709: MORE Incoming ~ [UPDATE11]

Big energy headed our way.


BIG energy is here now. A flare and more. We’re definitely feeling it:

More headed this way. A full halo CME has launched:

There will probably be a timeline jump or two in there, so be ready for anything. Also…

Field UP

And as we mentioned earlier, we went to 100 million times Wave X (100MX) today. Every time the PTW does something dumb, or makes a dumb move (like with the shot and kids), we up the Field strength. They are seriously feeling the buzz from this, now. We might ratchet this back if this latest incoming is really bad; we’ll play it by ear.

More later. Please keep going with the 11:11 SOURCE Field meditations.


CATs are CATs of action (no, really) which is why we were chosen for this existing/exhaustive mission, so… sitting on our paws is difficult for us unless we know why we’re waiting. We are all in this waiting/self-improvement stage, which is fine… but we’re getting antsy (some CATs even got physical ANTS as a message!).

Anyway, we were curious about what’s in store, so we placed the Marseilles Cat Tarot deck in SOURCE’s hands and started to shuffle the cards. This card popped out for our “where are we all going” question:

“The Judgement card, sometimes called “Resurrection,” represents the great reunion that the ancients believed would happen once in every age. This was the time when souls are harvested and taken home to their place of origin, outside the solar system. Then the world is seeded with a batch of new souls and the process starts over.

From a modern point of view, this great reunion — which includes every personality that you have ever been and every soul that you have done deep work with — reunites to consciously complete the process. In a way, we symbolically celebrate this returning to center every year on our birthday.

In personal terms, the Judgment Tarot card points to freedom from inner conflicts, and so clear a channel, that the buried talents and gifts of past incarnations can come through an individual in this lifetime. This card counsels you to trust the process of opening yourself, because what emerges is of consistently high quality. You can effortlessly manifest as a multi-dimensional being, and assist in evoking that response from others.” [src]



We just went to 1BX: One billion times Wave X. Our October goal has been reached. Buckle up for the next part.

FYI, the latest CME energy could be here by 11 pm PDT tonight.

Btw, this is interesting:


Btw, in case some or all of us go in the next few days, the SuperFriends will continue to ratchet the Field up until Brother J/SOURCE steps in and completes the process. Godspeed, everyone.


Hi. All CATs present and accounted for, though we have a lot more personal info about ourselves and what we’re doing here. Very big energy through the portals last night. (Note: Those who carry crystals or orgonite on themselves, be sure to add grounding cords to each item. In the current gynormous energy environment, those kinds of things can store and carry a sizeable charge.)

There might be some ‘regular ouchie” coming:


That CME is hitting now:

Note that CATs felt most of what happened BEFORE anything showed up on the meters. These are 3d meters, so they aren’t all that valuable.


This feels right to us. Be sure to ‘eat light’ — despite the fact that it’s basically now the holidays — drink lots of water, meditate, and get lots of sleep.


We had a few timeline jumps yesterday, AND… ‘pre-Event’ energy?? Last night was very interesting.

Looks like this will hit…

This is an estimate, btw.

This one looks to help Earth and all of us rid ourselves of residual lower energies, before…

If this happened all at once, no one would make it. It has to happen this way.

Lots of prep-activity the past two days:

This and last night’s energy suggests that the Big Zap is close. (But as we’ve said many times, “close” is a funny word when Spirit uses it. It could mean tomorrow, it could mean a year from now.)


We also pulled this card yesterday (for today):

No idea where we are now. Too much froth. It’s going to be a photo finish.


THIS looks to have been removed from that aggregator site list we shared… but the post is still there. For those who missed it, it’s important.


And another one:

While all of the above isn’t that big, really (it is and it isn’t), it sets precedent for The Big One.

And there’s total chaos in astroland:


FYI, the SF increased the Field to 10BX this afternoon. Meanwhile, the energy continues to look crazy:

This was oe of the CME shockwaves hitting LASCO:

Also… lots of CATs are reporting frequent bouts of “attack thoughts” that have to be labeled and weighted and dropped to the center of the earth. Must be part of the final negative purge from all this energy. It starts to hit tomorrow around 12:00 PDT (19:00 UTC):

Note that then there’s a short period of energy calm/stillness…