708: SSF Meditation ~ [UPDATE5]

We’ve been doing this for a while. It’s time you did, too.

This is fairly advanced, but fairly simple. 

Synchronous SOURCE Field (SSF) Meditation

Go into meditation. G+P+C. Then imagine you have a brilliant ball of SOURCE light in your chest… because you do.

Blow that ball up to the size of your house, surrounding it completely. Then back down into your chest. Do this a few times, back and forth, experimenting with the size of the field you’re throwing. Turn it ON… then off. See how it feels both ways. Do this till you have control over it. (All expressions of SOURCE are MAXIMAL, so… you can do most anything.)

Now throw your field again, but instantly expand your SSF just past the earth’s atmosphere. Note that this field is totally homogenous. It extends all the way through and past the earth. Feel where you are inside the field you’ve created; you’ll be slightly off to one side, not in the center. 

NOW… feel for the existing SOURCE Field already created by the SuperFriends (SF), the Field (currently set to 1M times incoming Wave X energy intensity) that’s already all around the earth… and sync your field up to it. Feel that Field and your field merge. Then turn your field OFF… then back on, so you can feel yourself ‘click’ into the existing Field… then hold that level of output for the duration of your meditation. It doesn’t have to be that long. 15 minutes is plenty, but you can go as long as your energy holds out. It’s like a muscle; it will get stronger the more you use it.

At the end of your meditation, do a ‘cleanse grounding,’ where you ground on the exhale to the center of the earth. Don’t leave your field on indefinitely, you’ll drain yourself too much. Recharge for the next one.

We’re going to do this every day, twice a day on the 11s (11:11am/pm for your respective timezone)… until something good happens. Might take a week. Might take ten years. But at least it will give us something to do… and it will help you practice throwing your own SOURCE fields for various purposes. In small bursts nearest your body, it can be quite dramatic and useful… but no showing off, please. This technique is supremely useful for protection. (For bonus points, try focusing the field at the tips of your fingers, to use as a lightsource. You have chakras at the tips of your fingers and the palm of your hand.)

Yeah, none of us can do it, either. It’s good practice, though.

You are hugely powerful. It’s time you began to explore this simple fact. Note that this takes time. And practice.


FYI, we have gone to 10MX (10M times Wave X) on the Field, for obvious reasons. Might make some a little nauseous/headachy/somatic heat-y till you get used to the new vibration (like most CATs, ugh). It’s concentrated Ascension.

That’s 10,000,000 times Wave X in 20 days. Ow.

Note that each upgrade feels better than the last one (to us, anyway). We’re getting closer and closer to SOURCE. (But we have a looooong way to go!)


Ok, this was unexpected. When we did the 11:11 pm meditation last night, we went to the New Earth. It opened a door. We bilocated for the duration of the meditation, visiting some… picnic tables?… beneath a huge tree. Felt like an Amish picnic! Same thing happened this morning. This might be our most important meditation to date.


These meditations are having the greatest effect of all others to date. In fact, site attacks are up 300%, so this must be working really well to warrant such attention. We ask that you redouble your meditation efforts, and beam your 11:11 meditations now to every timezone (that is, once you do the one, ask Brother J to send it to all the 11s). In the end, see everyone around you as happy and exultant.

We actually experienced… a moment of hope this evening (of 10/24). Can’t say we’ve felt that in a long time.


FYI, we went to 100MX on the Field yesterday. Note that the sun just had some flares, so we’ll have to see how we all weather this extra Wave X energy PLUS the existing 100MX Field.

Also… after you’re comfy with this meditation, notice how your ‘light body’ is ‘sitting’ inside the energy sphere you’ve created. NOTE: THAT’S A THOUGHT SHIP, virtually identical to the ones regularly transiting our sun (though the beings who make those have been doing it longer and are much higher vibration). Inside that bubble-ship of yours, you are seated in a Star Trek command chair, with controls and levers and buttons. See what they do.


Once you’ve done this a few times, just G+P+C, then make your energy ball, make your light body, make yourself slightly bigger than planet-size, then ‘click’ into the SF’s Field… and then sit back and enjoy it. See what you can see. We get all kinds of visions and insights in this state.

Please do this at 11:11 am/pm, each day. If you miss, do the meditation and ‘send’ it forward or back.