The Event Column: Prepare the Way [UPDATES1]

Make. It. Happen.

Folks, to paraphrase Da-da, we’re here to Prepare the Way to The Event, so pardon us while we build a giant Column of Light. Our reasoning is that, if we build a huge energy column, SOURCE will see what we’re doing and take the last step. Basically, if we build it, SOURCE will come.

We’ve actually already started building it around an existing high-energy Gaia portal — and all our Guides, Super Friends, dragons, positive ET groups (Pleiadian, Lyran, etc.), along with ALL existing portals on the Universal Portal Tree (a near-infinite number) are working on it with us right now. No countdowns necessary. It’s there, right now. All you have to do it think about it and you can build on it, too. We’re working on creating a column of light on the surface of the planet, AND inside ourselves (it’s basically the same structure), getting us closer to SOURCE. In a way, you could also see this as a bridge to SOURCE, closing that gap that we once (thought we) created (it’s a long story). Either way, starting now, we’re inviting you all to help.

And yes, we know we’re all already connected to SOURCE; this is our way of RE-connecting, freshening those SOURCE pathways and preparing the way to what Lynn over at Psychic Focus calls the “4D earth” (as opposed to the 3D earth where we are, now).

This is more than just a meditation for peace. It’s us actively building something together, striving inward and outward as far as we can, inside and out, to let SOURCE and all other beings know how important this is to us, and how grateful we are to help make it happen, as well as creating a bridge to the “New Earth,” the “4D earth,” the “5D earth”… whatever you want to call it, get on that unicorn and GO, MAN, GO!.

What To Do

What you do is simple: while in a meditative state, just ask to join the CATs and friends in BUILDING a gynormous column of light-and-love higher and higher and higher, one chunk at a time. All expressions of love are MAXIMAL, so once you do this… it’s permanent: It’s there and not going anywhere. In this way, you can join in at any time you have time, and put in your two, meditative-spiritual-concrete cents into the group structure whenever you get the chance. Why wait? We were going to start at the full moon, then jst decided to start then and there (early this morning), and work said column till The Event happens. We are The Event People, so… let’s do this. Invite as many as you want.

(Factually, The Event’s already happening right now, and has been for years, but we’re going to carpe that diem and start preparing the way toward that final BIG Event.)

Dang it, if we kick this little ball long enough, SOMETHING good’s gonna happen.

Kick kick kick kick kick kick kick kick…


While participating, be sure to imagine your energy contributions as light vectors going UP, like constructing a tower with UP arrows. Don’t mill around at the base. Otherwise… WOW. This sucker is already gynormous! Some of us sat at the base of it and it is huge! Well done, folks. Keep it up.

OH, for some, if you find yourself floating toward the top of the column quickly, don’t be surprised if you get pushed back [!]. This happened to one of the M’s as they quickly rose higher and higher inside the energy, like a glider on a thermal, and some higher-order being stopped them and pushed them back down a bit and said, “Not yet!”

59 thoughts on “The Event Column: Prepare the Way [UPDATES1]

  1. Seems very much in line with what I've known from other sources. 3D is what we are in right now, 4D would be the logical next step which is still, however, a flesh and blood existence. Just way more advanced in terms of energy and vibration.5D would be the great divide, where corporeal bodies begin to lose importance and where matter and energy are even more… diluited within one another, to the point of losing the distinction in the first place.Feel free to correct me if any of my info is mistaken, I'm still in the process of (re)learning about all this!-Francis


  2. Oh, yes. It was like a Wave X hurricane from 3-4 am. Most of us are zombies today.~M6


  3. Awakened at 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00 on the dot! Pdt Zombie yesterday, today just meditating in the garden. Great palpable clear energy. Fragrance, beauty, colors. Sunlight is decidedly whiter as opposed to yellow of years past.(or maybe it's me)


  4. No, the yellow sun is no more. Now it's a violet-white and much more intense, and can burn in a short time. Sunbathing days are over, sadly. We don't know if that will change in the future, but we've not seen it… yet.For some of us CATs (in the US), lots of nasty spraying in N.CA this week. And harrassment by the cabal by way of the Air Force. And then the tiresome TWBs made an appearance last night (the AF can't see them on radar, of course, so they must not exist) after finally upgrading their shielding (again) to handle the increase in Wave X energy… ho hum. So tired of idiots trying to control/kill me. After The Event, I'm taking a month-long nap. ~M5


  5. Hi all!Had me an interesting dream, an alleged talented psychic offered to give me a reading, then there were two of them. The two men looked like twins and they were all smiley and overly helpful…One placed his hand on my crown and then we all heard a “CLICK”.As this happened I immediately thought about a shining crystal light an Angel put inside my head once (this was verified by Psychic Lynn last year).Then the man changed and went all entry and moody. He sat down and started mumbling about being told to leave the moon? (Regressive ET's?)Anyhow, the next day during meditation, I had a wave vision. It began with a large hedgerow being blown forcefully by a wind. All the dead brown leaves were being blown out of it. Then I was walking as a rainbow wave about eight foot high was kind of chasing me. I felt my crown activate but time as I knew the wave would enter me there.Mark


  6. Ug. Magnetic WHOMP in progress. Drilling into my 7 and 6 w/telltale ear-ringing.-CAT11


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