Latest for 4-16-18

These latest posts are both important enough to post here in their entirety. Very good news all ’round, and good explanations of what’s been happening. Not sure if you noticed, but last night was VEEEERY quiet and still. Stillness is SOURCE, so don’t be afraid of it. We’re getting very close to real change… in fact, real change is HERE and working its magic. That … Continue reading Latest for 4-16-18

Blossom Post for 4/6/18

This latest from Blossom Goodchild is an important-enough read for us to repost it. It encapsulates everything we’re feeling. Note that her Guides’ words are in bold. We think you’ll understand the import of this. ================Post for April 6, 2018 Hello, my friends. I was busy throughout Easter and unable to find time to connect up with you.  Not only was I busy … I … Continue reading Blossom Post for 4/6/18