The Home Stretch, Etc.


Ok, the other day we looked and saw when it’s all going to happen… then we saw another timeline where it happens sooner. [Insert caterwauling and gnashing of teeth.]

When Blossom’s Guides gave us enough specificity to ask our own Guides about Event timing — which no one likes to talk about anymore — we finally got a definite answer. We thought we were really close to knowing when The SHIFT was going to occur… and we were sure until yesterday morning when a new timeline popped up on the horizon, stalling this post. There are of course a whole slew of new timelines all the time, with others being eliminated. But there are major motifs that are played out.

Trump wins the 2020 election on one, but the loser is different on different ones; in one it’s Elizabeth Warren; in another it’s HRC… until everyone realizes that she’s unable to run because she admitted to violating U.S. Code § 2071, which makes her run illegal.

Regardless of who runs on the one side, Trump wins the 2020 election in ALL the timelines. Then, shortly after the election, the real Powers That Are feel confident enough to cause the arrests to begin… but there’s some thing that happens (what Blossom’s Guides called “The Slip”) and then all hell breaks loose (it’s tough to see into this region)… and then total chaos… and then The SHIFT.

So, that timing puts The Shift about a year away. We of course have no idea how long “The Slip” kerfuffle is supposed to take, as Spirit has a very different relationship with time. This whole thing was supposed to be much faster, but certain beings took it upon themselves to slow the process for their own selfish ends. Those schmoes who keep blaming The CATs for this slowdown (in the comments) can go pound sand.

THEN we saw another timeline where “The Slip” happens SOONER (in just a few months by the clothing people were wearing)… and The SHIFT happens shortly after that. It’s always been folly to foretell the future with any accuracy, as it’s too much of a moving target, and this time proves to be no different. However, it is definitely between NOW and say February 2021.

Yeah, we were disappointed, too. But the good news is it happens no matter what. And if the PTW tries something drastic between now and then, The SHIFT is triggered automatically.

That said, what we’re seeing in dreams and meditations indicates the separation between Old and the New is growing large; now a sizable rift we’re traversing, back and forth each night (some of us visited the New Earth last night; more on that in the next post).

So… same as it ever was, but with a definite hard stop. We now await “The Slip,” killing time as per usual. Speaking of leaps…

It’s the holidays.


214 thoughts on “The Home Stretch, Etc.

  1. Just wanted to share last night’s experience!

    I could not sleep at all, I was getting ‘layers’ of different pitched tones in my ears. I got up to go to the bathroom. I did not turn on any light as my daughter’s bedroom is right next to my room and opposite the bathroom. She sleeps so lightly so I wanted to try and avoid waking her.

    Walking from my room through into the bathroom, I was surrounded by a thick mist. Yes, it was dark but I could see this mist very clearly, it was everywhere, as if fog had come inside my home! Strange days!

    Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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    1. I have had the fog inside the house and outside when there was no fog in the area even my dog has seen it with me. It scared her. I got the weird ear tones last night as well.

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        1. Animals always ‘clarify’ everything….!

          the tones are always more frequent and intense at night especially during meditation and going to sleep 🙂

          Who is this beautiful pale lady CATS? I’m intrigued!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. That used to be how EVERYONE described me, when I was visiting them Out of Body…..not kidding you — “beautiful flowing gown”, and floating above them in their beds full out kissing and having massively pleasurable ‘astral sex’ with them.

            The sex in which you are fully immersed in my entire energy field, not just full (physical) body orgasm. The whole shebang.


  2. Family is really having troubles with emotions today, making life… ugh.
    This morning as to body functioning and experience my only thoughts were ” Oy vey”
    Sums up my day – breathing and looking forward to ‘different’…


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