Lesson X: The Enjoyment Technique

We realized that we were using an energy technique that we’d not shared before. This latest energy WHOMP reminded us of it, as some feline stragglers have been lagging behind, mostly due to dietary lapses. This technique was originally an eating technique devised by the excellent Coursian teacher Ken Wapnick, but it works well with energy — and with really anything and everything — and it works every time. It was Da-da who discovered its uses for energy when used it the moment before he got a (third) CAT scan some years ago (CAT scan energy can mess up your GI tract), and by using this technique, he had zero side effects afterward, compared with the times before. Anyway, here it is.

The Enjoyment Technique 

When you’re eating, drinking, experiencing energy of any kind, or doing virtually anything at all, try grounding, protecting, and then say (silently to yourself):

[Oversoul/SOURCE/Brother J],
please enjoy this

[Wave X energy, food, vitamins, wine, smog, fudge, etc.]
with me.

This reduces the energy or object — which is really illusion — into what it really is: a symbol. This technique works when experiencing both good things and bad things… because there is no “good” or “bad,” there is no duality in reality. Life really is a box of fake chocolates.

Some of us even say, “SOURCE, please enjoy this symbol with me,” though others of us think it helps to be specific when you’re starting out. It takes the curse off whatever it is you’re ingesting, or experiencing.

Try doing it when you eat CAKE... or anything else you may have guilt when eating.

The Enjoyment Technique REMOVES ALL GUILT associated with eating what you perceive as the “wrong” thing, or too much of the “wrong” thing. This is how Brother J could eat really anything with anyone, anywhere (lepers, e.g.), as he did this mental technique to “transmute” the food/wine/air/whatever into the symbol that it is. You can even go BACK IN TIME in your mind, to any instance, and say this mantra as you imagine yourself eating/drinking/doing whatever.

The best thing about the Enjoyment Technique is not just that it heals your mind, it also extends to others’ minds around you, re-mind-ing them of their own spiritual reality!

We bring this technique up now as at least half of us had to use the first technique last night to get through the latest Wave X energy WHOMP (that Diane Canfield promised was going to be bliss!).

[Note that this technique does NOT (entirely) work for moments of egregious, criminal behavior, or mayhem… but it does, a little. Moments of extreme guilt have more of a “stain” that takes more time and effort to remove, usually involving multiple lifetimes, as it involves more than just you.]

Back and Forth

On a side note (that we’ve mentioned before), you can also go BACK IN TIME in your mind, to any instance, and say…

You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother,
whole & innocent.
All is forgiven & released.

…to anyone who’s ever “wronged” you, thus forgiving them and yourself (because the person who “wronged” you IS YOU). Our Communal Spirit Conduit (which is alive) allows this, healing the “past” in your mind. Technically, there is no past or future, there’s only NOW, but for many caught in time’s web, past-present-and-future are still very real.

Both of these mantras will work just as well now and after The Event. These two things alone will catapult you UP the path toward SOURCE. Let us know if you have any questions.

Wait! Use the technique or you’ll turn into pigs!

Too late.

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