710: Weeding, Shining, etc. ~ [Update10]

Blow wind, blow.

Scrubbing Bubbles

The myriad of CMEs that have bubbled up have hit and taken with them… lots of things. We didn’t know what was happening when lots of CATs began experiencing so many attack thoughts (that had to repeatedly be purged) the past few weeks… but of course now we do. This is all in preparation for something big.

Practitioners of The Course are encouraged to give their (nighttime) dreams over to Brother J, who kindly purges you of all manner of negativity and dark thoughts and corrosive imagery from countless lifetimes in an effort to heal your mind, a process that takes much time. (Think of how long you’ve thought that you’re separate from SOURCE, billions and billions of years.) Your dreams are invariably a bloody mess for some time (12-18 mos); we use the word “bloody” in its literal meaning, not its British slang counterpart. Eventually, after many months of blood-spattered, ‘machine-gun dreams,’ your mind starts to return to its normal, peaceful state. Brother J wrote The Course to heal your mind of the division you think exists between you and SOURCE, as well as all the illusory things you think you have experienced over the eons. It’s called A Course in Miracles because each healing is a kind of miracle, and boy are there a lot of them necessary.

Well, this most recent set of CMEs really brought out the scrubbing bubbles. CATs felt scoured yesterday morning. SOURCE (of course) knows where we are in the process and sent that Wave X energy to prepare us for something.

Timelines Sealing Off

We’re seeing activity in terms of the “sealing off” of one timeline from another. For years, CATs had ‘freeway dreams’… which were timeline dreams. Driving all over the place at breakneck speed, usually in the opposite diection of heavy traffic. Well, lots of CATs woke up yesterday morning with an image of a lone car on a country lane heading east toward the sunrise. And in yesterday’s meditation we saw two levels (as usual), with those on the lower level scrambling all over the place while debris fell on them. The upper level was peaceful. This has been going on for some time, but it’s coming to a head. The difference this morning was that we saw a floor begin to form over the lower level, so The SHIFT is indeed happening right now, albeit slowly.

Don’t let anything the PTW (or the unicorn community) say or do scare you, or get your goat. If something does, then you need to look at it, then release it. For example, the other day one of the M’s was seeing a black column in their way (in meditation) blocking light coming through autumn leaves; it turned out that that black column was that M in question, they themselves were blocking their own way (with some scheme to they were thinking of to foil some 3d thing that’s been happening). Once they realized what was happening, the block vanished.

The energy that roared through recently was specifically clearing out these dead weeds, dead spiders and cobwebs of past lives and past events, old thorny baggage and negative thoughts. It’s also getting rid of dark characters, and showing others in the light of day. So… let it all go… the fear, the storylines, all of it. Cut at the base and release those tumbleweeds you’ve been growing and hanging onto and let them blow away forever. (Watch out for bull thorns.)

Note that it took some CATs some time to recover from the CME scrubbing bubbles, but they reported feeling a lot better, a lot lighter afterward.

What You Can Do

People keep asking us what they can do, how they can “fight” for their planet, for the children, etc. Fighting or engaging with anything 3d is risky, as you can get yourself tied up karmically in any number of ways, none of them good — ways that guarantee that the PTW will pull you down into the depths with them. (One of the M’s almost had this happen to them last week. It’s easy to get caught up in emotions.) Angels and Guides won’t necessarily stop you from doing the wrong thing, because it’s your free will, and they aren’t allowed to interfere with people’s free will no matter how stupid they’re being. Why do you think so many people here (in hypnosis) discover that they were formerly advanced beings? They came to help and got caught in the 3d snare and went down with the ship, loooong ago. Don’t be that guy.

Instead, do absolutely nothing EXCEPT meditate and shine your light out and about every day, as much as you can, turned up all the way. You don’t have to talk to anyone or change anyone’s mind. You’ll do this via your energy. Odds are you’re already in the exact right spot for maximum effect right now (funny how that always seems to work out). You can mediate on your own, or do the 11:11 SSF meditations with us. We do these every day, twice a day. Just get into the meditation zone, make a big ball of light, turn your light body up to 11 inside the ball, make the ball BIG, and then ‘click’ it into the Field the SuperFriends set up (currently set at 10BX)… then just feel your energy amplify the Field. That’s it.

Also, for those who aspire to communicae with Archangels, Cristina Aroche has a message from Archangel Metatron that’s very helpful: a golden energy star that is very interesting (a zillion thanks for AA Metatron for this).

And now… we need some serious Coffee, perched as we are on the Edge of Forever.

“Since before your sun burned hot in space and before your race was born… I have awaited… your coffee order. “


Wow. We highly encourage watching Cristina Aroche’s aforementioned latest on AA Metatron. Brother M’s latest gift is extraordinary. (Please don’t refer to him as Brother M unless you’ve been in his classroom. You’ll know.) We’ll talk about what happened more after people experience it for themselves, we don’t want to color perception. We are hugely blessed by so many amazing beings. We mean no offense to any ETs, but there are so many STS Neutrals (and perhaps a residual Neg here) out there that we prefer talking to Archangels (and of course the SuperFriends). They are all pure, refreshing STO.

Alas, despite repeated calls for setting proper protection, too many unicorns even today set no protection whatsoever and continue to allow beings with all kinds of agendas to color people’s thoughts. (Some recent QHHT sessions come to mind.) If you hear anything that smacks of fear, or that has a basis in fear, we recommend turning it off. In most cases, silence is a better teacher, as it encourages you to go within.

Note: Bettering yourself is not STS, unless you’re bettering yourself for selfish reasons. Bettering yourself in order to help others is pure STO.


  • First part of Ascension process nearly complete. Buckle up. Here we go.
  • There are at least eight minor timeline motifs currently operating (with each of those split 3d/4d; there are of course many more ‘levels’). NOTE: We see a “SLAM” moment coming, fairly soon. Some CATs saw it us driving down a highway, passing right-turn road after road (while a guy in dark glasses watched us from a defunct car on the left) until one CAT said “NOW” and we turned hard-right onto a paved tree-lined street strewn with inch-sized chunks of pulverized cinderblock, CATs driving fast for maybe four seconds till we slammed into what we saw as a rock/concrete wall in the middle of the road… something that turned out to be the back of a big lumbering trailer that fell away… but none of us died, despite the impact. We even looked at each other and said, “Huh, we’re not dead.” Then we continued across yet another bridge, past confused oldsters driving OldsmoBuicks, then into a parking lot where insane clowns (of course) from a defunct franchise roamed about doing mayhem against one another. We rode through them, through defunct businesses and empty fast food franchises at a level above (like in a tall truck), so the insane clowns couldn’t see us… though one small evil chihuahua (?) saw us with its spooky light-rimmed eyes and muttered some threat we ignored, rolled our eyes and drove on. Clearly some businesses and franchises will not survive once people realize their level of complicity.
  • FYI, THIS… is The SHIFT. We are in it right now. We weren’t sure since we always saw it happening fast, but we always saw it through Spirit’s eyes (Spirit of course having a very different relationship with time than we do who are in it). That said, we are finally finishing this phase of The Shift (of how many phases?). Humanity is taking back its power (and that “SLAM” into the concrete wall we saw might’ve been humanity, or SOURCE, or Gaia — or all of the above — slamming the forces of evil. Right afterward we will go into the ‘clean-up’ phase. Team Dark has mostly been removed at this point (that is, now), but there are still minions here and there spouting fear, stretched to their limits. Ignore them, and rise above it all. Their evil idiocy is an example to show people what’s been going on, who’s been doing what and why, such that we never let it happen again. Each is being destroyed in poetically appropriate ways according to their “just desserts.” So many Twilight Zone episodes, so little time. Lots of them have already tasted, or will soon taste oblivion, never to be allowed into a body of any kind ever again. Buh-bye.
  • Gaia is now fully in charge. You’ve already seen and felt some of what she’s doing (she’s existing on at least two different levels simultaneously, probably several more we can’t see). Much more is to come. Gaia will be showing her power in th days and weeks to come. Like all of us, she has had enough. While she’ll be gentle where necessary, she will be unrelenting in others. You should be ready for this. Again, no fear. For those who vibrate high, this will be a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs and twists and turns; you might even enjoy it, if you like that kinda thing. Please note that we’ve already started down the first run.


Looks like some of those CMEs have hit. Plus, we’re picking up some solar chop, what we call “knock.” Note that all this extra energy, when coupled with the Healing energy from The Field, is giving Gaia the strength to shrug off the PTW. She’s also “officially” had it with the cabal.

Lots of CATs and some readers are feeling it. As if Mondays weren’t hard enough.


Also, one of the M’s had a dream where their fancy watch (in the dream) went kerflooey; the “springs” inside looked like a basket that needed weaving, like this (but smaller):

A watchmaker who just happened to be in the room then started making a new watch with three faces, three separate sets of movement. Time looks to soon be out of joint… which was a function of The Event, if memory serves.


We went to 100BX on the Field. That’s 100,000,000,000 times Wave X levels from the end of September. After that, a trillion. Then a quadrillion. Then a Septillion. All the way to infinity till something gives.


NOTE: The email form for this site doesn’t seem to be working, so please use the email address at the bottom of the form instead. Our apologies if you’ve written in and not received a response, we’re sleuthing out the problem now. It appears to be a cabal interference issue.


Aha. This guy…

…the head of Pfizer, really WAS arrested. We also learned this morning that lots of people around us are getting sick (due to all the shots, not just this one). Please remain calm and be there for everyone as this unfolds. We are indeed seeing this next part as the “karma phase.” Things are swinging all the way around in a big damn hurry.

There was also a powerful CME… in another direction…

…which we show because that region will probably roll back around, the middle of this month. The sun is seriously waking up to usher in this next phase… which will bring lots of changes and lots more energy into the earth, so expect some rocking and rolling and volcano-ing. Gaia and Sol are working hand-in-hand with SOURCE for the denouement to our little cosmic drama.


Ok, seems something’s happened, we just aren’t sure what. Between this and some of our family members’ reactions today (!), it appears we’ve had a jump, of sorts. Or this is that concrete wall that we saw. Or both.


And now for something completely different… as an experiment, M5 made “11:11 bread” — Amish milk bread at the 11:11 mark. If it turns out well, we’ll post the recipe we used. We have no idea how the energy is affecting living things like yeast — or how kneading while grunting “LOVE!” will affect the flavor! No metal utensils or bowls used, just clean ceramic and wood. We’ll see.


This site is under attack [yawn], as are all our email accounts. We might be unavailable for a little while. It won’t change anything.


Note that all the recent ‘flying humanoids’ videos and pics are fakes, like the one in Glasgow. That flying broom is fake. ‘Jetpack Man’ is fake. Governments are fake, leaders are fake. Nothing that is reported is real. The only real NEW thing that’s happening is inside you. Turn the rest of it off. And if someone tells you you’re going to have to do X to get Y, just ignore them, and live your life. No one has any power over you anymore, regardless of country.