A Must-Read…


…if you want to know what’s going on.

We knew about the Universals (actually, Light Beings) in those planet-sized light ships, but we could only see LIGHT inside them, no details. Blossom’s latest post not only adds the necessary detail, it let’s us now understand the “wave” imagery we’re seeing, anew, and the light sparklies. We are so very very close. We knew SOMETHING was going to happen on 10/21 but we didn’t know what.


We’re gonna do a rare repost of Blossom’s latest, as this needs to be in as many places as possible. We doubt Blossom will mind.


Hello Guys. Are you ready to go on this one? Where to start!

Let us help you. You are inquiring about a message we brought through eight years ago concerning vast containers aboard our ships … containing Energy.

Yes. All thanks to a certain gentleman who asked about them, due to your recent channelling regarding a layer of Light Ray around the sun.

Correct. We indeed, as perhaps assumed, ‘engaged’ this gentleman’s thoughts in order for him to ‘recall’ and then vigilantly go in search through the many hundreds of our messages, to find this particular message that we wanted to ‘bring up’. So, firstly we give Honour and Gratitude to this gentleman for his perseverance and service.

At this point, I’ll put the channelling in from Feb 2010 … the message you speak of, for it is absolutely necessary that this is read before we continue on. Is that right?

Very much so. Thanking you.

HERE IT IS:  Good evening to you. Is it ok to have a chat? … Now is a good time for me.

Welcome to you sister of ours.

Now that’s an unusual way to address me.

And yet it is appropriate and of our choosing. We are most excited with the outcome of the *healing which took place with you just a few of your days ago. Blockages were removed on a level that will leave you astounded at the degree in which we can now work with each other. Where would you care to begin?

Oh! Um … Well, I think I prefer to leave it with you. You say you can read our energy so I’d rather leave it in your capable hands.

So be it. We graciously accept. Consider if you will, all those who have arrived at a place within their being that serves well. Consider the notion that in a very short while, and we mean this on your earthly terms … your world as it is now shall no longer be. You ask of what changes are to occur? We wish to instill into the core of your Beings that you have been preparing for this change for long enough and your Beings have adjusted to a level that much now is ready to begin. There is an attitude amongst the Higherarchy that *dispels a feeling of upliftment amongst the various ranks of ‘our community’.  There is an area aboard many ships that has those who have been waiting …. just like you … to be of utmost excitement. All is being brought out from its storage units and checked and double checked to ensure that nothing can be misused or misinterpreted .

Could you explain what is exactly in these storage units … I am imagining it is something far more important than your winter clothes!!

Within blocks of vast containers there are preservatives that enable certain treasures from planes of a Higher vibration to be kept in their perfect format. These ‘preservatives’ allow us to maintain energies from other vibrations and present them in their Truest form.  It is a delicate operation to bring these valuable assets into the openness of even one of our motherships. So precious are they in their form of glory.

I keep feeling that I am not talking to an energy that is actually on the ship right now …

This is so. We come from a level of understanding that is above those who are in a position of great importance upon these vessels that are to deliver to you The Light of the New World.

So, are you saying … those on the ship actually have the Light to give us?

Yes that is correct. Let us explain a little more for your minds to be able to accept that which we are offering in words this night. 
For eons of your time it has been known by many that there are indeed Light ships in your skies. It is nothing new. And yet, it is only now in this day and age … that we can reveal Higher Truths  …  due to the upliftment of the vibration of your planet. The great plan is supremely on target and all is dwelling in its rightful place, in order for everything to come together in the Divinity of that which is proposed.

There are many more now on your earth that have awoken to their own Divinity, which has brought forth this great change that is occurring at this very moment and shall continue to do so. It is so very exciting for us to KNOW that we are on the brink of revealing the secrets that have had to be kept from you … purely because your world was not ready to receive it.

This Light of which we speak …. THIS DIVINE GRACE ….  Again we stumble with the inadequacy of words …  has travelled with the ‘Keepers of the Light’ in safety beyond measure  … until such a time that it can be presented to you.

I can FEEL this pounding in my heart at the moment … and yet, it seems we are having trouble expressing that which you wish to say.

We shall persevere. It is merely the new vibration in which we are working that is settling down with both parties.

This Light … this treasure … is a gift to your world from a place that is not of substance. It is a purifying energy that when released into your atmosphere shall begin a photosynthesis of a nature as yet unknown to you. When this happens there will be noticeable changes that cannot be dismissed or denied.

May I ask in what way do you mean?

In a way that will send your senses reeling. For it will be obvious to you in a flash that all these knowings you have had regarding your New World will be happening and transpiring right in front of you. These new ‘sprinklings’ shall make headlines on your TV screens. Such new phenomena shall arise and cause much interest all over your globe.


We thought you may question our choice of words.

And your answer being??

We shall very gently be ‘sprinkling’ particles of this Divine Light energy a little at a time to your planet and allow it to do its work. It is that for a time … it is possible for only small amounts to be diffused otherwise it could cause a little mayhem due to its immense power. The integration must take place gradually. Your physical bodies too shall notice a difference with this new energy. There will be a Lighter feeling within the actual physical body.

Marvelous … will my scales have proof of this …. I can’t think of anything more magical!!!

It will begin with a FEELING from within that will contain Lightness throughout the Being. As if one is experiencing at times as if they are walking on air.

This is fab news. Because as you are bringing this information through I can FEEL a touch of this Lightness you are speaking of. And let me say … it feels good!!

Let us then say …  it is wise to keep grounded also . For one could become a little too deeply involved in the feeling … that the earthly matters get left behind …  and yet we say this is not yet the correct time for that to happen. There has to remain the balance. That is one of the reasons many of you Light Beings are here. To bring in and anchor this new Light energy that we have so very delicately been looking after.

Now you sound like you are on/from the ship.

It is a little perplexing for you is it not?

Well, yes! One minute your on it, the next you’re not … I therefore ask you with the deepest respect … who EXACTLY are you?

And we would reply … we are the Bringers of Peace. We are not of your world. We are not of form. We that are communicating with you in this present moment are only of Light. Therefore we can be on /off as we see fitting.

We have spoken to you before regarding overseers of the overseers.

We are an embodiment of Light that is most happy to be working with this great plan and making sure that all is in place. We are the ones who make decisions regarding any quick changes that may have to be put in place. And yes … we read your thoughts … we are the ones who made the most serious decision to abort the mission that was promised on the date of your Oct 14th. This as you are well aware was not something for those in ‘lesser ranks’ to decide. It came from the Highest council and we can say that we chose well to do what we did. The outcome  … had we gone ahead as planned would have been a miserable one for a vast number of those residing on your planet. When the time is appropriate we shall offer more information on that matter for we feel it is important that it is understood what actually took place. And yet we would ask you to be patient. For come the time when we choose to open up the realities of what we were confronted with, it will seem in perfect *coergence and be more fully understood.

Could you just talk a little more about this Light? I had never really thought of a new vibration, a new energy being transported in a ship. I had always imagined it would just sort of stream down from above!!

How can we assist in explaining to you what it actually is?

Perseverance I guess.

And yet, we would again stress that not all things of ‘our’ enlightenment can be expressed by us in a way that you are able to even visualize.

Keep trying …

The Keepers of the Light would be likened to what are known in your world as the Knights Templar. The Keepers of the Light are not of a regular disposition. They are of the Highest embodiment and they have been entrusted to protect this form of Light that is destined to bring in the New world into its existence.

That’s a pretty heavy duty task. How were these Keepers chosen and how many are there?

12. For it is of the divine number. How were they chosen? They were a distinguished band that presented themselves to the Highest council. The choosing of such a band of Light was undertaken through a series of what you would term as tests, and yet again, this is only a word that is appropriate for explanation purposes. The tests as such were undergone by The Keepers before they were in a position to present themselves.   Not unlike in your world when young spirits are trained in a certain monastery to be of service when they are older. It is a very similar situation, and yet not in the same fashion, but this is the closest we can come to help you understand.

So …this Light then, travels on board under the greatest most sacred protection, until it is time to do what it is meant to do?

This is correct. You see dear one … It is not as ‘you may imagine’ a vast container in which this Light is stored. These containers harbour the … shall we say … condensed version. It is a never ending source that is contained within.

When you say The keepers protect it …. Who from??

From itself.

Which means?

This force of Light is of itself only. It knows only of itself … Nothing else. It is ‘contained’ therefore in a way that is kept under control. For as we have said , if it were to be presented in its fullness  … all at once … your planet would be close to  … the word we would use would be … disintegrating.

So how do The Keepers protect it from itself?

By keeping it safe. The containers/chambers this source of Light resides in … is of an advanced technology that allows its compressed form to remain comfortable within.

These chambers are scanned and monitored in order to keep the treasure within, in its most appropriate state at any given time.

We seem to have digressed from that which we started out by speaking of. And yet it is of our intention now to disclose such things that until now have remained out of your knowledge base.  Although we would say some are aware of this … and some will recall from their memory banks this information that is already known to them. For as we say…. Many of you are here to help anchor this Light as it sprinkles through.

Well, I am feeling as if we are coming to the end of our session for now.

Indeed this is correct. We would not wish to over indulge. For we are learning of the energy it involves upon your human form. It is not the same for us, yet we chose to be vigilant on your behalf.

Jolly Good! As long as you’ve got it all under control. I’ve really enjoyed tonight. Thank you for imparting that information. Good stuff what!!!

We bid you Adieu …

I would very much like to have an explanation soon as to why this “adieu’ thing has been happening lately. It never did before particularly … that I can recall. … and that definitely is to me a sign that my mate White Cloud is about.

All in good time dearest lady. All in good time.

Fair enough. I can handle that. Goodnight to you. Sweet dreams!!

Our realities! Until next time …  We send our blessings to all .
*I was very blessed to receive a healing from a wonderful Light worker who was visiting Noosa last weekend.Whte cloud had asked her to do so, and yet when she visited , I said I was feeling so well now and didn’t’ feel in need of a healing , so we had a cuppa and a chat  instead. However … when I began meditation that evening, straight away I heard ‘you need to have the healing’. I called her the next day and she too had got through later in the day ‘it would be wise for Blossom to have the healing’.  Who are we to argue? So I had it. And clearly it was necessary. Many thanks to a  very special soul indeed!

*Dispels … I thought this an odd word to use. The dictionary says … as if by scattering.  So I suppose it fits.

*Coergence. For the life of me I cannot find out what this word means … and yet it comes up in a few sentences when I Google it. If anyone can assist  … many thanks. And let’s hope it makes sense in the sentence!!!

(Back to the present!!!)

Ok, so where to from here?

To continue on … These containers have been of service over these last years. We would say in your terms, approximately seven. Until that point the Vibration of your Planet was not of a frequency that would have been able to ‘fuse’ and benefit from them and would have caused mayhem should the Energies have been released too early. Too soon.

We would liken that which we speak of, to a large block of ice and ‘little cubes’ being severed from it and ‘melted’ and ‘sprinkled’ into your atmospheres. These particles of Energy are strictly measured. Like a recipe that must adhere to correct levels in order to produce the perfect cake!

Too much would not serve … Too little would do the same.

I guess ‘we’ would like to know what exactly this Energy is? What it contains?

Love, Dearest Blossom. These vast containers contain Higher Vibrational Energies of LOVE. It is as pure and simple as that … and yet, we understand why you would be thinking ‘well just pour the whole lot on this Planet because it sure could do with it’.

Yep, you read my mind!

This could not be tolerated by your present Energies. We would go as far as to say, that if this was to take place, your Planet would be reduced back to its original form … an Energy of Love. Nothing left. No world to speak of. No … nothing! Just back to LOVE … and this is not what you or ALL THAT IS, is trying to accomplish.

So many questions running through my head. So, why now? Why make it happen to bring this up again? For, let’s be honest … like so many of your communications, it could have been buried in the archives of time for ever!

Because NOW … is a/the time when we are not just doubling, yet, tripling the size of the ‘cubes’! This is why you are all GOING THROUGH SO MUCH! This is why you are hitting rock bottom and yet, next minute, soaring through the roof tops. The intensity of the Energy coming in has reached a ‘place’ where it is perfectly aligned in order to coincide with all that is to take place.

All that we have spoken of recently/ever is reaching a stumbling block …

What? Did I receive that correctly?

Yes. Yet, there is no cause for concern. In any way shape or form. For, we have seen it ahead. We are aware of it and therefore, we find it necessary to ‘amp’ up the Vibes and indeed, the situation. It is for ‘us’ to take control and make sure that this ‘blockage’ is immediately dampened down/out, so that we may all carry on along a smooth course.

Well, of course, I have to ask what this blockage is? Yet, already aware with respect, I will not get a straight answer.

For that would not be suitable. We play our opponents at their own game. Secrecy is best acknowledged in this particular case.

Fair enough. I won’t press further.

Yet, we shall continue in that vein to say also, that the ‘amping’ up of sending through the Energy in larger doses is silently, behind the scenes … having a greater effect than we ever thought it would/might.

It is, yes, causing turbulence in a fashion that upturns the Energy of the Beings who are conducting affairs that are certainly not of the heart.

This ‘driving force’ of Energy/Light-Love is causing many to ‘think again’! Rather likened to in your fairy tales when the wicked witch repents and becomes virtuous. This is happening more quickly than we anticipated and is most joyful to encounter.

What this stronger Energy also accomplishes, is to ‘wipe out’ and as we say, ‘upturn ‘ plans that are underway to demolish ‘good’.


It is nothing new to many of you, that there are those in command /control of your Planet Earth that have an ideal to reduce the ‘numbers’ of those who live upon it. Their plans to bring this about are quite severe. Yet, there are certain Universal ‘Laws/Rules’ that have to be abided by and these plans that are underway are breaking all the rules.


Even though ‘they’ think they are getting away with it … intervention shall be called in to counteract such devious thoughts and plans.

No matter what any of you may have heard or read and maintained into your ‘thought system’ … it will not be ALLOWED to ‘go as far’ as the intent of the hierarchy that is in place.

We clarify, due to your thoughts Blossom, that by hierarchy, in this ‘placement’ we speak of those in a Higher ranking system that is NOT for the greatest good.

We would like to return to the Energy Containers.

Good. Should I here, neatly slip in about the ‘Pillars of Light’?  I know it was the end of 2011 when you spoke of those. I know, because I threw a tantrum and decided to ‘knock off’ our communications for a while due to a misunderstanding of time zones! So, are these containers part of the Pillars of Light?

Yes, they are. Very much so.

If you recall, in the channelling through of the message of old … we explained that the ‘Energy blocks’ were a condensed version. For want of a better way of putting it.

An easier way to ‘show’ would be that of a small piece of sponge and when immersed in water … it expands. A poor, yet, understandable analysis!

Therefore, when the timing is correct … certain ‘portions’ of this block are carefully removed, and released into your Energy fields.

You want to say something else about before they are released, don’t you?

Yes. Thank you … it was a matter of order of wording. Yet, to slip back into the position of portions being carefully removed … they are then  … …

Wow! We are both struggling here to get this across. Words, words, words. As you say … so inadequate. I can see in my mind what you mean, yet, no words to express. Let’s keep on trying.

Many thanks. These portions are then … ‘sectioned’ and … how would we say in your terms? The easiest way being … put into ‘Chambers’, where their ‘role’ is made clear. In that … within these ‘Chambers’ … information is ‘infused’ into them. When complete, they are ‘sealed’ and ‘treated’ before being released into/onto your Planet.

I fully get that this is merely a way of trying to interpret to us what happens. For we do not have your technology that you are using in our ‘thought waves’. Dear God, I sound quite intelligent!

This is exactly right, Blossom. So much more is involved and yet, inexpressible.

I may have asked before, yet, what kind of information?

Information that your Beings already know and yet, have not been ready /in a position to receive.

Information that makes total sense as to your next ‘moves’.

Information as to exactly what it is that you are to do next.

What? Each one of us? Just a few? What? How does it work?

It is of a majorly complex design. As these Pillars move through your skies (some visibly, some not) … they will ‘deposit’ information into the Beings who need to receive it. Different information for some, than others. It is a matter of coding … which takes us onto another ‘track’ altogether.

Lordy Lord! I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to!

The codes within each Living organism, each soul, are unique and individual and as we have discussed before, are ever changing. The codes within the Pillars and the Energies coming through from these containers are ‘matched’ and change correspondingly to ‘fall into place’ with its ‘Twin Energy’ as it moves through.

This is AMAZING! Although, mind boggling and very much ‘out of this world’ … it somehow is computing with my understanding … and believe me, I ‘aint no rocket scientist! So, you are saying … in a nutshell … that these Pillars of Light … and also, just in general the tripling of the cubes of Energy coming through … are informationally coded? These codes are ever changing to coincide with the ever changing codes that each and every individual upon the Planet has with every thought … and when ‘passing by’ … matches up with/drops into … that particular individual … the information that he/she/ is designed for?

In a nut shell  …YES.

If I thought it appropriate to swear in these communications, I could be dropping one that begins with F right now and in capitals! Not only that … I can’t believe I have followed all this!

You have followed it well and easily.  You underestimate your capabilities greatly.

Actually, I am well aware that my understanding is because you are assisting me in doing so. Yet, I will accept the compliment!  I feel we are done for now … and also, taking into account that all this is added on to the 2010 message; so, many souls’ brains may be frazzled by now.

Once again, we thank the gentleman for his devout search. We know you would not have had the time or inclination or patience to do so.

Correct! I know he is over the moon just by the fact that I said I would certainly be bringing it up in the next channelling. In his words ‘What an unexpected treat I received scouring about 5 years’ worth of your writings. It felt like I had stepped into some kind of “TIME MACHINE” and was soaring through a GOLD & GEM filled chamber.’    Maybe a reminder for us all when we have nothing better to do (???) to do the same!

Many thanks Guys. It just gets more and more ‘out there’. So unreal, from all that I grew up with … yet, so ‘real’ in my soul’s acceptance of Truth … In Gratitude, In Loving service, I AM.

We very much enjoy our communications and are also, in much Gratitude to be of such service.


So. That was amazing. Here’s why we posted all of it.

Yesterday, one of the M’s read that post halfway (to the sparklies part), then stopped to talk to another M who called — who suddenly stopped what they were doing (trying to go to sleep) as they saw “the wave” (that we all see all the time) anew, AND… a bunch of little light sparklies that had just started. This occurred before the one M told the other about Blossom’s post. Rather than inform that M, or the group, or anyone else, that M went right to sleep… and awoke @ 4:00 am with… light sparklies coming in… among other things that involved attaching SOURCE-energy conduits here and there in places only we know about (part of our mission). That’s now done and the earth is filling up with light from the outside-in and the inside-out. Boy, are we exhausted.

Keep your eyes open. Things are happening.




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      1. https: //thumbs.gfycat.com/ParallelNeglectedIggypops-size_restricted.gif

        there ya go, number10



    1. Here’s my thoughts which may not be popular.

      I recall a similar message from Blossom in 2009-2010 time frame. I read her posts a lot back then after my NDE.

      Universals are like ETs but they really don’t need ships to go places and they can take human form. They are already imbedded into Earth law enforcement (encountered a few among US Marshals last year- I’ll blog about that) and Intel agencies. Most of the time their role is (was) a bit the Adjustment Bureau. They’ve often been historically mistaken for angels. They will sometimes drop hints to see if you are aware enough to recognize them and if you drop hints back they light up with a big smile because they seldom are recognized for their service to humanity. Sometimes they say wacky things not usually found in the Earth roles they sometimes hold.

      Two things pop out in the floral prose from blossom… the desire to contain light/love in jars… (presumably because they deem humanity not ready) which reminds me of the parable of the talents told by Jesus of the man who hid wealth in a jar in the ground rather than letting it flow and expand because he perceived “the master was harsh” Human form is a container for light and love.

      The other odd reference was to the Templar’s which ARE the Swiss and Austrian bankers of the alps, proxies for Manchu royals from China.

      Also the containers reminded me of blue tubes of human essence (youth extenders) collected by the Royals in the movie Jupiter Ascending (it really was a documentary of the beings who call themselves “the divines” – how that got past Hollywood I don’t know).

      Here’s what’s known, all things stolen from humanity have to be returned by law (and everything in the universe ran by contract – just like in Jupiter Ascending)… see the law filings of 2012 by HATJ.

      My take… the universals are returning what was stolen.., and the mid level ones reporting on that return (something other than Universals in this channeling are spinning their own energetic (essence?) theft and it’s return to humanity as an act of their own magnificence. They really don’t have a choice if they want to continue in existence. But I’m glad they are on board now after 8 years of dragging their feet.

      It won’t be a sprinkling in the atmosphere it’s gonna be a deluge!

      Having said all that all experiences expanded Source, and I give my appreciation to those who chose experiences I don’t care to have. In the 100,000 ft view of things it was all done in pure love.

      Just reading between the lines after 8 years of some rather astonishing personal experiences with these various beings.

      Your mileage may vary. Objects in the mirror may appear larger than they really are. This should not be construed as investment or medical advice! 😜🛸

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      1. If several CATs hadn’t experiecned this light-sprinkle phenomenon for themselves, that Templar reference would’ve been cause for concern. Perhaps they meant the Templars before they became involved with… something else.


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        1. When I asked to meet with Brother J, I dreamt that night he was wearing chainmail and a red templar cross.

          That threw me a bit too, but the rest was incredible. He had a fire all around him that was not hot and was brilliant white. He showed me about purging sin.



          1. Yeah, you said that before. That’s interesting.

            There is no “sin.” There are attack thoughts. When you have one, attach a rock to it and let it drop to the center of the earth.

            You are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.


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        2. Ha!

          Going back to my EVENT vision (yawn), if you recall I saw everyone framed by little white sparkling lights, as they looked upwards in bliss.

          I always wondered what that meant, I guess now I know lol.


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          1. @The CAT(s) That Lived:
            I like this very much:
            “… attach a rock to it and let it drop to the center of the earth.”
            I followed you wise advice, and IT WORKS!!!
            I hope the earth doesn’t mind …

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      2. Whoa!

        I read this post from Blossom’s page, last night. Thought it was interesting. Was thinking about timelines, frustrated cats, frustrated people reading blogs (like me), and how we are all supposed to be on our own timelines, (per Lisa Gawlas’ explanation). Also I was thinking about the messages that I get that feel like things are going to happen immediately, like NOW. That isn’t always the case in real life. It is maddening.

        Then I went to sleep and had a dream (I get lots of messages in my dreams). In the dream I had, I was reminded of my understanding of camera lenses (I am a photographer). I was reminded that each lens can make things look very different, that zoom lenses can make something look close that isn’t, and that wide angles can make something look far away when it is close.

        Then, next in my dream I saw a rear view mirror, and then I saw the writing on the mirror that says, “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”.

        I’m sure nobody else is freaking out, but, er, spooky (for me) that you just posted the message I received last night!

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      3. BRAVO TERRAN COGNITO! your comment speaks to me!
        Blossom’s folks she was channeling sounded a bit arrogant (Red flag), We are the powerful ones that they have been feeding off of for eons its about time we get what has been stolen from us and our children back
        and I for one need a good vacation


  1. “The containers/chambers this source of Light resides in … is of an advanced technology that allows its compressed form to remain comfortable within.” Comets and Meteor Showers?!

    I reposted 2017 Metatron/Tyberron this morning: “”In October the Draconids bust forth, then the Orionids initiate and cast influence thru November. In November occurs three more extremely potent energetic coded amplifiers, the Southern Taurids, North Taurids and Leonid Meteoric ‘Shooting Stars’ , all spawned of Comets, and all carrying crystalline codes of the bio shift….all triggering crystal-shift coded downloads.

    These are followed in additional amplification by the Gemenids and Ursids on the December Solstice. And we will add in brief, that your folk lore is teeming with tales of the special effects of such astronomical meteor-cometical occurrences, including the ancient to modern lore’s of ‘Wish Upon a Star’ and Catch a Shooting Star’. For these meteoric energies bath the planet in ‘Life Force’, Akash-Vitality units. Yet in the present energy of the dawning ‘New Earth’ the meteoric showers also contain codes of the crystalline shift. These are, indeed, initially received, and transduced in the 2 mega Crystalline Vortexes of Arkansas & Brazil… then disseminated globally.”

    Rudolf Steiner called them ‘Germs’.

    Exciting days! Yeehah!


    1. No. It’s actually… concentrated…LOVE in those ships, like SOURCE on tap… and it comes through at a higher level. It’s not 3D like comets and meteors. Comets and meteors are… just junk, really. Sorry to burst your bubble. The last few big comets and meteors that came by had nastiness in them; there’s nothing spiritual or magical about them, at all.



      1. Ha! Ha! junk, just like DNA. I AM, One Creator of this Divine Plan. It doesn’t resonate to patronize me or assume I AM speaking 3D.


  2. Awesome, thanks for all your hard work Cats and M’s! I’ve been waiting/praying my whole life for this! Such a privilege to be on Earth right now to witness this evolution.

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  3. Oh my, so grateful for this post guys! This is so exciting!

    I have been seeing moving, sparkles in the air for some time, like pixilated vision. Is this what that is?

    Amazing post! And love, love, love that kitty and stars picture! x

    P.S We pick up Star, our little siberian kitten in just over two weeks! Getting so excited. Maybe we should have called her Sparkles! xxx

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  4. Contained. compressed and managed? Hoo boy sounds like computer code patch. Not sure I want to be patched. How can anyone contain source? I kinda envisioned source swooping through the universes and on it’s way back like a cosmic tidal wave thingy. Not some wagging schoolboy who has to be dragged back to finish the chores.
    Clarification welcomed


    1. NZSKY, I agree with you and Terran, I didn’t like that Blossom channeling.For the various reasons already mentioned. I was laughing when I told a friend about this Love-in-a-Box channeling, and received several links to sex toys as a reply. :->
      For whatever reason, I often react this way to Blossom, it’s a little too much like listening to the Lennon Sisters. No matter how pretty and sparkly it is, I never can quite swallow the saccharine.


      1. Well, we 20 are seeing the nuts and bolts of this light influx, LIVE, here on the ground. It may be a one-time thing, it may go on and on; seems it’s up to the person. I for one am seeing more LIGHT blasts, bursts, pops, and sparklies — but, I was a few weeks ago, too. I dunno. Not one of us (that is, all online psychic vending machines, v. v. The CATs, Blossom, Lisa G, Lisa B, PsyLynn, Terran, etc.) really has the whole picture. We keep getting bits and pieces. For whatever reason, the Truth gum is being shuffled around here and there between our various machines, at various prices (jeez, we’re just giving the gum away!), perhaps so the message is well dispersed and well understood, perhaps so we all learn how to get along better, perhaps because some have better unicorn pants? Perhaps all of the above. There is no “right” path. But there IS a shortest path, but people don’t always want that. Those who want to find their way will find The Way.


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      2. How else would you expect those 12 Light Beings to sound? Seemed pretty matter-of-fact to me.

        “Hi. Here’s the Light Truck. Where do you want it?”

        Perhaps you mean her videos. I don’t think any of us watch videos — of anybody. We prefer the written word.



      3. Okay. My take on channelings. Years ago I used to devourer all the channelings at lightworkers dot org. Lisa was there, Blossom too and many of those still around today. It was a great way to learn discernment. I would read many that were like resonate, resonate, resonate, “10,000 ft. tsunamis”, uh oh. Not resonate. What I came to believe is the channelings are coming from the perception of the being delivering the message to the channeler. And I realized that even the “intentionally bad message” channelings contained a high percentage of resonate truth. That’s how they hook you into their message, it sounds so resonate that even if misdirectional crap is snuck in there, it is wrapped in truth to get you to buy it. Which made me realize, they are confirming truth in the resonate parts. The only way to read a channeled message is to use your discernment on what resonates with you. What I tend to really trust is what aligns with what my clairsentient self already knows. And the CATS, M’s, et. al. are resonating with what I am already feeling and knowing too. The details, I leave open to know later. The overall gist of it is enough for me. Thank you all 20. Love.

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  5. thank you cats
    I love your uplifting message
    and I feel very much connected to Blossom
    the last channeling I was thinking at her: where is Blossom?
    and Bingo, after three weeks came the message.

    we all have to get our vibes high to take flight very soon….
    I love you cats and I love the vibes here
    THANK YOU cats and all here on the board!


  6. The colors in the graphic are what I saw as chemtrailing in an unusual blue sky yesterday. I did read Blossom’s post prior to seeing the colorful clouds, yet the graphic is very close to what I saw going on up there. And it was in a blue sky. Very pretty if it wasn’t for the chemtrails I think we’re being cleaned?

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    1. Mmm, the aerosols and junk from chemtrails can look rainbow-y with the light behind it, like an oil slick. Rise above it. Imagine it’s just water vapor and that it will quickly dissapate. We are being cleaned, in a way.


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  7. Lots of stairs and levels in dreams last night, then woke up tachy early this morning. Had to BREATHE through it. Then saw some old gunk I left behind in a rectangular container, like old body… goop. Then saw stairs that led: UP! Went up faster and faster, then it became a ladder. UP! Faster and faster. Then the channel that the ladder was in got thinner and thinner, narrower and narrower, so I had to hurry… and finally reached a spot where i could stand and see the rising sun. Phew. I took some time off from meditating over the weekend and that seems to have been a mistake! Almost got left in the Titanic!

    Again, when you feel huge Wave X energy, BREATHE through it and think, “SOURCE” on the intake, then exhale. (If you don’t exhale, you EXPLODE. It’s a mess.) After things calm a bit with your heart, do the same thing again, but consciously BREATHE SOURCE energy into your crown and forehead, again and again, and try to imagine your body is a balloon you’re blowing up with SOURCE energy. At least, this is what I did. You might have an easier time of it!


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  8. last night I dreamend about big waves coming from upside high cliffs
    like our coastline here on Algarve is. I was standing near by together with many people and childrens…. the waves falling down to the beach 30 meters high. Beautiful clear water waves falling down to the beach from upside the cliffs.

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  9. So, I have decided to keep my yap shut and just be. (ironic isn’t it since I just posted this-never mind)


  10. Okay. Here’s a weird pain. My wings hurt. Sharp pains. Not the wings themselves, but where they grow out of my back. The shoulder blade area. I have not had any pain like that since the day they grew eight years ago. Kinda weird huh? Upgrade perhaps?

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      1. LOL! Yes, I know a cats preference for flying poultry, I have picked up many a mangled birdy body from my kitties. But my wings are not feathers, they are ethereal rays of light. Bite that! LOL! And yes, s.joshua, it’s more on the right side. Interesting.


          1. hmm, cool. I was taught right equals male side and left is female side – could you possibly elaborate on growth side?
            So it’s something you’re currently going through (moving ahead in life) which has manifested in an injury or pain on the right side VS
            a past injury would be something you need to still release from the past. V interesting thanks.


    1. I’ve been feeling this too, on my right side thusfar.

      re- remembering how to use my back, arms, shoulders (and wings) with intent instead of FORCE.


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