Atlantis All Over Again [UPDATES]

Wow. Check out this Italian seismic direction finder/geophone meterage: That’s LHC energy it’s intercepted. Not sure what the PTW are doing, but it won’t work. The LHC is NOT working properly…

…it’s still quite broken, but some morons are trying to force it to work — and trying to inject the energy into the earth this time. This will just get (LHC) people killed. They’re begging for oblivion. They have no idea what they’re doing. It’s Atlantis (II) all over again.


After looking deeper into this, it seems someone has concocted a thin little frosting of lies for a rather nefarious cake. Those unfortunates who run the LHC for the PTW are operating a part of it secretly, trying desperately to create portals to allow some nasties to escape. This will not be allowed, of course, and all they will do is destroy themselves and their benefactors — and perhaps part of the surrounding countryside. We’ve given them ample time to change their ways, but we now consider it Evolution in Action. We will no longer try to help these, our insane brothers, any longer. Those who operate the purse strings for these folks need to close them, and that right soon, pending a complete audit.

Also, while we have you, the Moscow neutron meter has returned an unusual, and unrelated, reading:

7 thoughts on “Atlantis All Over Again [UPDATES]

  1. The first thing I heard when I looked into this was, “CERN's LHC in action.” I thought it was down, too, but that's what I got. Maybe they are “secretly” running it… ??~M3


  2. Wow is right. I only hope the Atlantis reenacters don't take us down too. On a brighter note, they sure use pretty colors in their charts.


  3. Yeah, in this case, pretty colors are BAD. But don't worry: all they're doing is making their own downfall that much more painful. Believe it or not, they think they DESERVE pain and suffering. So it goes…


  4. Yes, they're still trying to open portals without any understanding of portals. Using way too much energy and the wrong technique. Muggles.~M2


  5. I have been going to those meter-age sites for years, I thought seeing a big,”red-line” was astounding. The swathes of the psychedelic energy readings are too amazing for words…I guess cynical ole, non-psychic me has finally got my wish to see something other then the usual old boring status-quo. I'm not sure if it was verified or just a rumor but the Cern-go-Boom that happened a short while back was to have blown up a couple of the Cern Phsyntists real good. Yeah, Atlantis 2 or a rerun of those late night science fiction horror flicks I used to see as a kid. I guess the Phsyntists didn't watch the same movies or they might have realized they were now in one. Thanks for sharing Cats and M's


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