In Like a Lion, Out Like a Different Lion [UPDATE]

Jeez. We are getting blasted with energy, lion’s gate notwithstanding. Fatigue, sleepiness, sleepy fatigue, heart palpatations, nausea, etc. (If the energy gets too uncomfortable, BREATHE through it.) The meters are almost constantly recording some blastoid moment or other — or timeline split — so it’s kinda hard to know when to take note of what’s happening and when to keep your head down and flip the pillow. Here’s a current snapshot.

First, we noticed this ON-OFF-ON from the Tixie riometer (which measures cosmic energy from its perch in the uppermost N. Hemisphere):

Guess they could’ve just turned it off to dust it, but…

Then we saw similar readings on other meters:

ON. OFF. ON. Twice.

Intereresting crenelation on the left, a timeline adjustment thing.


ON. OFF. ON. Times seven. Lots of timeline jumpage.
ONNNN. Blam.
Whatever this is.
Rollercoasterage in the lower SR range.

And we had this from yesterday:

The green is the neutron meter from Mexico,

Now, for giggles, here’s the most recent NASA graph:

Rather than show the actual amplitude (which is blown out, above), NASA’s current administration just blanks it out.
This is intentional, and the main reason we rarely include meters from the U.S. ~ NASA: Never A Straight Answer.


Wow. We’ve never seen this on the Kiel Longwave meter (look to the right)! This is as of this moment, at 20:04 UTC.

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  1. Wow. I've never seen a full-spectrum burst like that on Kiel. Can't say I felt anything at that time… perhaps because the energy is so ongoing.-CAT2


  2. Today's pithy comment(Fri) I feel like I've melted into a puddle of grease! Yikes!!


  3. OH YEAH … this kitten didn't feel that last whomp specifically, but today I am just all melted down and totally out of focus. Definitely “not of this world” today. Meeeeeorwl


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