A Halloween Treat [UPDATE1]


We now know the timing of The SHIFT. No trick. We’ll tell you tomorrow. Or should we hold it for awhile and tease you endlessly?

First, a question: Whom do you trust will “win”? The cabal? Or SOURCE?

In the ’70s, when the movie “The Exorcist” came out and everyone was hinky about it for some time (which was of course the point of why they made the movie), people were constantly talking about how scared they were. The CATs (independently, at the time, s we didn’t know one another yet) all asked the same question:

CATs: “Is the devil more powerful than God?”

People: [blink, blink] “No.”

CATs: “Then what are you afraid of?”





78 thoughts on “A Halloween Treat [UPDATE1]

  1. Oh My Goodness! CATs, this is the finest music to my ears!!! So excited to hear more! Feeling like a little child at Christmas x 1000!

    Mwah, mwah, mwah!

    SO much LOVE! ❤️🐱❤️

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      1. @ Lily……
        Your “Source of Course” made me think of the theme song to the Mr.Ed tv series, “A horse is a horse, of course, of course….”

        But I used your words.
        “The Source is the Source, of course, of course…”

        And, you know the old saying, “Right from the horse’s mouth”. Hmmm.
        And the song said something about Source.
        “Go right to the Source…”

        So, okay, I GET IT now!!! The Cats are talking to Mr. Ed!

        Ooooh, I didn’t check links, but the search said full episodes! 😉

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        1. Why ever not? Please don’t say it will be another 5 years! After reading this post I had a boogie around the kitchen despite being utterly drained! Got to have some fun when you can!


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    (Ignore Mark, he gets above his station at times. But he has a point, bless him.)



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    1. @ Mark,
      I’ll say!
      If the Cats say it will be in 2025, I’m going back to bed to sulk.

      But, I suppose I will have to get up eventually to take care of that litter tray if you aren’t going to see to it.

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  3. Though I may b***h and moan about how long it’s taking, I’m well aware all of the darkness coming out is only because it needs to be clensed by the light. A planetary dark night of the soul. We’ll be fine in the end but certainly I’m at my limit for this crap. If HRC and the other cabal goons end up in rich people jail then so be it. Humanity will be free agents for once in it’s exsistance.

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  4. I know Source has already won and since we are One with Source we have won as well. It all just has to play out until enough of us see through the veils of illusion. Thank you Cats! Oh and please don’t tease about your timing info!


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  5. Yesterday was my birthday, starting my 67th trip around the Sun. I know some people say “Good Riddance” to Halloween, but every one of my birthday parties growing up was Halloween-themed. For me it has always signified a renewal, a restart, a New Year. So! I would be so GRATEFUL to have some inclination of around when the inevitable will transpire, even if you can’t or don’t want to be precise. Knowing something is better than the purgatory of ignorance. I will gratefully accept your Halloween treat! I am the Love. I am the Light. I AM. ❤ ❤ ❤ Also extremely grateful to have been lead to discover this site just over a year ago in mid-October when you had a Halloween countdown posted on the right side for something that you were anticipating happening. Waiting for the Treat? I am!

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      1. Thank you, Christopher, Minky and all the others who may have liked my post(s). I am sorry that I cannot reciprocate with likes on posts here on this site due to security/hacking issues that I have experienced over the last year. But I do read nearly every post and comment and feel that I have found a home of sorts with like-minded fractals of Source. We are the Light and the Love. ❤

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    1. Happy Belated Birthday, lauraksmi! May the near future hold lots and lots of treats for you!!!
      ❤✨💖 Victoria

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  6. Great! I used the same basic idea on My son in grade school. When He was called a scum bag by another. I simply asked, “You’re a scum bag”? He replied, No I’m Not! As I replied, “Then who cares what some other kid calls You”? “You know You, the best”. He never had a problem with that issue again. Happy H W with Much Love/Gratitude to All, at this strange point in “time”. Peace

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  7. ‘… we already won. We just came here to experience it again.’
    Very special words from a few posts past. Read it, feel it, know it. Puts everything into perspective!

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  8. Well, I just dreamed about Mr. J coming back as big tan three tailed dog maybe that is his Halloween costume for the shift lol.

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  9. Source won from the start. And because Source is everything then whatever happens Source wins.

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  10. Today from the early morning up to about 20:00 local time, I felt such incredible pressure in my head which was really distracting I could not think straight, uhhh, I almost never have a headache, and this was worst ascension symptom up to now, I do not know what was going on, but it must be something big, and also I felt very heavy, very dense.

    By the extremity off that head pressure (from inside out) I presumed that Schumann Resonance is up to the roof and I checked and the page was down, hmmm probably it was a big time line jump or something else, but I felt it as never before, I just hope it was something good ✨

    But now in the evening I felt so light in my body, strange, any clue, somebody ?

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  11. Not sure if it’s just sheer exhaustion but I have been sitting this evening and feeling like the room is moving around me, swaying etc…!

    I also noticed whilst making dinner that in the space of about 20 minutes, the moon had shifted across the sky from the left of my window to the far right, disappearing behind the roofs of the houses. Was there some wired time thing going on?

    Also have been noticing some strange craft over the house recently. Last night a really silent one seemed to glide over the roof and disappeared behind the house somewhere. The lights were really low before whatever it was went out of sight, much lower than the standard planes around here fly.

    Much LOVE ALL & Thank you CATS, M’s & AM’s and all here, so much appreciate what you do…🙏✨🙏

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    1. Nope not just you, I was sitting with the cat just contemplating life and it looked like one of our dinning chairs was sort of melting/bits of it moving but not effecting the whole, so weird! So I decided I had better put the recycling out for tomorrow in case it was going to be a tough night, hubby already feeling it in bed.

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      1. Pam141 ❤️ Strange times indeed, I saw my daughter’s bed melt a few nights ago like a big marshmallow, just in the middle though!

        Much Love ❤️✨❤️

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    2. Lily. I have been seeing melting walls and other assorted bits of house since last Monday. Seems my my eyesight also struggles with changing from one focal length to another if I do it too quickly. Reality is morphing. Hey what is “real” anyway. Love to everyone on the blog. Woo hoo we are on our way. 🤗😻

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      1. Yes, seeing more strange movement in the peripheral. Thin veil? I’m off to see the NE, for I prefer that to the Oz guy. Speaking of wizards, Uriah Heep’s :The Wizard;


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    1. I feel drugged that is for sure hardly any kids showed for Halloween trick or treating I guess they do not care about such things anymore.

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  12. Do what you will, my brethren. I can probably last for about another year like this. New kitty’s given me a second wind of sorts!

    So, what will it be? I’m excited to know.

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  13. Oh common CAT’s!
    Let us know! You do not want to hear more whining from us? Do you?
    You know how important it is to all of us.

    It’s been a hard few weeks for me….I am ready to hear a good news!
    Please?! ❤️ 🙏 ❤️✨ ❤️🙏 ❤️


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  14. I feel the same way like this little kitten on the picture that you have posted… I want to get out from this “pumpkin” prison!
    I want to see what is outside! I am excited and full of expectations! :))))


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  15. Dream from last night!

    I was with my parents, for some reason Mum and I were separated from my Dad who had wandered over some moorland. I was suddenly in a car with my Mum driving (she doesn’t drive and is quite a nervous passenger!) she was driving on the left hand side although we live in the UK. I was on the back seat for some reason. She suddenly hits the accelerator and we are speeding full blast through dense woodland/forest. I get down and shout out to AA Michael and Source to keep us safe half expecting to crash into a tree but we sail through, bright light shingles in front of us through the trees.

    The car stops and we are reunited with my Dad. I then burst into a torrent of tears as if every emotion I have ever felt comes pouring out with incredible relief!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  16. My moral was at the lowest yesterday! After G (to the New Earth, Gaia and Source) +P+C, I chanted Mantra# 2 over and over and called on Bro J and all Ascended Masters to show me the way … whatever it is….and even with thoughts of “I AM READY”

    Then woke up this morning to this uplighting post! Thank you for keeping this blog opened .. it’s my SOURCE of Hope, that all is not lost!

    Much Love & Gratitude

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  17. If I made the same mistake again, please ignore my previous posting!

    Must be my fatigue … so please excuse me! Perhaps I should just concentrate on reading! 🙂

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  18. Devil or Satan (Sheytaan) doesn’t really exist. It was created to manipulate people. EVERYTHING is controlled ONLY by Source ALONE. We are just playing a game here, and some are playing as bad guys and some as good guys. Without bad guys, this game would be boring!

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    1. That’s what the dark side wants you to think… and it’s partially true. It’s complicated. There really is an anti-thing like this that’s the exact opposite energywise to all that’s Positive… and it’s not as powerful as SOURCE (at all)… and there isn’t. We have personally seen this thing. It’s not an illusion exactly… but it is. It’s something that We created when We (as ONE) created this universe, so it’s very old. Brother J calls it “The Ego” in *A Course in Miracles* (via ACIM.org). It’s like our imaginary friend that We created once upon a time when We needed one, so… it’s kinda alive, as We are an Extension of SOURCE and can create life, but it’s not actually got a real living spirit inside it. It’s like an idea that’s turned bad… and now hates us. Very strange. Once you turn your back on it and stop believing in it… it will vanish. And it knows this. So it keeps pushing the fear button repeatedly. Note that we are unsure if this is Mr. Nasty, or if there’s ANOTHER Mr. Nasty as well. There are just too many nasties to keep track of!

      -CAT Eds.

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  19. Good morning all – good news would be good. 🙂 or encouraging news at least –

    Today is my daughter’s 33rd birthday – wishing most for her the energetic dissolution of the negative programming that a good portion of this household walks around in and operates from – May it all be gently burned off by SOURCE and the reside be blown away by new Earthly breezes… May new possibilities be seen and realized, actualized…
    She also recently had news of a returned or duplicate condition that resulted in distressing medical outcomes this past spring. So difficult… May a better life be hers… Life has battered her in recent weeks – I’m hoping it’s cleansing taking place…

    May all have a new better month ahead full of progress and good or better news…

    much love,


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    1. *sigh* – Even with 2 or 3 proof-readings residue turned to reside – sheesh…
      no residing in neg programming please… 🙂


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      1. Thanks for the Loving thought, May That Thought Be Magnified, Many Times For You/Your. Peace.

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  20. I’m guessing late January, for at least a big part of the ‘switch’. And then by May we’ll have a new world on our hands. A complete Shift to a service to others mentality on the world. With the CATS to thank for playing such a giant and steadfast part of it!?

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  21. Hi All! So I have been driving a lot more than usual, with an occasional train trek depending on what school I’m working with. A few times, more than a few, I have passed unique looking cars…only to pass them again 10-15 minutes later (a 1960 something Orange Mustang, no way could it have been two different cars). On the last train trek home, I absolutely remember the conductor taking my ticket…but there it was in my wallet as I bought coffee the next day. The woman behind the counter had to call be back to attention as I just froze, staring at the ticket. Anyone else have things like this happen? All good, just trying to work through work feeling like I do these days, and resting when I can. One Love ❤️

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    1. Mootzfriend, I have had lots of occurrences like the ones that you
      described, and I think most people do
      as well, but I think they assume they
      have incorrectly remembered what
      happened and just pass it off. Cynthia
      Sue Larson has studied what she calls
      “reality shifts” and has written a book
      by that name. She also has a web site
      that has lots of interesting stories about
      these types of shifts. I attended a workshop on Auras, that Cynthia taught,
      where she also told some fascinating
      stories about reality shifts in her own

      With love ❤️ to all,


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  22. LOL the war has already been won …… Source and his have the victory…..LOL…. in the end death will be no more….. Source is consuming them all with raging passions….. his rage passion for his creation is consuming them with fire the only few have seen…..LOL…. death is blind deaf and dumb ….. we are the creation of Source and he is alive and well …. he has woke his creation…… his warriors are everywhere and they are beyond spectacular ….. and you yourself are more powerful than 10 suns, all you sons and children of Source…. the Bridge is built all old ones are falling down…. the Bridge takes us into the Heart of Source and only the pure of heart will enter…..all others will be consumed … his door is open….come in the water is fine……. stay emptied during this time…. always along passions heart to lead you…. for the Source is Passion…..do not use listen to the mind now …. listen to your hearts! Passions is the only true power….. fry you bastards feel the burn of your ignorance….. Source and his are alive and aware of everything going on …. and it working in our hearts preparing us to be the creation the expression of him to shine give to all who love him…..


  23. Pain comes from holding on to the garbage…. all the trash that we’ve collected that is not part of our true essence…. pain hinders passion…. let GO! Let go of everything that is of death…. emptiness…. keep taking out the trash… Source is helping us ….. all we have to do is let HIM….. emptied the pain and trash so Source can fill your hearts! It time it’s time now now now now now! Let go and become your true selves in this amazing time !

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  24. Just fall into all of this as its a big fluffy and not care. As you said, trust source — trust is more powerful then all of this. Divine timing and perfection. Thanks CATs!

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  25. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Seperances define and Illuminate the pathways.

    Selectives are created from the dregs.

    Harmonics converge as past levels are released.

    Clarifiers enter.

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  26. Mmmmm…. Im confused, I suppose I thought it was something that happened inside you, sort of when youre ready or when you have done what you came to do, maybe Im confusing it with the ascension stuff 🤔 tired brain ….poor thing, I put it through quite a lot 🤣🤣🤣

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  27. Hi all cats and friends,
    (RE: Update 1) Great comics to remind us the door that brings instant satisfaction to the fear of lacking might not be the best one to choose- when the time comes to choose among the doors…
    The heart would have better intelligence.
    Just a thought…
    Love and light,

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  28. And to you poor misguided hat-box covenette: emailing weak spells to people is sad, and wholly ineffectual, regardless of language. Anything negative you send against the CATs returns back to you 10X. This won’t end well for you. So, we suggest an about-face.

    That’s the LIGHT tapping you on the head and shoulder over and over again. It just feels like a sledgehammer because you’re moving against it.

    -CAT Eds.

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  29. Wow, we’re developing quite the international following. Good to see the language barrier is less of a problem. We hope those in other countries will tolerate our silly political chats now and again — as well as our Northern Hemisphere-centricity.


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  30. really five years???

    Message From The Divine About The Event

    The Event will occur in around five and half years. The Event is the magnetic poles switching places and this will result in the New Earth being transformed into a higher vibrational earth. We are going on this kundalini awakening journey so that we will survive the event and be on the New Earth. Those that completely finish the journey in the next year, will be the leaders and the ascended earth masters of the New Earth. The ascended earth masters will be setting up and building systems for the collective and lightworkers that are here after The Event. To be on the New Earth and survive The Event you must have at least opened your heart chakra, anyone that hasn’t will not be able to survive the higher vibration of the New Earth

    more https://soulsisterstruth.com/2019/07/07/message-from-the-divine-about-the-event/


    1. This is not The Event. The SHIFT happens when Gaia’s spirit moves to the New Earth, and takes some of us with her. Please send her golden healing light in the meantime. We just posted approximate timing.


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      1. I am sending golden healing light to the New Earth and Gaia!❤❤❤
        Sorry CAT’s, but I do not see where did you posted approximate timing for the SHIFT?



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