WHOMP & Wave X Storm & Timelines [UPDATES4]

Actually, it was RED, then green…

We SO wish one of us had a timelapse camera set-up. Early this morning several of us awoke to a Wave X storm (at 3:00 am PDT), looking and sounding like a David Lynchian production: There was sky rumbling; the sky glowed red — then flashed GREEN; owls were hooting all over the place. Seriously. Anyone else experience this? It was also associated with heart-fluttering, crown-squashing mega Wave X energy, ow. We also saw three dragon passes in the sky above our houses — WHOOSH! — and one meteor from a dwindliing meteor storm. (Yes, they look different.)

In the meantime, we’re havin’ a WHOMP-wave today, the earth reacting to last night:

Moscow SR meter

And then we have these awesome meteraginesses from Mt Etna:


Yesterday. Whoa.


…the media has Barbara Bush attending her own funeral (there she is, upper right)… with the also deceased Nancy Reagan…

…on the bottom left. So much for stock file footage and sloppy editing. There might be more on this, but Ben Fulford’s server is under DOS attack, so we’ll have to tell you later.

The server is down… but he’ll be up soon, folks.

Oh, and yes, Barbara Bush was indeed the daughter of Aleister Crowley. We looked at this once upon a time. Which reminds us of…

Coop: back when the FBI was still cool.


More meterage:


Looks like we have some timeline breaks/upgrades under way:

Moscow SR



Hm. All the various meters are looking a bit unsettled, and it seems like something may be in the offing… but it’s still too early to call. However, here’s some notable activity:


Sitting and watching TV and suddenly felt chills, saw this:

There was also a few timeline jumps (to ??) that occurred today…a few times…

 …but for who? All of us? Some of us? Is this thing on?

35 thoughts on “WHOMP & Wave X Storm & Timelines [UPDATES4]

  1. Gosh, in my corner of the Pacific Northwest, the skies are blue (except for the occasional chemtrail. Not too many birds, but enough, pleasant warm sunshine, and all seems well with the world. (As it is) Slept thru the night for a change, was awake at 5:00. So what am I missing?


  2. Goodness; our presidential friends all look about 20 years younger in that stock footage. I guess (someone's) death becomes them…


  3. Perhaps I should clarify. As I have said before there is a 5d bubble of protection over this property. (Been many years in the making) As I have occasionally remarked sometimes sharp little ferret teeth of chaos try to gnaw into this environment, but are mostly kept at bay. So, I guess what I'm saying is that this lovely, magical place is still lovely and magical. I'm incredibly blessed to be the caretaker of it. And yes, on Sunday I was pissed off all day also had the blind staggers. Head and heart. I'm just going to just blurt this out: My last reading with Lisa Gawlas 2 weeks ago had her amazed. Apparently I have the staff of Merlin now and it has been fully activated. She saw Merlin on my left with the commitment to stay with me for as long as it takes to have full working knowledge of the instrument. Working with new elementals-Aug-Sept timeline. I dunno.


  4. Well – this is good to know. I've been operating all day as if I had dain-bramage. Nausea. Fuzzy thinking. Slurring words. Crown chakra has been getting squashed for weeks (months actually) thought something finally popped. Peace.


  5. Yeah, I know; sarcasm, it was. Good grief, my head hurts today; I must be evolving. Had a couple of instances where it felt like multiple electric shocks; it was the oddest feeling.


  6. More incredible meditations/visuals overnight for me too… putting them into words is akin to explaining to someone what Mozart's Requiem in D Minor sounds like… without actually playing it for them.Building on the “tree of light” metaphor I've been receiving, I viewed the symbolism of the components of an atom, representative of “us” humans… and the Earth… and the sun… etc. Earth is an “electron”, to the sun, a “proton”. So are the other planets, electrons spinning around at different speeds/distances from the center of our “solar system”/atom…. Though, the sun is also an electron of the galaxy “proton”, and Earth is a proton for life in our “Earth reality”… the scaling goes both directions – macro/micro. Humans have the ability to be electrons OR protons as well, i.e. the “free will” concept… OR thirdly … “neutrons”, i.e. some blend inbetween these that is not fully aligned with either “state” … we have the ability to be “both”, which ends of creating a convoluted “neither”, like being a fuzzy channel on analog TV. When we “empty ourselves”, we are aligning our entirety to unify to a singular charge – be it electron or proton. The mind's labels of “good”/”bad” are useless in the realm of complete alignment, since these labels do not exist there, there is only ISness. Just as an atom needs both protons and electrons to exist, both are a part of the structure, both serving an equal purpose to create the environment for the whole structure to exist. Some souls set out to be electrons, some protons. Some both, venerably shifting between them dependent on the needs of reality in a given moment. Aligning with “emptiness” truly becomes fullness of singular “charge”…. BE an electron, floating, spinning, flying around Earth's “atomic” center, pushing charge capacities to new heights and creating stability of Her spin-state by adding the perfect dash of balance through yours.BE a proton, firmly grounded to Earth, sharing your love/light, such that Her charge may mirror your own brightness and capacity, just as protons within an atom's core reflect the same charge in any moment.This is the sole purpose. Be uniform. One. Whole. Now. Align with Source, and you will align with the singular charge of NOW for your piece of the atomic puzzle.love/lightJoshua


  7. So last night I had another visit from the helicopter squad, circling the chimney for a while and speeding back and forth in front of the building. It's been going on around once a week for two years since we moved in. Any ideas on how to get rid of these creeps once and for all? They are obviously interfering, against my stated will; but nothing I throw at them seems to have any effect whatsoever. From what I've understood, some of the cats have had the same issues for longer; so I was wondering if someone with more experience from this level of harassment has any ideas.sifu


  8. Sadly, many of us have the exact same problem, and there's nothing much we can do about it. The good news is that this kind of thing won't make it to the next stagecoach stop. Hopefully it happens soon.-CAT10


  9. I guess in a way it's encouraging, since this the most harm they're capable of inflicting; and not for a lack of trying. I just know that if I could only remember enough of how this game is really played, I'd have their souls sent back for recycling before they know what happened; and I'm sure they know too. But remembering doesn't seem to be in my cards yet, probably for good reasons. Thanks anyways, and keep up the good work.sifu


  10. They are “in plain sight” with this shit… check out the second visual, explicitly shows a heli doing this microwave RF pulsing to “target” individuals.Boy, I had one night a couple years ago where they circled my house for HOURS one night. At one point they really cranked the juice up, and my whole body went into “shivvers” mode for a few minutes. I sat through it calmly, knowing my body is aligned with LOVE and every frequency is truly love. They did this for a while, but eventually they stopped getting any reaction from me… I feel my body “learned” their bag-o frequencies. Thanks, SOURCE!love/lightJoshuaP.S. Also, MUCH more melting last night for me too! These energies are INTENSE, yet so peaceful and beautiful when I can fully relax into them… Fully clothed, under a wool blanket, in a ~70 degree house I will suddenly find myself shivering with energy, though its more akin to very light tickles vs. “cold”. My body turns into a puddle with some “sense holes” on my face. Relax enough to BE nothing but floating senses. (My 6 week old is teaching MUCH about the zen of true meditation, allowance, and love. I AM… learning how to “baby”. Adult swaddles would be a GREAT meditative purging tool!!!)


  11. It's common for the various meters to get hung up now and again… I'd say mostly because they run on Windows, but Macs aren't much better. Site admins have to restart their systems all the time. Folks: please don't concentrate on what the cabal is doing, but instead look to what you are doing to get closer to SOURCE.~M6


  12. Well, here's an update from PNW. Yesterday the chem sprayers were literally going in huge circles. I was in my 3rd full day of pissed-off! Today ( Wed) I was in the garden at 6:00 feeling such bliss and peace. Something sure shifted here! Not a cloud in the sky. (man-made or otherwise) Bliss, joy, beauty. Time to plant more trees.


  13. Yes, exactly that here too (inland NW). On a day where I might look up and see the same old C-T haze, I looked up today to see nothing but a shockingly clear sky. I had to check your site to see if anyone else experienced the same. Of course it is nice yet at the same time a bit odd that a natural, clear sky is “extraordinary” instead of the norm. Yesterday's C-Ts here were broad and curved (not as straight X-like as usual)… and I wondered if they were being broken up. If this is evolution, I'll have more please. Thanks for all your continued cat efforts; wow.


  14. Check Lisa Gawlas' blog today.(I'd post the link, but I'm computer illiterate.) It certainly explains my backpain for the seemingly endless past week. (BTW, I'm planting more flowering dogwoods. Woohoo!)


  15. On the nature of the fall of man:The children snuck into their parents bedroom at night and saw something they weren't supposed to see. Everything else follows from that.


  16. Well, things have occurred much deeper, and that are MUCH and older, than mere surface “Love American Style” exposure.-CAT2


  17. HEAVY Wave X energy from 5-6:30 am this morning, PDT. Sounds of rumbling in the sky and some colors, though it was hard to see in the approaching daylight.~M5


  18. What they where not supposed to see was an act that was witnessed before it's time for witnessing was ripe. The children saw their future and where frightened by it. I have seen the future and it frightens me as well. Faith in the benevolence of our creation can only take one so far.


  19. FYI, WHOMP in progress. We've actually been having them almost every night, and sometimes during the day; stronger at night, though.-CAT Editors


  20. Some superweird energy this last week. I had a headache… WITHOUT HAVING A HEADACHE. I have no idea how to describe it. Like my head is being pulled through my own head. Actually, this is how it felt with several chakras, like the new one was being pull through the old one. ~M4


  21. All “staffs” are for Listening to the Earth (planet)Have you ever heard the “sound” of Heaven…as the Sky touches the Earth…as Snow, for a very short Time


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