In Like a Lion, Out Like a Different Lion [UPDATE]

Jeez. We are getting blasted with energy, lion’s gate notwithstanding. Fatigue, sleepiness, sleepy fatigue, heart palpatations, nausea, etc. (If the energy gets too uncomfortable, BREATHE through it.) The meters are almost constantly recording some blastoid moment or other — or timeline split — so it’s kinda hard to know when to take note of what’s happening and when to keep your head down and flip … Continue reading In Like a Lion, Out Like a Different Lion [UPDATE]

Atlantis All Over Again [UPDATES]

Wow. Check out this Italian seismic direction finder/geophone meterage: That’s LHC energy it’s intercepted. Not sure what the PTW are doing, but it won’t work. The LHC is NOT working properly… …it’s still quite broken, but some morons are trying to force it to work — and trying to inject the energy into the earth this time. This will just get (LHC) people killed. They’re … Continue reading Atlantis All Over Again [UPDATES]