Blossom Post for 4/6/18

This latest from Blossom Goodchild is an important-enough read for us to repost it. It encapsulates everything we’re feeling. Note that her Guides’ words are in bold. We think you’ll understand the import of this.

Post for April 6, 2018

Hello, my friends. I was busy throughout Easter and unable to find time to connect up with you.  Not only was I busy … I was greatly affected by Energies and in all Truth … it didn’t feel good! Could you talk about these Energies? Positive and negative!

Welcome, Dearest Blossom and all who have chosen to read these words.  We are keen to speak of such things as we are aware of the dis-conection one can feel at times and we would like to offer ways to assist in the feeling of re-connection.

Oh, good! Because for a few days, no matter how hard I tried all ‘tricks of the trade’ to get me out of my foul mood, it just wasn’t happening … until it lifted gradually by itself … only to be dropped back in … then lifted … then dropped back in … You get the picture?!  Are the negative energies I felt so strongly, caused by chemtrails, food etc? Or, is it myself … needing to ‘look at them’ and release them? I get so confused, because when in the ‘state of Being’ I was in … I truly could find no Joy in myself or my days ahead and then … nothing changes, other than that ‘energy’ goes away … and I feel ‘Lighter’ about things. What is all that about?

It is about differences … within Energy. You see Blossom … there is clashing of Energies during these ‘Uplifting times!’ On the one hand, you have the LIGHT ENERGY of PURE DIVINE LOVE pouring into your Earth’s stream … and on the other; you have the DARKER ENERGY fighting for its life to prevent the LIGHT ENERGY entering in.

Yet, how then is it, that some of us feel the confusion and depression at the same time … and others may feel as Light as a feather?

Because it depends on what may be taking place in one’s day to day … at the time … in order for one Energy or the other to take advantage of that state of mind and enhance it … as if it engulf’s you for a time … LIGHT or DARK.
Couple this with that which is scattered throughout your Earth’s Energy Field in the ways of ‘dampening down’ one’s mood …

I have to interrupt there. You speak of this often. I wouldn’t call it dampening down. I would say it is more like ‘flattening completely’ … when it hits! Can you describe how it works? Because it can really take hold at times.

It is complex yet, simple, Blossom. Taking into consideration that there IS ONLY ENERGY … and it exists within a certain frequency … depending on what it is  … where it is … it’s manifestation of … etc. Therefore, it can be that there is a design … would we say … of a negative pattern that is able to ‘make its way through’ to the Beings of the human race and weave its negativity … the design of that particular frequency … into the heart space … bringing spirits down to its lower Vibration.

My question being then … knowing what many of us do … why are we unable to pull ourselves out of it? You say we are the strongest of the strong and yet, in these times, it feels far from it. I can get so low and I know many others are the same … that I feel like ‘I’m done here!’. Fed up of fighting, sort of thing. What’s the point etc etc … I KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS. Yet, they don’t make sense when in that frame of mind.

The fact is Blossom … you DO know all the answers … The main factor BEING ‘LOVE CONQUERS ALL.’

Yet, there IS only Love …  on it’s different vibratory trajectories … ( Is that you or me talking? LOL)

You are correct and yet the stronger one pulls themselves into the Higher Vibrations the easier it becomes to FEEL Brighter.

Try getting there when you get real low! Maybe you don’t know of that feeling? It’s not nice. It’s that feeling as if the darkness has beaten me … no more ‘will’ left, type of thing.

And yet … it passes does it not?


Because the darkness HAS NOT won. It CANNOT beat you. All the while you are feeling so low … your Light will not allow the flame to go out. It remains … the flame remains alight no matter how stormy the winds may blow … No matter how much it is hanging on by a thread. It remains alight … because it is YOU. It is YOUR LIGHT that cannot be put out.

Yet, some get so low as to remove themselves from the Planet.

This is so. This is a choice made and can only be ‘assessed’ by each individual. There is no judgment on this. It is that some souls choose to leave because life on Earth becomes too hard to deal with.

With respect, my point entirely! Don’t get me wrong … I’m not planning on taking myself out … yet, I can see why people do!

You are not planning on doing so … because your mission shall be accomplished and no matter what … you made a promise to yourself to see it through.

Did those who  ‘left early’  not also make that promise?

No. Some came in the knowing they would do their best and could ‘opt out’ if necessary . Each soul has the opportunity to ‘opt out’ should they desire.

I used to think that to take your life would be frowned upon. Yet, I changed that way of thinking a long while back!

We are happy you have come to that decision and yet we would add that the majority of souls who do so … choose to come back and give  ‘life on Earth’ another ‘chance’. Let us return to the topic regarding Energies. We know, you know the answer … each one of you … KNOWS the answer within.

Yet, what does it take?


We have stated you are the strongest of the strong and you can FEEL … especially in these Heightened Days of Awareness of many aspects of ‘Life’ itself  … that  the KNOWING of this KNOWLEDGE has to be felt from deep inside the core of your Being. You have to dig deep, Dearest Souls, in order to ‘GET IT!’

To find that …YOU … that is the strongest of the strong. That is why YOU were chosen. We are aware of the repetitive statements over the years. Yet, can you see why?  More importantly … can you FEEL why?

These times … as you move into the Higher Grade of humanity … or, would we say … ‘Return’ to the Higher Grade of Humanity … are … as we gauged would be … the most turbulent of times … as one moves OUT of the Lower intensity of ‘living’  … IN to the Higher.  We are aware of theCHANGE … TAKING PLACE NOW.

And for you upon Earth it is proving turbulent, indeed!


We desire to find new ways to tell you … to express to you … what is going on NOW. Yet, all we can do is ask that you go within and FIND YOUR LIGHT … and LOVE IT. Talk to it … as your friend. Encourage your Light as you would a child or friend to hang on in there. When a friend is low … you pep them up and feed them with that which you know to be the best of them. Helping them to see the good in themselves. Do the same for yourself. For your Light, when it gets dim … it may not react straight away … it may feel a little too damaged at the time … Yet, it is listening and taking note and holding on for ‘dear life’ … And then … as the storm dies down and the warmth of the sun shines … upon/within it … STRENGTH RETURNS … GOOD THOUGHTS RETURN and one feels the ‘hope’ to carry on. Stronger than ever before … IN THAT KNOWING THAT THE LIGHT … THE LIGHT OF EACH ONE … WILL BRING THIS PLANET  INTO ITS BEAUTY OF SELF.

THE LIGHT OF EACH ONE … here to CHANGE the way things are … HAS TO … WILL … come into full strength and shine forth.

This Light that IS EACH ONE … knows no bounds.

Dearest souls … as you walk into yourselves … strength returns …as you continue IN LOVE to march onwards … YOU come into the UNDERSTANDING of THE POWER THIS LIGHT … HAS/IS.


The more you ALLOW yourself to KNOW it … to FEEL it WITHIN YOU … the MORE POWER accumulates within the YOU that thinks it is so weak and meagre. The more one ‘marches on’ in this KNOWING … the more reality of THIS POWER reveals itself … offering encouragement through ‘proof’ to carry on. And THROUGH this movement within souls … momentum builds.


IT IS DOING … Desperation from the lower vibration is ceasing … because its strength is weakening … until such times when it is no more of your Planet.

WOW! With all respect … that seems a long way away . Yet, let’s not get onto the time thing with you right now. Will the EVENT … in its Divine timing, give this a boost in the right direction.

Indeed. This is what it is for. When this Event takes place … it will give your world such an enormous ‘shake up’ … and yet … as we have stated before … there shall be ‘run ups’ to this Event that will prepare one’s Being  for the occasion.

I, like most of us, have been confused and uncertain about all the talk of THE EVENT, including talk from you … with all respect . Many of us are talking of  ‘something strange going on’ … yet, in the knowing that this Event is a wave of Love washing over us …. it certainly doesn’t feel anywhere near close. For I would imagine … as it is getting closer, we would be feeling really ‘loved up ‘ … not ‘loved down!’.  Yet, let’s not forget the expectancy (of something in the air) so many are feeling! I guess at the end of the day … we just wait and see! Carrying on to the best of our ability in any given moment. So much we are oblivious to … So much we don’t understand … and yet KNOWING without question WE ARE LIGHT … and we continue on because of it.

Dearest Blossom … Dear All … do not just accept the YOU that you think you are …. ACCEPT the YOU within ALL possibilities of the Universes and beyond. 

Allow the WHOLENESS OF YOU to be accepted by this aspect of YOU living upon Earth right now in these amazing times. No soul wants to miss it!

And according to you… not one soul will. Thanks guys. I didn’t mean this communication to be of a downward energy. I found myself quite unexpectedly emotional whilst within it. Up and down on this merry go round we turn … keeping on keeping on … because something inside us, tells us, it’s the right thing to do. Many thanks. Over and out for now,

We ask that you do your upmost to remain steadfast in your KNOWING that

YOU … EACH ONE of YOU … ARE … making it happen.

YOU … ARE … bringing about THE CHANGE  and it is happening because …



Our Love radiates into your heart space … allow us in and feel the strength and guidance we offer.  HOW WE HONOUR EACH ONE. In love and thanks.

Hey, you apes! Stop rubbing that monolith and turn on the LIGHT! DO YOU HEAR ME?!

29 thoughts on “Blossom Post for 4/6/18

  1. I read this, ran my errands, and turned my light ON full blast. People really responded.Until The Event, we need to be reminded — and remind others — that the darkest days are OVER.~AM


  2. I read this, bought a danish… and ate it. Like a Light animal. NO ONE WILL STOP THE LIGHT, especially after it ate a danish.-CAT11


  3. I woke up at 4.44am and found this post… Wake/woke/whatever… Wonderful is the most poignant word that starts with the fourth from last letter of Earth's English Alphabet. Meow-maste, CATs


  4. As always I enjoy the insites and articles posted by the Cats and M's, thank you for sharing. For a brief time there has been a picture that appears to be some people wearing the severed heads of a young male and female lion. Just wondering, Cats?


  5. Hey CAT'S & M'sAs Blossom says herself, her guides have been saying this for years.What do we answer to people asking about tangible signs in everyday life?We are past step 9, still 3 steps to go but for me the Cabal is still going very strong with their agenda.Sen


  6. If “you” were any close to there… U would know, it's not about you~Dr. Strange


  7. That's right. Once you get really deep into this, you start to see YOU in everyone. It's all about YOU, but less about you. You start to lose interest in you and only care about helping YOU.~AM


  8. First and foremost, you worry about your own journey. You influence others without speaking to them. You can't convince anyone. They have to come to this on their own. And they will.The cabal has totally lost. They flail, but it does no good. Even if we all stepped down and let them do what they wanted, the SOURCE eneergy streaming in makes what will happen a foregone conclusion.I saw an Angel today (Gabriel) and he gave me a thumbs-up. Keep the faith, sisters and brothers.~AM


  9. Folks, it is time to pick up your LIGHT standards and stand tall in the wind.~M6


  10. Dreamt of symbols shimmering into existence. People were afraid.I was led to one that was glowing like fire and was about four foot high and circular. Pretty sure it was a Reiki master symbol.I walked up to it and actually eat it!Mark P.S. AM, has Gabe cheered up since that time he came down and cleared away that icky darkness? He once decided against taking me on when I was younger, Michael thankfully felt differently. I think Michael has a better SOH!


  11. Anyone else getting hit by alternating bouts of depression and hopelessness? It's been going non-stop since Saturday and I'm already beyond sick of it.- Francis


  12. Not to that extent, but many of us have been struck this past weekend with a certain fatalistic frustration with the arctic, slothlike manner all this is unfolding. Usually, when you feel an emotion that isn't really you, it's an empathic reaction you're getting from those around you. This puzzled us for years before we realized it wasn't us at all. Sometimes, we get the fear and horror felt by those of the lower vibe rungs, and in some cases things that look like monsters; it's weird to see monsters screaming in fear and agony. And we hear you: we're sick of all of this, too. But it'll have a happy ending.~M4


  13. Oh, yeah. That was a strange encounter. His most recent appearance was much more conventional… and familiarly friendly, which was really nice.Weird you say the thing about eating the symbol. M3 just had a spirit walk up and sniff her (and react happily, afterward). We'd never seen that before in a spirit, but since some of us are clairscents (w/the ability to “smell” energy, which is kinda weird), this made some kind of sense… so to speak.~AM


  14. Weirdness? Last night I viewed a rather jelly-blob like creature(clear in color) hanging out to the left side of the dream screen. It had what looked like etched square patterns like basketeweave flooring. Anyway it tried to contact? a couple in the scene who, of course, were terrified. I wasn't and then I awakened. Then I read some where in some (super secret) news update about a spacecraft that had crashed in Ireland. The being was killed, but it was reported to be jellyfish-like Any coincidence? More fun


  15. Hi all you Cs and Ms,I'm reading Energy Work, by Robert Bruce. So far it seems fine, can you recommend or warn against ?Thanks you all,Fierro


  16. I've had others around me trying to drag me down. They've ramped it up lately, getting very personel. I'm thinking a week long trip may be in order. Any suggestions? Peace.


  17. Sorry, we don't go places much anymore (though this will change after The Event). Considering many of us travel *within* all the time — and live on or near energy nexuses (or nexūs) — we don't feel the need to travel; quite the opposite. Maybe try for some place of solitude. If you can't get it at home, go somewhere calm and quiet… but don't be surprised if you find energy wherever you go. Maybe ask your Spirit Guides where they recommend.-CAT Editors


  18. I beg to differ. There is only one path: real truth founded on (in) love. All other paths take you on a cycle or two or (up to) infinity to learn this! Learn faster by discerning your unique (SOURCE bestowed) truth based in your loving resonance, i.e., if it resonates and you can flesh out a truer you, then you are on the right path no matter what the material! Of course this is an INTERNAL process as most things external steer you towards socialized norms of “truth”! 😉


  19. Speaking of off topic, I had an epiphany today! The key to understanding money: what is 'mine'? Your unique truth, based in the real love of you, of course! Seems to me that if you still aren't that honest (with SOURCE, i.e., you) regarding money and issues surrounding it, you are susceptible to spreading dishonesty. Perhaps it is because m(one)y has “my one” power over you? (My one being the all seeing eye of the pyramid scheme)… The encapsulated mistruth that is VISIBLE to the subconscious evil mass susceptible to the 'magik'! The one power about the 'ol Babylonian 'money magik' is how it MINES the gold (truth) from your SOUL and gives you a cursed 'NOTE' to document it to the 'god you trust' and gave it to! Your value is in the true you! Not a note of mis-truth. Break the cycle if the pyramid scheme and be honest within to the core, with SOURCE and trust that note to the bank!


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