704: Kitchen Sink ~ [UPDATE8]

This one has it all.

Before we begin, note that CATs are not religious, and were not raised in religious families.


Let’s start with something we kinda understand. There was a strange timeline jump around 3-6 am PDT on Monday 9/20. In general, the (3d) meters are not really showing what we’re feeling, but they sometimes do.

Weird jump.

We’re still looking into where we jumped and what we jumped away from. We’ll save that for the end.

Other activity:

Note the 10/20/30 thing, what those horizontal lines represent. That’s energy, not a graph metric.
This GRB today literally made some CATs fall asleep in meditation, while addling others.


For those who may have watched the U.S. Open Tennis matches, some CATs caught the end of the women’s final and were curious about what the athletes were going to say to the crowd at the award ceremony. The runner-up was blah blah blah playing up to the crowd. But then the winner (who’s only 18), a brit who was admittedly less popular with the unwashed NY masses, thanked the crowd… and mentioned that she’d been praying for help with her matches… and the crown was dead silent at this menton of prayer. There was about 3-5 seconds of dead silence, of near-hostility. Such is the anti-SOURCE sentiment that’s become so sadly prevalent. This has been happening more and more when athletes speak of their faith to the cameras, and the dead reactions from the crowd and the media are very telling.

Speaking of that…

A Message?

Please note that the following is speculation. We can’t get any clarity on this, and frankly the subject matter isn’t exactly in our bailiwick, so… this is just a CAT guess. The fact that some of us started up talking to Archangels a little while ago might give some indication that things are waxing BIBLICAL a bit. That said…

After seven or eight days of us doing the Rolling Balloon Meditations twice a day… we had an occurrence; it was a minor thing that slipped past when it happened. When CATs awoke from various dreams this past Saturday morning (dreams no one can remember), we heard three words very clearly, a declarative statement:

It is done.”

We heard the words, rolled out of bed, and started the day, not thinking much of it at the time. Some recorded it in notes and journals as yet another dream curiosity; some mentioned it to other CATs who’d not had the experience. But it was (of course) ~AM who placed it, thus:


“And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, “It is done.” And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, [and] so great. And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, [every stone] about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.” (Revelation 16).


Doesn’t sound very Event-y, does it? But John could’ve been viewing any number of timelines when he lived some 1600 years ago (fyi, the Church added 400 years to our calendar, so it’s actually 1621; we initially thought they added 200 years, but it’s 400). Anyway, if you gird your loins and look at Revelations, you’ll find that all the nasty things listed there have pretty much already happened, give or take. Is that what the voice was talking about? That everyone has finally and officially made their choice for either fear or SOURCE? And… a big earthquake is inbound? We’ll see.

[Text Update: We started writing this yesterday, and since then there’ve been earthquake swarms in: The Canary Islands (which are artificial); off the coast of Chile; and one recently in Melbourne. Might wanna buckle up. Note that we only bring all this up so you might know where we are in this process… if we can ever know.]

Full Moon/Equinox Weirdness

Be advised. We are seeing TONS more spirits and ETs walking around our houses the past few days. ET ships too, hanging OVER our houses. (What we saw were Neutral opportunists, looking for some cheap swoop. They better mind their intent; if they go Negative… POOF!) If there are any clouds in the sky you might be able to see their cloaks. Cloaks looks blurry, like your eye can’t get a fix on the area, but if you look to the sides, things will look crisp and in focus.

[Editor Note: As we were writing this up, someone reached in through our network and gave the laptop we were writing on the Ping of Death. Someone doesn’t want some of this to get out. What else is new?]

End Notes

From what we can surmise, that weird jump (as shown above) placed some of us on a timeline above 3d (most CATs were already there), where we can see and hear and communicate with the 3d-ers, but ultimately not share their fate. For us, it’s the best of all possible worlds… but it’s also heartbreaking to watch and not be able to do anything about it… which is probably why we were put ‘behind glass’ (there’s that image again), so we can’t change what must be.

And buckle up: 10/15 is coming. Something is due around that time, we can’t tell what. All we see is a cold dark sky — and snow. No fear, certainly. Just preparing you so you’re not caught unawares. Break out your sleds and flashlights.


We’re also getting…


Speaking of Thanksgiving… reader Maria reminded us of something we were remiss in mentioning. Not only should you be sure to continue with your meditations during this time, those on the ‘safe’ side of SOURCE’s Glass Wall should express gratitude to SOURCE et al for this welcome honor.


So. As usual, when SOURCE/Spirit gives us a simple message, we find later that it means much more. After this morning’s meditation, “It is done” seems also to pertain to our final separation from the 3d timeline (so some of us are seeing it as if it’s behind glass). AND our own initial soul expansion/Xd body preparation. We’ve been experiencing this for a while, but now… it is done. At least for now. Like reaching a certain plateau (and then seeing there are only two million left to go!). Also, in meditation, some CATs saw themselves this morning as a giant FLAME… one that grew to fully engulf the whole of their omata group… and then something dropped away (one CAT said it looked like a dead crab, but without the legs)…


…and then we vibrated higher, more freely. Sometimes you just gotta jettison the dead crab.

Some of the M’s have also been practicing with expanding to… not a quantum level, as that’s just math, and really quite limited… expanding to a place without words. It’s not a space inside SOURCE exactly, since we’re technically already inside SOURCE. It’s a mental construct space; not 5d, a term way overused and misunderstood. Let’s call it HYPERSPACE, ’cause that’s what it is. Instead of being in two places at once (which you kinda already are), you can practice at being in more than two places at once, and at stretttchhhing yourself to fit that space. Words are misleading. You’re in the Illusion, and in Reality (that is, in SOURCE) at the same time, which isn’t really omnipresence, or technically a quantum state. (The term “quantum” is overused, like “turbo” in the ’80s.) Your mind — which is basically a computer you borrow from SOURCE — is very powerful, and can really do anything you can think of, like placing you in multiple parts of the Illusion simultaneously, in a space where you can be everywhere at once. It takes practice, esp. if you plan to interact with people and beings (which we haven’t mastered — at all). Or explode. Exploding yourself is hard. However, being in two or more parts of the Illusion at once is easier if you’re just trying to experience it. It’s not real, anyway, so breaking metaphysical rules is a fait accompli. We’d wager that many of you can, right now, without closing your eyes, imagine yourselves walking on the New Earth. That’s how it starts.


FYI, we’re revising our “on one side of the glass” idea to a wait-n-see mode. We can’t fully determine if this is actually the case or not for those who want it.


Ok, so the glass thing IS accurate, but only for some people, for certain reasons that we can’t go into. Best to let it go.

FYI, last night was VERY active for spirits, wow. Can’t say we’ve ever been TOUCHED by so much by spirits at night (what was that about?). We even got to see and speak with a female bigfoot healer (who was in spirit); didn’t know there were such beings; she was very attractive… in a hirsute way. ETs were busy, too, but we can’t say why or where. Suffice to say that what’s to happen next is a set-piece that has to happen a certain way, and no one on the ground can interfere due to SOURCE Timing. That means it’s time to do some baking…

…and dust off our fondant skills:


You’re gonna like this one. Change of plans, strictly on the QT. CATs got called from glass booth duty and pulled a sneaky, augmenting ALL chemtrail spraying compounds worldwide to be BENEFICIAL, and work the exact opposite way the PTW planned. This goes for all material on all planes NOW — and all material in storage, AND all materials that make the materials. They’d have to start totally from scratch, and clean out all the existing systems at least twice. Currently, every spray pass of theirs will actually wake people up MORE, and bring about New Earth levels 10x faster. (So when you see spraying, see the good in it.) To really gum up the works, we’ve also worked with J and AAs to rig every negative action of the un-controllers to be POSITIVE; whatever they do, the exact opposite will happen. We also used a special thing we got to augment that soul-harvesting machine of theirs to make special ‘etheric’ helmets for the cabal, so when they sleep, they get closer to SOURCE whether they like it or not… though perhaps if they stay up indefinitely… well, they have to sleep sometime. And finally, we added components to their terrestrial projectors so they do the exact opposite of what they want them to do. It’s Opposite Day! We’ve been busy. AND… when they try to fix their infernal equipment… each instance creates little portals that open doorways for some special friends of ours. Hope they like pretzels. And mirrors. And earthquakes. ❤ We are also in Arcadia 3> The more they look, the more they see THEMSELVES. The more fires they light, the more THEY burn. We also did ten… no, twelve other things, but those are top secret. Our favorite is the ‘fixing thing.’ Talk about a cloud of dust…

Btw, be sure to meditate FOR YOURSELVES twice a day; commune with SOURCE, not just meditate with a mission. Meditate on what nature really is. Enjoy your weekend.


Interesting, timely channeled message from an Austrian site. This person has been reading our minds, apparently.



The message is: Go your way, God will take care of everything else.

Beloved man,

You worry too much! You worry about other people! You are even afraid of the course of the world and that the world, as it is, will not exist much longer. Worry, fear and anxiety dominate your everyday life – and you have to get out of that, you have to change that!


It is the most natural attitude on the spiritual path and yet people so readily forget the maxims of their actions:

1.) Stay completely with yourself!

2.) Do what you have to do and go your way!

3.) Do not look around, do not react to praise or blame!

4.) Be yourself and God can start HIS work!

That’s all!

Shift all your attention to becoming more and more yourself. Times of crisis offer the best opportunity for this. Because a time of crisis doesn’t allow you to wander, there are fewer distractions, and it forces you to focus on what is essential.

Emigrate into your inner self and let happen on the outside what will and must happen now.

Before the critical point is reached, the people who are to be awakened are led there – and this happens as new dramas build up.


The system of injustice and oppression that prevails on this earth must be seen through and recognized by a certain number of people.

Only this will bring down the pillars of this matrix and it will destroy those who wanted to abandon this world to destruction.

In the end, everything comes into harmony, into balance, into the divine order. Until then, it is important for the awakened to stay awake and to continue to grow inwardly.

External events aggravate the situation on the outside as a whole – to stay balanced, connected and oriented on the inside is even more important now.

This is only possible if you get involved with God and trust HIS guidance. You are daily asked to live intuitively with God.

Follow this invitation with joy, because:

A New Earth is being born – and you shall be the light for those who are striving for the light, and the anchor for those who are still searching for themselves.


FYI, some things are happening, but we can’t comment on any of it so we don’t mess it up. Trust in SOURCE.


Go into meditation and go into yourself, and find that font of SOURCE within… and make your wishes known. Don’t worry about anyone else. This time concentrate on you. Timeline turnoff approaching… or it’s here now…