you will all you’ve been in all aspects including all that you choose or chose to believe had a hand in creating the present or past version of you and if done at bedtime, allow a new you to wake in the morning – to quote some tools (questions without looking to fill in or seek answers) “What else is possible?” “How does it get any better than this?” These are from years ago, but I still find them useful. ‘Erase’, I think has greater reference to things on a worldly or collective scale as seem to be mentioned in other comments above…
    Yesterday following many thoughts over months; I said out loud that I was ready for anything (objects or other things) that did not serve my or someone else’s highest good to go **POOF** with my blessing, disappearing from my paradigm…

    I think it may be time to revisit advice given here some months ago of spending more time – in meditation or not – thinking/visioning the you you would prefer to be and the world you would like to live in rather than all the hates and complaints (that wasn’t what I was going to type, but that’s what it ended up as… I’m not sure where something else comes from, but using the word prefer – I think in reference to wanting and needing against hating something in your life or the world – also acknowledging your preference – I like or enjoy ‘this; I’d like more of it in my life – conversely I don’t care for this – I’d rather or prefer something different here, instead of hating it… It’s a little foggy, but I think all this has to do with the power of words/frequencies of them, with accompanying feelings and emotions in a time coming that changes/ things coming into being coming faster. Well, I hope you get the gist of that…

    Well, love to all


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    1. Ah. We were just discussing this. That could be why none of the CATs haven’t been experiencing this latest WHOMP (apart from a bit of headaches). We (as far as I know) have mostly all purged that kind of stuff in advance, stuff from “old world thinking.” Yes, it gets SO much better than this.


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    2. Thank you Kg…..that is precisely what Forerunners were trying to spread around for the past decade — and as CAT2 said, we were indeed very ‘Advanced Purgers’…

      So for us there is nothing left to purge but on top of that we had also moved on, way ahead of the crowd, to the next level of your brilliant discussion:
      “– thinking/visioning the you you would prefer to be and the world you would like to live in”

      Until now, the Lightworkers weren’t able to do this. All they continued to do was to cling like stubborn burrs to their ‘Old World’ mental constructions, and fight back against anyone introducing NEW WORLD visions.

      But just yesterday I saw *this* — a YT comment to a well-known QHHT practitioner, which blew everyone away, including the practitioner herself:



      “Thank You Auroa and client for this session. I resonate with what (AA) Michael is explaining pertaining to the event.

      I was able to perceive 5th dimensional ‘Living’ through remote viewing/traveling recently. I was taken there by a guide and I ended up in this Big Beautiful Futuristic Library. It had tall ceilings but dome shaped. Some parts of the Library had different shapes to them.

      Clear Plexie type glass Windows, from top to bottom literally lol.

      There were chairs that were shaped as pods, made of quartz crystal and some other materials.
      You can sit in the seats, and they will emmit sound light frequencies for relaxation, enlightenment, connecting to whatever information you will like to look up.
      There are even these holograms that pops up when reading.

      I seen that there were gardens, mini waterfalls, a very therapeutic vibe. It was so green outside, Its like everything was in HD.

      The Sun Rays so bright and Colorful, You can clearly perceive a higher light spectrum. This Sunlight heals, is blissful, and touches every crevice of your Soul.

      I had a profound impact through this experience, coming to a level of understanding on how things will shift. It will be a shift throughout all your bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Physical etc), It starts with US. These waves are sent to accelerate, propel you through the journey of Self Awarness of the Law of One. This shifts the Vibration and Frquencies of your Field creating more space for Expansion.

      We already are multidimensional, and so some will pierce the veils and integrate higher dimensional perceptual views, and tap into our Souls’ and Oversouls’ blueprint which is One With the All in All Source.

      The transit point I feel is the 4th dimension, so some will journey through the spectrum of 4th dimensional perceptual world, and some will pierce and shoot past this veil like a Phoenix and able to integrate 5th dimension and higher.

      Aligning, Anchoring, and Intergrated The New Earth by becoming our Light Bodies(Full integration of higher dimensional frequencies of Love Light) 🔮⚛🔮”


      Visions of New Earth Cities of Light:


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      1. I’ve been in a similar place as pictured. Yet a little heavier in forest w/white porcelain egg shaped buildings that had seamless windows. No roads, no clutter, full Harmony that you could feel. When I arrived in my van I reached out w/my hands like a little child to his parents. The van/road/everything else was gone, as I was walking in complete security of The Mother/Father. Much Love to All.

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        1. Oh Christopher….THANK you — in searching for what you’ve described, I was also shown what some current architects are already planning (eg. below of near future London, Paris….) ~

          The “City in the Sky.” This architectural design concept, that was inspired by the lotus flower, was created by London-based architect Tsvetan Toshkov:


          ‘Planning Korea’ depicts futuristic egg-shaped towers for Paris:


          Cairn architecture? :

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  20. Yes, yes, and yes! Dreams yesterday had to do with people from my past. Conscious review and then delete. Lisa had it right. Making room for the new.

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  21. Woo. Strange unbalanced feelings going through my head and I’m only sitting in the chair. Don’t you just love full moons! Loved all the posts about Douglas Adams. I miss his books so much – the new ones he never got to write, so i have recently re-read the ones he did write. Maybe we will jump to a time line where he lives a long time and writes lots.


  22. at my window this morning, I turned my internal dial allll they way, (many turns of the dial) and I saw two circles, one within the other, and they began turning in opposite directions. My kundalini began to rise too, I got the almost passing out feeling. Can the Cats or M’s tell me what the circles were?


  23. I’m not sure I feel the “the strange and unidentifiable sounds heard all over the world” is what Blossom’s channeling is advising. It’s too metallic and echoey to be as they described as just vibration. It’s also not organic as my Intuition keeps saying. I am starting to tune out channellings with news about the Event. Not to disrespect Blossom or any other channeled update messages, but I’d rather go with how we are feeling, what our planet and sun are doing and how the human “collective” consciousness is up to offer any event inclinings …💕🌹💕


    1. Re look at update #1, it looks like a dragon coming up from the sun. Much to learn, help others when we can, never done. All in divine timing, Love to All.

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    1. Thank you so much for the share. It’s very inspiring and uplifting. I like how the script can just be read but I enjoy listening to him. Totally resonates! Yes, “The Time Is Now”!…
      Peace and Blessings! ❤


  24. Okey-dokey, just coming on to mention a couple things I’m being niggled to share – in case others are experiencing also — I just experience in ‘noticing’ mode these days, besides just dealing and breathing…
    — woke up morning of 2/20/19 with red spots of differing sizes – red, itchy, semi-hard core and redness radiates out from core like the sun corona… one below and slightly to left of third eye, big one about 1-1 1/2 inch below throat notch (between collar bones), one left upper chest in hollow between end of collar bone and shoulder joint, one on upper left side of right wrist; may have one mid-back near spine- may be others just feel pointless to check. I’m ‘told’ they are similar to the one I had a couple of months ago on my inner thigh, but that was dark red, no corona and very hard painful core; it did eventually go away – took a long time. They are not hives, I’ve never had hives, but my step-daughter has had them many times – my daughter gave me a benadryl this evening just in case – no effect — not like the usual childhood disease things either – the only other red spot things I ever had were the early symptom of Typhoid I had in my teens and psychosomatic ovals I made after over 15 yrs of abuse I wasn’t telling anyone about – not like any of these. When thinking about them before writing this of how they feel I was trying on descriptions; they were replaced with the word ‘portal’ – which is weird, but won’t go away…
    — Also lymph channels between toes are itchy and have had itchy, not-red lumps near joints, esp elbow joints… and multiple severe headaches of different kinds, ALL AT ONCE. These may all be types of purging.

    — @lily144 – I remember you mentioning severe skin issues recently – well, I am 69, but I’ve gotten accelerated ‘old lady’ skin in the past 4-6 months with tissue breakdown. I had a dream recently of someone telling me my skin was dying – I’m taking that metaphorically – my 3d skin is dying – shedding my nice garden snake, too small skin for a new growth/expansion for my new garden to play in… Oh, yeah, I don’t remember who mentioned teeth, but in this same time period my teeth have been chipping and changes to the enamel have occurred.

    If you are experiencing any of these or other body things (I’m sensing there may be quite a few newcomers reading lately), if you can just experience them, notice what is there, without judgment as part of change, it is a bit easier… it takes a little practice not to freak out though, I am aware… Use your knowing if you feel you need to check things out medically; I do that, too.

    My deep apologies for the length of this comment.
    Love to all – shine on, my lovelies


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    1. oops, don’t know why I showed up as anonymous, guess I didn’t pay attention before hitting the post button, but the above is me, Kg

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi, Anon. I’m a big believer in natural medicine, and while I don’t know if what I’m about to suggest will help your problem, I’ve known it to help others. My elderly father has been suffering for years with itchiness on his back that he’s scratched raw, to the point where it never heals. While it’s not likely that his problems are ascension-related, I did finally find something that helps him, to the point where he only used it twice and the issue is so improved that he doesn’t feel the need to use it again. It’s a cream that contains CBD oil, and it’s freakishly expensive. But if it works, it’s worth it! Possibly, taking CBD oil internally would work, too. Anyway, here’s the link:

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    3. @Kg Most of the dryness has been on my hands, really bad at times, cracks going right down so it’d been hard to do anything without feeling pain lol!

      Funny you mentioning the hard spots. I have been getting them on my back on each side, just around the shoulder area. The funny thing is that they have always been in identical places right and left side! really odd. Very hard. They come and go but are always in the same place and the same distance apart! At one time I was hoping my angel wings were starting to bud! 👼

      Have also had really bad teeth problems, incredible sensitivity swelling in the gums etc…

      Oh the joy! ❤️ Love to you and all ❤️

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      1. @lily144, I remember reading something in the past few years of shoulder spots like you mentioned related to a race living within the Earth and these egg shaped chairs you sit in with contacts that match the area you mention having the hard spots (that we’re all supposed to have?) that are for knowledge transfer – like a teaching machine Spock used in Star Trek- though his was with the head?… Have you had any dreams of meeting people and a room full of these meditation or teaching egg chairs?

        much love


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        1. @Kathleen, Oh Wow! That is fascinating! I have so many dreams that really odd, many seem to be with people I have not met (in this 3D physical life) or places I have not been to before (in this 3D lifetime!) The problem I have is that I rarely remember any details, I just wake up with an overwhelming feeling that I know I have just had an incredible dream experience but cannot quite remember it! I usually wake up exhausted as if I have been doing something whilst asleep in another dimension/realm etc…I could well have seen these eggs/people in dream state but cannot recall it! I sometimes wonder if the forgetting on waking is my higher self’s special plan for some reason!

          Much love & Light ❤️✨❤️


  25. @lily144, I’ve had a deep split in one of my thumbs, no amount of salve, lotion, potions has helped! What did finally work for me was covering it with a bandaid, or paper tape(found near the bandaids usually). It takes a few days but that was the only thing that worked for me. They are like a deep paper cut that hurts like heck! I hope this helps! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @ Js, yes! This is exactly what I had, like really deep paper cuts on the side/tip of the thumb next to the nail, so painful isn’t it! Thank you for your advice! ❤️


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