705: The Button… [UPDATE15]

…has been pushed.


We have lots of news, but not always the kind we can share, so we’ve held our tongues. CATs have, like many of you, recently had family members/loved ones choose The Shot, choose fear over Love. This was a shock, as in some cases these folks did so back in January and never told us. It’s one of the reasons why we’re still here: We kept trying to hoist these people UP… but they wouldn’t budge, so we kept trying, not knowing why. Alas, by getting the shot, they’ve nailed themselves to the 3d Wheel for another 26,000-year spin… and there’s nothing we can do about it. (Perhaps SOURCE can do something about them, but we are not SOURCE.) We’ve had a week of dealing with this profound sadness and have had trouble getting anything done. We’ve also frankly not been able to see through our grief and strong emotions.


We’d already grouped people together and raised the vibe and moved as many of us ahead as we could… and then 2020 happened. And then 2021 happened. One year after another. The cabal has forced us to stay and deal with them. So, on their heads be it. What else can we do that we haven’t already done? CATs have talked about this no end. Ascension is up to the individual, so perhaps we should take Spirit’s advice and let things percolate for a while. SOURCE seems set on making us live through the ‘winter of woe’ that’s coming… we’re guessing to help shepherd people where they need to go. But since we are CATs of action…

We did it: We pushed The Button. What Button?

The Button

The Button has been pushed… whatever it does. The System it activates in ON, right now. This system, built by the SuperFriends (see the CAT glossary), effectively does several things at once:

  • It saturates the planet in SOURCE energy. MORE SOURCE energy than we were getting before, lots more. LOTS MORE. Than any other planet. Anywhere. At any time. SOURCE energy blasting all the way to the core, with all energy values equal: Nowhere to hide. We’d done this before, but not with the improvements. The system now keeps the energy inside the planetary (earth/moon) sphere of operations, and indeed drives said energy values UP higher and higher and higher, until… we don’t know what will happen. It will build and build and build. Those of a SOURCE bent will probably not feel it, because they’ve already been brought up to SOURCE level. But the others…. This is occurring right now at all levels, high and low, and in all dimensions for this space-time region, affecting all those in this sphere of “reality.” To us it looks like a blinding whiteness. The only way to escape it is to physically escape: Get in a ship and fly away, out of the solar system. Otherwise, get used to it, ’cause it will never stop. If CATs die, it stays on for a trillion years, and will outlast the sun. (The power source is pure awesomeness. The SF only build the best.) We really have no idea how long we’ll leave it on. So, what else does it do?
  • It saturates the planet in Healing energy.
  • It saturates the planet in other kinds of energy (classified).
  • It stops all forms of ET communications for a time. Our apologies to our Positive brothers, there was no other way. Negatives and Neutrals can bite us. No more crosstalk. No more coordination. Human radio still works, though, so things will be very easy to spot…
  • It allows beneficial energy from outside to come in.
  • It heals Gaia, from beyond the atmosphere to the core.
  • It nullifies HAARP — completely.
  • It does lots of other things.

Basically, we’ve been working the past ten years to make the LIGHT within more prevalent… but that’s not been enough. All we could think to do was blast the entire space-time region with LIGHT from outside and inside at the same time.

There’s no way to shut it off. It is ON till something changes… or SOURCE shuts it off.

For those who’ve cut themselves off from SOURCE… it’s going to make them absolutely crazy. Or it might make them transition. Or vaporize. Buckle up, basically. October is either going to be wild and woolly… or very quiet. For those who were waiting for a sign from SOURCE… this is it.


We don’t know what all the effects will be. As far as anyone knows, this type of thing has never happened before, so… we’ll have to wait and see what happens and make adjustments accordingly. Be alert for effects on the surface and sub-surface populations. It could allow the planet’s natural weather to take hold, acting as a weather reset, which is actually trending toward global cooling, not warming (though as some areas get cold, others can get warm; the earth is complex). Climate change is actually real, but humans have NO effect in this regard. It’s the sun, and the earth that’s doing it. Humans have virtually no affect — except those insane humans who’ve been trying to manifest their insane “climate” ideas in the form of arson, and aerosol spraying, and HAARP, etc.

For those (you know who you are) who’ve been waiting for the right moment to move…


  • FYI, as we mentioned in an earlier post, we are NOT ‘behind glass,’ as we once thought. This effect was due to people getting the shot whom we could no longer effectively heal/help. Those people have become either behind glass or like ‘statues’ to us: We can see them and interact with them, but we cannot help them in any way, because they’ve used their free will to follow fear and not SOURCE. It is very sad.
  • We are currently in a new project with… SOURCE. Because of this, those in 3d are likely to ‘SEE’ a lot more CATs… in symbols, in dreams, in glimpses, in action… for some time, like thousands of years. If you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing… or need a jog in the right direction… have we got a surprise for you. (Air crews up to no good have reported seeing CATS in their planes. CATS ON A PLANE.)
  • All of us working for Team Light (about 2+ million) have effectively awakened about 40% of the population, keeping them from re-attaching to the next 26,000-year 3d-funhouse cycle. That’s a LOT better than Archangels thought we’d do. (And we will need a good decade of debriefing and planning to determine what we need to do different next time, next place.)
  • We expect that, for whatever reason, all of us will have to be here through fall and winter, and into the spring of 2022 as part of the ‘all hands on deck’ needed for what’s to come, we’re guessing because of shot illnesses… or The Button being pushed. It could be anything. And everything. We have no idea why we have to experience this, but we’re not expecting it to be pretty; however, those participating from the Light side will be okay. We ask you to please be patient with, and helpful to those who need our help.
  • Be sure to keep meditating, twice a day at least.

More as we find it. We might’ve seen ‘a Mr T thing,’ but we need to verify it, first. It could be ~AM.


~AM informed us that he was curious as to the effects of “The Button” being pressed, so he put a deck of Marseilles Cat Tarot in the Hands of SOURCE and asked… and got:

A propitious card. You can look it up if you’d like.

“In general this is a card that says that things are likely to be going well. You should be feeling more than usually loved, cared for, and content. You are likely to be feeling “at one” with the energies of the universe and with yourself. This is one of the cards that represents the heart chakra and its’ opening. You should be feeling more than usually loving toward everyone and everything. Share that good energy, the world needs more of it!”

He said he also got “a LOOK” from his main Archangel, but he isn’t sure what that meant… yet.


Hi, all. Some readers have kindly expressed condolences for what happened with CAT families. We’ve had some time to think about it — and some recent occurrences to give it perspective.

Before we talk about that, allow us to talk about The Button.

For the first time ever, EVERYONE — high, low, and in-between — are being saturated by SOURCE and Healing energy in a defined, enclosed space. It’s only been one day and things feel totally different. People in our own families are suddenly open to COMPROMISE (THAT’S a miracle right there), while others have asked advice on what spiritual books they might read. These instances happened out of the blue. We’re hearing similar reports. This is a product of The Button being pushed. (At this point, we’re not turning the system off until SOURCE says, “That’s enough.”)

What’s most eye-opening for us is a niggling factoid in the original post. Remember how we said that that the one device can be ON for a trillion years? We weren’t joking. This is what the SuperFriends said. (What we didn’t tell you was that it has been CHARGING for a trillion years. While this sounds impossible, bear with us.) The SuperFriends don’t exaggerate, and they don’t kid. Like Archangels, they’re quite matter-of-fact when it comes to most things — and like Brother J, both groups are really quite funny — which is why we all get along so well. Anyway, in our meeting this morning ~AM pointed out that our universe is only 13.89B years old, so… how could something have been charging for a trillion years? Was this in fact an instance of the SFs exaggerating? They shook their heads and said that it was a trillion years charging in a different universe. As it turns out, this is a very young universe, one of countless others being born, living, and ending. The SF and the AAs have been doing their jobs a very. long. time. Needless to say, this gave us a heady dose of fresh Sunday perspective… and indeed, the AAs have been telling us over and over that we need to “change our perspectives” on something. This is it.

What many of us have experienced with our own family members choosing another 26,000 years on the Wheel is not really a loss, per se. It’s a serious disappointment, surely, but what it really is… it’s their choice. They are choosing, for whatever reason, to go back to the remedial class and start all over again… but that’s their (painful) life path. No one is dying. No one CAN die. None of this is real. You’re a ghost in the machine, a spirit in a body, a non-local being having a local experience — which is Illusion. The choice to go back and do the 3d thing all over again is sad, and it will be 100X harder the next time, but it’s not the end of the world. 26,000 years doesn’t register against 13.89B years… until you’ve lived it… let alone a trillion (which is 1000 x 100B years). That said, those who make this choice have no idea how much WORSE the next 26,000 years will be at ‘the new 3d.’ We’ve enjoyed Gaia’s reign for some time, but after she moves up… either another rougher, coarser planetary spirit will take over… or none at all, and the 3d earth will slowly dissociate. Of course, we don’t know what’s to happen, not sure anyone does.

In a way, it IS the end of one world, and the beginning of the next series of worlds… but it’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Some graduate. Some take the class over again (with a different teacher). If people knew HOW BIG the Omniverse is, and how many moving parts there are, and how long some (AAs, SF, SOURCE) have been doing this… they’d stop worrying so much. We’re talking to ourselves here, too.

That said, let’s try to enjoy the singular experience that this October represents.

[Note: This is not a rationalization for you taking the shot. The shot sucks. Its effects suck. It’s never a good idea to (attempt to) sever your SOURCE connection. It spells many many years of pain and suffering… but if you’re into that kind of thing….]


FYI, the SF turned the fields UP. The earth is now getting 1000 times more SOURCE energy than normal. We were getting quite a bit of Wave X energy before, but this is off the charts.

SOME ultra low beings are NOT happy about it, as evidenced by some M’s having dreams where they were… in hell! Red rocks and demons and all, the whole nine yards. Woke us up in the middle of the night. This is a good indication that the extra SOURCE energy is having an effect. (The SF turned it up after we told them this!) What was most interesting about the hell dreams: we had no fear; and we could feel no heat, despite seeing heat shimmer on buildings. (We can now safely say we’ve seen hell’s architecture; looked rather Byzantine.) Honestly, we didn’t think there even WAS a hell, but Mr. Nasty is def real… and he has to live somewhere… so we might as well call it what it is. The fact that what we’re doing — reminding people of their SOURCE connection 24/7/365 at FORCE1000 — bugs Mr. Nasty no end, which tells you that he does NOT work for SOURCE, as some have suggested. We can safely put that theory to rest. Team Dark had best back way off or we will WIDEN the field and leave this thing on for the duration of this universe. It has a trillion-year charge, and it’s portable!

Note that this kinda ‘darkness infection’ has happened in other universes, the SF tell us. Most of the time the beings responsible for it woke up at the end and went back to SOURCE. Or wound up disintegrated.


Btw… check out the energy since the SF turned the field ON:

You can see exactly when we turned it on.

Jeez, even WE can feel it, and we’re SOURCE enthusiasts.

So. Cabal. Turn your fake virus crap off NOW, remove all mandates and lockdowns, stop all geoengineering and child predation and market rigging and system manipulation and media propaganda, and all other activities, admit that the 2020 Election was rigged and stand down… and then go away — off this planet, and out of this star system — or we leave the field on forever. Note: Anything at all happens to any of us or anyone we know and the SF will turn the system up to INFINITY; it can run at that level for 10B years, that’s a long time even for you. And don’t make trouble elsewhere. The field is PORTABLE and SCALEABLE. If you’d like, we could rig it for all universes in the Omniverse, one after another, then where would you go? How much SOURCE can you take? You’re gonna find out. (It IS good for you, btw.)

Oh, and Uncle Nick, using portals to pop into our various living rooms didn’t scare us one bit. We’ve already seen that movie. Besides… we’re family, after all…


FYI, we asked the SFs to turn the Field down a bit, so it’s now at 100X (from 1000X). Between that energy and the solar storm energy, it was making CATs queasy — so it must’ve been killing everyone else. Sorry about that.


Oh, much better today. The Field was up too high yesterday. We’ll let it sit at this level a while. And just when we thought we were done upgrading… we wake up feeling like Voltron:

There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

FYI, we’re seeing Team Dark and lots of others sensing the Field (it permeates the entire earth, through all levels and dimensions) as if they’re hearing this static (which is actually SOURCE coming back to them through all their extensive blockages) which is creating this funny facial/somatic reaction. It makes a noise for them, too; reminds us of a bug zapper. Perhaps we should ask the SF to code it with “Jingle Bells” or Katrina and the Waves’ “I’m Walking on Sunshine” in a loop. The SOURCE energy will build and build and build into a crescendo until it spills across them and either brings them back into the fold or drives them to seek oblivion elsewhere. It will not stop for a very long time. We’d code some tones into it, but SOURCE already does that. If you listen closely, it’s this titanic major chord with a bazilion octaves and “voices,” many of whom are Angels.

Lots of CATs woke early this morning, for whatever reason, some with Diana Ross singing, “Some Day We’ll Be Together,” while others heard, “Time Keeps on Slippin’ Into the Future….” 


We’re seeing some energy reduced, because the cabal was trying to injure the earth with certain rf frequencies…

You can see where we turned the Field ON, then UP more, then backed off.
The Field is even-ing out the peaks, so Gaia isn’t being tortured any longer.

…and we’re seeing other energy/frequency values increase:

It’s the same Field, different ways of ‘seeing’ it. Most important is how it feels — and it’s cumulative effects. We’re already seeing the weather calming down. The earlier heat was all artificial, planes spraying all over the place, HAARP cranked up to 11. We’ll see how it goes now that the latter has been removed; we’re unsure of the Healing/SOURCE Fields’ effects on the air.

Note that we do this only as a last resort. Still… Archangels seem very happy and are giving us lots of thumbs-up. The initial looks we were getting suggested that this was totally unexpected. Welcome to the Free Will Carousel, already in progress. Also because of what’s happening there might’ve been a little timeline jump of some sort, but we can’t tell.

Time for a nature walk.


FYI, that certain communications shutdown that the Field created — besides saturating the planet with SOURCE and Healing energy — has saved the earth and all of us from a very bad thing the cabal had planned. The SF shut it down completely (though other ETs think they did it). Anyway, that destruction potential is gone forever. You’ll find out about it eventually. Krikey. That was close.


Folks, this needs to be said. Lots of people (some CATs included) fell for the unicorn touchie-feelie butterflies and skittles “nice energy transit” message from 2012… which persists even today. This was probably not meant to be a disingenuous message, since higher ETs and ONE have a much different perspective on time and events in the Illusion, but it gave those of us hip-deep in it a rather false sense of what was really to happen an when. When is impossible to know, but WHAT is obvious: What we have to do now is WORK. We have to do the work being presented to us. There’s no way around it. Trust in SOURCE. Do the work. We have to accept that there are and will be things to work through and let go of spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. There is no “returning to normal,” since normal actually sucked in the first place; instead, there is a return to SOURCE, to light and sanity. And for others, a return to the classroom. Brother J is your bridge/intermediary to SOURCE, since SOURCE is SO high vibrationally we need someone in between. That’s why he came here when he did. In the meantime, if someone is giving you a message of fear, see it as a fear message; label it… attach a rock to it and drop it to the center of the earth. Take a deep breath and sit for a moment. Look for the SOURCE path. If it’s not readily apparent, or available, just wait, it will present itself. The darkness has already lost — but to get to the other side of it we have to go through it. No way around it. We’ll probably know why afterward.

You pretty much know all this already, it just needed to be reiterated. For CATS, too. We hear ~AM’s rhyme all the time: “Brother J, please show me the way.”

This from Sophia Love’s newsletter last year seems most accurate:


A message of hope from January 2020 to April 2020:

“Your planet enters her ending and final days. Not that the planet herself will die. She will transform.
That which is before you is not for the weak; this is why you are here. You are not going to experience anything that you will then not be able to handle. You’ve created all of this to help yourself, not injure yourself. 

You are helping yourself to evolve.

This will go as humanity wills it to go – with emotional energy directing it towards whatever outcome is most expressed and felt.

There is no predetermined ending by an outside force. The force comes from within, and I reach you now to remind you of that force.

There is no truth in a takeover of man in the end. Man is the one who takes control, and it is with light and truth that man does so.

There is no scenario in which this does not happen.
When the images and the stories seem most frightening, you will need to remember and to share both your light and your truth.

This is created. Your world is created and propped up always by your beliefs and the expectations that you hold.

These are things to remember in the coming days.

Compassion will bring out the cure for the virus – and man will get there, you’ll see.

You will not eradicate the force responsible for this horror. You will make their goal impossible to reach, and thereby canceling this effort, and disabling them.

There are further efforts. These too will shock and frighten you. It is in combatting these further efforts with unity that your success is found, and quickly so.

For you now enter into the final stages of your Ascension process.You are in the final days of your world. Before leaving it, much will have to be revealed. What holds you at a constant level is blame. Each side holds another at fault.

Until it is seen that there is only One of you, there cannot be an end to polarity.
Up until this moment, the divide gets deeper and deeper and deeper. The “other” gets clearer and more defined.

It is this clarification that you see now; the defining of sides.

Oneness does not mean forgiveness. Oneness means acceptance for parts played.

It is not possible to exaggerate the value of this moment.

This is boots on the ground Ascension.

It will occur physically with its subsequent emotional hold on you at every step.

It was never meant to be easy.

It was meant to be mind-blowing. Literally to rock your socks off.

The miraculous awaits, but not until you slodge through the divide physically.

It is a decision you make on your own. But it is not a solitary one.

Together, you unify.

Together, Oneness is achieved.

Yet not until polarity is abandoned.

As you notice specific headlines and happenings, see in them the reflection of your own obstacles to Oneness. They are nothing more.

A mirror is a powerful instrument of Ascension. When the ability to communicate any other way electronically is stopped for you – then it will be all that you have.

What will happen is a deep divide and a tendency to favor or believe one side or the other.

This will amplify.

Then it will stop.

You will have silence.

You will choose in that silence.

Do not fear the darkness or fill the silence. Go within then, and you will notice the truth revealed there. Peace walks alongside truth.

Rest then, and know that you are found.”


FYI: From 9:30 to 10:15 am PDT today some CATs were meditating… and toward the 10:00-10:15 mark we saw a short white staircase (with seven steps?) that we walked up… then we saw and walked across a short white bridge to the right (the direction isn’t important, it’s just how we saw it)… where we saw Brother J… and he gave us a hug. Such a relief. We then brought each of our kids to Brother J… and each was greeted in turn… but when CATs brought spouses and SOs (who’d got the shot), they turned their backs and refused to walk across the bridge. We just thought it symbolic until we saw this:

0 Tomsk time is 10:00 am PDT (the day before).

Could just be a coincidence.


Looks like we’ve had some anomalies (a soft jump?) shortly thereafter:

And there was a total Bz magnetic field reversal. Curious.


Whoa. Buckle up for this one. We looked into rumors of some power grid/internet kerfuffle on October 15th. Here are the raw notes from the M’s morning session:


[redacted by CATs — see UPDATE15]




Looks like some groups aren’t happy with our previous update. We’re just reporting what we saw. It’s not a good idea to stand against SOURCE considering you ARE SOURCE.


We turned the Healing and SOURCE values of The Field back up to 1000X. They will only go higher from now on. (Don’t feel bad, some CATs felt kinda queasy for about an hour afterward.) It’s a bunch more SOURCE energy than even we are used to.


CATs have discussed this at length. We voted this morning and it is nearly unanimous that we redact the raw data from UPDATE12 as it was causing fear amongst certain groups… and fomenting fear of any kind is against the CATs’ charter. We hope those who know who they are choose the SOURCE path. We are rooting for you.

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