UPDATE for 4-12-18: Red WHOMP [UPDATES]

Everyone’s horizontal hold is messed up right now.

We don’t know who suggested the term “RED WHOMP” but we love it. And that’s good, ’cause that’s what’s goin’ on. Lookie:

…also known as WHITE WHOMP (no offense) in Moscow.

No worries. But note that this energy might make you…


Interesting. This GRB actually woke some of us up.

15 thoughts on “UPDATE for 4-12-18: Red WHOMP [UPDATES]

  1. Well, these graphs illustrate my case of the “blind staggers” today. I made the humorous decision to go into the city today. I'm happy to report that I escaped unscathed. Time for a nap!


  2. Hm. We're looking at the lightning. Stay tuned. (There's a lightning storm over a patch of ocean off the coast of NZ, but with no islands or land nearby. Hmm.)-CAT Editors


  3. Feels like there's some kind of disruption in the atmosphere (magnetic shift) that's creating weird ionization structures in the atmosphere, resulting in unusual lightning activity.~M3


  4. Someone asked, so… AVOID cryptocurrencies as they're ALL manipulated by clandestine/alphabet agencies around the world. Now you know.~M5


  5. Dorkian flexibility creates an ideal physical openness/looseness for wave X energetic integration :)… and Napolean Dynamite-like dance skillzlove/light


  6. We feel it all the time, so we're never quite sure when to bring it up as a “new” surge. It's ALL SURGE ALL THE TIME, it seems. Last few days have been rough, with 3rd chakra/gut issues, 6th chakra head issues… and a new/old kind of multi-chakra upgrade thing we've felt before, but it's coming all the time now. We're working up a post on it, now. btw, we're still unsure of when Step 10 will start… or if this is ALL Step 10… but whever the next Step will be, it will be large (as opposed to “big”). Jeez, how long have we been doing this? Years. This is one big mountain climb, with a plateau up there somewhere…~M2


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