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Like many of you, the CATs have amazing dreams and visions which we typically share internally, but thought some of you might find some of them interesting. Here are a few recent ones:


Vision1: “While meditating, I saw a black-n-white cat (like one of mine) running in slo-mo, getting very very bright… the cat sprouted huge white wings and burst with light and took off over my head. Then (still awake because the portal energy was roasting me) I saw that I was in a room somewhere and noticed a stairway behind me, so (knowing the drill) I turned right into them and started walking UP these glowing white stairs that got brighter and brighter… I had started counting my steps then gave up (’cause it didn’t matter how many there were)… then I was suddenly at the top. And then there were no more stairs, just an open hatchway in a white infinite plain that i had to climb up onto with a little difficulty. I finally made it to a new level. I did all that while still awake.”


Dream1: “Went on a journey, following a Guide. We were very very UP THERE, so we dove down into a pool of something (that was darker) and then I found ourselves in a kind of immigration line, where people were being checked-in before they could go to a certain “zone” that was orange-y beige and gray, featureless, some geology but no visible rocks, no vegetation. The “border guards” allowed everyone *with weapons* to pass through, which I thought odd. They failed to notice when we were suddenly on the other side. There was some guy who was trying to hide and spy on us… but he couldn’t SEE us, so he was kinda sad. At one point, I became captivated by the local fauna. There were these fat, shiny black spiders with tiny golden legs chittering around here and there, but they were no threat. THEN there was this kind of ambulatory fungus rolling around, like a sweet-potato-colored marshmallow with little white tendrils. It moved around doing this and that and someone kicked one over, but my guide and I righted it and it paused, grateful, and allowed me to pet it. My guide explained that it was actually a member of a superadvanced race of beings who long ago sacrificed themselves to this form in order to save the universe from some past threat. They’d been doomed to these little fungoid forms for eons, but will eventually be allowed to become what they once were. I somehow found them very touching.”


Dream2: “Had a doozy. Dreamt I was in a big city somewhere made of dark-gray stone, like NY but without all the warmth. I crossed a street where big things were moving very fast. There was a highway exchange downhill that looked like it was under construction, a two-way split that was closing. Anyway, I crossed this street and went into some kind of stone-and-glass lounge. There, people kept purposefully breaking a big ornate, indigo-ish crystal-glass window that looked expensive, breaking it just to be jerks, and the management let them, replacing the window day after day. Didn’t know what that as about.

In this gathering were a handful of self-serving, sharky people. I got tired of them and sat down on some huge bed that was there; lots of people (mostly men) were on and off this bed, clothes on, like at a swanky cocktail lounge. It was kinda dull. I fell asleep… then awoke as someone jostled next to me. I rolled off the bed… then saw the person who bumped me was a pale, half-clothed woman lying there, half-conscious. We had both just been sleeping, but she seemed sick, feverish. I then realized that she had at least four breasts (?), probably more. She was blonde, medium frame (but I guess extra tall because she had extra equipment). She looked familiar. Some jerky guy tried to roll her over and sweet-talk her, but I stepped forward and gave him a look and he moved away. The woman was obviously sick and needed care.

One of the woman’s assistants/servants appeared and explained what was wrong: she had a very bad infection in her feminine area (from being repeatedly abused, I intuited, as the men in that lounge were all jerks), so i did a healing on her as best i could, carefully concentrating on said region (without touching, obviously). While febrile, she was semi-conscious, so I asked her to imagine (with me) that golden light was coming from my hands and that it was healing her; I had her turn over, did the other side; then asked her to flip again so I could do the front once more. Then I asked her to rest.

The room had somehow become her bedroom somewhere else; it was very large and expensive (not opulent), part of a huge, handsome estate. I let her sleep and let myself out into a larger anteroom, then into a big hallway where I encountered her assistant again who was very appreciative. A big meeting was going on in another large room off to one side, so he kept his voice hushed, handing me a gift for healing the woman: it was an 8” vertical tube, about an inch wide, filled with various green variegated liquids that were ‘stacked’ on top of one another in the tube. “These are essences of the various trees on the property,” the servant said. I thanked him and left. I didn’t require payment, it never occurred to me. Perhaps I now have these tree essences ‘on tap’ for various healings.

The estate was in a BEAUTIFUL place. It didn’t strike me as what I’ve imagined the New Earth to be, but the textures and colors and varieties were very interesting and handsome — PERFECT. All kinds of healthy greens and interesting textures. All the plants seemed perfect and alive. I recognized the mountains just beyond, and used a particular bald (snowless) peak I somehow knew, to orient myself… and started walking toward where I knew the city was. I was in no hurry to get back. I then realized that I’d been to this woman’s house in this green area before. In fact, I had walked this very path. I saw a kind of old-fashioned bus go by, tooling across the greenery on tall skinny wheels. I could’ve hailed it, but i preferred to walk. There were lots of paths through the greenery, like animal paths; every step was like walking through an arboretum, with fascinating plants and textures everywhere. I thought then that I’d go back to the city and get my wife and kids and bring them there for a hike, and how much they would enjoy that.

The vegetation eventually ended in a kind of dark-gray stone monument that was built along the base of a cliff, matching the stone I’d seen earlier, which also served as a demarkation line for the city; the monument was made of a ‘ripped’ gray stone, jagged, and went halfway up the mountain. At the base, which marked the line between the city side and the garden side, was a long thin golden rivulet of some kind of liquid, flowing toward the city from the green side, surrounded by more of the dark gray stone; the rivulet started at the greenery’s edge and began flowing down a rough gray channel toward the city I’d left, making a thin golden line of fluid that seemed to feed the city side, but it was getting thinner and thinner. On the city side was a big dark concrete expanse where people caught taxis and buses back to the dark city below. All the way back to this point, I’d been walking DOWNHILL. Cars and trucks and buses were plummeting in that direction in a big damn hurry.

Rather than take one of those (which I doubted I could ever flag down, they were going so fast), I decided to walk… and was immediately glad I did. The people around me were very interesting… they were all happy. That was weird. (You don’t normally see smiling people in a city.) I recognized an older woman with white hair… and her companion. Their clothes changed constantly and they started to move faster on foot toward the city below. I matched their speed for a moment, trying to stay with them, but eventually let them go.

It was then I realized that I’d met and healed Gaia. She was the one who had been severely abused and needed help; I’d had a feeling it was her when I saw her, because of the multiple breasts (an old symbol for Mother Earth), but while she’d obviously been abused repeatedly, she was still very strong and healthy, and I knew she would eventually recover completely. Indeed, she already recuperating… on the New Earth. I recognized her energy, as it was almost exactly like my wife’s! That’s interesting.

So… I think I literally witnessed The Split. It seems very close.

(Note: The next day, I saw someone who looked kinda like this girl at the grocery, tousled hair and all, looking kinda peakéd and thin; she was taller than I expected. I’d never seen her there before. I almost spoke to her to see if she needed help, but didn’t want to come off as creepy.)”


Vision2: “Last night in meditation I saw (gorgeous) grey-white wolves filtering into the neighborhood — cute ones that people were adopting! — and I laughed as the one I liked wore a huge cowboy hat that was part of his pelt (like he grew it) and matched his markings! I approached this wolf (in my mind) and sat down next to him and let him smell MY hat (just a baseball cap) and… he wasn’t so sure about me. He didn’t quite growl… but seemed like things might work out. He had the BLUEST eyes. What the heck did that mean?”


Sometimes we have no idea what these dreams/visions mean till later, while others are easy to figure out, and still others are entirely literal.

Now here’s Lisa Gawlas’ latest post, lightly snipped, with CAT notes; Lisa will find interesting as well:

My voice came back just in time for November to start. And what a weird November it is already. The first day of November all I could see in what I call “previews” (imagery b4 the call happens) is what looks like a spotlight shining down on the earth and flooding it with light. The light is so bright I cannot see thru it. This was consistent for every person on my schedule.

Several CATs had mentioned seeing this bright-light effect in meditations — which we’ve seen before, but this was different. It was exactly like a spotlight from above; the light washes everything out.

The next day, we got an addition within the preview… a left arm (physical reach for life) with a wrist watch on it. The numbers of the watch were blobby and blurry, there were no minute or hour hands. The only thing I can understand about this consistent imagery is… we tend to look at the clock, at time, the time it takes (for anything) and now, time is becoming less and less relevant in our reach for life. What we want or need.

Two M’s had a dream of someone calling and saying they’d be right over, with both oddly documenting the time of the call by photographing THEIR LEFT ARMS AND WRISTWATCHES, and in one case holding the wristwatch next to an alarm clock for the pic. Synchronicity.

My first lad’s preview was an opening of a curtain, very much like the opening of a play. The curtains themselves where extremely white and what was thru them was another layer of (a softer) white light. Nothing I could see thru tho.

My next lady offered a silhouette pacing back and forth behind the softer white light. So my guess is that the softer while light is a secondary curtain to the first one. Like a set of shears behind the brighter ones.

I am now wondering if the pacing is us… waiting, wondering and yet, the time is blurred, irrelevant to our desires for now information lol. And trust me, I want to know NOW!! lol

My third lady offered something incredible… the only thing of color besides white and silhouette . It was a ring/crown of brilliantly colored flowers. Flowers reminiscent of Hawaiian leis. I cold feel the thickness of their petals. This ring of flowers was about the side around as a Frisbee (going to scale of my vision of course) and hung in the center of the stage a couple feet above where this image of pacing was.

I kept feeling the energy of the crowning of the virgin mary (why, I have no idea lol..) Maybe it is the purity of the light and the brilliance (flower colors) of what is to come of the whiteness. Of course, we are heading into and thru the most significant 11:11 gateway ever.

Funny how she referred to the Virgin Mary, which sounded to us like our Gaia encounters. Note that the next 11/11 is the middle one (#2), with the third energetic one on 12/11.

That’s enough for one post. Back to sleep.


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  1. About a year and and 1/2 ago I was repeatedly getting a vision of the political powers across the globe bowing down in front of a red theatre curtain. As if to explain this political theatre that we are witnessing is not real- and as the cats are always referring to “the powers that were” . Perhaps that means they are long gone and we are really projecting the old guard in our minds , the final act before we are able to take the leap. It’s a very engaging show for me full of interesting twists and turns but, is it necessary? Exhausted!

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  2. Love those cats, especially those moving their paws! I think that
    it is interesting that AM commented that NE, although beautiful,
    did not seem as green as he thought it would be. When I first found
    this site I read a description of NE that was described as having a
    “Bazillion trees” 🌲🌲🌲 Later, I was unable to find that post where
    I seem to recall that people were living very simply, without electricity,
    much like the Amish of today. After being without power, for three days,
    that would not be something that I would be looking forward to! but apparently AM saw buses, trucks and cabs that would indicate a more
    advanced technology than horse and buggy. I want trees 🌳 but I want
    power too!

    With love to all,


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      1. Lily. Just managed to watch Laura Whitworth. Thank you for posting it. She is such a shining soul and it was really worth watching. Grand that she mentioned this blog too.💕💖🤗

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        1. Newlynn ❤️ She really is fabulous! I left a little comment on one of her videos a while back recommending this blog, she could have known about it before of course but just in case, I felt she would just love this place and ALL as much as we do!

          Happy 11:11 Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


  3. I saw the weirdest clouds today with no storm present they looked like tentacles weaving through the sky I took a picture didn’t even touch what I was seeing. Never seen ones like that before. I did notice the yellow sun the last several days instead of that burning fake white one.

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  4. We must be pretty close to The SHIFT: I saw myself in last night’s meditation cutting thick wires that were holding down a living statue of Gaia. Seems pretty obvious. She’s getting ready to move. And Gaia’s movement is what The SHIFT is all about.

    Take that in for a moment.

    Given how big all this is, it could take *two* SHIFTS. Just thinking out loud here. That means our earlier post with the timing at the end of next year could be for the SECOND Shift (we know it takes place in two stages, so if you’re not on the first bus, there *will* be other buses; don’t panic), with the 1st Shift going perhaps this December. Again, I’m just guessing. There are so many variables that even Spirit doesn’t know, but things are leaning in that direction.

    (I’m going to post this in the meterage post, too.)


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  5. The Judgement happened last night, i being witness to the court

    of the Queen of Lumuria

    The Ones whom shall land paws first on New Earth

    by my honest tongue i swear my birth


  6. Cats, Ms etc…
    Had a very extensive dream this morning – very detailed, very vivid, but much couched in metaphor(not sure if right word or concept) Not to share it mostly, but I think big things are happening – didn’t know where to put it; was guided to place it here…
    I’ll see what few things I can say – a man with a different type of mind – leader – dealing with things – an attempt to corrupt (useless) – huge plan by naughties, I think involving food/grain(symbolic?)… huge involvement off planet – beyond… His son saw something – the disposal of a blonde …that I think was involved with trying to corrupt his father – he was following, investigating – The father had ways beyond ways and hidden things to help him cope – there were purple capsules in a cylindrical short jar and other items and a single emergency Oreo cookie next to the jar. Big plan was going to be thwarted… That’s it about what I CAN share here.

    Maybe some Ms can tune into the dream subjects?? – if there is need?

    much love – take care…


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  7. Thank you for posting your dreams. Fascinating. It must be amazing to have that level of dream recall. Even if we don’t consciously understand most messages in our dreams, I’m wondering if we process them in the subconscious? I also felt so sorry for the little ambulatory fungus who was knocked over. Well done for putting it back on its “feet”.🤗

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  8. All wonderful – but I enjoyed especially the second one, about the race who sacrificed themselves for the universe – I want to know more about them and what they’ve learned through the form they had to take. What it’s like to exist in that form.

    A while back – maybe a couple years ago – I had a dream where I was in a city. – seemed like nyc and I noticed these aircrafts coming in – no one else did… And they were blending into the environment…. I somehow knew we were being invaded by China – But simultaneously an alien race was coming in whose ships were forming new buildings that blended right in (i think china and this alien race were at war over something)
    – and this was all happening right in front of everyone, but they weren’t aware…. I remember there being this pocket that looked like construction in a high rise and a space ship just fit its self right in and blended. It ended with me seeing Hillary looking sad and eating teryaki. Never was able to make sense of it.

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