Latest Blossom [UPDATE1]


…bears repeating in its full form. Ahem.


[Blossom Post for 7/7/19]

Hello to you our friends somewhere out there … and STILL the full-on Energies continue. Surely, this all has to be leading up to something?

Welcome to Each one and yes, Dearest Blossom as we have said … these Energies indeed, have their place in the Grand Divine Plan. We feel we have spoken of their purpose etc. so we would like to continue on and speak about forthcoming events that coincide with all that is taking place at this time.

You will be experiencing so much ‘upside-downness’.

Isn’t that the same as Topsy – Turvyness?

To a degree, yet, if one were to ‘read into this a little more’ you will understand that which we are trying to express.

Personally, I get topsy turvy, yet upside-downness … no … not really! Pray tell?

In that, everything will appear to be as if one is standing on their head (again, not physically) Everything will seem as if it has turned upside down and indeed around … for such ‘moments’ are to come, that it shall be as if no one really understands what is taking place. And for a while … no one will.

Our words to you would be PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE!

I keep hearing that in my head.  All very well, yet in order to prepare, one needs to know what for!

For THE CHANGE … is it just around the corner.

And how would we do that … because we don’t know what the change involves?

Yet, you know that it would be wise to center yourselves. To take a few minutes to say to yourselves ‘I AM READY’.

And ‘May the Force be with me’ type thing?

And it will be.

The Force of Great Light shall be with Each One as you prepare your Beings for that which you have been waiting for, for so long.

Ok. I am not going to put a dampener on this by saying we have been here waiting before etc. I will go for it and go with the flow as the Energy you are bringing through is once again, VERY STRONG on this matter.

Blossom and All … Take into your Hearts your KNOWING … your FEELING … and ask yourself how YOU FEEL about all this? Does it feel like a change is coming?

Could do … has done before … and then … zilch, in a way we were hoping for. Goodness, over all/after all this time I have become so sceptical. I sort of daren’t build my hopes up once again, only for them to be thwarted. Eh … did I not just say I would go with the flow? I just can’t help this ‘doubting Thomas’ in me, that this could actually be it and that it is just around the corner … remembering your corner could be 20,000  miles away.

May we make a suggestion?

By all means.

Consider the fact that IT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. What if you KNEW … what if you had seen/felt and therefore, were simply waiting for that time to arrive?

WR  (With respect) … ‘Isn’t that what we’ve been doing for what seems like millennia?

Yet, we are speaking of NOW. 

I know you are and somewhere in me is the ‘I’ll wait and see’ … and you have to be able to accept the reason why I feel this way … as do so many. It is not that I am not prepared to prepare. Yet, at the same time … not ready to shout it from the rooftops.

We would say we ‘try’ to understand your ‘brushing it off’ yet, we have never lied or manipulated or lead you down the garden path … as you would say. It is due to misunderstanding the concept of time from both parties that has made you feel this way. Not that ‘IT’ is never going to happen, is this correct?

Yes and yet, you have said that we would know when such an Event was on its way, due to the warm-up (don’t know how to put it.) This that we are going through doesn’t feel like the warm-up band that’s for sure.

Yet, maybe it is the dress rehearsal?  The preparing for …

Maybe?! To be honest, I am quite happy to just keep moving along enjoying my life the best I can and being grateful for it all. Anything else I will consider a bonus. Like so many feel, it would be SO GREAT if ‘A Miracle’… ‘Any Miracle’ happened on a scale that we could all FEEL A HUMUNGOUS SHIFT. It would really, really, really give us a lift. Yet … here we sit. Don’t get me wrong, I am in a great space apart from feeling wiped out!

Dearest Blossom, we are amused at your lack of ‘Whoohoo-ness’.

Oh, it’s there inside somewhere and when ‘just around the corner’ presents itself … you will hear my woohooing throughout the Universe! You will hear everybody who has been waiting ‘whoohooings!’ I guess as well, it’s not knowing what to expect.

We cannot explain what to expect … because more than anything, it is going to be THE FEELING within you that will leave you awestruck.









We could continue on, yet we feel you know that which we speak of.

Dearest friends, I can ‘sort of’ get all of this … the Higher level of me knows this as Truth. Yet, so many feel it will not be in their lifetime and I have often wondered if it will be in mine? Yet, you have said it will. I suppose there is no time like the present.

You see Blossom, we felt that this is what we would like to have spoken about in this communication, as it is necessary and appropriate … would it be that you would rather us not?

Not at all. You must speak about that which feels right to do so. And what if … and that’s a big ‘what if’ … a Miracle or Event or even semi Event or Happening … or whatever occurred before the year was out … I ‘d be pretty miffed you hadn’t spoken of it!

Then you see our point.

Which leads anyone to surmise something will happen before the year is out!

It does indeed.

Well, my friends, I guess all we can do is wait and see. I so hope you are correct for ‘every’ reason and yet, if it didn’t … would I still carry on these chats?  Yep, I would, because I know, aside of all this ‘WR’ Event ‘lark’, so many are encouraged and uplifted by your words/teachings.

Blessings upon us all.

Oh indeed. Where to from here? The session isn’t over yet according to my calculations.

What would be best … shall we talk of the weather?

Lol! Yet that wouldn’t be a bad idea.  It is behaving very strangely and of course, you will say it is the Energies.

For this is so. The weather patterns are evening out the weather Energies. All strange behaviour is occurring due to bringing about ‘balance’, in order to even levels out.

Levels of what?

Levels of and within your biosphere. So it is, in a sense, ‘preparing’ for what is to come and equalizing Energies in order to be able to receive the WAVE OF LIGHT that is to change all.

The more prepared EVERYTHING IS … the more easily this Wave is accepted and received.


So, what else besides us and the weather?

The very Core of your Planet is grounding herself in preparation. All nature is communicating with one another in order to prepare.

As too … the very CORE OF YOUR BEING is preparing itself for this that is on its way.


I both hate it and Love it when you say that. Did you miss a few answers on my application form when accepting me for his job? Answers to questions like ‘Will you always Trust in our Truth?’ and my answer was … ‘That would depend!’  You KNOW I LOVE YOU … and YOU and I KNOW that this banter back and forth is purely about the ‘time factor’ as opposed to anything else. We have misunderstood that so many times before. However, that is not to say, I am not secretly hopeful. I mean, it has to happen sometime, right? … And indeed why not NOW?

We have a little more to say. We are grateful that you would have answered so … for it would not be correct for you to Trust us blindly. It is of much importance that you follow your Heart and your Truth … for in doing so, you allow answers and points of view that give others their voice in all of this … And in ALL OF THIS … WE ARE ONE.


Many thanks, Guys, Truly. I AM WHO I AM. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The audio for this channeling will be posted below shortly.



So… FYI, the portals we administer have BOOMed energy (sounding like a French 75) TWICE in the past two nights. People think it’s fireworks. Needless to say, we felt and experienced things before we read this.

Guardedly optimistic.

The MC BAT Commander insists we not break out the catnip margaritas just yet, but…





We should’ve included this excellent Session with Laura Whitworth. It’s a must-listen.

76 thoughts on “Latest Blossom [UPDATE1]

  1. Oh, oh, OH! Getting palpitations and excitement bubbles….and it’s not from the cherry kombucha….!

    Thank you CATS, thank you Blossom & The Federation of Light….

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  2. I’m going to be honest with you all — I hesitate for a moment. These accounts and descriptions are beginning to remind me of prophecies that I heard as a child. They make me uncomfortable because it’s starting to look like the “ascension to 5d” will require death. And those left in 3d (earth as we know it) will face a period of great mass human atrocities.

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    1. We wouldn’t post it if we didn’t feel its truth. Those left in 3d will be left in a very special learning environment. After being tortured for years in various WWII prison camps, Louis Zamperini was liberated as a prisoner, and was very angry for some time… until he learned to let the dark go and the light in. He even went to the country in question and personally forgave all the prison guards (much to their astonishment). And he will find his way to the next level. And after The SHIFT, those who suddenly find themselves “left behind” (hence all that Scottish bible pre-destining) still have an opportunity to turn things around. Some people need this kind of wake-up call before they’ll “see the light.” There are no human atrocities. This is all illusion. No one is being hurt except in their minds. This is all about healing, and returning home. Some people need to repeat a few classes at the 3d level, but all are ONE. And THERE IS NO DEATH. Your body is just an illusory vehicle; you will SHIFT out of it when Gaia moves up, and you’ll be put in a new one just as Gaia occupies the New Earth. (It has to happen like this as your existing vessel is 3d and couldn’t exist at 5d.)

      The CATs have known these details of The SHIFT for some time, but don’t bring it up in its entirety as the majority of people don’t fully understand where they are and who they are and what their relationship is to SOURCE, and it could create fear. Once people feel that light removed (from their Illusion), it will draw their own light OUT.

      And now perhaps people will see that that mantra we’ve been talking about is even more important than they realized. You’re not just forgiving people, you’re literally waking them up from the inside-out — and helping them pick a lane.


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        1. and yet, I’m surprised to discover…like a characteristic of our culture:
          we ask, and we wait, to be done from outside of us.
          We forgot how to play.
          To enact.

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      1. So is the SHIFT just an extinction event , just sugar coated with fancy woowoo words?

        Honestly, I pictured it being sort of a phasing event- things slowing shift towards the better without some sort of traumatizing and sudden blast. I don’t really care if this body isn’t “real” i’m still apart of it and a sudden blast wave WILL terrify. Even I really don’t want to go though that.

        Quite frank, it really upsets me is this is the case. I don’t want to have to die just to be free.


        1. An instantaneous transformation and placement in an upgraded body is a lot more pleasant than slowly aging (yes, it will happen to us all, no matter what we do to try to forestall it) and dying of some prolonged wasting disease. Modern hospitals, hospices and nursing homes insulate people from the actual experience of death, so unlike our ancestors, they don’t know the practical details. I have worked extensively in hospitals, and seen many loved ones slowly become more decrepit until they were pain-ridden shells of their former selves.

          The Event option, which totally skips the whole dragged-out “dying experience”, sounds absolutely wonderful compared to the usual process. Count me in!

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      2. I’ve been doing that mantra randomly thinking of past friends And then the other night when I was AWAKE ALL NIGHT LONG, I was doing the mantra on whomever popped in my head. I tried it on my grandma who passed away 30 years ago. we never got along. 3:30am, I do the mantra a couple times, it’s out of order innocent before immortal ect, whole before perfect, anyway. When done, a big bag of recycled bottles tied up in a trash bag crashed to the front of the door in the kitchen open. I ran out to the kitchen wondering what happened!?! I say it was a sign. Or my bag was too full.

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      3. I struggle a bit with the concept of this body dying, too. It seems like the energies permeating us and screwing with so many of us are to prepare our bodies for SOMETHING (I believe it was mentioned that it was so our heads wouldn’t explode as the energies ramp up!). I can’t quite figure out the purpose of evolving this body for SOMETHING if it’s just going to dissolve away during the Event. Unless it’s to get us to the time of the Event in one piece?

        Well, I don’t really have a problem with being dead, but the 3D dying process can well and truly suck, as I witnessed first hand recently with my dad. A trauma-free wash of love and light, combined with a sudden understanding of our true purpose and the meaning of everything while being transferred to a perfect body on a paradise Earth is a pretty good way to go! Still, I wonder if I’m wasting my time at the gym. Also, I’d really like a hamburger and a beer (insert smile emoji here)…..

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        1. I just don’t understand how it cannot be seamless- SOURCE can do anything, and that should also mean not having to die in the process. Otherwise, what is the point of all the “upgrades”? It honestly gives me a sort of “Death Cult” vibe…

          and the choices are so limited, too. Don’t want to die? Well enjoy a 3D hell planet. Want peace and freedom? Well you’re just going to have to vaporize for that first. BS

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        2. I Don’t believe we will die, sounds like a less than perfect thing. Sananda and many others have stated that We will All go “Wherever Is Perfect for Each”. That, My Friends resonates Well. Some may not like their current body or condition, sooo, They Will create what They want. “We Are” Creators/Love! Happy Monday, Peace.

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          1. Me, too; also homemade ice cream, currently chocolate with walnuts and dark chocolate slivers, but usually coffee. Hey, they’re both vegetarian!

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    2. I agree, or it sounds like just being shoved into another pocket rhelm prison to be energy harvested, I have deep distrust of any galactic forces and channelers in general refering to me as dearie or loved ones and I feel hope is another thing that is heavily harvested from us ! Its food to them but a possible huge let down for us, let any body say what ever they want to say from who ever they are getting their info from, but I will stay in the present taking each moment as it comes…I am not falling for it.

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  3. Definitely something going on the electric sub station alarm continues to go off periodically and whilst round my friends house her fuse board packed in.

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    1. Wow, Lily, thanks for posting this! When Amanda said that Gaia wants to be sung for, I froze and it felt like Amanda was looking right at me, it was almost kind of creepy! I have felt for a while now that I need to go into caves and sing to help this whole process somehow. I did it once in a cave in New Mexico a long, long time ago, and I had a wonderful meditation experience while just toning and improvising.
      I have been taking singing lessons on and off through my life, but recently my voice is really opening up and the frequencies that come out of me during my lessons make me literally dizzy sometimes. I think there will be some spiritual spelunking in my future 😉

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        1. @ Stefan, wow, that is incredible! I wish I was closer to that! I will have to make do with the caves in Arkansas. We have some pretty amazing crystal deposits here as well. not quite this spectacular and accessible, though…
          Love, Victoria

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        1. Yes!!!!!!! I love it! Heavenly choirs under ground, vocal massage to ease the birthing pains, sound acupuncture to activate a new meridian grid for our lovely Mama, clearing blockages, helping the flow, bursting into a symphony of power and splendor…yes, imagine that…
          Hugs and love, Victoria

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  4. Saturday morning around 3:30am PST I woke up after feeling a weird sense of doom. It wasn’t vivid like my other recent dreams, but I felt subconsciously there was a nuclear war going on.

    Before I wasn’t sure about the whole timeline thing but somehow I feel I dodged a bad one.

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  5. I was given 12/15/2019 last night in dreamtime. I hope the 5D express comes before then, but if not let the mantra of forgiveness spread love to as many as possible until humanity flips the switch to love. Cay

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  6. I feel like everything kicked into a higher gear, Epstein finally being brought to justice etc. I’ve been stuck in horizontal for the last 48 hours, completely flattened physically and emotionally. It’s sort of clearing now, but that felt like a serious release of negative muck from here. And no matter who causes what, earthquakes still play an important role by shaking people out of trance.

    Just please let it be over soon.


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    1. Justice Is manifesting Now! Sooo, we must do our part, the mantra, etc. Forgiveness/Compassion works well. Today I felt the urge for Anderson Cooper, growing in an Ill environment, being the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Mantra x 3 for him! Strange, for when I had tv I didn’t care for him as a reporter. So Be It. Peace.

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  7. Kept drifting off to sleep today, but it was kind of pleasant. Gentle energy is bubbling through my body and there’s a definite feeling of UPward motion. Feels like miracles might be possible, and I might even be almost ready… Love to all here!

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  8. Dear Cats,
    Is there a place where you can have this session in writing, or at least a summary of it?
    I can read (and understand) written English, but speaking it costs me much more. I miss almost the entire speech.

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      1. Hi Cristina, I accidentally turned on subtitles on a you tube video once but have no idea how I did it, I’m sure someone will know, itight be possible to get this in different languages…

        Much love ❤️

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      2. Dears Lily and Stefan,
        thank you very much to both of you.
        I did not know that there was such a possibility … the truth is that I usually only use you tube to listen to music.
        I was investigating and it’s very easy. In the lower part to the right of where the sound is controlled there are some icons.
        The first is a kind of white square with lines, that is the subtitles. Those in the same language that is spoken in the video.
        At his side there is a kind of gear, that is the configuration. There you find all the languages for the subtitles.
        I share it in case it is useful someday to you.
        If it is not for your help I would continue in the most absolute ignorance …. and it is not that I am an old lady, I also work frequently with computers and editing programs … but you see! jajajjaja !!

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        1. One thing to be aware of with the subtitles, which I have used in the past because someone had an accent that was hard to understand, is that what they are saying in the video is not what is always translated correctly. Often I have had a good laugh because something was mistranslated and gave a whole new meaning (sometimes way, way off) to what the author intended to say.

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  9. Over the past few weeks I had been going in and out of this blissful state, unlike anything I’ve experienced in my life, yet so familiar. Since 2 weeks it’s been my default and I’ve been almost non-stop high on life. So many magical encounters with new people, amazing things popping into my life, major downloads about connections that include several lifetimes and who I get reunited to. The speed of manifesting is almost instant and at first it even freaked me out a bit, because I was actually doing it now! Not just dreaming about it, not just trying to manifest from the mind.. At first my mind wasn’t used to this new feeling of instantly creating and was in some way worried to fall back into fixing mode again, like it was too good to be true.

    I cry deeply almost every day, not because of the usual processing, but out of pure love because my heart is so open. When I tune into music that I’m feeling or people with passion I feel everything. I just can’t fully grasp this magnificent beauty all around me, because it’s so much and so strong.

    My body has also shifted and I’m eating mostly a raw vegan diet, with a bit of cooked food. Unimaginable before for a lover of cooked food like myself.
    My sleep rhythm is all over the place! I am going to bed way too late, but can also not fall asleep as easily. Surprisingly afterwards I don’t feel whiped out like I normally would. It’s all good.

    What a magical time to be alive.
    Sending my love to all of you! And thank you for this wonderful space here.
    You helped me through the whole process over the past few years. And continue doing so. I appreciate and love you so much.

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    1. Nuni are you familiar with the Mayan Calendar? I’m having a similar experience to yours and I recently found out about the ninth wave that we are in right now and which is mind blowing. You can find out more in Carl Calleman’s book the Nine Waves of Creation. This explains what’s going on as the evolution of consciousness arrives in waves across the planet bringing change. We are in a very fast cycle now of 36 days being one wave and during the upward period of the wave (18 days long) many new ideas and changes occur followed by the 18 days below in which these new ideas may be reflected upon. This description of the waves that have been rolling in for billions of years has brought me peace of mind. At least here is a real physical gage for the changes occurring now. Calleman may not have all the details right but the basics of this system of calendaring is amazingly accurate. Spread the word. Peace love and joy are here so we all need to hold that thought. Time to surf the ninth wave!

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      1. Saki, thank you for sharing this, it’s very fascinating. I know about the Mayan calendar, but very little. I feel very connected to the Maya and lived in their area in Mexico for a few years. It goes a bit deeper though, I am closely related to or come partly from the lineage of the Mexican brujos. Have always felt deeply part of Native Americans in general. Even as a little girl I was playing out something as I asked my parents for Playmobil Cowboys and “Indians” and always made the Indians kick the cowboys’ butt big time.
        I also remember having this vision since forever about looking out over parts of Nevada and Arizona with those beautiful rock formations and the sun shining on them, covering all in a magical red glow.
        Still on my list to visit those places!

        I’m feeling the excitement when I’m reading what you write about the waves. Will definitely check that book out, thank you!
        Have you been finding yourself in this cycle for a while or is it a recent thing?

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  10. Hi all.

    I wasn’t going to mention my dream, but after watching Laura’s video, discussing her battles I will.

    It seems quite often I become involved in military style operations at night. Sometimes willing, sometimes not.

    Last night I felt guilted into helping an “old” squad of special soldiers, consisting of men and women. They were assigned in taking control of an airfield.

    I joined them and together we secured it. We built temporary structures. There were also humans who were controlled by demonic forces. They were overcome and imprisoned.

    This then allowed for the safe landing of Extraterrestrial allies.

    I remember looking up and watching them come into land. I began waving and smiling like a kid in a candy store, while my professional troop looked at me like I was one part goon and remaining part lunatic LOL.

    A psychic once told me I was involved in galactic wars, many of us probably have been. The thing is I hate fighting, but I have a strong sense of justice.


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  11. The best way to describe it is to consider the scenario of two people traveling to the same place. One is traveling by car, the other by plane. The man in the car is driving on the highway; he looks up and he sees the plane in the air, and it’s a dot in the sky; he feels like he’s moving fairly fast and a lot is going on that he needs to pay attention to. Somehow the plane doesn’t appear to be moving, but in another 15 minutes he looks back up and no longer sees the plane.

    The person in the plane looks down and can barely make out the car. The car appears to be standing still, but there isn’t really much going on outside the plane… it’s just an uneventful 2-hour flight, where the car is going to take about 6 hours to travel the same distance. So she snoozes on the plane until she gets close to her destination. If the two of them were to communicate by phone to each other, what would the conversation sound like? Probably not that much different from Blossom’s! (Him: okay I’m stopping at this shady biker bar for lunch… it’s the only place around for miles… these guys look nasty…eek! Her: hurry up dude this airport is BORING…)

    The question here shouldn’t be, OMG what is the destination? Where are we GOING????

    Nobody seems to respond here that much (which is fine) but I’ll put this question out there:

    WHERE do you think you’re going? WHERE do you WANT to go?

    Once we figure that out, then we can figure out how to get there. 🙂

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  12. Hi, Cats! First of all, I would like to thank you for this blog. Sustaining hope and perseverance in others is an exhausting work. And it seems that now we are reaching the end. It’s great. Personally, I have no problems with the death of my physical body (let´s say I worry more about the way it occurs:-). However, there is something I do not understand in all this: If we are going to leave this 3D vehicle, if this is going “puff”, what´s the need of so many updates of the DNA in it? I understand that the new vehicle should already bring them “from the factory”. Because, in the end, it is not a thing of evolution… and we are talking of different dimensions, realities, etc.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    1. What an excellent question. We group-wondered the exact same thing and forgot to ask the question. Hang on…

      Guides say that we will carry that new coding to the next level and implement it there. Without the work *here*, we apparently won’t go *there*. SOURCE will also take the final step for us, so it’s not like you have to be 100% complete. And we’re not going to die, exactly. Just disappear from here and reappear there. We doubt you’ll feel anything — except wonder. (Others have described a little pain in the process, but our Guides shake their heads… except one who shrugged and made a “teeny bit” gesture. They said: “Poking yourself gently with a sharpened pencil will hurt more.”) Again, it’s a SOURCE thing, and SOURCE has no interest whatsoever is hurting us in the slightest. We are more precious to SOURCE than anything in the omniverse. The level of LOVE is overwhelming.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. What exactly does that WORK entail? I’ve done the forgiveness to all who have hurt me. To my my heart and soul, it’s amazing how chill i am now. I’ve got that fiery redhead thing with an Irish/Sagittarius bonus and I’m still not losing my temper when someone does something wrong/mean ect. So what other work is there because I want to make sure I get to NE

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        1. As a Celt descendant myself I completely understand… sometimes to right a ship you have to kick the gunnel, huh? Everyone is different, but I’ve found at this stage, simply stating to yourself “I’m ready for the next step” is enough to get things into motion. I’m not doing this too often though since it’s nice to have a breather between challenges!

          I also understand that if you’re “here,” you’re already part of the crew working to bring things forward. Following the nautical theme, you don’t have to worry about the ship leaving without you… because you’re already on it. On the contrary, for the ship to move, everyone needs to play their part. And this is precisely what we’re doing.

          On this particular ship we have CATs… so no need to worry about the mice!


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        2. Dugan,
          After I had forgiven everyone else I found that I still had not forgiven myself. Finally I forgave myself and allowed myself to feel Source’s love for me. It was the last piece of judgement I held (as far as I know). Cay

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      2. Thanks for this response. I have been sensing that this is the process with my own tired carcass. Let’s move this along! Other than that it is magically quiet here again. Thanks Mantra and Source. (Too funny, though all the surrounding neighbors are rather riled up about the new neighbors shenanigans this past weekend. Luckily I have the Mantra now and , boy ,does it give a sense of perspective!

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      3. Formatting as it actually was:

        Aber die Menschen dieser Erde

        “Aber die Menschen / But the people

        dieser Erde/ born of this Earth

        rief Ich aus dem/ called have I from the

        Zentrum/ Centre

        Meines Herzens hervor/ of My own Heart

        und schuf sie vollkommen/ and created them perfect

        nach Meinem Ebenbilde,/ in My very own Image,

        und sie sollten nicht nur/ and they should not only

        Meine Geschöpfe,/ My Creations,

        sondern Meine lieben/ but my beloved

        Kinder sein,/ Children be,

        die Mich nicht als/ who Me not just as

        Gott und Schöpfer,/ God and Creator,

        sondern nur als/ but only as

        ihren guten Vater/ their good Father

        erkennen sollen.”/ should they recognize.”

        Jakob Lorber, 1840-1864, Graz, Austria

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    2. In My dream of the transition, I was driving down a road that became a trail. I let go of the steering, put my hands out to both sides, as the van was gone. I felt the comfort of Mother and Father holding my hands for a walk in nature, Perfect! Peace.

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  13. The info for transitioning that I understand via the succinct info of Paul Selig is that our bodies are required for this. Your body is undergoing clearing from energetic attachments and thought forms now to prepare for the full incarnation of your True Self/Divine Self/Christed Self. Your precious body is required, and it is of God. Your body will be re-articulated, but only by your agreement, i.e. tuned up to be able to receive and hold the higher frequencies that allow you to operate as your full energetic being. I highly recommend that anyone concerned about it read or listen to one of Selig’s 6 books (the latest coming out 8/6). He also does live channeling every Wednesday evening. There are attunements in the books to assist with clearing. It’s life-changing. We are free, let it ring loud and clear! Be fearless. Peace to all 🙂

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  14. Hope you guys are all ok, it’s certainly been a bit rough today, loads of crazy drivers,I just get the love bombs and the mantra out there and hang on for dear life.

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  15. They were black chemtrailing the moon last night which was turning several colors beforehand. After that the whole city became so quiet it is like they switched it off had a Dark City vibe. Dog just kept growling at the utter silence. And I saw a giant owl just sitting on my neighbors roof it was bigger than my medium sized dog. I have never seen an owl that big before in Kansas.

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  16. Is this date fix? Before end of this year 2019?or is possibile another delay?😁

    Tnx Cats for all infos, my mind is so happy!

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  17. Bear with me on this one, y’all! I crawled out of bed this morning after less than 4 hours of sleep, achy, but strangely clear in the head at the same time. We were up into the wee hours to comfort our son, who was going through a lot of deep emotions. So, there I was, feeling confused about it all, so many versions of the event out there, I was feeling worried to somehow pick the wrong world, to be ‘left behind’.
    I meditated on it, and one message came through. In a nutshell; ‘Trust and dis-cover your Self’. And then I needed to write, and this came out of me/ through me in a continuous flow:
    You don’t have to pick or choose the perfect vision of the perfect world- you can’t make a mistake or fail, all you have to do is trust and discover what you always wanted deep inside. And then allow that to happen, to form in the world for you!
    You are all creating the new world out of your inner most dreams and desires.
    The waves are setting you free. The waves are activating your deepest truth and wisdom. The waves are freeing you to create YOUR paradise. What does YOUR paradise look like? What did you always dream to be, to do? You will now have the support to do all that, be all that. And there is no failing, there is no ‘wrong’ outcome.
    From now on there are only endless options of ‘paradise’, of ‘wonderful’, of ‘dreams come true’.
    All this work you’ve been doing was to uncover YOU. To give yourself access to who you really are, so you can create your own new world easily and without distortion. You had to discover your truth, your SELF. Behind the karma, the guilt, the pain, the layers of illusion of suffering, behind all that uniquely formed muck has always been YOU.
    Perfect, unique, beautiful, the endless spark of Source, the gem of brilliance and power, the perfect expression of love itself!
    Like myriads of little sea turtles you are emerging out of your buried shells, from dark to light, to play in an ocean of possibilities, in that new environment you call 5D or new earth.
    Here there will be no predators waiting for you.
    Here you will go forth and create, frolic, be, rejoice and become the majestic beings you were always meant to be, the beings you only had to discover inside of you.
    Here you will join other majestic beings who came to see you emerge, to experience with you the magical first steps into the light, the wonder of recognizing who you really are.
    The light will be blinding at first, the world will seem very, very big at first.
    You may feel overwhelmed with the possibilities, with the vastness of creation.
    But you will find your way, because you are perfect. And every step you take will be the perfect step for you. And every choice you make will be the perfect choice for you. As it has always been, but was so hard to see when you were digging through your muck.
    Now you will swim in a sea of instant creation and marvelous synchronicities, a fluid world of deep gratification,
    carried by gentle waves of love and bliss in the vastness that is ONE.

    Hugs and love to all you brilliant fellow sparks out there…

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  18. Updates from Dani! WOW!

    “The Geomagnetic f.. has continued with very strange “blasts” coming in the past two days at 8pm and 4am UTC time. Last night, starting at 20:00 UTC we experienced wave after wave of huge blasts that continued for HOURS, abated for a short while, and then started up again at 4am this morning.”

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