711: Karma Train’s a-Boardin’ ~ [U4]

It’s all happening… inside and out.

This would be a good day (week? month?) to read, drink coffee/tea, read, watch an old movie, turn the MSM/internet off. Things are happening and you’d best keep out of the way. We highly recommend meditating at least twice a day. Drink water, eat food, not too much (CATs are nearly all reporting an utter lack of hunger, eating hardly anything at all).

We were going to leave it at that, but just for fun we started shuffling our Marseille Cat Tarot deck to ask SOURCE to please give us a card (or cards) that might be illustrative at this time. These two cards popped out immediately as one of the M’s was shuffling. No big surprises:

The King of Chalices (Reversed)

[CAT Note: We think this is for those in the cabal.]

“The King of Cups reversed is bitterly holding a grudge or some hatred — withholding his natural propensity for forgiveness and blessing. This reversal creates an emotional vacuum around him and deprives him of serenity. His prodigious powers of empathy and compassion are wasted in favor of rehashing the past and feeling sorry for himself. Dispel the storm clouds, admit the hurt, forgive and embrace. Let the sunshine of peace and benevolence back into the picture.” [src: tarot.com]

The Tower

“In practically all renditions of the Tower card, disaster is striking or has just struck. The demons of madness and despair are released from ancient hiding places, and nature conspires with human failings to destabilize a society. The upheaval is collective and impersonal. Let us remember these images were created for the educated nobles and clergy — reminding them that they have the most to lose if the hierarchy is toppled. Lightning is a fitting karmic payback for the guilt of those whose fortunes come from the exploitation or abuse of others. A modern subtitle might be “revolution,” indicating that through drastic social change, oppressed people can find renewed hope of better times. The Tower experience comes like a flash of lightning to topple the hierarchy of the old order, after which everyone can have a fresh start on a more equal footing.”


Oh, and there was some kind of jump last night. (And one before that, and before that…)

More later.



We are seriously feeling something building up. We aren’t making any predictions, but between what CATs are feeling and seeing, us being in The SHIFT right now, that recent AA Michael message about a bunch of people transitioning and it being ok, and the sun (which has been spouting CMEs and flares all over the place for the past three months) suddenly having gone quick-quiet…

Oh, and as we write this, we have tons of spirits in our houses…



Sorry, we looked at this again (it’s like reading a billboard in a tornado) and it seems that AA Michael was actually talking about the effects of the shot that’s coming up — or already here; we’ve heard hospitals are already full-up with people with shot-related side effects. That could be why we’re seeing lightworkers hanging out, waiting. We’re not waiting for The Event, we’re waiting for The OTHER Event… the non-fun clean-up one. Best learn to be flexible. And compassionate. Those independent jack-of-all-trades types are soon to come into their own. (Sorry, we should have been dating these updates all along.)


11/15/21 18:30 UTC

FYI, this energy just made lots of CATs tachy:

We also had some woozy “drop-out” moments this morning, around 10:00 am PST.


Just so you understand the Field energy — that is, the super Field set up by the SFs. When we first set this up in early October, it was set to 10X the existing wave X energy. That is, the Field was like 10 wave X Fields on all at the same time. Well, now it’s set to 100 billion times wave X — so, 100 billion Fields on simultaneously. This is having a HUGE effect on things, people, ETs, spirits, Gaia… and frankly, us CATs right now, ugh. You see, portals crank up their output anywhere from 10 to 1000 times wave X on full and new moons, typically. So, right now the energy around those CATs who live near portals (and anyone else who does as well) is way over a trillion times September wave X levels. Needless to say, if we melt in the interim, it’s been nice knowing you.

Ow. Pretty sure we’re in a jump right now, too.