To Mitigate Wave X Symptoms… Eat Seasonally*


This just in (to us, too)…

…we will all feel better and SLEEP BETTER (and have an easier time with Wave X symptoms) if we eat seasonally. That’s where some of the energy is going, so… if it’s fall where you are, eat apples, squash, pumpkin, oranges, cranberries, Halloween candy, etc. If it’s spring for you in the Southern Hemisphere… eat… we dunno, whatever you’d eat in the spring. Truffula trees? Grub worms? (Sorry.) Don’t forget that Wave X energy is affecting EVERYTHING in our realm, including fruits and vegetables (can’t vouch for grub worms).

You should also follow cravings, but please do so — including the eating of seasonal fruits and vegetables — in moderation. A bunch of us were/are craving grapes like crazy, eating… well, bunches. (See how we used the word “bunch” there?) Remember: proteins build, carbs fuel, vegetables and fruits cleanse, and grapes turn you into Veruca Salt? Violet Beauregard? Something like that. None of this is rocket science. Jeez, rocket science isn’t rocket science, anymore. And drink water, but don’t over-hydrate. (Drink water with a squeeze of lemon if you drink coffee.)

[*Note: If you have specific dietary requirements to stay alive, PLEASE follow those first!]

See you at the farmer’s markets. Oh, and as always…



48 thoughts on “To Mitigate Wave X Symptoms… Eat Seasonally*

  1. Holy cow, that cat can jump!

    Dreamt I was searching for nuts, rather apt since it’s seasonal and I keep practising hibernation on a daily basi…..zzzzZZZZ


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  2. Weather Update – hasn’t been Spring today in Melbourne…Weather has been overcast, grey, wet, chilly. That’s not normal Spring weather. Wild fluctuations are “not normal”.

    Oh, and as for what food/nutrients we in the Southern Hemisphere eat? Um, depends upon which country one presently lives…..

    You CAT(s) *did* say that “The Event” would occur during “revolutions”…I do know it’s Australia, but we have this to concern ourselves with…
    Wentworth by-election: Analysts declare victory for Kerryn Phelps as Liberal Dave Sharma faces history defeat

    (why is this important? the constituents in that electorate are undergoing a “revolution”. We Australians will now have a “hung parliament”. We will most likely have an early election called. I am using my “psychic kitty-cat radar” here & predicting we will have either Independents with Liberals or Nationals making up “the balance of power”.)

    Yes, it is 3D/earth-bound rubbish, but, this Event-thingy hasn’t happened yet, and we have bills to pay & jobs to do & funds to attract to us & things to buy/do to make ourselves comfortable & our futures to somehow survive.

    Thankyou for being here CAT(s) and M’s



    1. We totally understand. We’re frustrated, too. CATs are for the most part inhumanly patient (88% of us, anyway), but even we are getting antsy. Note that future predictions are IMPOSSIBLE when there are a near-infinite number of timelines. There are lietmotifs. We saw revolution at one point, but who’s to say we won’t see… say, red crabs crawling everywhere looking to print their copies of “A View to a Krill”? Things change. We have to all be flexible. (The ETs are even frustrated… but the Universals are NOT. Interesting.) Even more frustrating, we just discovered that this is also the case *for the past,* so “facts” we have discovered about specific events… have multiple variations, since multiple imprints are reliving and rewriting said lives, with Our Memory of SOURCE (let’s call It The Librarian) storing ALL the various outcomes… a lifetime recording that then anyone can reuse and modify and make their own — or a thousand people can relive all at the same time on different, multiple timelines. Obviously, the only thing to think about is the NOW, and making the NOW as positive and useful an experience as you can muster. (We’re talking to ourselves here, too.)




      1. Does this rewriting of the past account (in part) for the Mandela effect? I always felt like there was a combination of malevolent (C£RN, D-WAVE etc) & benevolent (SOURCE, wake-up triggers, collapsing timelines etc) forces at play. For me and many others, discovering the Mandela effect, especially the anatomy changes, was the catalyst for a profound spiritual awakening in perfect time to realise my mission here in this incarnation in prep for the great shift/harvest/whatever it is that we are on the cusp of.

        On a related note, have any of the contributers here read the research of Antony Patch regarding C£RN & D-WAVE, the key to the abyss, reconstructing Nephilim DNA and all that jazz? He surmised that these saturn-worshipers were attempting to instigate end-times prophecy (believing that their technology would give them the upper hand against God), and that God would allow things to play out as written (i.e. great tribulation leading to the second coming, but only after the rapture of the righteous)


  3. This is a most welcome reminder.
    At the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century, a man of high level of consciousness (he didn’t like being called the “master”) lived in Bulgaria. His worldly name was Peter Deunov, but he was best known by his spiritual name of Beinsa Douno. He taught dancing in a circle he called paneurhythmya, which aimed to achieve inner balance. Many people gather every year on the Rila Mountain to do paneurhythmic dancing.

    According to him, it is best to eat the fruit of the land.
    I have followed this good advice, and have found out from personal experience (having travelled a lot) that my body reacts to the fruits of foreign lands differently. Even herbal shampoos, made from herbs of a foreign country, have a completely different effect on my hair.

    A little before he died, Beinsa Douno made a prophecy (had a vision) about the end of Kali Yuga and the transition to a new age (
    Just sharing.
    P.S. That thing with the cucumber is not fair (but it’s sooo funny)

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      1. Very few people know about him. Glad to hear it.
        But then, you are CATs and M’s.
        Thank you for the comment.


          1. Hmmm, just noticed after 40 odd years of being in this body that half of the word Library is Libra! Totally daft comment I know, but just noticed that!

            P.S Yes, cruel cucumber joke on poor unsuspecting kitty!

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          2. How do I access my library card to the Akashic Human Annex, mmm?
            Sounds new to me …


  4. question for those on AIP–Auto immune Protocol (there’s that P word again)

    which has us avoid sugary fruity fruits among other things seasonal, which can inflame inflammation.

    could you check in with whomever CATS check in with, to ask what folks on special diets may do for flexibility of eating in season.

    I eat mostly local duck eggs , TIger nut flour mixed with coconut oil MEOW, non fortified nutritional yeast. liquefied cooked broccoli or cauliflower blended with goat whey. it has been a tiny restricted diet for a while.

    ?? as we are going through this shifting, how to accommodate the healing physical bodies with the forward movement to the next realms of existence?

    I’d love to add some new things to this mix.

    thank you


    1. Hm. We were speaking generally. Of course, don’t need to eat anything you’re not comfortable with. Everyone is different. Use your best judgment. It is our understanding that there will be a “body reset” at the time of The Event… if it is to happen on this (or any) timeline.

      Huh. Never heard of tiger nut flour.

      -CAT Eds.


  5. Minerals build muscles. In my research, I’ve found we have too much protein & don’t need that much. Research your dosha type & that should complement all the rest. My go to guy is Dr. Robert Morse. ND. xox.


    1. i love dr morse! been going on mostly fruits and veggies, and muscle is finally growing for the first time (have historically been 20-30lbs underweight all my life, despite being able to eat huge steaks in one go)!

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      1. That’s wonderful. Congrats. I went raw in February. I”ve started to fast & love the results. Dr. Morse has been such a inspiration & I love his ‘Heal All Tea”. What have you tried from his shop? Where are you on your journey? Do you know “Dan The Man” is from “Life Regenerator?” on You Tube?


  6. Seasonally is one aspect, LOCALLY is another.

    If oranges don’t grow where you live, this is NOT part of *YOUR* seasonal diet… even if they are in season on the other side of the country.

    Eat from the farmer’s market instead of the produce department.


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  7. Just eat what your body wants. There is no perfect,’fits all’ diet. I can’t have dairy, grains and most fruit sets off my uc. Oregano oil has been amazing for me, as has distilled water and anything that inhibits candida. Systematic steroids, antibiotics etc, left me in such a mess as has happened to a lot of folk. We are all different because our gut biome is different and ability to digest certain foods… Look up Weston Price…Really interesting. …x

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    1. How interesting!
      I like avocado oil, it’s like a healing ointment…
      Use it with salads mainly (although avocado is not a local tree, not in Europe 🙂 )


  8. My temperature is very low for this planetary episode. 76.2 F. Same with the others here. Check your temp. Feeling great. Amazingly well.


    1. My temperature has been low for a long time and I did not feel great. But I also have an autoimmune thingy called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I found a natural supplement called Autoimmune X that helps a lot and has helped my temperature come up. It helps my gastrointestinal issues somewhat but I still have the other energy symptoms of dizziness, headaches, other weird body aches, irregular sleep patterns, etc. I agree, everyone’s body and issues are different so know your body and eat what works for you. I also have certain food allergies so I have to watch that. I do eat cranberries, and yes on the grape thing, dried tart cherries, some small apples here and there. I do eat brown rice or steel cut oats with coconut milk and some kind of protein. Small pieces of chocolate are a must for me too.
      These past two weeks have been major fatigue and lots of head pressure with weird sensations in the head along with body chills on and off. Headache last night all of a sudden when I finally had a fairly good day.

      Love the blog too,


  9. I have been following this update on Disclosure New it for a few month. The latest one mentions cintamani stones and blue avians. All I can say is hmmm! What do you guys and gals think?

    Pleiades 1 Messages October 20 2018
    P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

    Birds (Blue Avians) harmonize old karma.

    Attention Island of Dedication! – Projector being aimed to consecrations! (3)

    Special Projector for *Knights of Order Riders in Reverberation! 12% (non-regressive).

    Special Projector for Knights and Amazons on anchorage! 19% (non-regressive).

    Package *V5 – Third intensive delivered. Instant Reverb! Special Projector anchoring! 39% (non-regressive).

    Attention The *English Line! Support of Projector for illumination initiated: 24% (non-regressive).

    Attention Master!Projector intensified for supports.

    *Zero i: Alert Alert! MiD projections for discontinuations. Special reinforcement aimed.

    Cintamanis reverberate on Magnetic Island (Curitiba – Brazil).

    Attention *Arpetromus, the Guardian of the Star! Mergers happen for Re-Awareness.

    Swift malfunctions continue. Severe computational imbalance. Attention Terrans for gatherings and introductions.

    End of Transmission


    * Item in Glossary


    1. Sorry. “Cintamani stones” are just stones; anything can be “magic” if you decide it’s magic. And Blue Avians are neutrals and here for real estate and resources, they only care about Blue Avians. If they’d like to show us any different, then please do so. At this point, Cobra and “Corey Goode” are just noise. What a bunch of gobbletygook.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. I totally agree that the ‘Main focused energy” is embodiment of our higher selves/connection to source. However, I am appreciative (& a big shout out) to all the benevolent ETs that are supporting us during this transition & all the work they have done regarding disabling nuclear missiles, cleaning the oceans/sky, etc. I feel this is joint effort to transition. Also crystals are beneficial & aid us as well in numerous ways (EMF protection/Negative frequencies). We are crystalin based as I understand it so they are also a part of our operating system as it were. I appreciate all the support offered to us yet maintaining a balanced perspective. Thanks for sharing & welcome your thoughts. xox.

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  10. this was posted on in a thread titled:

    The Event is Upon Us
    post # 416

    feel free to post if moderator feels okay to post:

    “October 20, 2018
    Today at 2:22 AM

    POST #416

    Hey everyone. This is a surprise edition. These have been coming since September 2017 and this is the 31st conversation, which averages out to roughly 2 -3 each month. It’s been just days since they reached out and last night I was woken up 4 times! I did not respond well and said I would reach out in the light of the following day. I was surprised at their insistent wake-ups because the group I usually speak to knows that if I don’t “answer” their call, I’ll reach out to them the next day. This group did not. Here’s how today’s conversation went.

    “I was woken up several times last night and did not connect. Are the beings who did so available now?”

    We are here Sophia, yes.

    Hello. Thank you for becoming available once again to connect.

    You are welcome. We would like to begin.

    Please, go ahead.

    Our information regarding your planet and its journey has changed. No longer are you proceeding on a slow meandering path towards Ascension and a major shift – but a rapid one.

    This is the reason for the disruption of sleep. We are feeling a sense of urgency and wanted that to be included in the words.

    There are typically days in between our messages and when it is shared.(Ouch!) We feel it needs to be put out now.

    You are the Pleiadians? From the Pipeline?

    Yes, although this is a slightly different voice.

    Yes, I feel that. I would describe your voice as slightly more masculine and/or scientific.

    Why yes. It is from this area of observation and knowledge that newer intel is received and shared. The timeline has shifted.

    For everyone?


    I felt 2 days ago that it had done so personally.

    It has done so globally.

    Sophia, you are a messenger and your message is spreading to more than you know.

    Today you are asked to share this message. People need time to see it and prepare.

    Become serious about this message and the urgency of its timing. It will help if it is seen. It will help if it is shared.

    So, yes, of course it will be shared. Please specify precisely what you want to be known.

    Things have sped up. This new timeline asks you to take action right away in all areas that require preparation – spiritual, personal, emotional and physical. Be sure that you are synchronized in your relationships and also where you are.

    I am not clear what that last sentence means.

    It means that if you feel, after deep and humble introspection that changes are needed, don’t wait to make them. Those who need to heed this message will know and respond appropriately.

    We have such great love for humanity and aim now to afford the majority of awakened and un-awakened ones every opportunity to choose their most favored path in the process. When the shift (meaning here the recent timeline shift) occurred, we wanted to relay our interpretation of what it means for you.

    We do not wish to cause alarm. Only a reinforcement, if you will, of encouragement and insight. We can only be of assistance to you in this way – with sharing what is seen. We see things rapidly approach.

    We are pleased you sense the urgency of our contact and of this message.

    Are there any specifics you can offer to us?

    Not at this time. That is not our purpose. Yet, overall, as a process, “sooner” rather than “later” would be accurate.

    Okay. The urgency is felt. I’ll share this today. Please reach out again if you sense more changes.

    We are pleased. It is an honor to participate. This is a joyous message! We hope that it is received that way and felt with only love and admiration.

    Thank you. Goodbye now.

    Goodbye Sophia and company.

    Note – as a visual there were 3 beings there, all of them male. This was not the usual smiling and waving exit, but a quiet and gentle goodbye with a sort of serious demeanor; the “and company” is not a phrase I’ve heard before. This explains why I was woken up. I’ve not spoken before to this group. Sophia

    (awesome possum is not Sophia. I read in addition to SOC)

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  11. The Trillium Sound Meditation helps to offer us sustenance of the Quantum nature, in addition to whatever eating or drinking…

    The Hathors and Tom Kenyon offer these free gifts of sound meditations for surviving and thriving on our intense earth and multidimensional adventures.

    There are also Planetary Messages from The Hathors on this site. which go with the sound meditations.

    included below are links to these gifts available at

    hathor planetary message. Trilliums
    In this message we wish to share with you a simple but highly effective method for accessing the quantum potentials of your body. This technique allows you to draw upon life-enhancing subtle energies from other dimensions of consciousness.

    trillium sound meditation

    for coherent emotions for exploring alternate realities

    numerous other sound meditations for sustenance and nurturing in these changing NOW’s

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  12. we are reviering our brain
    discovering new path’s
    leaving comfort zones behind us
    and getting into the wild

    “We sweep away the beginning of things
    and with a new language
    that has the music of water the message of fire
    we light the coming age
    and stop time
    and wipe away the line
    that separates
    time from this single moment.”

    Poem by Nizar Qabbani


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