707: Grab Bag ~ [UPDATE9]

All kinds of goofy things are happening — and not happening.


Good-sized CME incoming again:

Might be here tomorrow, might bring fresh programming. Might wash your car.

Also, we’re seeing these all the time, now:

Lots of little jumps, here and there.

And anomalies:

Might be a jump. Might be certain energy for a certain reason…


  • Schlocket Man: No, William Shatner did NOT go into space. The whole thing was staged. He’s 90, for crying out loud. People that old can’t handle the rigors of an actual space launch. Most astronauts who went into LEO (Low Earth Orbit) suffered long term effects because of it, and some fools who recently hung out at the “ISS” (which is a bunch of crappy cans wired together) got really sick after just a week. Space is nasty. It smells ‘burnt’ for a reason , but humans have no energy shielding that works in space, no physical shielding that can be launched because it’s too heavy. Moon landings fake, Space X fake, Mars lander fake… whole populations should go to prison for this boondoggle, but that’s not our job. (Considering that all t”law enforcement” agencies and courts and everything else is rigged and fake… sigh.)
  • Shot Notes: We looked into this a little deeper. Those who got the shot won’t be “left behind” per se, in the grand scheme of things, but their path will be different; their path will be LONGER. And harder. It takes a long time to clear out what’s been done physically (with their DNA, which somehow goes with you) and spiritually with these shots. (We’ve toyed with giving them a name, but that would create even more separation.) The shot might seem like a way to “normal,” but shot-ees will get stuck in a life loop for several incarnations, same thing over and over again. It’s heartbreaking… but it will give them a chance to really learn and develop their SOURCE connection. We’re already feeling ourselves helping loved ones in the future, but from another vantage point. In a way, this was Guide training for lots of us (getting used to people ignoring our advice in advance!).
  • Weather Changes: For whatever reason (we’re checking why), some of the cabal’s weather modification machine has been turned off. This is why there are actual blue skies in some places, and rain in others (CA), though we’re still seeing some spraying. It seems the PTW are distracted by some future project, something new they’re trying to cook up. The PTW don’t seem to realize (or care) that EVERYONE is watching everything they do. Angels and Archangels and ETs and spirits, and lots of bootson the ground. If they had any idea they’d freak out and head for the hills. We sense that they can feel these beings all around them, esp. at night, and occasionally see them out of the corner of their eyes, but for the most part they shrug it off. Nothing the PTW tries will work as planned, for a number of reasons.
  • Sightings: Be on the alert between now, the full moon on Wednesday, and Halloween coming up. Spirits are coming out of the woodwork. Besides the regular Grand Central Spookathon that is our houses (stompers all over the place, holy crap), two of the M’s saw a low dark shape come up to them the other evening while they were chatting on a sofa… then saw it for what it was: a ghost cat! The cat rubbed against the M’s legs and left a tingling sensation; same when you petted it. All tingly. Very interesting. Despite our singularly frothy space-time, it’s still a good idea to react with love and curiosity over fear… curiosity salted with a healthy caution. (Also be sure to set protection and ground twice a day, morning and night, as well as meditate. Esp. for those who are sensitive.)
  • TWBs: Yes, they’re back. The idiot TWBs tried to bull-rush their way into ~AM’s house the other night. They smacked into the side of his house shield and made quite a racket. Another one of their ships (we think it was theirs) was circling around some CAT houses last night. It has an odd new lighting pattern (they think it camouflages their ship). If you see a triangular arrangement of bright red lights flashing on an d off (on their tail section) you’ll know who it is. DO NOT engage them. They are heavily shielded and have a mean disposition. They aren’t called the Tall White Bastards for nothing. (They look baby beluga white, with enormous bald heads and thick necks. If you see one, hit ’em with a shovel.)
  • Archangel Notes: We suspected this was wrong, but checked into it to be sure. Some religious texts suggest that Enoch and Elija (from the bible) ascended and turned into Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon, respectively. This is not true. Humans cannot ascend into an Archangel. AAs were created FIRST, before any of us. They are veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery old, beyond ancient. (We know it’s been suggested that ~AM has become an Archangel, but it was his transformation that made us look at what exactly happened more closely. Frankly, we don’t know what he is. He’s something different and new to the earth… or perhaps anywhere… both Angel and other things (multiple). Recent viewings were mind-boggling. It seems that ~AM is a multi-dimensional group-being with something like 20-60 different being-components at as many levels, with several of those from the Angel Extension. ~AM has seen some of these beings (he was shown on a ‘viewer’)… and he just shrugs. Of course it doesn’t matter, but we are nothing if not curious. AAs are tight-lipped as usual, yet smiling. (It’s supposed to be a surprise.)
  • Splits: Note that little timeline splits are occurring all the time, but we don’t see any big ones any time soon.
  • Choke: Some CATs have been complaining for some time about choking on liquids, food. We think it’s a ‘changing density’ thing. It helps to be very ‘present’ while you eat or drink anything, otherwise things can easily go down the wrong pipe. Very annoying. Also, five CATs had quasi-migraines yesterday; they saw the ‘gem crescent’ in their visual field, but invited Brother J to ‘enjoy the migraine with them,’ so there was no pain. This J technique works well, for a number of things.
  • Field: At this point, the Field is set at 1MX. We might ask to have it bumped up in a week or so.

More as we find it.


We weren’t going to include this, but some CATs are hinky about everything that’s happening all around us; we can sense so many things occurring simultaneously… things we have no control over… that don’t really involve us, but we care anyway… anyway, some CATs were pacing back and forth, unable to settle down… so AAs stepped in and asked us to calm down. We told them that that was easy for them to say. So, they asked if we’d like a guarantee that everything was going to be ok. We said, yes. That would be nice. So, they guaranteed that everything was going to turn out ok — “better than ok,” someone said. We were then reminded of the “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” song.


Latest Saratoga is recommended.


FYI, we have gone to 10MX (10M times Wave X) on the Field, for obvious reasons. Might make some a little nauseous/headachy/somatic heat-y till you get used to the new vibration (like most CATs, ugh). It’s concentrated Ascension.

That’s 10,000,000 times Wave X in 20 days. Ow.


For those who MUST have proof… this is real.


Folks, the cabal is superweak right now. The energy Field is taking its toll. $or0$ is gone. The dark ship is rudderless — which is why they’re throwing out more and more ridiculous proclamations. This would be a good time to say “NO” to whatever it is you don’t like. “NO” and “ENOUGH” have huge power. YOU need to turn your own lives around. You are literally waiting for YOU. Well, the wait stops when YOU decide to move.

And for those who have already said NO, this energy gives you the opportunity to remove those 3d hooks forever, push them out, and move up and away. The New Earth is here, in spots. We apparently have to make our own, then weave them together.


FYI-1: Upgrades in progress. Lots of CATs are feeling throat upgrades (we’d say, “throat chakra” but we don’t have chakras, anymore: we have energy bodies).

FYI-2: This card flipped from the deck (from the excellent “Akashic Tarot” deck by Klingler and Taylor and Polk and Villani) yesterday as we shuffled before our meditation:

Look it up.


We highly recommend “digital fasting.” Turn your phones and computers and routers and unnecessary devices completely OFF, and meditate in the stillness. (Though, we must admit that many CATs use electric fans for white noise, as our spaces have very very many visitors. They can be a little distracting.) Try not to let the froth get to you. It will be increasing even more now that the cabal is in its death throes.

Also, this Austrian gent sounds surprisingly CAT-like. (Note: trans. from german.)


More jumps and energetic anomalies:

The last image is STEREO catching the energy gap/timeline jump. We’d never seen one like that before.

Oh, and that CME has hit, which is also part of this:


We are in the calm before the storm… though for regular meditators, we’re in the calm before the extreme calm. We highly recommend the latest meditation.

Crossing the expanse.