Gearin’ UP for Crazytown [UPDATES 7-17-17]

[Ok, with so much happening, some older UPDATES ARE IN RED and the newer ones in BLUE. We were just gonna delete this post since it’s a mess, but what the hell.]

[Latest energy updates at the end.]
Sorry, folks. We were wrong. What we thought (hoped) was an eradication of the darkness in the July 1st wave looks to have been just a temporary push-back, creating a lull. There’s no reason to be afraid, but there is cause to be wary: the things are coming back, as are the bad/neutral ETs, who’ve regrouped.

[While this was a misunderstanding between CATs, it’s also a lesson in dealing with a moving target. Things keep changing. We thought that some beings had been allowed to return, by SOURCE, because they hold promise in doing the right thing… but some look to be falling off that wagon, sadly. If they fail in this short reprieve, they will join their errant cousins in oblivion or wherever it is they’re to go, but… hopefully tey won’t mess with anyone else’s life in the process. They don’t even really understand this, yet. Needless to say, this was greatly misunderstood even by those who knew.]

One of us may have seen an archon again this week last night (big!), and two CATs saw a triangular tall-white ship. [This tall whites ship was a triangular variant allegedly for neutral monitoring. Again, if these ETs do the right thing, then they get to survive The Event, otherwise…]

[…and now we know that the above info is obsolete. The tall whites are back, and in full meddling/retribution mode. They’re apparently quite vindictive. We observed one of their diamond-shaped ships last night — at the exact same time, always at 10:05 pm, jeez — two nights in a row, and they are looking to cause trouble. We might need to suspend the blog for a few days to deal with this. We have called in several serious allies, so stay tuned for that, if we survive it.]

So, bottom line: everyone back on the protection bandwagon till The Event. Humanity is a whole lot tougher than outsiders think. Just look where we grew up. Then add in SOURCE. Good luck with that.

In the meantime, let’s try something new.

Try encasing yourself in INFINITE SOURCE ARMOR when you meditate. Once inside, LOOK out and scan your surroundings (yes, with your eyes closed). Stretch your abilities. Nothing can hurt you inside SOURCE armor. Factually, you’re with SOURCE right NOW, and this is all an illusion, but you might as well have some Medieval Times fun with it. Imagine longbows, swords and crossbows of light; these symbols work well in the illusion… as does your imagination. Whatever you can think, can be. Just make sure you join with SOURCE, first — and give thanks for all SOURCE does. Gratitude has to become a major part of you. SOURCE always has your back, so you might as well thank SOURCE for it. It’s the least you can do. Luckily, The Event is inbound in about three months, so the end is in sight.

NOTE1: Once you set SOURCE protection, you don’t need to do it again that session, or repeatedly. SOURCE and your guides hear you the first time! Also, be sure to offer love and healing light to everyone around you who needs it.

NOTE2: The tall whites HATE the frequency 432 Hz (wow, that came through really strong!). Meditate on this tone.

We know, this all sounds crazy. It does to us, too. But, when in Crazytown…

We don’t mean these images to appear militant, just strong; a good offense is often the best defense.

 NOTE3: Other things are happening, too. This is Norilsk today:

Whoa. Those are HUGE spikes.

This is Sayan today:


And look at these aggregate neutron meters:

SOURCE is knockin’ at the door, esp. in Rome.

NOTE4: We have no idea if these various meters are measuring SOURCE influx, but we suspect it’s an indication of CHANGE ENERGY. This is, in a way, one of those things we all need to leave behind: We need to start using ourselves as our detectors and meters. OUR equipment is more reliable, more powerful, and definitely under better management!

Me. Ow.

NOTE5: Here are some recent energy events that might make some a little uncomfortable over the weekend, with two big CMEs due around noon, Sunday PDT:

These WHOMPS were on 7-14-17 in the US. (14 = Midnight PDT, as this is not UTC)

And here are the latest values for the neutron meter in Novosibirsk (the russian meters are the only reliable ones since the cabal doesn’t monkey with those — or worse, shut them down):

Neutron meter from Moscow

This is the latest from the Tixie riometer. That’s quite a cosmic spike.

And this is the MExico City cosmic ray meter, with values from 1990 to the present. We’re literally off the chart.


…just had a gynormous burst in Norilsk just before 9:00 am EDT.

Ok, just a few more for this post:

See the CME hit?
…and here at Sayan, too. Check out that cosmic volatility!

This Moscow Schumann Resonance meter shows a new timeline emerge @ 3:00 am EDT!
M2 just said: “Oh wow… I get a new Mandela Effect was just born there. It will resync,
but I guarantee people are going to have alternate memories of the same space of time…”

That’s enough for one post.

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  1. Oil and water mix well in the presence of an emulsifier like mustard for example. You learn this when you decide to make your own salad dressing. All kinds of emulsion agents are found in nature. But in the absence of an emulsion, oil and water will naturally repel each other. Bring on the mustard!


  2. The current conversation posted in Terran's site is a small piece of what is going on. Heather has brought forth a greater awareness of the Treasury Direct Accounts, which is an extension of her previous work. She is showing people how to access their value by actually tapping into these accounts and attempting to pay off their debts. Many are making purchases. Everyone has an account that is established using their SS number at the time of their birth. They are saying that we as individuals own the accounts and the funds deposited there over our lifetime. According to the people who are making this viral (and it is viral), you use a routing number being pulled from the federal reserve banking system and your SS number as your account number. You then access your accounts where you owe debts (credit cards, mortgages, etc) and enter the information as a checking account. The system recognizes the information and gives people a confirmation number for the payment. Many of the payments are being reversed, but some are saying the payments are sticking. It is all very interesting. Anna Von Reitz is posting many articles trying to warn people away from it because she says all these funds are included in the U.S., Inc. bankruptcy.


  3. i have just learned of the OPPT, heather, terran, et al this year through a friend of mine who knows heather and communicates w/terran pretty regularly. i have no reason to disbelieve my friend and it is my “feeling impression” these people are authentic in their workings to free humanity again from the $$ bondage we have been under. other things i don't resonate with – like the original 11 – but at this point that just seems inconsequential to me. they are doing their part to elevate humanity and introducing us to $$ liberation – returning $$ that has been withheld from us, using our gov't issued numbers to trade and profit from, is a useful tool in our ascension process. a


  4. I would be cautious to the point of immobility in terms of sending out your personal info to anyone — ESP anything that touches the oxymoronic “federal reserve” (which is neither federal, nor a reserve)… until after The Event. You don't have long to wait! ;)Btw… be sure to think in advance you Halloweeners (like me), and choose a fun and POSITIVE costume this year. You'll want to, don't worry. -CAT5


  5. I've decided to go dressed as a large bottle of Tabasco sauce, I want to savour the confusion on the naysayers faces as I loom in surrounded by cosmic fire!Who looks like the freak now huh? DOH!


  6. Sort of a request. I often wonder about what I am doing when I am sleeping. Sometimes I remember dreams, etc. but I wonder if I am really doing stuff in the astral realms. I feel like I am a warrior or something. Is it possible for you guys to scan me/look into me somehow to see? 🙂


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