Handling Spirits and ETs

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We’ve said this before, but it bears saying again. Since more and more of you are waking up spiritually and turning your inner lights on, you’re probably encountering more spirits and ETs in your everyday lives — especially as we get deeper into Autumn. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s annoying. This post is for the latter.

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Blossom Post for 4/6/18

This latest from Blossom Goodchild is an important-enough read for us to repost it. It encapsulates everything we’re feeling. Note that her Guides’ words are in bold. We think you’ll understand the import of this. ================Post for April 6, 2018 Hello, my friends. I was busy throughout Easter and unable to find time to connect up with you.  Not only was I busy … I … Continue reading Blossom Post for 4/6/18

Lesson XX: Don’t be an ET Slut

Don’t just give it away. Welcome to the can of worms, pre-Monday edition. What you’ll be reading happened just last week to some of us and even we don’t believe it. Before we begin… note that there’s nothing left for you to do, Eventwise, save for making your choice between one of the following: SOURCE and the New Earth Staying here to help out, or…  … Continue reading Lesson XX: Don’t be an ET Slut

Lesson X: The Enjoyment Technique

We realized that we were using an energy technique that we’d not shared before. This latest energy WHOMP reminded us of it, as some feline stragglers have been lagging behind, mostly due to dietary lapses. This technique was originally an eating technique devised by the excellent Coursian teacher Ken Wapnick, but it works well with energy — and with really anything and everything — and … Continue reading Lesson X: The Enjoyment Technique