706: Jump ~ [UPDATE10]

We’re in a jump.

Note: 14 is midnight PDT.

And again, please note that The Field has been turned up one order of magnitude, resulting in…

How low can it go.


This one’s got it all.

But first, please note that it was not our intent to cause fear in Update12 (of the previous post). We were trying to help — and show how ridiculous that entire layer has become. And offer a way out. Why would anyone willingly participate in such a silly game? Money? Power? A whole segment of the population will see how foolish and rabid those wild weasels are. Only SOURCE could’ve teased us into coming here to do this job!

Btw, the latest from Saratoga is something we should’ve reminded people about.


CATs woke several times last night and remembered much of their dreams… then went back to sleep and forgot much of them. Several reported waking and feeling what could only be called a “Rapture tug” at their solar plexus, and sensed ‘some white energy field’ clearly activate somewhere when that happened. Very interesting feeling, like they were getting the slack out of the system.

Dream tidbits:

  • One CAT was clearly told “no more beef” (it lowers your vibe too much)
  • Two CATs reported hearing something like “teen manifestation ready to be deployed” (?)
  • Several CATs woke with the song, “You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.” (Great. Thanks for that.) We’re not sure if that means we’re leaving, or pertains to when things will happen (when there’s a crop in the field that needs harvesting?), or something with our various family dramas… or something about The Split?

If you think about it, there would be a tremendous spiritual lesson in waking up and having a percentage of the population gone (while we each wake up on our respective sides of the SHIFT, the final split between higher and lower timelines), each group experiencing the same thing but different… something both sides will remember and honor over the Millennia as a specific Day of Remembrance. It will be a SOURCE magic trick that will be undeniable, and always remembered.


Wow. Huge CME (and probable reprogramming surge) inbound for the 11th or 12th:

And an M-class flare:

…which is all really part of a BIG ship portal transit:

That’s a big sucker. 50x Jupiter’s size (but it’s 100% pure Thought). Note the force field.

We had some HO beings come through some portals near our houses a week ago and they EXPANDED REALITY all around them as it happened. Woke everyone up. An earthquake without the quake. (So you CAN bend reality quite a bit without destroying it.) It was a demonstration of pure power of mind.


Tomsk is still stuck.

…it appears we’re still in a jump. Meanwhile, general energy has been high. Here’s cosmic Wave X energy coming in on top of the Field energy from The Button push):

And someone is zapping tons of neutrons into, or out of, Mawson Station, Antarctica:

Ugh. Is it any wonder that CATs overslept?

Luckily this song popped in to replace “Lucille” (no offense, Kenny). Thank God for music.


FYI: We added a zero to the Field. It’s currently at 10000x.


Note that we are in process of modifying the CAT DNS. There might be a few hiccups.

Also, we appear to still be in a jump. This might be THE jump. Paws crossed.

And fyi, the latest Field step (currently at 10000X) has yielded:


FYI, we’re still sensing we’re in a jump.

As an experiment (to move things along), we asked the SFs to add another order of magnitude to the Field — now up to 100,000 times the previous Wave X levels (for both SOURCE and Healing frequencies). Some CATs felt a bit queasy at first, and tired, which is normal for level increases, but it feels ok, now.

And FYI, it looks like that quasi-CME energy could hit the morning of the 11th. We have no idea what the effects will be. We might need to back off the Field a bit if it’s too much.


Touchdown. Crowd goes wild.

Or have we?

And it looks like that CME hit…

…but it feels more like bowshock from that gynormous craft that exited Portal One earlier. Doesn’t really matter.

oh, and look at the reptoids trying to carve a timeline away from the even MORE GYNORMOUS Field energy:

Since Kiruna is at the “top” of the axis, it reads stuff that happens at the bottom. They tried to eliminate this sensitivity in a recent “upgrade,” but it’s still there.

Everybody ready for the next energy level? So many more to go.



Please keep in mind that these are all 3d graphs. What’s happening above that level can really only be detected/seen by what those of that level are feeling/dreaming/seeing. (Note: Some CATs whose significant others got the shot had to be reminded to detach from 3d; their grief was dragging them down. This even happened to ~AM, so it can affect anyone.)


Ok, we’ve been liking the Field reactions from the various groups (we’ve seen a few flee the earth), so we’ve gone to 1,000,000X (1MX) on the Field. Needless to say, this has never happened before anywhere in the omniverse, so this is being watched very closely. We’re going to leave the levels where they are for a while (note: even advanced CATs feel woozy and kinda warm). We checked to see if Spirit/ONE had any reservations about this level of energy for us and ONE said SOURCE would stop it if it wasn’t beneficial. Given how things have been the past six months — and how things are still going — we decided to crank it. We promise we won’t go any higher for a week or so. We’re curious as to the Healing effects of this. BREATHE SOURCE through it.


Ugh. Either this is Wave X on top of the 1MX, or this Field level has found either a HARMONIC or resonant frequency of this particular size SOURCE Field. Or both. Either way, it’s bumpy. Hang on.

Note: We’re seeing ships prowling around looking for the Field generator (psst, no one notices a single cloud going against the wind, nah). You won’t find it; even we don’t know where it is, or in how many places. It should be noted to all concerned that if the CATs cash out, the SuperFriends will turn the Field UP to it’s highest setting and leave it on for a bazillion years — and then turn on the OTHER Field which negates all cloaks and shielding, and then it’s shooting-fish-in-a-barrel time. They will ZAP all those responsible when they try to flee, or breathe. They aren’t like Angels. They’re SOURCE’s CLEANERS. They clean up messes. SOURCE is Love, but there are many different kinds of Love: Tough Love being most prevalent. We aren’t sure how they’ll react, but they kinda like us, so… if you’re a Negative or a Neg-Neut or cabal, get a clue and pack up and go. Just some friendly advice. We claim this planet and patch of space-time for all POSITIVE humans, and all those who serve SOURCE in Our endless cosmic variety. If you agree with this cosmic unity, mention it in meditation.


How was that for everyone? Note that we’ve asked to have the Field backed down to 100,000X to do some tests. The Field strength is very different for those who live around portals! Now you’re starting to get an idea of why only seven Archangels can be “in the presence of SOURCE.” The vibration and amplitude are too much for anyone else.


FYI, today at around 5 pm PDT we asked the SF to up the Field back to 1Mx.