The Day The… er, AN Event Didn’t Happen


Our apologies to Blossom Goodchild for posting so much of this. We couldn’t find links to it, but it’s important enough to repost. So… here’s a little (a lot of…?) equanimity before the Equinox.

Everyone wants to know, “When is The Event?” One of the CATs mistakenly said in the comments that this was The Event that was postponed. It was not. It was actually the dreaded D-word… DISCLOSURE… that was postponed; it was supposed to have occurred in a very showy public UFO-pie-in-the-sky way. (In our opinion, Disclosure is a drop in the bucket compared with The Event). So, anyway, an event was supposed to happen on October 14, 2008 — a predicted mass showing of Galactic Federation ships (yes, there really is a “Galactic Federation,” well… several; the reptilians call theirs a “federation,” too), but something happened to cause this to stop — which is invariably the reason why we’re not allowed to know a precise future date for anything, now. Here’s the original postage with Blossom’s Guides so you can read for yourself. She clearly feels exactly the way we all do right now, waiting for You Know What… even though she was waiting for a different You Know What.

To us… the exchange looks fairly unapologetic, a little like a big bait-and-switch, but we know the Guides didn’t mean it like this. There’s a certain… not callousness, but… a certain remove from Guides to us, a certain OTHER mindset that can occasionally be frustrating. Interestingly, they never say exactly why they postponed, just: “ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE.” Thanks. Then again, Guides on the other side of The Veil CAN SEE SOURCE, so this must do something to them. Such proximity to the all-pervasive Omnipresence must color one’s thinking. (We are so very sheltered here, intentionally, and not in a nice way.) Plus, Spirit Guides are annoyingly NON-feisty. We are perhaps too feisty, but… well, meow to you pal.

If you think about it, Disclosure isn’t as important as The Event, with the latter’s Universal Reconnection with SOURCE, so perhaps this UFO moment was changed by said Force behind The Event itself for this reason. At this point, we can only guess… because they never do say exactly why (unless we didn’t read enough Blossom posts). Still, the below exchange is very illustrative of the process. (We ourselves don’t mean to sound callous re: Disclosure. We find Disclosure tedious, a non-issue, since we see and speak with Universals (higher-order ETs who don’t need ships) all the time — not to mention the idiot TWBs, who flew by last night, testing defenses as usual. Unidentified craft are flying around all over the earth all the time. All you have to do is LOOK and be open to it… after you G+P+C. But lots of them aren’t impressive — at all. Some are just plain scared, of this and that.

Case in point: the two boneheads (they’re in there, you just can’t see them) inside this “golden frigate” (what we call these) were terrified of all the Universals present around us and wanted to flee into a nearby portal ASAP:

Golden Frigate2
Fig. 1. The Boneheads

Not very impressive. Or inspiring. These days, we all expect a certain.. gravitas from our ETs. We don’t mean to be snarky. What we’re trying to get people to understand is that a SOURCE connection (via The Event) needs to happen before an ET connection like “Disclosure,” so folks can fully realize that: we’re all the same. We are the same Spirit, all ONE. ETs and Universals and reptilians and TWBs and those goobers in the golden frigate and the minehune in Kawaii are all Spirit: they are all you. We are Us. You are They. Ben Hur. Ben Him. Ben THEM. And no one is better than anyone else… well, some of us ARE funnier. Sure, some are more advanced spiritually, but we recognize that and try to help those who want help. What we’re trying to say, so in-eloquently is: We are equals, not worshippers. Make a note of it.

In terms of Disclosure, there are as many ETs out there as there are mob attorneys at the bottom of the sea. (Actually, there are an infinite number of ETs out there; the Omniverse is BIG, Maurice.) But no major earth government will ever tell you any of this. No government will willingly tell you anything that lessens their power over you. (This is 3D thinking.)  They won’t tell you that most ETs are GOOD, to a fault; that some are neutral (read SELFISH, YET NOT MURDEROUS); and that some can scare the pants off you (but are really quite sweet); and that some are in need of serious attitude adjustment — on the opposite side of the universe (it’s coming). And yes, some need a breath mint. And deodorant. Bottom line: If you see a ship land on your street, don’t run up to it and hug whomever comes out, good grief. Hang back. Be cool. Act like it’s happened before. “Yo. Zontar. How’s… it… hangin’?” [Zontar gives you this LOOK.]

Basically, not all ETs have our greatest good in mind. We need to be realistic about our Space Brothers — the good, the bad, and the ugly — so we can better integrate, as… the next planet in the Galactic Federation.


Yup. Read that again. Earth will be Planet #37 (seriously) in the Galactic Federation (there will be two more after that). You saw it here, first. Sounds crazy, but… whatever. We don’t care how we look or sound, anymore. Meow.  [Interesting… “” is already taken… not by us!]

Is this post over, yet?

Now that that tiresome prologue has squawked itself out, the following Blossom/Guide exchanges took place right after Disclosure was supposed to occur on October 14, 2008. Blossom is predictably bummed. Nearly ten years later, it’s interesting to read between the lines…



First [Blossom] channelling since October 14th 2008

1. Hello …. Not sure what to say, much talk and differences as to what happened … or didn’t. Need you to know, I for one, still LOVE you …handy to have an explanation straight from the horse’s mouth though.

We are with you in our splendour and Light. We do not expect you to understand for we had said in honour that we would do what we would do and then to great disappointment we did not uphold that honour. That is how it is seen through human eyes is it not?

Some eyes maybe … I just can’t help but KNOW you are of TRUTH although many are saying I have been deceived by the darkness. I have searched my soul and cannot go along with that, for immediately now I am back with you I feel the deep LOVE for you and my body is tingling with Truth.

We are most concerned for your well being dearest lady. We are aware of the enormous responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders. Yet, do you think we would have given you this position if we thought you could not uphold your spirit and your LIGHT?

Not really sure what that position is right now.

You are the one who has brought forth the understanding of what is to come. You listened to your soul and you listened to your reasoning. You heard from this that we are here and that this is just the beginning, just the way things should be.

I don’t feel any anger towards you. However I would like clarification, (and so would a few other million folks just quietly!). What exactly was the reason for the ‘no show’… big breath … over to you …

We are here; most of you can feel this in your being. It was proposed that we remain unseen due to the upheaval we would cause on your plane. There was much distrust from those who have been deeply influenced by those who remain in the dark on your planet and the decision was made to abort the actual appearance for the safety of your race.

(I was interrupted and not able to resume until a day later … i.e. now!)

With all respect, you said you had everything covered. You must have known of this, so why was your last message as it was, so positive you were coming, just two days before.

If we had said two days before that we were calling it off, what would you have done?

Freaked out big time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blossom, All is appropriately placed in the big scheme of things. Look how your world has become more aware of themselves. This can only be seen as successful in that respect. Is it not so that many hundreds of sightings have been captured upon your camera lenses? Is it not so that in your great cities we are showing to you LIGHTS in the sky that souls of your earth will not accept deceivances as an explanation? If our message had not been sent out by you, would your world be viewing these phenomena as they are? We have succeeded dear one. We have succeeded. And it is not over yet …

Here we go again… I think that’s why I was shying away from contacting you because I had a feeling you might be calling me up for duty and I thought I had taken leave for a bit!

As we stated … Expect the unexpected. In the fullness of time our words shall be accepted as Truth. There shall be no option.


Many of you can feel the LOVE we are sending as we said we would. Your planet is waking up to Truths not only within themselves but within the atrocities of hidden agendas that have been controlling your planet for too long. See how brave you souls of earth can be when you walk in your LIGHT.


This is the way forward. We said it is the beginning. We shall be True to our words. We shall not abort this mission. Yet we shall take into consideration above all, the safety of our LOVED ONES , which is you and the planet and all LIVING things there in. Do you not think we could ‘sense’ your pain and the pain of many? Do you think we sat up here on our pedestal and laughed? Indeed we suffered to feel the disappointment we had caused. Yet … we ask those of you who are able to understand from the deepest place within, that everything is perfect. We have no other way of expressing through words .

May I say … I actually don’t have a problem with all of this as you know. Once my ego excused itself and left I could just feel the extreme LOVE that was being sent and I had the privilege of being sent consumous amounts of Light Love, courage and understanding by thousands. Many were not as blessed as me in that respect.  What would you say to them? Many are asking for your take on it all. Is there more you would wish to express?

Indeed. Each soul in their individual form is experiencing the growth within their soul in one form or another., Each soul is having to decipher for themselves what all of this meant to them. What outcome could be better than the soul searching within each one that is taking place?
Do you see? Do you feel this awakening? We assure you in LOVE it is happening. Be of the DIVINEST LOVE dear ones of earth. Even those who have convinced their souls that we are not even figments of their imagination, shall in coming days find their confusion turn into understanding.

With respect, not for me, but for the many who shall read this … that’s what we thought was going to be accomplished on 14th OCT!!

The message has served its purpose. Far more effectively than you can imagine. IT WAS NOT A FAILURE.

I had said to you before the ‘non event’, that no excuse would do. Not for the world s sake or indeed mine, because this thing had become so big that it would simply make everyone lose faith AGAIN. I guess you don’t seem to be making an excuse. Pretty relieved about that. Many are saying that I knew on another level of myself that this is how it was going to be. Clearly, not on the human level. I doubt any human in their right mind would agree to doing what I did if they knew you weren’t going to show up!!! And … yep … I can accept that. I have bounced right back because of my knowing of LOVE and all it stands for. ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. I KNOW THAT. And that’s why I don’t really need an answer but I understand that many do.

It is time for us to close now.  We are aware of pressures upon you on your captive time values regarding matters you must attend to. Yet we should ask if we may continue our communication when it is appropriate?

Are you asking me to continue on a weekly basis?

No… but on a regular one.

Would that not be weekly then??

If that suits.

Could you send me a secretary then?

Would you rely on her to turn up on time?

Classic! Love it. Truly I have no concerns about the whole affair. I feel fantastic … because of the Love that is already on this planet and due to your no show, it has allowed us to show each other who we TRULY are. Nice plan guys. Nice plan. And I KNOW when we are ready ,not just a few of us, … but the majority of us… you shall reveal yourselves in the manner that we were all trying  to imagine.

Blossom … take time to replenish your soul’s energy. As indeed each one should. For those of you that KNOW we are here with you, allow us to enter your hearts. For those of you who are unsure as to whether we are here with you … allow us to enter your hearts. For those of you who choose to deny we are here with you … let yourself and the LOVE that you are enter your heart. You certainly are not in need of ‘us’ to figure out that!



Ok. That’s that then! Phew. I just can’t help but LOVE you guys. I just can’t help it! Many thanks as always. Nothing has changed. Except everything!! In Love and Thanks.


2. A question I would like an answer to please. I have tried to do a third you tube to let everyone know I am doing really well due to all the letters of Love and support I have received.. Many still feel I am sad. After about 8 attempts I am questioning whether I meant to do it. But cannot really see why not, as it is a great way to let many know that I am fine. Would you happen to know the reason for this? … as to be honest I’m getting a little fed up with the whole thing!!

We accept the frustration within that mission of yours. Divine timing. There is something that is to happen that will change the way you wish to present that screening. Just a few days more and you will know.

Guys… I know this is pretty awful to admit, but I now feel rather wary regarding things that may or may not occur. And yet… how do I explain this … I KNOW  you are of LOVE because if I have learnt anything in these past 50 years its being able to tell what is of LOVE and what is not. And to me  YOU ARE! NO amount of persuasion shall change that. That is my TRUTH.

So what is your trouble regarding the video matter. ?

Ok to be honest … part of me was thinking … well, I don’t have to put this channeling up for a few days so I could just wait and see. To save face in case nothing happens. Oh dear! That sounds like I have lost my TRUST in you doesn’t it?  I guess I have taken such a battering and really couldn’t be doing with any more. As much as I can deal with being called a charlatan and a hoax, some days I need a rod down the back of my neck to walk out and hold my head high!!

We accept your position and it worries us not that you feel this way. What you have had to face is not something that can be brushed off LIGHTLY, although dearest soul that is what we are asking you to do. For in time it shall be understood that what you did on our behalf and that of your planet was indeed of great standing.

Let’s hope so. My soul would be very appreciative of that I can tell you. And until such time shall we continue on with other things other than me. As to whether I put the youtube up depends entirely on living by the premise of ‘All is as should be’. And I do live by that. So yes. I shall trust in myself and do exactly as each moment leads me to doing. Which right now is chatting with you. How are YOU feeling after all this , sorry , hadn’t thought to ask… How remiss of me!

We are restoring continuity. If there are those that feel we deceived them, then in TRUTH they do not KNOW of the TRUTH of who we are. In time all shall be exposed. We are eager for this to come about for many reasons. Much more good has been achieved for your planet than is currently realized. We also apply the ‘ALL IS AS SHOULD BE’ and although it is seen by many as a setback, in the overall outcome it shall be seen as perfect. Be of great upliftment. We shall not expose plans at this juncture. It would not be wise on many levels.


When you are able to know the comfort of peace and contentment with all things , when you can look at EVERYTHING through eyes of understanding and LOVE , when you can call out to the skies and give thanks for each breath you take, then shall you recognize that you never left your home. You simply closed many doors within it and the time is upon all souls, not just upon your earthly existence, but upon many planes, to open these doors once again.

Hold on to your hats.

There you go again. What is it with the hats? Is it just a sentence in my head that keeps popping in now and then … what?

We shall reveal many many things when we fulfill the destiny of your planet.

Be strong. From where we are (and that is closer than you think) we are overjoyed with the colours of LOVE that are deepened in brightness around yourselves and your earth’s equator.

To be honest … I struggled with putting equator … doesn’t make sense.


Yes I know …. TRUST!!! Have to say though, pretty tired at the mo, so if it’s ok I’m going to leave it here for now. Still got the rest of the day to get through. Can I just say though … even though I know many are going to read this , so it makes me feel rather vulnerable … it’s been one huge journey all of this, but something within me makes me KNOW I must carry on and not shrink into the ‘wanting my old life back’ thought pattern. And this I feel is because my soul knows more than I do. So … I must follow that. We must all keep on walking in the LIGHT and the LOVE and never look back.

Dear souls of earth … ask your hearts where we are. You will feel them beat faster and louder and this is us telling you we are so very near. We said we would not leave until we have accomplished our mission. It is not accomplished yet and that is why we are still here. Keep searching within yourselves for your TRUTH. Seek and thou shall find … is this not so? Adieu.


4.  Well, it’s a new day. I so hope you are able to communicate, but if you can’t, you can’t, and I shall have to accept that.

Dear lady we are with you. We must contain thoughts.

What do you mean by that and why?

There is a thunderbolt that is underlying our transmission. There are many who wish us not to get through. There are those who desire a package of ill truth to be transmitted. There are all manner of miscommunications taking place at this point to confuse. Since our message was first transcribed and sent out by you, there has been mass development regarding the future of your planet. There are those who are deeply opposed to this evolvement, for it means there downfall on a scale that is vast. We wish no harm to the ones who have created such devastation; we desire only that your planet regains its beauty and Truth. If we were to wish harm on another being of life then we would not be creating this new world we know can be created by you of earth. Let it be known that the resonance that is filtering through your planet at this given time is preparing you for what lies ahead.
You question as to why our ship was not presented to you in the manner we had promised. You question as to whether it was ever going to be of that way that we presented. We say to you that our plans had to be aborted at the last minute. Many of you will accept this. Many will not. We can only give to you how it is. Yes, we are still here. Yes we will continue to be here until our task is finished. We have said many times that we have waited too long for this to fall on its feet.

Look how you are assisting us, even though there was disappointment on a large scale, look how your hearts are telling you that we are of Truth. We cannot persuade those at this point, who feel they were deceived, to rethink. That is not for us to do, for it is part of their soul’s journey. However we can tell you that there shall come a time when all shall be made clear and we say to you in LOVE that this shall be given to you when least expected. We have learnt much through the non appearance. Initially we were gravely disappointed also. Especially when we could pick up on the mass disillusionment from so many. And yet … do you not say in your world ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. What this non happening has allowed us to do is far more beneficial than one could realize. We have assessed the ‘glow’ that has emerged due to the very thought of our arrival, and we have noted also how that ‘glow’ is still Lighting up your planet and also allowing many individual souls to receive that ‘glow’ in their hearts . There is much that is taking place on your planet. A revolution of LIGHT has begun BECAUSE of our non appearance. We are overjoyed at this outcome. Those of lesser Light have assisted us in a way they could not have imagined. Do you see” Even those who are in the dark are bringing forth the Light. THE POWER OF LOVE IS BEYOND ALL COMPREHENSION.

A movement has begun in many areas of your planet. Rivulets of determination to renew your planet are now flowing downstream. In the days ahead each one shall merge into the fullness of THE ONE. THE ONE River that flows through all. All that is life.

We have new plans.

That’s good to hear, but let me just say before we go any further, don’t even think about telling me a date  …. Because as much as I love and TRUST you … I really don’t think I could go through that again!!!!!

This is understood by us and we are enjoying the colour of your humour at this moment. From little acorns oak trees grow.

Not sure how that fits in with what you are saying but it came through strongly enough that I needed to put it down. So … OK … boldly here I go into the unknown and I am going to ask a question if I may?

Your bravery is excelling itself.

So some say …. There is much confusion between different chanellers regarding whether or not there is such a ship and if it is of Light energy only so therefore, only those that have risen to a certain vibration would see it anyway.  Yet … YOU said, that there would be a ship for all to see, so that the argument as to whether there is life on other planets would be dealt with once and for all. Can you elaborate on this quandary please?

Certainly. What WE said is what WE meant. There indeed is ship that can manifest into your vibration and as we said it is one beyond your wildest imaginings.

OoooH … I am picking up on your next sentence …. OOOHHH… shall I? Gotta !!

IT SHALL BE SHOWN TO YOU and then you will know.

NO offence, just a little apprehensive on matters such as you are speaking … I am sure you understand?

To a certain degree and yet dearest friend, this is showing to us that your TRUST level has depleted somewhat. Is this correct?

If it had, believe me , I wouldn’t be talking to you now. The clarification from White Cloud that you are of TRUTH is enough for me. I have no need to question you, for he is someone I TRUST beyond all measure, and if you’re ok in his books, then you are certainly ok in mine. I guess it’s the acceptance that it will actually take place. So many of us were so Trusting and we learned many lessons from that within ourselves. It still is hard to imagine that something like this could actually happen,. Do you know what I mean or not?

Not really, for we are inside the ship therefore we know it exists!!!! All we have to do now is follow our new plans, and we shall not be disclosing them to you at this juncture.


We have understood through what took place on the 14th that it is not wise … for your safety, (and may we say to a degree that many of you may never be aware of) … to reveal our ‘show date’. Yet it shall be so. It shall be so.

We feel we must leave now as we will leave you tired for the rest of your day if we do not.

Yep, understood, could feel us just creeping over that line…. How lovely to be able to chat for so long. Thank you. Thankyou so much.
We say to you the pleasure is all ours.

There are many who shall read this who would disagree. It seems your words give pleasure to a great many. We give thanks for that, guys.



Open the EVENT door, please!

70 thoughts on “The Day The… er, AN Event Didn’t Happen

  1. Planet 37, how freaking cool is that! I would love a Star Trek future. I wonder if that’s New Earth, 4d Earth, 5d Earth, or just wherever we find ourselves after the Event? Still confused by the technicalities, not that it really matters as long as we get there.

    Fyi, Q confirmed the existence of ETs a couple of days ago:

    They also commented on the issues of the moon landing and secret space programs (cryptically, of course):

    Oh, and Simon Parkes weighs in on a number of fascinating topics (disabled satellites, closed observatories and how that relates to the energies we’re feeling, and the nature of Q!):

    We live in interesting times….

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  2. There was a timeline where metallic ships were going to come down and everyone was going to be instructed to get on….We’ve missed a lot of timelines and events for good reason.
    The main Event will happen when the time is right or maybe not at all. No matter what though we’re raising in frequency because of our position in the galaxy and that’s all we need. I think, Instead of waiting around for an event to happen we need to focus on revealing the 5D earth that has been here since 2012. Everything we need is already in us, and 5D Gaia is just waiting for us to see it.

    With that being said obviously I can’t freaking wait for some action to happen that everyone see at the same time! Should make life a tad easier for cats

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    1. Indeed. There’s nothing wrong with being proactive. We pretty much do what we’re guided to do… when we’re not rolling on the floor moaning from the energy. 😉



    2. I wouldn’t get on ANY ship, be it metallic or not,
      Sparks don’t need ships to travel 🙂


  3. I totally agree. If they came now, humans are not ready to deal with it. We have been too programmed to fear “aliens”. But, once The Event happens which awakens us from our slumber and opens the Source consciousness of us all, then we can clearly accept our Universal family and our oneness. Until then, my eyes are on the skies looking for rainbow mists, not UFOs. Already have seen plenty of those.

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    1. Or worship them like gods, which always happened before in human history. They’re not gods, hey it’s my sister/neighbour/friend from the time before my service on earth. We’re all one. But i know that, Cats know that and few others (numbers growing) in the world.
      I’m totally for Event before any physical contacts.
      Just because people should recognize themselves, their true self, on their own, first of anything. See who they truly are, what they can do and get full, full, full, overfilled with love and Source light again. We’ve been cut off from the Source for such a long time. I want the faces of all the people around me to lighten up in this unconditional love and light wave.
      I see no need for disclosure, but for SOURCE, love and freeing our abbilities again
      I don’t want my inlaws to die from heart attack infront of my sons eyes, while Zontars landing. Sure Zontar is maybe fun, but even in a human appearance, moreover if he looks like a huge mantis (although Montalk said insectoids are always negative fraction, i don’t want to over-simplify like this), i’m sure almost everyone here in this middle european, small, over-konservative, village would freak out.


  4. I am done pinning my hopes on something that isn’t going to happen. I’m in so much pain, every day is a f’n struggle. I’m tired of well it’s going to happen and then it doesn’t. I’m over it. Moving on … i want to go home now but obviously i’m not worthy.


    1. What are you talking about? Did you even read this post? We’re talking about how “Disclosure” didn’t happen back in 2008, and why. We’re not talking about The Event. The Event is still coming on like a freight train; it’s happening right now, in fact, just veeeery sloowwwwly…


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      1. probably saw the headline and thought ‘the event is always nigh’ or something similar. who doesn’t?


  5. ’37’ how did you know ? actually ‘Terra Nova 37’…..(h30) a new fusion of bio matter & spirit……& thx for the laugh….true all being equals & yes, while some are naturally more gifted ‘funnier’….& wittier…& some more spiritually evolved, but in the higher planes of existence none of that matters.

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      1. OMG!

        AM, you must tell me more, puleeeeease!

        Who is the Librarian?

        ArchAngel Michael once made me laugh too, he has a good sense of humour. Not sure about Gabriel…?



      2. What about the ministry of silly walks? I have been doing the odd unexpected shuffle and lunge lately, causes havoc with the fullness of my teacup.

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  6. As I ‘see’ it
    1. most of the races have some kind of agenda, from there perspective its all good for humanity, from our perspective it may not be.
    2. some are after our genetics , having messed there own. some are just here for the ‘great show’ , some wants us to be enslaved, some wants us in ‘there circle of influence’ (think federations). some are here to help humanity as they were contracted to do so end of cycle.
    3. some feel earth humans will eventually fail after the shift as we are too much divided. (they are banking on that).

    Some tips

    1. dont ever get overwhelmed by joy or fear, always maintain balance/neutral. (while interacting with anyone including ET’s)
    2. be ready to sever your ties with anybody if you see lies/deception (while interacting with anyone including ET’s)
    3. all souls are equal but differ in experience/knowledge.

    Most important:

    There is nothing sacred or divine in universe, use of those words are simply saying ‘ah… I dont understand it yet’. Everything/Everyone is part of ‘source’/’all that is’ and hence equal.

    end of rant…

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    1. Hm. Well… you can believe this if you want. I think if you meditate on it, you’ll change your mind about a lot of it. It will be interesting to see how you feel about all this AFTER The Event, when the neutrals and nasties are entirely gone from that “level,” along with their baggage, which has soured a lot of people. We weren’t trying to make you distrustful of ETs, just set yourself on more of an even playing field. Most ETs are good (very good), and Universals can be nothing but good, with about 99% having our best interests in mind. Your brother does not “outrank” you: they are your brother.

      I disagree with much of what you’ve written here, but don’t have time to address it all — but most of all, i take issue with your denial of the sacred and divine. Indeed, nothing is really “sacred” in the illusion… except you, your teardrop of Spirit. That said, the divine does indeed exist, right now, inside YOU. I CAN SEE IT. I strongly suggest that you work toward connecting with it. (It says hi, btw.)


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      1. AM,I think you took my post out of context , my idea was to encourage discernment and people not get overwhelmed or fearful when they encounter anything.

        1. I never meant be distrustful of all ET’s , I simply meant use your discernment always.
        2. I never meant there are no benevolent and good Et’s , if there were none than we would have been long gone and would not be having this conversation.
        3. Divine/sacred, I meant either all is divine or none is, including us. there is nothing not divine or sacred. my point being that again to understand that when someone uses the term divine/sacred to show superiority or mystery.

        Hope I am more clear now…


  7. Btw, here’s the latest from Diane Canfield:

    Hm. Might just be my own issue, but I dislike being called, “beloveds.” It sounds fake. And her council goes out of their way to literally point out: “Smart aren’t we?” I find this off-putting. Our Guides are hugely humble, as we try to be. Probably just me being grumpy.


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    1. I always thought this might be some kind of higher-politeness ritual while channeling, this “beloved”. Like i’ve read, don’t know where anymore, that you have to dress properly, without giving specified instructions what properly means, while meeting ETs, not to make them unconfortable (i don’t think they’ll do, as they can watch us pooping all the time if they want)…. There is nothing against beeing beloved by someone, but i think most of bloggers use this phrase to give the messages more weight, or to more formal.
      Or am i just grumpy with you?


    2. very good, this is what I was trying to convey in my above post, see the words “advanced” planetary council. do you see the ‘superiority’ thing i mentioned . there are many going by using similar terms ‘divine/sacred’ etc.

      a local saying in my language is…

      they praise themselves because there is no one else doing so (loosely translated)


    3. Catof9, it’s not just your issue, in fact I don’t find it to be an issue at all. I have the exact same response to the use of this “beloved” greeting from the moment it appeared and started spreading. How come that up to some 20 different channels who show up here and there and who claim they channel a different (unique) group of species use the same sugary word?! What’s that repetition all about? If they channel/interact with a truly intelligent, smart, creative species, wouldn’t they choose and use unique and more appropriate for the time greeting out of a rather large number of nouns and adjectives almost all languages have to offer? I speak a few other languages, to my amazement, many non-English channeling reports also start with this very sugary-deceitful “beloved”, after which a bunch of sneaky and superior nonsense, which is mostly non-informative (i.e., about nothing) follows. So, maybe you (and others?) are not grumpy regarding this matter, maybe you see it for what it is.


    4. Thankyou for posting this, CATof9

      As we Australians say “geeze, they’ve got tickets on themselves, don’t they”… 😆
      Reading the rest of the message, they’re “carrying on” as though they are the –only– group “out there”. *snort*. 🙄
      Their “essential love based tips”; the one where they state “Delete all fear from your life” -is- of Truth, BUT, projecting arrogance & being condescending is going to “turn people off”.
      I did not think that “this” group were our/humanity’s only creators. I thought that –a– group of non-Earthings had created us, and we have been “tinkered with” – and, sometimes, “tinkered with” –not– for our own benefit! (I have some very nasty current-life memories of being a “lab-rat)

      Like you, CATof9, I’m grumpy as well.



    5. I agree. I find she speaks from ego most of the time and try to read around it.


    6. I am oft put by any channeling that begins “Beloveds”. It reminds me of Repti!ian slang for “@$$holes”.

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  8. To the editing Cats: just add an “s” to the “beloved” in the first post, the word is mentioned twice, and its the only word that comes with quotation marks so you’ll see it right away, no need to post two comments (delete the second and this one). thanks!


  9. There’s certainly a disconnect between life on the cozy side of the veil and the daily drama down in the shark pool. I got the same don’t-really-give-a-shit tone from the rest of me in a quantum healing hypnosis I did a while back. I’m thinking that maybe walking the walk is the only way to learn real empathy. That’s what I like about BJ, at least he’s been here and done this.

    We are the cutting edge of evolution, not our guides and their countless federations.


    1. Well… you have to give them lots of credit. Our Guides work for us more than 24/7; you’d be shocked to know how much time went in getting just YOU prepared for this one life. If you could measure the time, probably a hundred years EACH. And all those (good) federations have been working for a long time to bring the earth to this point, working in concert with SOURCE (which is kinda hard NOT to do). We, personally, stand on the shoulders of giants. Don’t forget: GRATITUDE is hugely important in getting to and staying on the next level.

      We would like to take this moment to thank all our Guides, Brother J, the Oversoul, and those whom we cannot name at this stage, and esp. SOURCE. (Note: Infinity continues to stop us in our tracks. Your mind balks at it when you see it for the first time… but, you get used to it.)

      Oh, man. You’re gonna love what’s coming.

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  10. The video below is about the dead sea scrolls they found in Qumran. These particular scrolls are heavily guarded and are intentionally hidden from the public eye. Israeli chief rabbis don’t want to make these available or accessible for the public (israeli or non-israeli, religious or non religios, jewish or non jewish). The last part of the video lecture talks about the Event. Turns out it was predicted and planned back then. Those who wrote the scrolls say that the PTW will fail at this time to do the ET disclosure. The scrolls authors/writers then say that as a result of the g0v.idiots noncompliance with the divine plan (which according to the scrolls must start with this ET disclosure) our advanced ET cousins will take this matter in their hands and well, …..reveal themselves everywhere across the entire planet to make the disclosure happen “much to dislike and and discomfort of the PTW” (a quote). The scrolls say these ET brothers and sisters will only be executing the Source’s direct orders and they should not be taken or seen as gods by people of the Earth. It’s a long video and it has more than a million views.

    If mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenged scr00gle removes it, I made a copy of it. (that is to say if the video goes missing on u-tube we can upload it here and censor out scr00gle from these pages on the ground of common sense right violation)).

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  11. Here is the latest QHHT session notes (audio only) from one of Allison Coe clients that she shares. She asked the client’s HS if anyone can do anything (here on this planet) to bring the Event here. The HS said that one single person can’t influence it but it is possible and doable for a group to bring the Event here in full glory if these people get together and do it as a small collective, not a single individual. Shall we try it? A group meditation-intention to end this intolerable hide and seek and wait game?

    Last night out of curiosity and maybe despair, I looked into the human collective and asked what percentage of people on this planet and at this point actually want the Event to happen and ready for it. The answer I saw was 70%. I then asked what is the percentage of those who’d rather prefer things as they are now. The answer I saw was …25%. I don’t know what the remaining 5% represent.

    I wonder what cats and friends and psychic felines in here are sensing and seeing regarding this.

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      1. Agreed. But how many ppl do you know who actively imagine their next day, let alone the collective event that changes things for the better for the entire collective? I am more than sure that the further evolved bros and sis as well as the Source are fully aware that the population is posessed by the evil synthetic imagination aka TV and msm and almost fully disconnected from the organic heart based imagination that they have been instructed not to use. I wouldn’t count on the majority or even 50% of the population starting to “actively imagining” wholesome scenarious for themselves and the rest of the world. I am sure the situation is no secret to the Source.

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    1. I loved the description of the clients true appearance, in particular. A being with three arms, one leg, no neck, spaghetti hair.
      On may Blogs, especially the ones claiming the contact with the Pleiades, there are images of this beautiful humans in skinny blue suits. Angels are depicted radiant and in perfecting soft colors. I recently watched the video by Alaje the Pleiadian, where he said, that higher evolved beings are always beautiful and young (but maybe he refers to their energy signature, who knows).
      And there is this one woman crying happy to be some kind of spaghetti monster bodied 8D alien. How cool and realistic is that!
      In the book “Sirian experiments” by Doris Lessing, there is a description of a similar kind of very high evolved beings, considered so disgusting by the protagonist, she even can’t look at them.


  12. Yup! I get my nose out of joint when I read the condescending clap-trap from some channelers. We(us all) are equal to any being in the omniverse Being more advanced in whatever way doesn’t make for superiority. So there, too!


      1. She’s not , it’s the message that she channels. It’s just me. I like earthy types like Lisa and Blossom. I’ve stopped following many others over the years. Youse guys, however are my kind of peeps (or should I say Cats and Ms..Thanks awfully for being youse!)

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    Less than 2 hours until the Spring (in Southern Hemisphere) Equinox!
    I wonder what’s going to happen???



    1. Weeeelll, what happened for me was that at 12:25pm (Melbourne-time) I was sitting at my lappy, & “something” (like a wave of Energy) “hit me”. I was able to stagger to the loo, pull the blind down in my bedroom, & pull the doonah over my head. Thank *something* I was not outside!
      I woke up 20 mins ago, & I’m still feeling “wobbly”. Partner texted me at 4:04pm to say “Need nap. Feeling very (smilie for nauseous)”
      Last night for dinner I was ravenous, & I’m sitting here thinking “hmmm, how do I -feel-?” (dinner & Energy-wise)?

      How’s everyone else going??



  14. Well, it’s officially the Equinox, did we pass the 11th gate (or whatever you called it)?


    1. Step 11, yeah. The timeframe for these Steps is always tough to nail down, but I think we passed it early this morning (the 22nd)… unless it shows up again tonight. However, we were told that it’s “12 Steps to The Event,” so… is the next one the last one, or is the last one The Event? We’re gonna find out.



  15. Someone asked if we could all do a group Event meditation, soon. We’re looking into that. We need to look at some leverage on our end, first, and how we might maximize our minima. Stay tuned.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Eagerly waiting to join in such endeavor. We really need The Event at this point in time.


  16. Ok, last night was kinda painful. I can still feel it. And vivid dreams involving lots of levels, DOWN and back UP. And something else which I will save for the group for verification…



    1. I was hit with the blind staggers late last night, crawled into bed, sorta slept (or what passes for sleep lately), and woke up feeling just as crapulent as I did last night. Ugh. Sure hope something good happened. Listened to the Allison Coe video above and found myself tearing up at her latest description of the Event; such a lovely thing, but so very tired of waiting.


  17. My daughter complained her cat would wake her every half hour throughout last night … kitties are sooo sensitive, beyond words. What are they sensing that I am not?! Hmm, I wonder …


  18. Lets assume that Mr. Schrodinger is the PTW, experimenting with highly dangerous for organic life levels of stupidity. At some point these dangerous levels of stupidity suggested to Mr. Schrodinger only one of the only two possible (from the stupidity point of view) outcomes.
    Let’s assume that the kitty is multidimensional and realized it all by itself under the pressure of this idiotic circumstance. Let’s say that while Mr. Schrodinger was attempting to control chosen by him outcome, the kitty decided to choose one of its own.
    At a certain crucial moment of the deafening, full of expectation and rather intolerable silence, the kitty went into a meditative state from where it saw multiple timelines i.e. multiple outcomes available and chose the one that offered options outside Mr. Schrodinger’s box where the kitty was put against its kitty’s will. And while Mr. Schrodinger was expecting what he was expecting, he unexpectedly found himself in his box loaded with explosive amount of his own lunacy while the kitty was peacefully having a nap in another out of the box galaxy dreaming of the crazy man who put himself in the box of his own stupidity that was about to explode.

    Cats and Ms and whoever else is willing to contribute, let us group meditate for the goodness of all life involved. As the new saying goes if the event is not coming to us, we must become a massive magnet for it))).


    1. We don’t need to. SOURCE is already looking for that one moment that’s good for everyone — or failing that, one that’s as non-disruptive as possible. Glad I don’t have to do it. 😉



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